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George A. Olah
George A. Olah (chimiste américain)
George A. Olah (US-amerikanischer Chemiker)
George Andrew Olah (chimico ungherese)
George Andrew Olah (Hongaars scheikundige)
George Andrew Olah (Hungarian chemist)
George Olah (amerykański chemik pochodzenia węgierskiego, noblista)
György A. Oláh
György Oláh
Ola, Dž
Olah, G. A.
Olah, George A.
Olah, George Andrew
Oláh, György
Джордж Ола
Ола, Дж
Ола, Джордж
ג'ורג' אולה
جارج انڈریو اولاح
جارج اینڈریو اولاہ
جرج اولاه
جورج أولاه
オラー, G・A
オラー, ジョージ・A
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Chambers, Richard D. (co-author)
ebrary, Inc
Goeppert, Alain (1974-)
Goeppert, Alain (co-author)
Malhotra, Ripudaman
Malhotra, Ripudaman (co-author)
Mathew, Thomas (co-author)
Molnár, Árpád
Molnár, Arpád (co-author)
Nalwa, Hari Singh (1954- ))
Narang, Subhash C.
Pavláth Attila (1930-)
Prakash, G. K. Surya
Prakash, G. K. Surya (co-author)
Ragué Schleyer, Paul von (1930-....))
Schleyer, Paul von R. (1930-)
Schleyer, Paul von Ragué
Squire, David R. (co-author)
Wade, Kenneth
Wade, Kenneth (co-author)
Williams, Robert E.
西村, 晃尚
100 years of carbocations and their significance in chemistry.
13C NMR/DFT/GIAO studies of phenylene bis(1,3-dioxolanium) dications and 2,4,6-triphenylene tris(1,3-dioxolanium) trication.
Ab initio/DFT/GIAO-CCSD(T) calculational study of the t-butyl cation: comparison of experimental data with structures, energetics, IR vibrational frequencies, and 13C NMR chemical shifts indicating preferred C(s) conformation.
Ab Initio/GIAO-CCSD(T) study of bicyclic and related strained olefins. Structures and 13C NMR chemical shifts.
Ab initio/GIAO-CCSD(T) study of propenoyl (H2C=CH-CO+) and isopentenoyl ((CH3)2C=CH-CO+) cations and their superelectrophilic protonated dications.
Ab initio/GIAO-CCSD(T) study of structures, energies, and 13C NMR chemical shifts of C4H7(+) and C5H9(+) ions: relative stability and dynamic aspects of the cyclopropylcarbinyl vs bicyclobutonium ions.
Ab initio/GIAO-CCSD(T) study of the trimethyl- and dimethylsilicenium ions: structures, (29)Si, (13)C, and (1)H NMR chemical shifts, and IR spectra.
Ab initio/GIAO-MP2-calculated structures and (11)B-(13)C NMR chemical shift relationship in hypercoordinate onium-carbonium dications and isoelectronic onium-boronium cations.
Ab initio/GIAO-MP2-calculated structures and 11B-13C NMR chemical shift relationship in hypercoordinate onium-carbonium dications and isoelectronic onium-boronium cations
Ab initio study of the structures and stabilities of the dimer of ethyl cation, (C(2)H(+)(5))(2) and related C(4)H(10)(2+) isomers.
Across conventional lines selected papers of George A. Olah
Alkoxide- and hydroxide-induced nucleophilic trifluoromethylation using trifluoromethyl sulfone or sulfoxide.
[alpha]-Fluoro-[alpha]-nitro(phenylsulfonyl)methane as a fluoromethyl pronucleophile: Efficient stereoselective Michael addition to chalcones
Attempted hydrogen-deuterium exachange of the protio-trimethyloxonium dication (CH3)3OH2+, study of methylating ability of (CH3)3O+ in superacids and theoretical investigations
Az elektrofil aromás szubsztitúciós reakciók kation reaktánsai és az aromás gyűrű között végbemenő reakcióaktus közbenső komplexének vizsgálata
Beyond oil and gas : the methanol economy
BF3.2CF3CH2OH (BF3.2TFE), an efficient superacidic catalyst for some organic synthetic transformations.
BF3-H2O catalyzed hydroxyalkylation of aromatics with aromatic aldehydes and dicarboxaldehydes: efficient synthesis of triarylmethanes, diarylmethylbenzaldehydes, and anthracene derivatives.
Cage hydrocarbons
Calculated 11B-13C NMR chemical shift relationship in hypercoordinate methonium and boronium ions.
Calculational study of fluoroammonium and related cations and dications.
Calculational study of the protonation of BXH(2) and BX(2)H (X
Carbocationic rearrangement of pivaloyl cation and protonated pivalaldehyde in superacid medium: a novel solution equivalent of the McLafferty rearrangement.
Carbocations and electrophilic reactions
Carbokationen und elektrophile Reaktionen [enthält 4 Tab.]
Carbonium ions
Chemical reactivity and functionalization of C60 and C70 fullerenes
Chemical recycling of carbon dioxide to methanol and dimethyl ether: from greenhouse gas to renewable, environmentally carbon neutral fuels and synthetic hydrocarbons.
Chemistry of energetic materials
Chimija giperkoordinirovannogo ugleroda
Chiral alpha-branched benzylic carbocations: diastereoselective intermolecular reactions with arene nucleophiles and NMR spectroscopic studies.
Chiral benzylic carbocations: low-temperature NMR studies and theoretical calculations.
Chlorotrimethylsilane-nitrate salts as oxidants: direct oxidative conversion of thiols and disulfides to sulfonyl chlorides.
Comparative ab initio study of the structures and stabilities of the ethane dication C2H6(2+) and its silicon analogues Si2H6(2+) and CSiH6(2+).
Comparative study of the hypercoordinate ions C7H9+ and C8H9+ by the ab initio/GIAO-CCSD(T) method.
Comparison of structures and energies of CH25+bond with CH4+bond and their possible role in superacidic methane activation
Complexes of guanidinium ion (NH2)3C+ with super Lewis acidic XH4+(X
Conformational Study of 9-Dehydro-9-Trifluoromethyl Cinchona Alkaloids via (19)F NMR Spectroscopy: Emergence of Trifluoromethyl Moiety as a Conformational Stabilizer and a Probe.
Convenient separation of high-purity C(60) from crude fullerene extract by selective complexation with AlCl(3)
Crossing conventional boundaries in half a century of research.
Density functional theory study of adamantanediyl dications C10H142+ and protio-adamantyl dications C10H162+.
Deprotection and cleavage of peptides bound to Merrifield resin by stable dimethyl ether-poly(hydrogen fluoride) (DMEPHF) complex. a new and convenient reagent for peptide chemistry.
DFT investigation of the tri(amino)amine N(NH(2))(3)(2+) and the tri(azido)amine N(N(3))(3)(2+) dications and related mixed amino(azido)ammonium ions (N(3))(x)N(NH(2))(4-x)(+) (x
DFT study of substituted and benzannelated aryl cations: substituent dependency of singlet/triplet ratio.
Difluoromethyl phenyl sulfone, a difluoromethylidene equivalent: use in the synthesis of 1,1-difluoro-1-alkenes.
Difluoromethyl phenyl sulfone as a selective difluoromethylene dianion equivalent: one-pot stereoselective synthesis of anti-2,2-difluoropropane-1,3-diols.
Direct electrophilic monofluoromethylation.
Effect of carbonates/phosphates as nucleophilic catalysts in dimethylformamide for efficient cyanosilylation of aldehydes and ketones.
Efficient 1,4-addition of alpha-substituted fluoro(phenylsulfonyl)methane derivatives to alpha,beta-unsaturated compounds.
Efficient chemoselective carboxylation of aromatics to arylcarboxylic acids with a superelectrophilically activated carbon dioxide-Al(2)Cl(6)/Al system.
Efficient nucleophilic fluoromethylation and subsequent transformation of alkyl and benzyl halides using fluorobis(phenylsulfonyl)methane.
Efficient one-pot synthesis of fluorinated benzimidazolines, benzothiazolines, benzoxazolines, and dihydrobenzoxazinones using gallium(III) triflate as a catalyst.
Einführung in die theoretische organische Chemie.
Electron deficient boron and carbon clusters
Életem és a mágikus kémia egy Nobel-díjas önéletrajzi gondolatai
Elméleti szerves kémia.
Facile synthesis of TMS-protected trifluoromethylated alcohols using trifluoromethyltrimethylsilane (TMSCF3) and various nucleophilic catalysts in DMF.
Friedel-crafts and related reactions
From difluoromethyl 2-pyridyl sulfone to difluorinated sulfonates: a protocol for nucleophilic difluoro(sulfonato)methylation.
Gallium (III) triflate catalyzed efficient Strecker reaction of ketones and their fluorinated analogs.
Gallium (III) triflate-catalyzed synthesis of heterocycles: quinoxalines, 1,5-benzodiazepines and their fluorinated derivatives.
General aspects
Gitonic and distonic alkanonium dications (diprotonated alkane dications C(n)H(2n+4(2+)), n
Handbook of nonstructured materials and nanotechnology.
Helionitronium trication (NO2He3+) and helionitrosonium trication (HeNO3+).
Hydrocarbon chemistry
Hypercarbon chemistry
In memory of H. L. Meerwein
Ionic liquid and solid HF equivalent amine-poly(hydrogen fluoride) complexes effecting efficient environmentally friendly isobutane-isobutylene alkylation.
Ionic polymerization fundamentals
ipso-nitration of arylboronic acids with chlorotrimethylsilane-nitrate salts.
Karbonievye iony : učastie sosednih grupp i problema neklassičeskoj stabilizacii
Kőolaj és földgáz után: a metanolgazdaság
life of magic chemistry autobiographical reflections including post-Nobel Prize years and the methanol economy, A
Long-lived cyclopropylcarbinyl Cations
Magnesium mediated preparation of fluorinated alkyl silanes
Major types
Metanōru ekonomī : CO2 o enerugī ni kaeru gyakuten no hassō
Method for expedient synthesis of [18F]-labeled .alpha.-trifluoromethyl ketones
Methods for nucleophilic fluoromethylation
Miscellaneous ions, theory, and structure
Miscellaneous reactions-cumulative indexes
Mutagenicity studies of methyl-tert-butylether using the Ames tester strain TA102.
N-halosuccinimide/BF3-H2O, efficient electrophilic halogenating systems for aromatics.
New solid-phase bound electrophilic difluoromethylating reagent.
Nitration methods and mechanisms
NMR/IGLO/Ab initio study of the 1,3-dithiolanium cation
Nucleophilic difluoromethylation of primary alkyl halides using difluoromethyl phenyl sulfone as a difluoromethyl anion equivalent.
Nucleophilic perfluoroalkylation of imines and carbonyls: perfluoroalkyl sulfones as efficient perfluoroalkyl-transfer motifs.
Nucleophilic substitution reactions of difluorormethyl phenyl sulfone with alkyl halides leading to the facile synthesis of terminal 1,1-difluoro-1-alkenes and difluoromethylalkanes
Organics, polymers, and biological materials
persistent alpha-fluorocarbanion and its analogues: preparation, characterization, and computational study., A
Persistent α-Fluorocarbanion and Its Analogues: Preparation, Characterization, and Computational Study, A
Preparation , 1H and 13C NMR, and ab initio/IGLO study of mono-O-protonated deltic acid and theoretical investigation of di-, tri-, and tetra-O-protonated deltic acids
Preparation and NMR study of silylated carboxonium ions.
Preparation of tri- and difluoromethylated amines from aldimines using (trifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane.
Preparation of tri- and difluoromethylsilanes via an unusual magnesium metal-mediated reductive tri- and difluoromethylation of chlorosilanes using tri- and difluoromethyl sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones.
Preparation of trifluoromethylated dihydrocoumarins, indanones, and arylpropanoic acids by tandem superacidic activation of 2-(trifluoromethyl)acrylic acid with arenes.
Protonated tert-pentyl dication (C5H122+, isopentane dication).
question of C- vs. O-silylation of ketenes: Electrophilic triethylsilylation of diphenylketene, The
Reactions of 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-hydroxyquinolines and 5-hydroxyisoquinoline with benzene and cyclohexane in superacids.
Reactive intermediates in organic chemistry
Regioselective Synthesis of Phenols and Halophenols from Arylboronic Acids Using Solid Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)/ Hydrogen Peroxide and Poly(4-vinylpyridine)/Hydrogen Peroxide Complexes
Spectacular chemical experiments
Stable dialkyl ether/poly(hydrogen fluoride) complexes: dimethyl ether/poly(hydrogen fluoride), a new, convenient, and effective fluorinating agent.
Stereoselective monofluoromethylation of primary and secondary alcohols by using a fluorocarbon nucleophile in a Mitsunobu reaction.
Stereoselective synthesis of anti-alpha-(difluoromethyl)-beta-amino alcohols by boronic acid based three-component condensation. Stereoselective preparation of (2S,3R)-difluorothreonine.
Structural studies of nonclassical cyclobutylmethyl cations by the ab initio method.
Structures and stabilities of higher coordinate onium-boronium dications (X(+)BH(3)+ and X(+)BH(5)+; X
Structures and stabilities of higher coordinate onium-boronium dications (X+BH3+ and X+BH5+; X=NH3, PH3, H2O, and H2S)
Superacidic activation of 1- and 3-isoquinolinols and their electrophilic reactions.
Superacidic activation of quinoline and isoquinoline; their reactions with cyclohexane and benzene(1).
Superelectrophiles and their chemistry
Superelectrophilic protio methyl- and protio dimethylmethyleniminium dications.
Synthesis of gem-Difluorinated Cyclopropanes and Cyclopropenes: Trifluoromethyltrimethylsilane as a Difluorocarbene Source.
Synthesis of organic fluorine compounds V. preparation of fluoro-acetaldehyde hydrate
Synthetic fluorine chemistry
Szerves fluórvegyületek előállítása és vizsgálata kandidátusi értekezés tételei
Theoretical study of AlH(2+)n (n=1-7) dications.
Toluol elektrofil deutériumozásának vizsgálata deutériumfluoriddal és bórtrifluoriddal
Towards Oil Independence Through Renewable Methanol Chemistry
Tri- and tetraprotonated ethane (C2H9(3+) and C2H10(4+)) containing five- and six-coordinate carbons.
Unified mechanistic concept of electrophilic aromatic nitration: convergence of computational results and experimental data.
Vicinal dihalonium ions: diprotonated and dimethylated chlorine [H^sub 2^Cl^sup 2+^^sub 2^ , (CH^sub 3^)^sub 2^Cl^sup2+^^sub 2^] and bromine [H^sub 2^Br^sup 2+^^sub 2^, (CH^sub 3^)^sub 2^Br^sup2+^^sub 2^] dications
Vicinal dihalonium ions: diprotonated and dimethylated chlorine [H2Cl2(2+), (CH3)2Cl2(2+)] and bromine [H2Br2(2+), (CH3)2Br2(2+)] dications.
Weg in die Unabhngigkeit vom l mithilfe einer Chemie auf der Basis von erneuerbarem Methanol, Der
Zinc catalyzed conversion of methanol-methyl iodide to hydrocarbons with increased formation of triptane
α-Fluoro-α-nitro(phenylsulfonyl)methane as a fluoromethyl pronucleophile: Efficient stereoselective Michael addition to chalcones.
Химия гиперкоординированного углерода, 1990:
メタノールエコノミー : CO2をエネルギーに変える逆転の発想
Contributed to or performed: