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Aleš Hrdlička (Amerikaans antropoloog (1869-1943))
Aleš Hrdlička (böhmisch-US-amerikanischer Anthropologe)
Aleš Hrdlička (český antropolog)
Aleš Hrdlička (czech-american anthropologist)
Grdlichka, Alesh
Grdlichka, Alish
Hrdlichka, Alais Ferdinanad
Hrdlička, A.
Hrdlička, Aleš
Hrdlička, Alesle Alois Ferdinand
Hrdlička, Alois Ferdinand
Алеш Грдлічка
Грдличка, Алеш
ალეშ ჰრდლიჩკა
آلش هردلیچکا
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Abbot, C. G. (1872-1973)
Abbot, Charles Greeley (1872-1973)
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
Anshen, Ruth Nanda (1900-2003)
Bishop, Carl Whiting (1881-1942)
Foote, James Stephen (1851-1925)
Holmes, William Henry (1846-1933)
Jay I. Kislak Reference Collection (Library of Congress)
Moore, Clarence B. (1852-1936)
Moore, Clarence Bloomfield (1852-1936)
Suchý, Jaroslav
Willis, Bailey (1857-1949)
Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology
Wright, Frederic Eugene
Alaska diary, 1926-1931
Aleutian and Commander Islands and their inhabitants. -, The
Am. j. phys. anthropol.
America and Czechoslovakia
Anatomical observations on a collection of orang skulls...
Anomalous articulation and fusion of the atlas with the occipital bone.
Anthropological Congress dedicated to Aleš Hrdlička : proceedings of the anthropological congress, Prague and Humpolec 1969
Anthropological investigations on one thousand white and colored children of both sexes, the inmates of the New York Juvenile asylum
Anthropological survey in Alaska
Anthropological work in Peru, in 1913, with notes on the pathology of the ancient Peruvians, with twenty-six plates
anthropology of Florida, The
Biographical memoir of George Sumner Huntington, 1861-1927.
Brains and brain preservatives
Catalogue of human crania in the United States National museum collections
Catalogue of the Hrdlička paleopathology collection
"Chichimecs" and their ancient culture, The
Children who run on all fours, and other animal-like behaviors in the human child
coming of man from Asia in the light of recent discoveries
Contribution to the anthropology of central and Smith sound Eskimo.
contribution to the comparative histology of the femur, A
crania of Trenton, New Jersey, and their bearing upon the antiquity of man in that region, The
Dimensions of the normal pituitary fossa or sella turcica in the white and the negro races.
Directions for collecting information and specimens for physical anthropology.
Diseases of and artifacts on skulls and bones from Kodiak Island...
Diseases of the Indians
Divisions of the parietal bone in man and other mammals
Ear exostoses
Early man in South America
Eskimo brain., An
Eskimo child, by Ales Hrdlicka..., The
evidence bearing on man's evolution, The
forehead, The
German "race,", The
Human dentition and teeth from the evolutionary and racial standpoint
hypotrochanteric fossa of the femur, The
Man from the farthest past
Melanesians and Australians and the peopling of America
natives of Kharga Oasis, Egypt, with thirty eight plates., The
neanderthal phase of man, The
needs of American anthropologists], [The
New joint-formation
Notes on the Pima of Arizona
Notes on the San Carlos Apache
O původu a vývoji člověka i budoucnosti lidstva
Observations and measurements on the members of the National Academy of Sciences : [memoir], presented to the Academy at the annual meeting, 1937
old Americans, The
Origin and antiquity of the american indian
Oslavy 90. narozenin dr. Aleše Hrdličky
peoples of the Soviet Union, The
Physical anthropology : its scope and aims, its history and present status in the United States
Physical anthropology of the Lenape or Delawares and of the Eastern Indians in general
Physiological and medical observations among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
races of Russia (with 1 map), The
Remains in Eastern Asia of the race that peopled America
report on a collection of crania and bones from Sorrel Bayou, Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Ritual ablation of front teeth in Siberia and America (with five plates)
Science and man, twenty-four original essays
skeletal remains of early man., The
Some aboriginal sites in Louisiana and in Arkansas: Atchafalaya River, Lake Larto, Tensas River, Bayou Maçon, Bayou D'Arbonne, in Louisiana; Saline River, in Arkansas;
Some results of recent anthropological exploration in Peru
Tuberculosis among certain Indian tribes of the United States