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Mark A. Norell
Mark Norell (American paleontologist and molecular geneticist)
Mark Norell (Amerikaans paleontoloog)
Mark Norell (paleontolog amerykański)
Mark Norell (US-amerikanischer Paläontologe)
Norell, Mark
Norell, Mark A.
Norell, Mark Allen
Norell, Mark Allen (Vollstaendiger Name)
ノレル, マーク・A
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American Museum of Natural History Affiliation (see also from)
Chiappe, Luis M.
Clark, James M.
Clarke, Julia A.
Dingus, Lowell
Ellison, Mick
Gaffney, Eugene S.
Keqin, Gao
Ksepka, Daniel T.
Makovicky, Peter J.
Niehaus, Monika (1951-)
Tanaka, Shelley
All you need to know about dinosaurs, 1991:
Auf der Spur der Drachen China und das Geheimnis der gefiederten Dinosaurier
Barnum Brown the man who discovered Tyrannosaurus rex
Chasseurs de dinosaures l'extraordinaire histoire de ceux qui découvrirent le monde des dinosaures
Cmentarzyska dinozaurów : okrywając tajemice prehistorycznych gadów
Cranial anatomy of Citipati osmolskae (Theropoda, Oviraptorosauria), and a reinterpretation of the holotype of Oviraptor philoceratops
dinosaur hunters
Discovering dinosaurs : evolution, extinction, and the lessons of prehistory
Discovering dinosaurs in the American Museum of Natural History
embryonic oviraptorid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the upper cretaceous of Mongolia, An
Encyclopedia of dinosaurs and prehistoric life.
Entdeckung der Dinosaurier die spannende Geschichte der Erforschung urzeitlichen Lebens
Erketu ellisoni, a long-necked sauropod from Bor Guvé (Dornogov Aimag, Mongolia)
first record of a Pterosaur from the early Cretaceous strata of Öösh (Övörkhangai; Mongolia), The
Graveyards of the dinosaurs : what it's like to discover prehistoric creatures
Important features of the dromaeosaur skeleton
Important features of the dromaeosaurid skeleton II : information from newly collected specimens of Velociraptor mongoliensis
Kyōryū daizukan : Koseibutsu to kyōryū
Kyōryū no hakubutsukan
morphology and phylogenetic position of Apsaravis ukhaana from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia, The
Morphology of the late Cretaceous crocodylomorph Shamosuchus djadochtaensis and a discussion of neosuchian phylogeny as related to the origin of Eusuchia
nest of dinosaurs, A : the story of Oviraptor
New avian remains from the eocene of Mongolia and the phylogenetic position of the Eogruidae (Aves, Gruoidea)
new gobiosuchid crocodyliform Taxon from the cretaceous of Mongolia, A
new skull of Gobipteryx minuta (Aves: Enantiornithes) from the Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert, A
oviraptor adventure, The : Mark Norell and the egg thief
partial ornithomimid braincase from Ukhaa Tolgod (Upper Cretaceous, Mongolia), A
Searching for Velociraptor
Sulla via della seta antichi sentieri tra Oriente e Occidente : [Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 27 ottobre 2012 - 10 marzo 2013]
Taxonomic composition and systematics of late cretaceous lizard assemblages from Ukhaa Tolgod and adjacent localities, mongolian Gobi desert
Travelling the Silk Road : ancient path to the modern world
Unearthing the dragon : the great feathered dinosaur discovery
Zangerlia ukhaachelys, new species, a Nanhsiungchelyid turtle from the late Cretaceous of Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia
恐竜ハンター : the extraordinary story of the men and women discoverd prehistric life
恐竜大図鑑 : 古生物と恐竜