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Alexander Wetmore (American ornithologist and avian paleontologist)
Alexander Wetmore (Amerikaanse ornitholoog)
Alexander Wetmore (ornitologo, paleontologo e naturalista statunitense)
Alexander Wetmore (ornitólogo y paleontólogo estadounidense)
Alexander Wetmore (scientifique américain)
Alexander Wetmore (US-amerikanischer Ornithologe und Paläontologe)
Wetmore, Alex
Wetmore, Alex |d 1886-1978
Wetmore, Alexander,
Wetmore, Alexander (ornitholoog)
Wetmore, Frank Alexander
Александр Ветмор
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Smithsonian institution
Stany Zjednoczone. Government Printing Office
Additional Forms of Birds from Colombia and Panamá
Biographical memoir of Robert Ridgway, 1850-1929
Bird songs of garden woodland and meadow
Bird sounds of marsh upland and shore
Birds and beasts:
Birds collected in Cuba and Haiti by the Parish-Smithsonian expedition of 1930
Birds from Clipperton island, collected on the Presidential eruise of 1938
birds of isla Coiba, Panamá (With four plates)..., The
birds of Isla Escudo de Veraguas, Panamá., The
birds of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands Colymbiformes to Columbiformes, The
birds of southern Veracruz, Mexico, The
Birds of the Pleistocene in North America
birds of the Republic of Panamá, The
Bones of birds collected by Theodoor de Booy from kitchen midden deposits in the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix.
book of birds; the first work presenting in full color all the major species of the United States and Canada, The
Carl von Linné's System of nature
Collected papers in avian paleontology honoring the 90th birthday of Alexander Wetmore
collection of birds from northern Cuanacaste, A
David Crockett Graham (1884-1961) as zoological collector and anthropologist in China
Discussion on Warner Bros.' first all talking movie, The lights of New York
duck sickness in Utah., The
Five new races of birds from Venezuela
Food and economic relations of North American grebes.
Fossil bird remains from the Temblor formation near Bakersfield, California.
Library of Congress intermission broadcasts.
migrations of birds, The
Moby Dick
monograph of the birds of prey (order A̲c̲c̲i̲p̲i̲t̲r̲e̲s̲), A
Mortality among waterfowl around Great Salt Lake, Utah. (Preliminary report)
new race of the song sparrow from the Appalachian region, A
New subspecies of birds from Patagonia...
Notes on birds of the Guatemalan highlands
Notes on Fossil and Subfossil Birds
...Observations on the birds of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile
Oligocene eagle from Wyoming, An
On certain secondary sexual characters in the male ruddy duck, Erismatura jamaicensis (Gmelin).
On the anatomy of Nyctibius with notes on allied birds.
Ornithologists of the United States Army Medical Corps thirty-six biographies
Our migrant shorebirds in southern South America.
Owls, woodpeckers, flycatchers, crows, jays, orioles, creepers, thrushes, swallows, tanagers, wrens, warblers, hummingbirds, finches, sparrows
Pliocene bird remains from Idaho
Proceedings of the 10th International Ornithlogical Congress, Uppsala June 1950
record of the fossil grebe, Colymbus parvus, from the Pliocene of California, with remarks on other American fossils of this family, A
Report on a collection of birds made by J.R. Pemberton in Patagonia
Report on birds recorded by the Pinchot expedition of 1929 to the Caribbean and Pacific
Revised Classification for the Birds of the World, A
Revision of the American Vultures of the Genus Cathartes, A
Specimen zoölogicum, sistens Observationes, praesertim osteologicas, de casuario Novae Hollandiae, quod favente Deo
study of the body temperature of birds, A
Systematic Notes concerned with the Avifauna of Panama
Tinamidae (Tinamous) to Rynchopidae (Skimmers)
Two new fossil birds from the Oligocene of South Dakota
Two new species of hawks from the Miocene of Nebraska.
Two original photographic negatives of Abraham Lincoln... by Alexander Wetmore,...
Warm-blooded vertebrates: part I. Birds
Warner Bros. all talking movie program 20th anniversary ceremonies., The
Wild ducks and duck foods of the Bear River marshes, Utah.
Thesis (M.S.)--George Washington University, 1920