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Ehrenberg, R. G.
Ehrenberg, Ron
Ehrenberg, Ronald
Ehrenberg, Ronald G.
Ehrenberg, Ronald Gordon
Yilanboge, Luonade
Эренберг, Рональд Дж
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Ashenfelter, Orley
Azzi, Corry
Barnow, Burt S
Bognanno, Michael L
Bognanno, Michael L.
Brewer, Dominic
Brewer, Dominic J
Brewer, Dominic J.
Butler, Richard J.
Chaykowski, Richard
Chaykowski, Richard P.
Chaykowski, Richard P. (1958-)
Chaykowski, Richard Paul (1958-)
Cheslock, John L.
Clotfelter, Charles T.
Cornell University / Department of Economics
Cornell University / School of Industrial & Labor Relations
Danziger, Leif
Ehrenberg, R. G.
Ehrenberg, R.G.Ronald G.
Ehrenberg, Randy A.
Ehrenberg, Ronald
Ehrenberg, Ronald A.
Ehrenberg, Ronald G
Ehrenberg, Ronald G.
Eide, Eric
Eide, Eric R.
Epifantseva, Julia
Getz, Malcolm
Goldberg, Steven
Goldhaber, Daniel
Goldhaber, Daniel D.
Goldstein, Gerald S.
Groen, Jeffrey
Groen, Jeffrey A.
Hallock, Kevin F.
Hamermesh, Daniel
Hamermesh, Daniel S.
Hanushek, Eric A.
Hurst, Peter J.
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Jakubson, George
Jakubson, George H.
Johnson, George E.
Kasper, Hirschel
Klaff, Daniel B.
Kotlyarenko, Dmitry
Levin, Jared
Liu, Albert Yung-Hsu
Luzadis, Rebecca A.
Marcus, Alan J.
Martin, Mirinda L.
Mavros, Panagiotis G.
McGraw, Marquise
Milkovich, George T.
Monks, James
Mrdjenovic, Jesenka
Mykula, Jaroslava K.
Nagowski, Matthew P.
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations Affiliation (see also from)
Northwestern University
Oaxaca, Ronald L
Pieper, Paul J.
Rees, Daniel
Rees, Daniel I
Rees, Daniel I.
Rizzo, Michael
Rizzo, Michael J.
Rothstein, Donna S.
San, Gee
Schumann, Paul L
Schumann, Paul L.
Schumann, Paul L. (1955-))
Schwarz, Joshua L.
Sherman, Daniel R.
Slaughter, John Brooks
Smith, C. L.
Smith, Christopher L.
Smith, Robert S
Smith, Robert S.
Smith, Robert Stewart
Webber, Douglas A.
Whelan, Kenneth T.
Willis, Rachel A.
Zhang, Liang
`Household Allocation of Time and Religiosity : Replication and Extension', Journal of Political Economy, 85 (2), April, 415-23
`Projections of Shortages', in Charles T. Clotfelter, Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Malcolm Getz and John J. Siegfried (eds)
1995 NRC ratings of doctoral programs a Hedonic model, The
1995 NRC ratings of doctoral programs, The : a hedonic model
Absenteeism and the Overtime Decision.
Adam Smith goes to college: An economist becomes an academic administrator
Advance notice provisions in plant closing legislation : do they matter?
Adverse Selection and Incentives in an Early Retirement Program
American Higher Education in Transition
American University: National Treasure or Endangered Species?, The
American university, The : national treasure or endangered species?
Analyzing the factors that influence persistence rates in STEM field, majors: Introduction to the symposium
Analyzing the success of student transitions from 2- to 4-year institutions within a state
Are Black Colleges Producing Today's African-American Lawyers?
Book Reviews: Welfare, Health, and Education--Prospects for Faculty in the Arts and Sciences
Career's End: A Survey of Faculty Retirement Policies.
Case for Tenure, The
Changes in Faculty Composition within the State University of New York System: 1985-2001.
changing distributions of new Ph.D. economists and their employment: Implications for the future, The
Changing Distributions of New Ph.D. Economists and Their Employment, The : Implications for the Future
Choices and consequences : contemporary policy issues in education
Class size and student achievement
Collective bargaining and staff salaries in American colleges and universities.
College admissions and exclusions
Comment on "Policy decisions and research in economics and industrial relations," by John T. Dunlop (30:3, Apr. 1977).
Comments on E. G. West and R. J. Staaf
Comparable Worth in the Public Sector
Comparable-Worth Wage Adjustments and Female Employment in the State and Local Sector.
Compensating Wage Differentials for Mandatory Overtime?
Compensation and firm performance
Compliance with the Overtime Pay Provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Correlates of Underfunding of Public Sector Retirement Systems.
Cost-of-Living Adjustment Clauses in Union Contracts: A Summary of Results.
Costs of Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Firm Adjustments., The
Crafting a class: the trade off between merit scholarships and enrolling lower-income students
Decisions to Undertake and Complete Doctoral Study and Choices of Sector of Employment
Demand for Labor in the Public Sector, The
demand for State and local government employees an economic analysis, The
demands for state and local government employees: an economic analysis, The
Demographic Distribution of American Doctorates, The
Determinants of the Compensation and Mobility of School Sup
Determinants of the compensation and mobility of school superintendents.
Did teachers' race and verbal ability matter in the 1960's? : Coleman revisited
Did Teachers' Verbal Ability and Race Matter in the 1960s? "Coleman" Revisited.
Diffusion of common application membership and admissions outcomes at American colleges and universities
distribution of unemployment insurance benefits and costs, The
Diversifying the faculty across gender lines: Do trustees and administrators matter?
Do compensation policies matter? A symposium. Introduction.
Do compensation policies matter? special issue
Do displaced workers suffer losses of specific human capital? : A comment
Do doctoral students' financial support patterns affect their times-to-degree and completion probabilities?
Do economics departments with lower tenure probabilities pay higher faculty salaries?
Do expenditures other than instructional expenditures affect graduation and persistence rates in American higher education?
Do historically black institutions of higher education confer unique advantages on black students: an initial analysis
Do indirect cost rates matter ?
Do Indirect Costs Matter?
Do School and Teacher Characteristics Matter? Evidence from "High School and Beyond."
Do teachers' race, gender, and ethnicity matter? : evidence form NELS88
Do teachers' race, gender, and ethnicity matter? Evidence fr
Do teachers' race, gender, and ethnicity matter? : evidence from NELS88
Do teachers' race, gender, and ethnicity matter? evidence from the National Educational Longitudinal Study of 1988
Do teachers' race, gender, and ethnicity matter? Evidence from the NELS.
Do tenured and tenure-track faculty matter?
Do tournaments have incentive effects?
Do trustees and administrators matter? Diversifying the faculty across gender lines
Doctoral education and the faculty of the future
Does Class Size Matter?
Does it pay to attend an elite private college? : cross cohort evidence on the effects of college quality on earnings
Does it pay to attend an elite private college? Cross-cohort evidence on the effects of college type on earnings
Does it pay to attend an elite private college? Evidence on the effects of undergraduate college quality on graduate school attendance
Don't Shy from Retirement Questions.
Econometric analyses of the empirical consequences of comparable worth : what have we learned
Econometric studies of higher education
Economic Analysis of Local Government Employment and Wages, An
Economic Analysis of the Demand for State and Local Government Employees., An
Economic Analysis of the Market for Law School Students., An
Economic and Statistical Analysis of Discrimination in Hiring
Economic Challenges in Higher Education
Economics of the Decision to Join a Union/Comment/Comment, The
Educating scholars : doctoral education in the humanities
Effect of Tax Limitation Legislation on Public Sector Labor Markets: A Comment, The
Effect of Unions on Productivity in the Public Sector: The Case of Libraries, The
Employment While in College, Academic Achievement and Post-College Outcomes: A Summary of Results
Employment While in College, Academic Achievement, and Postcollege Outcomes: A Summary of Results
Estimating the narcotic effect of public sector impasse procedures.
Estimating Wage-Fringe Trade-Offs: Some Data Problems
Evaluating manpower training programs revisions of papers originally presented at the Conference on evaluating manpower training programs Princeton university, May 1976
Faculty employment and R&D expenditures at Research universities
Faculty turnover at American colleges and universities: Analyses of AAUP data
Faculty Turnover at American Colleges and Universities: Analysis of AAUP Data
Financial forces and the future of American higher education
Financing Higher Education Institutions in the 21st Century.
Flow of New Doctorates', `The
Flow of New Doctorates., The
Following in Her Footsteps? Faculty Gender Composition and Women's Choices of College Majors
Fringe benefits and overtime behavior theoretical and econometric analysis
Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics: Determinants of Title IX Compliance
Gender & family issues in the workplace
Going Broke by Degree : A Review Essay
Governing academia
Has the Growth of Science Crowded Out Other Things at Universities?
Heterogeneous Labor, Minimum Hiring Standards, and Job Vacancies in Public Employment.
Heterogeneous labor, the internal labor market, and the dynamics of the employment-hours decision
Household Allocation of Time and Church Attendance.
Household Allocation of Time and Religiosity: Replication and Extension.
How would universities respond to increased federal support for graduate students?
impact of the overtime premium on employment and hours in U.S. industry, The
Impact of the Win 2 Program on Welfare Costs and Recipient Rates, The
impact of U.S. news & world report college rankings on admission outcomes and pricing policies at selective private institutions, The
Impact of US News and World Report College Rankings on Admission Outcomes and Pricing Decisions at Selective Private Institutions, The
In Pursuit of Universitywide Objectives.
Incentive Effects Of Tournaments Revisited: Evidence Fr, The
incentive effects of tournaments revisited: evidence from the European PGA tour, The
Inside the black box of doctoral education: what program characteristics influence doctoral students' attrition and graduation probabilities?
Institutional responses to increased external support for graduate students
Introduction to "Economic Challenges in Higher Education"
Involving Undergraduates in Research To Encourage Them To Undertake Ph.D. Study in Economics
Ivy League Athletic Performance: Do Brains Win?
Labor markets and integrating national economies
Longer hours or more jobs? : an investigation of amending hours legislation to create employment
Merit Pay for School Superintendents?
Minimum Wages and Teenagers' Enrollment-Employment Outcomes: A Multinomial Logit Model
model of public sector wage determination [based on conference paper], A
Modern labor economics theory and public policy
Municipal government structure, unionization, and the wages of fire fighters.
My life and economics
Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage
New Minimum Wage Research: A Symposium.
New minimum wage research: Symposium introduction.
No Longer Forced Out: How One Institution Is Dealing with the End of Mandatory Retirement.
Officer performance and compensation in local building trade unions.
Officer Performance and Compensation in Local Building Trades Unions
On estimating the effects of increased aid to education
Optimal Financial Aid Policies for a Selective University
Panel Discussion
Paying our presidents: what do trustees value?
Perfect Storm and the Privatization of Public Higher Education, The
PhD Attainment of Graduates of Selective Private Academic Institutions
Policy decisions and research in economics and industrial relations. An exchange of views.
Proceedings of a symposium on hours of work and overtime : labour market issues, June 1986
Program Design and Student Outcomes in Graduate Education
Projections of Shortages
Prospects in the Academic Labor Market for Economists
Public-sector labor markets
Reaching for the Brass Ring: How the "U.S. News & World Report" Rankings Shape the Competitive Environment in U.S. Higher Education.
Reaching for the Brass Ring: The "U.S. News & World Report" Rankings and Competition.
regulatory process and labor earnings, The
Research in labor economics a research annual
Resident and nonresident tuition and enrollment at flagship state universities
Retirement Policies, Employment, and Unemployment.
Retirement system characteristics and compensating wage differentials in the public sector.
Role models in education: Symposium introduction.
School district leave policies, teacher absenteeism, and student achievement
Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education
short-run employment decision and overtime behavior in U.S. industries, 1966, The
Short-Run Employment Decision and Overtime Behavior in U.S. Industry, 1966., The
Should Policies Be Pursued to Increase the Flow of New Doctorates?
social security student benefit program and family decisions, The
sources and uses of annual giving at selective private research universities and liberal arts colleges, The
Start-Up Costs in American Research Universities.
Stock Flow Model of Academic Labor Supply, A
Studying ourselves: the academic labor market
Supply of American Higher Education Institutions., The
Transformational change in higher education positioning colleges and universities for future success
Tuition rising: why college costs so much
Unemployment Insurance, Duration of Unemployment, and Subsequent Wage Gain.
Unions and productivity in the public sector: A study of municipal libraries.
What Price Diversity?
What's Happening to Public Higher Education? What's Happening to Public Higher Education?
Who bears the growing cost of science at universities?
Why do field differentials in average faculty salaries vary across universities?
Why do school district budget referenda fail?
Why Universities Need Institutional Researchers and Institutional Researchers Need Faculty Members More than Both Realize
Why WARN? Plant Closing Legislation
Will Trustees Tame Tuition?
Within state transitions from 2-year to 4-year public institutions
Workers' Compensation, Wages, and the Risk of Injury
Workers' Rights: Rethinking Protective Labor Legislation
Would reducing tenure probabilities increase faculty salaries?
Современная экономика труда, 1996:
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Thesis--Northwestern University