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Hill, Johanne
Hill, John
John Hill (botaniste anglais)
John Hill (britisk skribent)
John Hill (brittisk författare)
John Hill (Engels auteur en botanist)
John Hill (englischer Apotheker, Arzt, Botaniker und Schriftsteller)
John Hill (English author and botanist)
Johnson, Abraham
Johnson, Abraham (pseud)
Johnson, Abraham (Pseud. de John Hill)
Johnson, Abraham (pseudonym)
Seymour, Juliana-Susannah
Хилл, Джон
جان هیل (نویسنده بریتانیایی)
جون هيل
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Chesterfield, ...
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope
Cole, Benjamin (1696 or 7-1783)
Dodsley, Robert (1703-1764)
Eidous, Marc-Antoine (1724-1790)
Hale, Thomas (17..-1763))
Hill, John (1714-1775; Wirklicher Name; see also from)
Hill, John (1714?-1775; see also from)
Mirabeau, Victor Riqueti (1715-1789; marquis de))
Moët, Jean-Pierre (1721-1806)
Osborne, Thomas (d. 1767.)
Quesnay, François (1694-1774))
Theophrastus, c (371-c. 286 a.C.)
Abhandlung von dem Ursprung und der Erzeugung proliferirender Blumen nebst einer ausführlichen Anweisung wie durch die Cultur aus einfachen gefüllte, und proliferirende aus gefüllten gezogen werden können
Actor # a treatise on the art of playing. Interspersed with theatrical anecdotes, critical remarks on plays, and occasional observations on audiences
adventures of Mr. George Edwards, The
Ami des hommes, ou Traité de la population [Tome premier-quatrieme (puis) cinquieme-huitieme partie]., L'
aventures de M. Loville, Les
book of nature; or, The history of insects, The : reduced to distinct classes, confirmed by particular instances, displayed in the anatomical analysis of many species, and illustrated with copper-plates ... By John Swammerdam, M.D. With the life of the author, by Herman Boerhaave, M.D. Translated from the Dutch and Latin original edition, by Thomas Flloyd. Revised and improved by notes from Reaumur and others, by John Hill, M. D..
British herbal an history of plants and trees, natives of Britain cultivated for use, or raised for beauty
Cautions against the use of violent medicines in fevers : and instances of the virtue of petasite root .....
Centaury, the great stomachic: its preference to all other bitters... With an account of the plant...
compleat body of gardening
compleat body of husbandry. Containing rules for performing, in the most profitable manner the whole business of the farmer, and country gentleman. Compiled from the original papers of the late Thomas Hale... Illustrated with a great number of cuts., A
construction of timber, from its early growth; explained by the microscope, and proved from experiments, in a great variety of kinds: in five books. On the parts of trees; their vessels; and their encrease by growth: and on the different disposition of those parts in various kinds; and the particularities in their vessels. With figures of their various appearances; of the instrument for cutting them; and of the microscope thro' which they were viewed. By John Hill, ...., The
Decade di alberi curiosi ed eleganti piante delle Indie Orientali, e dell'America...
decade of curious and elegant trees and plants, A : drawn after specimens received from the East Indies, and America, in the year 1772; and accurately engraved: with their history and characters, in English and Latin
distinct symptoms of the gravel and stone explained to the patient; in all their stages and circumstances. With the conduct of life necessary to prevent the encrease of the complaint; the most proper management in the fits and during the intervals. ..., The
Dubia circa plantarum marinarum fabricam vermiculosam
Economy of human life
Entwurf eines Lehrgebäudes von Erzeugung der Pflanzen
Essays in natural history and philosophy
family herbal, or, An account of all those English plants which are remarkable for their virtues, The : and of the drugs which are produced by vegetables of other countries : with their descriptions and their uses, as proved by experience ... intended for the use of families
general natural history: or, new and accurate descriptions of the animals, vegetables, and minerals, of the different parts of the world; with their virtues and uses, as far as hitherto certainly known, in medicine and mechanics: illustrated by a general review of the knowledge of the ancients, and the discoveries and improvements of later ages in these studies. Including the history of the materia medica, pictoria, and tinctoria, of the present and earlier ages. As also observations on the neglected properties of many valuable substances known at present; and attempts to discover the lost medicines, &c. of former ages, in a series of critical enquiries into the materia medica of the ancient Greeks. With a great number of figures, elegantly engraved. By John Hill., A
Herbae Lauraquiis cultae.
Herbarium britannicum exhibens plantas Britanniae indigenas secundum methodum floralem novam digestas cum historia, descriptione, characteribus specificis, viribus, et usis
History of animals
history of the aggregates, or cluster-headed plants... With observations... on the production and propagation of mulish or intermediate plants; and of certain plants which are common to England and America..., A
Hortus Kewensis. Sistens herbas exoticas, indigenasque rariores, in area botanica... apud kew... cultas...
Hypochondriasis, a practical treatise on the nature and cure of that disorder.
Insects in their natural size; and as they appear before the microscope: drawn and engraved from nature. By J. Hill ...
Lucina sine concubitu.
malheur des femmes et des hommes,1788, Le
management of the gout. with the virtues of burdock root., The
Manuel de tous les ages, ou Économie de la vie humaine; traduit d'un ancien manuscrit indien en anglois, & de l'anglois en franc̜ois, sur la derniere edition. Par Miss D. P.
Medical and botanical tracts... First published separately at different times... Now first collected into a volume;
method of curing the jaundice and other disorders of the liver, A : by the herb agrimony ....
Method of producing double flowers from single by a regular course of culture
old man's guide to health and longer life: with rules for diet, exercise, and physic; for preserving a good constitution, and preventing disorders in a bad one..., The
parents guide in the management of children in the measles., The
Polypody. The ancient doctrine of the virtues of that herb, tried and confirmed ....
power of water-dock against the scurvy, The : whether in the plain root or essence. With marks to know that disease in all its states; instances of its being mistaken for other disorders; and rules of life for those afflicted with it ....
Review of the works of the Royal society of London, containing animadversions on such of the papers as deserve particular observation,..., A
rout. A farce of two acts as it is perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane., The
Sleep of plants, and cause of motion in the sensitive plant, explained
sommeil des plantes, et la cause du mouvement de la sensitive, Le
Synopsis methodica stirpium britanicarum
Theophrastou tou Eresiou Peri tōn lithōn biblion. Theophrastus's History of stones. With an English Version, and Critical and Philosophical Notes, Including the Modern History of the Gems, &c. described by that Author, and of many other of the Native Fossils.
Thoughts concerning God and nature : in answer to Lord Bolingbroke's philosophy
Traité des pierres
Twenty-five new plants, rais'd in the Royal garden at Kew; their history and figures...
Valeriana oder von denen Tugenden der Baldrian-Wurzel in denen Krankheiten und Zufaellen der Nerven
vegetable system or The internal structure and the life of plants...
Virtues of British herbs : with their history, and figures : an account of the diseases they will cure, and the manner of giving them ....
virtues of sage, in lengthening human life, The : with rules to attain old age in health and cheerfulness