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Author of The vindication of the clergy
Bramble, John
Bramble, John (Doctor)
Bramble, John (Dr)
Bramhall, John
Bramhall, John (Abp. of Armagh)
Bramhall, John (Archbishop)
Bramhell (Dr)
Bramhell, John
Bramhell, John (Doctor)
Bramhell, John (Dr)
Branhall, John
Bromwell, John
Derrie, John Bramhall (Lord Bishop of)
Johannes (Armachanus)
John (Armagh, Archbishop)
John Bramhall
John Bramhall (Irish bishop)
John (Derrie, Bishop)
John (Derry, Bishop)
John (Lord Archbishop of Armagh)
John (Lord Bishop of Derrie)
John (Lord Bishop of Derry)
John (of Armagh)
John (of Derry)
Londonderry, John Bramhall (Bishop of)
Vindication of the clergy, Author of the
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Broun, Samuel ('s-Gravenhage)
Hobbes, Thomas (1588-1679)
Lymeric, J. (co-author)
Milton, John (ps. van John Milton, 1608-1674.)
Rogers, Graham Alan John
Rogers, Graham Alan John (co-author)
Rowland, John (1606-1660))
Verdussen, H.
Verdussen, Hieronymus (1583-1653))
Verdussen, Hieronymus (II, Antwerpen)
Vesey, John
answer to two letters of T. B..-, An
Bishop Bramhall's vindication of himself. -
Castigations of Mr. Hobbes, 1658
Catching of Leviathan, or the great whale
Consecration and succession, of Protestant bishops justified.
defence of true liberty from antecedent and extrinsecall necessity, A
fair warning for England to take need. - [1661], A
Fair warning or, the burnt child dreads the fire. - [1649?]
Fair warning to take heed of the Scotish discipline
fair warning to take heed of the Scottish discipline, as being of all others most injurious to the civill magistrate, most oppressive to the subject, most pernicious to both, A
faire warning to take heed of the Scotish discipline, as being of all others most injurious to the civill magistrate, most oppressive to the subject, most pernicious to both, A
history of the English and Scotch presbytery. Wherein is discovered their designs and practises for the subversion of government in church and state., The
Hobbes and Bramhall : on liberty and necessity
just Vindication of the church of England from the unjust aspersion of criminal schisme... by... John Bramhall..., A
Pro rege et populo anglicano apologia
prophecy of Bishop Usher., The : Unto which is added two letters, one from Sir William Boswell (ambassadour at the Hague) to the most reverend William Laud, late archbishop of Canterbury [dated : Hague, June 12, 1640] : the other from the reverend John Bramhall, Bishop of Derry in Ireland, to the most reverend James Usher, late archbishop of Armah [dated : July 20, 1654].
Rawdon papers., The
remembrancer of excellent men ... 1670:, A
Replication to the bishop of Chalcedon, his Survey of the vindication of the church of England from criminous schism... by... John Bramhall..., A
right way to safety. -, The
Romphaia distomos oxeia or The church of England defended in two treatises against the fabulous and slanderous imputations cast upon her in those two points. Of succession of bishops and schisme wherein the Fable of the Nags-head ordination is detected, and the accusation of schisme retorted.
Schisme garded, and beaten back upon the right owners.
schoone waerschouwinge, om sich voor de Schotsche kerck-discipline te hoeden. Als zijnde, meer dan eenighe andere, de civile overicheyt seer schadelijck, de onderdanen seer onderdruckende, ende haer beyden gansch verderffelijck., Een
sermon preached at Dublin, upon the 23. of Aprill, 1661, being the day appointed for his Majesties coronation; with two speeches made in the House of Peers the 11th. of May, 1661, when the House of Commons presented their Speaker. By the most reverend father in God John Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland., A
serpent salve, or, A remedie for the biting of an aspe: wherein the observators grounds are discussed and plainly discovered to be unsound, seditious, not warranted by the laws of God, of nature, or of nations, and most repugnant to the known laws and customs of this realm. For the reducing of such of His Majesties well-meaning subjects into the right way who have been mis-led by that ignis fatuus., The
Vindication of the clergy (1672), A
Vindication of the clergy, from the contempt imposed upon them by the author of the "Grounds and occasions of the contempt of the clergy and religion"... (J. Bramhall.), A
Works of... John Bramhall,... to which is prefixt the authour's life, and in the end is added... an exact copy of the records touching archbishop Parker's consecration... (Edited by J. Lymeric.), The
works of the most reverend father in God, John Bramhall D.D., The : late Lord Bishop of Ardmagh [sic], Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland. Some of which never before printed. Collected into one volume. To which is added (for the vindication of some of his writings) an exact copy of the records, touching Archbishop Parker's consecration, taken from the original in the registry of the see of Canterbury as also the copy of an old manuscript in Corpus Chr. Colledge in Cambridge, of the same subject. With the life of the author