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A Guardian
Nassau Senior (economista inglese)
Nassau (, William)
Nassau William Senior (British lawyer and economist)
Nassau William Senior (britisk økonom)
Nassau William Senior (Brits econoom (1790-1864))
Nassau William Senior (brittisk ekonom)
Nassau William Senior (englischer Nationalökonom)
Senio (, N. W.)
Senior, N.-W.
Senior, Nassau
Senior, Nassau W.
Senior Nassau (, William)
Senior, William N.
Senior, William Nassau
William Nassau Senior
Сениор, Нассау Уильям
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An introductory lecture on political economy. Three lectures on the transmission of the precious metals
Arrivabene, Giovanni (conte, 1787-1881)
Guardian, A (see also from)
Malthus, T. R. (1766-1834)
Malthus, Thomas Robert (1766-1834)
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Rutherford, Donald (1942-...)
Simpson, M. C. M.
Simpson, Mary Charlotte Mair
Simpson, Mary Charlotte Mair Senior
Sydenham, Charles Edward Poulett Thomson Baron, 1799-1841
Tocqueville, Alexis de (1805-1859)
Whately, Richard (1787-1863)
Wicks-Boisson, Bernadette M.
高橋, 誠一郎 (1884-1982)
Abstract of the Final report of the Commissioners of Irish poor inquiry; and also of the letters written to ministers by Messrs. N.W. Senior, & G.C. Lewis : in consequence of applications from government for their opinions on that report. With remarks thereon, and upon the measures now before Parliament for the relief of the destitute in Ireland.
Alexis de Tocqueville et la démocratie libérale : étude suivie de fragments des entretiens de Tocqueville avec Nassau William Senior (1848-1858)
Biographical sketches.
Causes and remedies of pauperism. Fourth series. Explanation of Mr. Wilmot Horton's Bill, in a letter and queries addressed to N.W. Senior, ... With his answers: dedicated to the rate-payers of England and Wales.
Conversations with distinguished persons during the Second Empire : from 1860 to 1863
Copy of a letter from Mr. Senior to Lord John Russell, on the Third Report of the Poor Law Commissioners of Ireland : with accompanying notes.
Correspondance anglaise.
Correspondence and conversations of Alexis de Tocqueville with Nassau William Senior from 1834 to 1859
Essay on the applications of capital to land, with observations showing the impolicy of any great restriction of the importation of corn, and that the bounty of 1680 did not lower the price of it
Essays on fiction
examination of opinions maintained in the "Essay on the principles of population", An
Final report.
Grondbeginselen der staatshuishoudkunde
Grounds and objects of the budget
Historical and philosophical essays
Industrial efficiency and social economy
Instructions from the Central Board of the Hand-Loom Weavers' Inquiry Commission to their assistant commissioners.
Italia dopo il 1848, L' : colloqui con uomini politici e personaggi eminenti italiani ; prima traduzione dall'inglese a cura di A. Omodeo
Journal kept in turkey and greece in the autumn of 1857 and the beginning of 1858
Journals, conversations and essays relating to Ireland
Journals kept in France and Italy from 1848 to 1852 : with a sketch of the revolution of 1848
King's Argentine Republic ....
Lauderdale, Malthus, Senior, Giac. Mill, Bentham, G.B. Say.
Letter to Lord Howick, on a legal provision for the Irish poor
Letters on the Factory act, as it affects the cotton manufacture, addressed to the right honourable the president of the Board of trade
Many memories of many people
Oeuvres complètes
On national property : and on the prospects of the present administration and of their successors
outline of the science of political economy
Penal jurisprudence of Germany
Political economy
Population and the poor laws
Principes fondamentaux de l'économie politique : tirés de leçons édites et inédites de N.W. Senior
Principii fondamentali della economia politica tratti da lezioni edite ed inedite del signor N.G. Senior professore emerito di economia politica nell'Università di Oxford dal traduttore di Mill.
Proofs of a proposed preface to the fourth edition of the pamphlet On national property to be published or not, as may be thought expedient.
Remarks on emigration, with a draft of a bill. -
Remarks on the opposition to the Poor Law Amendment bill, 1841:
Report - on the state of agriculture
Reviews of the Waverley novels from Rob Roy to the Chronicles of the Canongate inclusive : with some miscellaneous articles
Selected writings on economics ; a vol. of pamphlets 1827 - 1852
Statement of the provision for the poor, and of the condition of the labouring classes, in a considerable portion of America and Europe
Suggestions on popular education
Three lectures on the rate of wages
Three lectures on the transmission of the precious metals from country to country and the mercantile theory of wealth delivered before the university of Oxford in june 1827
turquie contemporaine, La
Two lectures on population, 1976:
Zheng zhi jing ji xue da gang
政治 经济学 大纲
@Enth. u.a.: An introductory lecture on political economy. Three lectures on the transmission of the precious metals