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Florio, Giovanni
Florio, Iohn
Florio, Jean
Florio, John
Giovanni Florio (linguista inglese)
Giuvanni Floriu
Ioannes Florius
John Florio (Brits taalkundige (1553-1625))
John Florio (englischer Übersetzer und Gelehrter)
John Florio (English linguist and lexicographer)
Флорио, Джон
ג'ון פלוריו
フローリオ, ジョン
ca 1553-1625
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Arundell del Re (co-author)
Blount, Edward (15..-1632))
Cartier, Jacques (1491-1557)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Gruter, Janus (co-author)
Haller, Hermann W. (co-author)
Harmer, L.C. (1902-1975)
Harmer, Lewis Charles (1902-1975)
Jacques (I; roi d'Angleterre; co-author)
Montaigne, Michel de (1533-1592)
Montaigne, Michel de (co-author)
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem (1533-1592)
Morley, Henry (1822-1894)
Müller, Hans Alexander (1888-1962)
Pellegrini, Giuliano
Saintsbury, George (1845-1933)
Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman (1845-1933)
Stewart, J. I. M. (1906-1994)
Stewart, John Innes Mackintosh (1906-1994)
Waller, Alfred Rayney (1867-1922))
decameron, The : containing an hundred pleasant nouels : wittily discoursed betweene seauen honourable ladies and three noble gentlemen.
Di una salita sul monte del San Bernardo e dei superstiti avanzi delle opere di fortificazione dai Gazzari e dalla Lega Cattolica sui monti biellesi erette : ragguaglio adorno di una carta topografica
Divers voyages touching the discoverie of America, and the ilands adiacent unto the same, made first of all by our Englishmen, and afterward by the Frenchmen and Britons
Essayes... edited... by Henry Morley,..., The
Essayes of Michael, lord of Montaigne. Translated by John Florio. Vol. 3, The
essayes, or Morall and militarie discourses of Lo. Michaell de Montaigne, The
Essayes, or Morall politike and militarie discourses of Lo. Michael de Montaigne,... [translated by John Florio] The 3d edition..., The
Essayes vvritten in French
Essayes, written in French by Michael, lord of Montaigne,... done into English... by John Florio,...
Essays, by Michael lord of Montaigne, translated by John Florio, with an introduction by Charles Whibley [and notes by Thomas Bayne]
Essays of Michael, Lord of Montaigne, written by him in French and done into English by John Florio. [Edited by George B. Ives.]
Essays of Montaigne, selected and edited... by Percival Chubb... [John] Florio's translation
essays of Montaigne, The
first English translation of the "Decameron", The
Firste fruites
Florilegii ethico-politici... pars altera...
Florio's "First Fruites" [Facsimile reproduction of the original edition... Introduction and notes] by Arundell del Re,...
Florio's Montaigne
Gardine of recreation
Giardino di ricreatione, nel quale crescono fronde, fiori e frutti... sotto nome di sei mila proverbii e piacevoli riboboli italiani, colti e scelti da Giovanni Florio,...
Giardino di ricreatione nel quale crescono fronde, fiori e frutti, ... sotto nome di sei mila Proverbij e piacevoli riboboli Italiani
Giovanni Florio
jardin de récréation auquel croissent rameaux, fleurs et fruicts, Le
John Florio e il Basilicon Doron di James VI un esempio inedito di versione elisabettiana
Lettera al chiarissimo sig. cavaliere Matteo Bonafous,...
Lippotopo, novelletta [di Giovanni Florio] sulla quale narrasi uno singolare tratto di accidia, con altra novelletta d'un avaro
living thoughts of Montaigne
Navigations and discoveries
Navigations to Newe Fraunce.
Necessary rules and short observations for the true pronouncing and speedie learning of the italian tongue. Collected for the Imperial Majestie of Anna, crowned queene of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. By John Florio reader of the italian tongue unto Her Majestie, and one of the gentlemen of her royall Privie Chamber
new-found politicke, The : disclosing the secret natvres and dispositions as well of priuate persons as of statesmen and courtiers wherein the gouernments, greatnesse, and power of the most notable kingdomes and common-wealths of the world are discouered and censured : together with many excellent caueats and rules fit to be obserued by those princes and states of Christendome, both Protestants and papists, which haue reason to distrust the designes of the King of Spaine, as by the speech of the Duke of Hernia, vttered in the counsell of Spaine and hereto annexed, may appeare
Queen Anna's new world of words, or Dictionarie of the Italian and English tongues, collected and newly much augmented by John Florio,...
Ricerche sperimentali sugl' innesti, sulla colorazione dei vegetabili e sulla fosforescenza del legno infrac-idito ragguaglio
Second frutes
Selected Essays of Montaigne, The
Shakespeare? è il nome d'arte di John Florio
Sulle conchiglie fossili e sui terreni di Lessona, Cossato, Ceretto e Valdengo nella provincia di Biella
tempest, The : with Jacob Ayrer and "The fair Sidea", etc.
Vocabolario italiano ed inglese. A dictionary Italian and English, formerly compiled by John Florio and... augmented by himselfe in his life time... whereunto is added a dictionary English and Italian,... by Gio. Torriano,...
William Shakespeare, alias Mercutio Florio
worlde of wordes, A