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John Harold Kander
John Kander
John Kander (American composer)
John Kander (Amerikaans componist)
John Kander (amerikai zeneszerző)
John Kander (amerikansk komponist)
John Kander (amerikansk kompositör)
John Kander (compositeur américain)
John Kander (compositore statunitense)
John Kander (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Kander, John
Kander, John Harold
Kandor, John
Kenders, Džons
Кандер, Джон
Кэндер, Джон
ג'ון קנדר
جون كاندر
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
De Niro, Robert (1943-)
Ebb, Fred (1928-2004)
Ebb, Fred (1932-2004)
Kern, Jerome (1885-1945)
Martin, Mardik (1937-)
Masteroff, Joe
Minnelli, Liza (1946-...)
Minnelli, Liza (1946-)
Národní divadlo moravskoslezské
Rauch, Earl Mac (1949-)
Roundabout Theatre Company
Scorsese, Martin (1942-...)
Scorsese, Martin (1942-)
Stander, Lionel (1908-1994)
Warner home video France
York, Michael (1942-...)
70, Girls, 70 (1991 original London cast)
Act: It's the Strangest Thing, The
act original Broadway cast
After All These Years
All I Care About (Play-Off)
All I Need Is One Good Break
All that Jazz (from Chicago)
All That Jazz (reprise)
All the Children in a Row
Am Free / Life Is (reprise), I
And the Moon Grows Dimmer
And the World Goes 'Round
Angel's Rink and Social Center
Anything for Him
Anything for You
Apple Doesn't Fall, The
Arthur in the Afternoon
Berlin Songs Intro (demo)
Best of Everything, The
Blind Date
Blue Crystal
Boom Ditty Boom
Borås, Borås
Broadway, My Street
Butterfly, The
C'est ça le Jazz
Cabaret (2006 original London cast)
Cabaret (Cabaret)
Cabaret. Don't tell Mama
Cabaret: Entr'acte
Cabaret: Finale
Cabaret. Married
Cabaret Maybe this time
Cabaret: Mein Herr
Cabaret (Motion picture music)
Cabaret. Selections
Cabaret: The New Broadway Cast Recording
Cabaret: the new musical comedy ; lyrics by Fred Ebb. - New York, cop. 1966.
Cabaret (Theater an der Wien) (1970 Vienna cast)
Cabaret. Why should I wake up?
Cabaret. Willkommen
Can't Do It Alone (Play-Off), I
Can't Do That Anymore, I
Caper, The
Catch My Garter
Cell Block Tango (He Had It Comin')
Certain Girl, A
Chicago (1975-08-08 Broadway cast)
Chicago (1975 original Broadway cast)
Chicago (1999 Tørring Amtsgymnasium cast)
Chicago. All I care about
Chicago. All that jazz
Chicago: It
Chicago: Music From the Miramax Motion Picture
Chicago: Overture
Chicago. Selections
Chicago: Ten Percent
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Class (Chicago)
Classic Thriller (full mix)
Coffee in a Cardboard Cub
Coffee in a Cardboard Cup
Coffee Shop Nights (Curtains)
Colored lights : forty years of words and music, show biz, collaboration, and all that jazz
Crow / Happy Birthday, The
[curtain calls]
Curtains (2007-05-16 original Broadway cast)
Dance With Me / The Last Girl
Day After That, The
Dear One
Diamonds, c1986:
Do Miracles, I
Do We?
Don't "Ah Ma" Me
Don't Care Much (demo), I
Don't Go
Don't Remember You / Sometimes a Day Goes By, I
Don't Remember You / St. Pierre, I
Don’t Tell Mama (Cabaret)
Draw the Line, I
Dressing Them Up
early frost, An
Einmalig Himmlisch
Elephant Song, The
Emma Finch
Every Girl Wants to Get Married
Everybody Dance
Everybody's Girl
[exit music]
Family Affair (1962 original Broadway cast), A
Family affair. Selections
Final Dance
Finale (2 min 30 s)
Finale: Act I
Finale Act One
Finale: All That Jazz (reprise)
First Time, The
First You Dream
Flora, the red menace. Quiet thing
Flora, the red menace. Selections
Football Game
Funny Honey
Funny lady. Isn't this better
Funny lady. Selections
Gabriel's Letter / My First Woman
Gimme Love
Go Back Home
Go Visit Your Grandmother
Good Time Charlie Intro (demo)
Goodbye, Canavaro
grandes del jazz, Los
Grandpapa (Zorba's dance)
Grass Is Always Greener, The
Happy Birthday
Happy in the Morning
Happy time. I don't remember you
Happy Time: If You Leave Me Now, The
Happy time. Seeing things
Happy time. Selections
Harmonica Specialty
He Did It
He's Back
Heiraten (3 min 33 s)
Her Name is Aurora
Hit It, Lorraine
Hoe wordt een mens een ster
Hot Honey Rag
How Lucky Can You Get
Hvataj ritam : Perle.
I'm Worse Than Anybody
Ich liege richtig
If you could see her (3 min 53 s)
If You Could See Her (The Gorilla Song)
In the Same Boat 1 (reprise)
In the Same Boat #2
In the Same Boat #3
In the Same Boat (completed)
Isn't This Better? / Trio
It Couldn't Please Me More (A Pineapple)
It Couldn't Please Me More (Cabaret)
It Isn't Working
It'll All Blow Over Intro (demo)
It's a Business
It's a Quiet Thing
Jour Lara (2 min 32 s)
Kabaret melodie z filmu
Kalua Bay
Killing me softly
Kiss of the Spider Woman (1992 original London cast)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (1994 Broadway cast)
Kiss of the spider woman. Dear one
Kiss of the spider woman. Gimme love
Kiss of the spider woman. Kiss of the spider woman
Kiss of the Spiderwoman
Know a Girl, I
Leave the World Behind
Let's Hear It for Me
Life Is
Life of the Party, The
Little Bit of Good, A
Little do they know
Loopin’ the Loop
Love and Love Alone
Lucky Molina / Over the Wall
Mama darf nichts wissen
Mama, It's Me
Man is Dead, The
Married (reprise)
Marry Me / A Quiet Thing
Marry Me (The Rink)
Maybe This Time
Me and My Baby
Mein Herr (3 min 34 s)
Mein Herr (Cabaret)
Mine Song
Miss the Music (Curtains), I
Mister Cellophane : with Razzle dazzle
Money, money (3 min 04 s)
Money Song (Sitting Pretty), The
morgige Tag ist mein, Der
Morphine Tango
Move On, I
Mr. Cellophane
Mrs. A
Musical vaudeville
Musicals. Selections
My Coloring Book
My colouring book
My Own Best Friend
My Son the Lawyer
Na und?
Najveći mjuzikli 20. stoljeća.
Never too late, 1962.
New York, New York. New York, New York
Nichts wäre mir so lieb (Ananas)
No Boom Boom
Not Enough Magic
Now Morris
Nowadays / Hot Honey Rag
Nowadays (Roxie)
Old Folks (Opening)
One of the Boys
Only Game in Town, The
Only in the Movies
Only Love / The Bend of the Road / Only Love (reprise)
Opening Act Two: I Know a Girl
Over and over. Skin of our teeth
Over the Wall I
Over the Wall II
Overture / And All That Jazz
Overture / Wide Open Spaces
Perfectly Marvellous
Perfectly Marvelous
Places in the heart
Please Stay
Poker Game, The
Powerful Thing, A
Quiet Thing, A
quiet thing songs for voices & guitar
Razzle Dazzle (Chicago)
Right Girls
Ring Them Bells
Rink (1984 original Broadway cast), The
Rink. Marry me
rink, The : Original Broadway cast
Roommates Intro (demo)
Running in Place
Russian Movie / Good Times
Säh't ihr sie mit meinen Augen
saisons du coeur
Sara Lee
Say oy vey
[scene change] / [dialogue]
Scene: The Prison Cell (2)
Scene: The Prison Cell (3)
Scene: The Prison Cell (4)
[Scene: The trail]
Scene: The Warden's Office
Scottsboro boys
Second Chance
See the Light
See You in Funny Papers
Seeing Things
Seventy, girls, seventy
Shag, The
She's a Woman
Show Must Go On, The
Show People (reprise)
Shut Up Gerald
Sitting pretty (2 min 26 s)
Sitting Pretty (The Money Song)
So Long Honey Lamb
So What Else Is New?
Somebody Older
Something for everyone
Sometimes a Day Goes By (Woman of the Year)
Songs. Selections
Sprints, The
Start spreading the news
Steel Pier (1997 original Broadway cast)
Steel Pier (reprise)
Steel pier. Second chance
Steel pier. Wet
Story of “Ten Percent”, The
Summer Is Over
Table Talk
Telephone Song
Temas para jóvenes enamorados Themes for young lovers
Ten Percent
Thataway (reprise)
Theme from "New York, New York" / The World Goes 'Round (reprise)
There Goes the Ball Game / How Lucky Can You Get
There's a Room in My House
Thinking of Him! / I Miss the Music (reprise)
Tiller girls (1 min 40 s)
Told You So, I
Tomorrow belongs to me (3 min 05 s)
Tomorrow Belongs to Me (reprise) / The Money Song
Tomorrow Morning
Top of the Hill, The
Tough Act to Follow (reprise), A
Two ladies (3 min 11 s)
Two Little Words
Two Step
Under the Roller Coaster
Visit (demo cast), The
Visit / Morphine Tango, A
Vocal music. Selections
(Walking) Among My Yesterdays
want to go home, I
Was the Only One, I
We Both Reached for the Gun
We Can Make It
We're Gonna Work It Out
Well Laid Plans
What Happened to the Old Days?
What I Say Goes
What Kind of Man?
What Would You Do?
When Velma Takes the Stand
When You're Good to Mama (broadway cast)
When You're Good to Momma
When You're Right, You're Right
Where You Are
Why Can't I Speak? / That's a Beginning
Why Should I Wake Up?
Wide Open Spaces Finale
Wide Open Spaces (reprise)
Wie geht's weiter?
Willing to Ride
Without Me
Woman of the Year (1981 original Broadway cast)
Woman of the year. Sometimes a day goes by
Woman's Dead, The
Wonderful Party
words and the music of Kander and Ebb., The
World Goes 'Round (reprise) / Coloring Book, The
World Goes 'Round (reprise) / Money, Money, The
World Goes 'Round (reprise) / We Can Make It / Maybe This Time, The
Would Never Leave You, I
Wrote the Book, I
You and I, Love
You Could Never Shame Me
You Know Me
You You You
Zorbá (1968 original Broadway cast)
Zorba (1983 Broadway revival cast)
Zorbá (Musical). Life is
Zorbá (Musical). Selections
Zorba premiéra 22. února 2003 v 19.00 hodin v Divadle Jiřího Myrona
Zwei Ladies
Καμπαρέ Μουσική σκηνή
Мелодии мирового кино, 2000:
Contributed to or performed: 
2003 Peace Love Pride Music Sampler
2007-08-26: The Hills Are Alive: Bryn Terfel Faenol Festival, Vaynol Park, Bangor, UK
40 Greatest Ever Show Tunes, Part 1
70, Girls, 70 (1971 original Broadway cast)
Act, The
Alabama Ladies
Alabama Ladies (reprise)
All That Jazz
And the World Goes Round: The Songs of Kander & Ebb
At Last
Back and Forth
Ballroom Dancing
Break Up
Broadway Showstoppers, Volume 2
Cabaret (1966 original Broadway cast)
Cabaret (1968 original London cast)
Cabaret (1972 film cast)
Cabaret (Cabaret)
Cabaret (Original Sound Track Recording
Cabaret: Cabaret
Car Ride, A
Chicago (1998 London cast)
Chicago & All That Jazz
Chicago: All that Jazz: Overture
Chicago: Music From the Miramax Motion Picture
Chicago: The Musical
Chicago: The Musical (10th Anniversary Edition)
Classical Album, The
Commencing in Chattanooga
Commencing in Chattanooga (reprise)
Confession, A
Curtain Calls
Don't Care Much, I
Don't Go
Don't Tell Mama
Electric Chair
Eunuch's Testimony
Evening With John Kander & Fred Ebb, An
Exit Music
Faszination Klassik
Finale Ultimo
Financial Advice
Forgotten Broadway
Forgotten Broadway, Volume 2
Fruit Shop Dance
Fun of the Fair, Vol. 1, The
Go Back Home
Go Back Home (composer's demo)
Great Film Themes, Volume 1
Great Movie Themes (Episode 2)
Happy Ending, A
Happy Time, The
Heiraten (Married)
If You Could See Her
In the Forest Again
Interviews: The Story of Chicago
It Could Not Please Me More
It's Gonna Take Time
Kick Line
Know Claire, I
Life Is
Liza With a "Z"
Look at Me
Loopin’ the Loop
Lost in Boston
Love and Love Alone
Make Friends With the Truth
Married (reprise)
Masque, A
Maybe This Time
Mein Herr
Minstrel March / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!
Money '87
Money Money
Money, Money, Money
Musicals Collection 8: Cabaret, The
Must Have Been Something, I
My Coloring Book
Never Too Late
New York New York
New York New York (Alternate)
New York, New York
New York, New York / Rhapsody in Blue
Only One, The
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Sixties, Part Two
Our Story Begins
Out of the Darkness
Perfectly Marvellous
Quiet Thing, A
Ring Them Bells
Sally's Revolt
Sara Lee
Scottsboro Boys, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 4, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 5, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Sitting Pretty
So What
Sound of the Movies, The
Southern Days
Synthesizer Feelings
Telephone Dance
Ten Percent
That's Not the Way We Do Things
Tiller Girls
Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Tomorrow Morning / Please Stay
Two Ladies
Ultimate Broadway
Visit, The
Walk Away, I
What Would You Do?
Why Should I Wake Up?
Would Never Leave You, I
Yellow Shoes
You Can't Do Me
You, You, You
Zat So?