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Bruṓnēs, Spúros
Bryones Jr, Spyros
Bryōnēs, Spyros
Bryōnēs, Spyros (jr)
Speros Vryonis (American historian)
Speros Vryonis (Amerikaans historicus)
Speros Vryonis (US-amerikanischer Historiker)
Vrionis, Spiros
Vryionis Jr, Speros
Vryionis, Speros
Vryōnēs, Spyros
Vryonis Jr, Speros
Vryonis, Sp
Vryonis, Spero
Vryonis, Speros,
Vryonis, Speros (Jr)
Vryonis, Speros (ml)
Vryṓnīs, Spýros
Βρυώνης, Σπύρoς
Βρυώνης, Σπυρίδων
Βρυώνης, Σπύρος
Σπυρίδων Βρυώνης
n. 1928
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Language material
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Anastos, Milton V. (1909-1998)
Anastos, Milton Vasil (1909-1997)
Anastos, Milton Vasil (1909-1998)
Anastos, Milton Vasil (co-author)
Birnbaum, Henrik
Galatariotou, Catia
Goodhue, Nicholas
Harvard University
Hidryma meletōn Chersonēsou tou Haimou
Hovannisian, Richard G.
Institute for Balkan Studies
International Balkan Conference (1969 ; Los Angeles)
Matignon, M.
Matignon, Marie
Matignon, Marie (co-author)
Metallinos, Nikos (1934-)
Near Eastern Center
Stojanović, Trajan (co-author)
Aspects of the Balkans; continuity and change. Contributions to the International Balkan Conference held at UCLA, October 23-28, 1969.
Aspects of the mind of Byzantium : political theory, theology, and ecclesiastical relations with the See of Rome
Between East and West the Balkan and Mediterranean worlds
Bijzantium en Europa
brief history of the Greek-American community of St. George, Memphis, Tennessee, 1962-1982, A
Byzantina kai metabyzantina.
Byzantine ... 1963.
Byzantine attitudes toward Islam during the Late Middle Ages
Byzantine Cyprus : fifth annual lecture on history and archaeology, Nicosia 1989
Byzantine imperial authority : theory and practice in the XI-th century
Byzantine institutions, society, and culture
Byzantine Legacy and Ottoman Forms, The
Byzantine studies essays on the Slavic world and on the eleventh century
Byzantine studies in honor of Milton V. Anastos
Byzantium and Europe
Byzantium: its internal history and relations with the Muslim world : collected studies
Decline of medieval hellenism in Asia Minor and the process of islamization from the 11th through the 15th century, The
Decline of medieval hellenism in asia minor and the process of islamization from the eleventh through the fifteenth century/ speros vryonis
fate and fortunes of the legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodios in the Balkans during the period of the Ottoman Empire (fourteenth-eighteenth century), The
Greece on the road to democracy: from the Junta to PASOK, 1974-1986
Greeks and the sea, The
Greeks in the far Orient
Hellenic studies at Concordia
Hellenism : ancient, mediaeval, modern
Ī Parakmī́ toy mesaiōníkoy ellīnismoy tīs Mikŕas Asías kai ī diadikasía toy exislamísmoy 11 os éōs 15 aiōṓnas
In memoriam G.E. von Grunebaum, 1909-1972
Individualism and conformity in classical Islam
internal history of Byzantium during the time of troubles, 1057-81, The
Islam and cultural change in the Middle Ages : [4. Giorgio Levi Della Vida Biennial Conference, May 11-13, 1973, Near Eastern Center, Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles]
Islam and Medieval Hellenism social and cultural perspectives
Islam's Understanding of Itself
Le Rôle de Byzance
Mechanism of catastrophe the turkish pogrom of september 6-7, 1955, and the destruction of the greek community of istanbul
medical unity of the Mediterranean world in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, The
O mēchanismos tēs katastrofēs : tou touriko pogkrom tēs 6ēs-7ēs Septembriou 1955 kai o afanismos tēs ellēnikēs koinotētas tēs Kōnstantinopolēs
Orthodox Church and culture, The
"Past" in medieval and modern Greek culture, The : [papers]
Patterns of population movement in Byzantine Asia minor 1071-1261
Readings in medieval historiography
Religious changes and patterns in the Balkans : 14th-16th centuries
rôle de Byzance, Le
Slavânskoto obŝestvo na Balkanite VI-VII v.
Slavi︠a︡nskoto obshtestvo na Balkanite, 1999:
Stanford J. Shaw, History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey, Volume 1, Empire of the Gazis: the rise and decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1280-1808 (Cambridge, London, New York, Melbourne, 1976)
Studies on Byzantium, Seljuks, and Ottomans : reprinted studies
Studies on the demography of the Byzantine Empire
To Hellenikon
To Tourkiko kratos kai hē historia, 1993:
Turkish state and history Clio meets the grey wolf, The
Vryonis collection : an author/title listing of monographs and serials on the Byzantine civilisation formerly in the collection of Professor Speros Vryonis and now in the National Library of Australia.
Vyzantinē Kypros : pemptē etēsia dialexē historias-archaiologias, Leukōsia 1989
Η Παρακμή του μεσαιωνίκου ελληνίσμου της Μικράς Ασίας και διαδικασία του εξισλαμίσμoυ 11ος έως 15ος αιώνας
Το Τουρκικό κράτος και η ιστορία η Κλειώ συναντά το γκρίζο λύκο
Славянското общество на Балканите VI-VII в.
Includes summary
Thesis--Harvard University