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Allan H. Meltzer (American economist)
Allan H. Meltzer (amerikansk ekonom)
Allan H. Meltzer (amerikansk økonom)
Allan Meltzer
Allan Meltzer (Amerikaans econoom)
Allan Meltzer (ekonomista amerykański)
Allan Meltzer (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Meltzer, A.
Meltzer, A. H.
Meltzer, Allan
Meltzer, Allan H.
Meltzer, Allan Harold
Meltzer, Allan M.
Алан Мелцер
Мелцер, Аллан
メルツァー, アラン・H
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Arcelus, Francisco
Brunner, K.
Brunner, Karl
Brunner, Karl (1916-)
Carnegie Mellon University / Tepper School of Business Administration / Department of Economics
Carnegie-Mellon University. Center for the Study of Public Policy
Clarkson, Geoffrey P.
Cukierman, Alex
Fischer, Stanley
Heinemann, H.E.
International Center for Economic Growth
International Financial Institution Advisory Commission
Jordan, J.L.
Korteweg, Pieter
Lerrick, Adam
Mascaro, Angelo
Meltzer, A. H.
Meltzer, A.H.
Meltzer, Alan H.
Meltzer, Allan
Meltzer, Allan H
Meltzer, Allan H.
Meltzer, Allan-H
Ott, David J. (19..?-....))
Plosser, C. I.
Plosser, Charles I.
Raffaele Mattioli Foundation
Richard, Scott F
Richard, Scott F.
Robinson, Saranna
Sachs, Jeffrey D.
University of Chicago Press
University of Rochester. Center for Research in Government Policy and Business
Vellrath, Marc
金子, 邦彦 (1947-)
Anticipated Inflation and Unanticipated Price Change: A Test of the Price-Specie Flow Theory and the Phillips Curve.
Argentina 2002: A Case of Government Failure
Asian Problems and the IMF
Behavior of the French Money Supply: 1938-54, The
Blueprint for an international lender of last resort
Blueprint for IMF Reform: What is Worth Retaining?*, A
Book 1, 1951-1969 ; Book 2, 1970-1986
Bubbles and other essays
Carl Christ
Choosing freely: the Friedmans' influence on economic and social policy
Comment from the floor
Comment on "Federal Reserve Control of the Money Stock".
Comment on Hester's Paper., A
Commentary: monetary policy and the control of inflation
Commentary : monetary policy at zero inflation
Commentary : understanding the Greenspan standard
Committee hearings, September 9, 1999 to February 2, 2000
conduct of monetary policy under current monetary arrangements, The
Controlling money
costs and consequences of inflation, The
Credit Availability and Economic Decisions: Some Evidence from the Mortgage and Housing Markets.
decadência da economia liberal, A
deficit: A monetarist's perspective, The
Demand for Money: The Evidence from the Time Series, The
demanda de dinero de las empresas, La : Un estudio de corte transversal
determinants, empirical tests and some implications of the money supply function, The ; France 1938-1954
Dinero y la economía, El
Economic policy in a world of change
Economics of price and wage controls, The
Effects of Economic Policies on Votes for the Presidency: Some Evidence from Recent Elections: Reply., The
Empirical studies of velocity, real exchange rates, unemployment, and productivity
End of the ‘American Century’
Errata [A Positive Theory of Discretionary Policy, the Cost of Democratic Government and the Benefits of a Constitution].
Essays in honor of Carl Christ
Essays on macroeconomic implications of financial and labor markets and political processes
Expert papers
Explanation of Inflation: Some International Evidence., The
Fed at seventy-five, The
Federal Reserve (almost) 100, The
Federal Reserve Policy in the Great Recession
Federal tax treatment of State and local securities.
Financial collapse: 1933
Flow of Funds and Interest Rates-I: U.S. Financial Models: Discussion., The
Friedman's Monetary Theory.
From Inflation to More Inflation, Disinflation, and Low Inflation
Future of the IMF and World Bank: Panel Discussion, The
Heterodox policy and economic stabilization
History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 1: 1913-1951, A
History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 1, 1951-1969, A
History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 2, 1970-1986, A
Imf policy advice, market volatility, commodity price rules and other essays
IMF returns, The
Improvement in the Balance of Payments: A Response to Monetary Policy or to Ad Hoc Fiscal Policies
Inflation and price changes: Some preliminary estimates and tests of alternative theories
Information, sticky prices and macroeconomic foundations : reply to Wright's commentary.
Institutional arrangements and the inflation problem
Institutions, policies and economic performance
International competitiveness in financial services aspecial issue of the journal of financial services research
International debt, federal reserve operations, and other essays
International Debt Problem, The
International lending and the International Monetary Fund : a conference in memory of Wilson E. Schmidt
International organization, national policies and economic development
Interpreting Keynes [Keynes's General Theory: A Different Perspective].
Introduction to a symposium on central banks after the European monetary union
Introduction to the series
Is There an Optimal Money Supply? A Discussion.
Japan’s Monetary and Economic Policy
Karl Brunner: In Memoriam
Keinzu kahei keizai ron : Manetarisuto no kotonaru kaishaku
Keynes's General Theory: A Different Perspective.
Keynes's monetary theory : a different interpretation
Leadership and Progress
Leadership in the world economy
Learning about Policy from Federal Reserve History
Lessons from the early history of the federal reserve
Limits of Short-run Stabilization Policy: Presidential Address to the Western Economic Association, July 3, 1986.
Liquidity Traps for Money, Bank Credit, and Interest Rates
Little More Evidence from the Time Series, A
Long- and short-term interest rates in a risky world
Major Issues in the Regulation of Financial Institutions
Markets for Housing and Housing Services: Reply., The
Milton Friedman's monetary framework a debate with his critics
Monetarism Revisited
Monetarism: The issues and the outcome
Monetary and fiscal policies and their application
Monetary and other explanations of the start of the great depression
Monetary, Credit and (Other) Transmission Processes: A Monetarist Perspective
monetary fiscal Approach to inflation
Monetary History as a Model for Historians, A
Monetary institutions and the policy process
Monetary Policy in the New Global Economy: The Case of Japan
Monetary Reform in an Uncertain Environment
Monetary regimes and protectionism
Monetary Theory and Monetary History
Monetary Transmission at Low Inflation: Some Clues from Japan in the 1990s
Money and Credit in the Monetary Transmission Process.
Money and economic activity, inventories and business cycles
Money and Exchange Rate Regimes: A Comparison of Japan and the United States
Money and monetary policy: an essay in honor of Darryl Francis
Money and the economy : issues in monetary analysis
Money, credit and policy
Money, cycles, and exchange rates : essays in honor of Allan H. Meltzer
Money, Debt, and Economic Activity.
Money, Intermediation, and Growth.
Money, monetary policy, and financial institutions
Money Supply Revisited: A Review Article
Mr. Hicks and the "Monetarists."
national bureau method, International capital mobility, and other essays, The
New International Financial Arrangements
new Lombard Street: how the Fed became the dealer of last resort – By Perry Mehrling, The
New Mandates for the IMF and World Bank
"new monetary economics," fiscal issues, and unemployment, The
On the state of macro-economics
On the state of macroeconomics
Optimal policies, control theory, and technology exports
Origins of the Great Inflation
Patinkin on Keynes and Meltzer
Phillips curve and labor markets, The
Policies for employment, prices, and exchange rates
Policy Principles - Lessons from the Fed's Past
Political economy
Political Theory of Government Debt and Deficits in a Neo-Ricardian Framework., A
Politics and the Fed
Positive Theory of Discretionary Policy, the Cost of Democratic Government and the Benefits of a Constitution., A
predicción de la velocidad de circulación, La : Implicaciones para la teoría y la política económica
Price stability and public policy (overview)
problem of inflation, The
Public Policies as Causes of Fluctuations.
Public policies in open economies
Rational Theory of the Size of Government., A
Real business cycles, real exchange rates, and actual policies
Real exchange rates: some evidence from the postwar years
Recent crises in post-crisis perspective
Reflections on the Financial Crisis
Reply to Anne Krueger
Reply to stephen axilrod's comments
report of the International Financial Institution Advisory Commission, The : comments on the critics ; reform of the international architecture
Response to Professor Bird
Reviving the Bank and Fund
Shadow Open Market Committee: Origins and Operations, The
Shadow Open Market Committee; Policy Statement and Position Papers.
Size, persistence and interrelation of nominal and real shocks : Some evidence from four countries
Socialist Economic Transformation: Correspondence.
Some Empirical Findings on Differences between EMS and Non-EMS Regimes: Implications for Currency Blocs
stabiliteit van de wereldeconomie, De
Stability Under the Gold Standard in Practice
Stabilization of the domestic and international economy
Stabilization policies and labor markets
Stagflation, persistent unemployment and the permanence of economic shocks
Strategies and tactics for monetary control
Studies in labor economics in honor of Walter Y. Oi
study of the dealer market for Federal government securities. -, A
Supply shocks, incentives and national wealth
Theory of Ambiguity, Credibility, and Inflation under Discretion and Asymmetric Information., A
Theory, policy, institutions : papers from the Carnegie-Rochester Conferences on Public Policy
Three aspects of policy and policymaking : knowledge, data, and institutions
Time deposits in the Brunner-Meltzer model of asset markets
Tobin on macroeconomic policy : A review essay
U.S. leadership and postwar progress
U.S. policy in the Bretton Woods era
Understanding monetary regimes
Unit roots, investment measures and other essays
United States leadership and postwar progress
Uses of Money: Money in the Theory of an Exchange Economy., The
Variability in employment, prices, and money
Wadsworth series in finance, The
Walter Oi at 6O
What Did We Learn from the Monetary Experience of the United States in the Great Depression?
What do budget deficits do? (commentary)
What the Commission Didn't Recommend.
Why capitalism?
Zero infureka no kin'yū seisaku ni tsuite : Kin'yū seisaku eno gimon hihan ni dō kotaeruka
ケインズ貨幣経済論 : マネタリストの異なる解釈
ゼロ・インフレ下の金融政策について : 金融政策への疑問・批判にどう答えるか
Includes vita
Thesis (Ph.D.)--UCLA, 1958