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Michael Small
Michael Small (American composer)
Michael Small (Amerikaans componist (1939-2003))
Michael Small (amerikansk komponist)
Michael Small (amerikansk kompositör)
Michael Small (compositeur américain)
Michael Small (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Small, Michael
Small, Michael L.
Small, Michael Lewis
Small, Michel
Майкл Смолл
مایکل اسمال (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Fonda, Jane (1937-....))
Fonda, Jane (1937-)
Goldman, William (1931- ))
Goldman, William (1931-...)
Hoffman, Dustin (1937- ))
McNicholl, BT.
Pakula, Alan (1928-1998)
Pakula, Alan J. (1928-1998)
Rafelson, Bob (1933-....))
Scheider, Roy (1932-2008)
Scheider, Roy (1932-2008))
Schlesinger, John (1926-2003)
Schlesinger, John (1926-2003))
Small, Michael Lewis
Stec-MacLeod, Bożena
Sutherland, Donald (1934-...)
Touchwood Pacific Partners
Warner home video France
Willis, Gordon (1931-2014)
À cause d'un assassinat
After Dinner With Dad / Picnic / Slingshot
Alive or Dead
All That Glitters Pt. I / All That Glitters Pt. II
Alone in the Night
Alright Mr. Fish
Alternate Ending
Andujar Trial
Angry Drivers
Another Little Boy
Art in Cafeteria / Suitcase Bomb
As grand as you are (2 min 37 s)
Audrey Rose
Aux sources du Nil
Babe Tosses Gun
Babes Escape
Bahamas, The
Banana Boat (Original Ending)
Banana Boat (Revised Ending)
Bathing Music
Bathroom Terror
Beat Each Other Up (alternate)
Bellman and Pram
Betrayal / Drilling Horror
Biesenthal Flashback
Black Widow / The Star Chamber / The Driver
Blanche's theme (2 min 48 s)
Boys Are Here, The
Bree Flees John
Bree Followed on Street
Bree's Abandon (Take It Higher)
Brighton beach memoirs
Burton's Theme
Burton Sings (The Lone Rock)
Cable After Goldfarb
Cable in Loft
Cable's End
Cable's First Office
Calculated Risk / Gang Moves In
Calling All the Boys
Car Chase
Casting Office
Cat and Mouse
Cemetery sequence
Challenge, The
Chamber, The
Charlie’s New York
Chase Pt. I
Chase Pt. II
Chasing After Phantoms
Checking Leads
Chiefs (Jerry London)
Child's Play / Firstborn
China Syndrome, The
Class at Night
Club Scene
Comes a horseman
Commission and Main Title
Consenting adults original motion picture soundtrack
Continental divide
Cora Spits (alternate)
Czarna wdowa
Dad on Phone / Brian Wants to Leave Wendy
Dark Caravan
Dark waltz
Dawson Tried
Dead Arlyn
Decision, The
Dellys Theme
dents de la mer 4 la revanche
Desert Journey
Desert Trek
Desperado Montage
Detective, The
Devil, Devil
Diamonds of Death
Discovers Drugs
Dobbs Enters Chapel
Dobbs Gets It
Doc & Babe
Doc Dies
Docs' Night Meeting
Dodger Finds Frank Wounded
Dodger's Last Rideout
Doing It in the Dirt
Doll’s Demise, The
Don Is Dead, The
Don’t Tell Mother
Double Crossed
Down Building
Down the Alley
Dream lover
Drive From Arlyn's
Driver: Cat and Mouse, The
Driver: Finis, The
Driver: Mercedes Prelude, The
Driver: No Names, The
Driver: Sucker’s Game, The
Driver: The Challenge, The
Driver: The Detective, The
Driver: The Driver, The
Driver: The Man, The
Driver: The Woman, The
Drop me off in Harlem (3 min 31 s)
drowning pool, The
Elegy for Cora
Ella at Eventide / Roundup
Ellen Flies Plane
Ellen Goes Out To Sea
Ellen Plays With Leah
Ellen’s Dream
Ellen Warns
Elsa’s Intrigue
End Credits
End Title
End Titles
Endurance l'expédition légendaire de Sir Ernest Shackleton
Escape to England
Evil Eye
Ewing Sets Fire
facteur sonne toujours deux fois
False Rescue (alternate)
Farewell to Dodger
Farewell to Mabruki
Fart in a Windstorm
femmes de Stepford
Fight (original version)
Fight (revised)
Final Flight
Finale (1 min 52 s)
Finale (original version)
Finale (revised)
Finale, The
First Disco
Flight To The Bahamas (Alternate Take)
Fountain Appointment (alternate)
Frank in Room
Frank Prepares
Funeral procession (1 min 15 s)
Funeral, The
Fuse Box
Going to Chicago
Goldfarb's Fantasy
Goldfarb's Record
Good friends
Good morning glory (2 min 33 s)
Got to Have You, Frank (long version)
Gunmen Search
Gym Ceremony (2:5)
Hand on Fence
Hardin Kicks Coombs
Harlow Leaves
Harlow Returns
Harlow's Romance
Harry at Work
Harrys Lament
Harrys Theme
hate my name (2 min 18 s), I
Henry Returns to the Apartment
Hoover Carries Ivy / Janice After Hoover
Hoover in Rain / Door Chain / Janice Bed to Street
Hoover’s First Visit
Hot Rods
House in the Country
House on the Hill / Approaching Showdown
House on the Island, The
Hug / Hug (alternate) / Wendy Waves / Dad and Wendy Talk / Dad Announces
Hypnotist / Last Seizure, The
Ice Pick Love
If Tear Drops Were Pennies
In Hot Pursuit / Out of the Race
In Indian Country
Into my heart
Is Hoagie Dead?
Is It Safe
It girl.
It's The Lake
Ivy in Mirror
J.W. Gets Rough
Janice in Court / Janice After Hoover
Janice Reading / Through Window
Jaws The Revenge - End Credits
Jaws The Revenge - Main Title
Jeep Chase / On Foot / Closes Windows / Forces Jake
Jefes Chiefs
Jeremiah's Canteen
Jeux d'adultes
Jewelry Market Pt. I
Joe’s Final Run
Journey Finale
Journey Home
Journey to the Island
Julian's Gunfight
Kay's room
Kay, softly
Killing Of Jake
Kitchen Love (alternate)
Knowing When to Stop
Laguran's Disco
Land Rush Stampede
Last Drive (album version)
Leaving the City - End Title
Letter, The
Life After Life / End Credits
Life With Elsa Opel (alternate)
Long Walk, The
Looking back
Lounge Music
Love Montage
Love on a rooftop
Love Scene
Love Theme From Klute
Lowes and Hardin
Mabruki and the Lion Shoot
Main Theme
Main Title (alternate)
Main Titles
Malley’s Suicide
Man, The
Mara’s Murder
Marathon man Maratończyk
Marathon Man / The Parallax View
Market Continuation
Market, The
Masses Cancelled
Mercedes Prelude
Michael At Mirror
Michael Attacked By Shark
Michael Runs For Help
Michael’s Dream
Mobsters: Theme for Mara
Monk and Coombs
montañas de la luna, Las
Moray Eel
Mountains of the moon
Mrs Murphy (1 min 40 s)
Murder and Push Car
My inspiration
Name's Harlow, The
News at 11:00
News at 6:00
Ngola's Court
Night Moves (1975)
Nightmare, A
Nightmare of the Past
No Air
No Evidence
No headstone on my grave
No Names
No Pain No Gain
Nombres de la banda sonora, de José María Benítez y Luis Miguel Carmona, 1996
Nora on broadway (1 min 19 s)
nuit des juges
Oil Verses Cattle
Old Friends
On the Roof
Ondine’s Curse
Opels Deception
Opening Theme
Out to Sea
Par amour
Parallax Test
parallax view, The
Peaceful Land, The
Phone Call Play Back
Picking Up Signals
Plane Buzzes Shark
Plant, The
Please Don't Leave Me
Poison Water
Poodle Springs
Portrait d'une enfant déchue
postman always rings twice, The
Puzzle of a downfall child
Queen d'Alex Haley
Recognition, The
Reese’s Old Class
Resemble Diamonds / Fountain Appointment
Restaurant Story / After Restaurant / Glad You’re Here
Return to Africa
Revenge & Finale
Ride to Hideaway / Tag Ending (End Credits)
River Crossing
Rock Ambush
Rooftop Intruder
Roping / Ella's Confession
Run - Funeral
Runaway Bay
Runs to School / Alley Run / Phone Wait
Sam’s Friend / Sam Leaves
Sandy Camp
Saying Goodnight
Scoville Hotel
Scrabble / Grocery / Doormat
Scylla Stabbed
Sean Attacked
Search for Arlyn Page
See you in the morning
Shafts of Light
Shark Attacks Jake In Sled (Alternate Take)
Shark Takes Bait
Shark, The
She’s Deadly
Sheriff’s House
Shocked Shark – The Finish
Shoot Out and Embers
Slide of Art / Austin Sleeps
Smell of Brimstone
Soccer ball
Souffle de la tempête, Le
Source Music
Source Suite #1
Source Suite #2
Speke and the Great Lake
Star Chamber: Andujar Trial, The
Star Chamber: Another Little Boy, The
Star Chamber: Dawson Tried, The
Star Chamber: End Credits, The
Star Chamber: Flowers, The
Star Chamber: Hardin Kicks Coombs, The
Star Chamber: Judged, The
Star Chamber: Lowes and Hardin, The
Star Chamber: Main Title, The
Star Chamber: Monk and Coombs, The
Star Chamber: Rescue, The
Star Chamber: Revision, The
Star Chamber: Shafts of Light, The
Star Chamber: Star Chamber, The
Star Chamber: The Chamber, The
Star Chamber / The Driver, The
Star Chamber: Warehouse Run, The
Star Chamber: What Happened?, The
Stepford Wives (1975), The
Stickball (53 s)
Street Market / Love Scene
Sucker's Game
Suspense on Stairs
Szell Arrives
Szell Collects His Diamonds
Szell Escapes
Szell in America
Szell Is Recognized
Szell on the Streets
Tagging The Conchs
Takes Care of Me
Tape - Main Title, The
Tea With Madame
Testing Center
Theme for Mara
Theme From Child’s Play
Theme From, Comes a Horseman - Main Title
They Leave Courthouse
They Marry (album version)
Thinking of Cora (album version)
Three Ring Fist Fight
Tiburón, la venganza
Ticking Time Bomb
Toile d'araignée, La
Tolerancyjni partnerzy
Too Close / Essen
Top of Stairs / Hoover Calls Audrey
Town Called "Prosperity", A
Tragedy at the Truck
Trail Heads East, The
Truth and Finale, The
Urgent Phone Call
Veuve noire, La
Wagon's East
Wagonmaster, The
Wagons east
Wagons Keep Rolling, The
Waiting in the Loft
Walk to Casting Office
Want to Speak to You, I
Warehouse Run
Watcher, The
Water Drain Finale
We Do It
Wedding (Isabelle's Theme), The
What Happened?
Whiskey Business
Whistling in the dark (2 min 32 s)
Widow, The
Woman, The
You and the night and the music (2 min 32 s)
You Know What I Learned
Степфордские жёны
鋼鉄の男 ''Pumping Iron''
Contributed to or performed: 
Klute / All the President's Men
Sax and Violence: Music From the Dark Side of the Screen
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two