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Richard M. West
Richard M. West (dansk astronom)
Richard Martin West (astronomo danese)
Richard Martin West (astronoom uit Denemarken)
Richard Martin West (dänischer Astronom)
Richard Martin West (Danish astronomer)
West, Dick
West, R.
West, R. M.
West, R. W.
West, Richard
West, Richard M.
West, Richard Martin
Уэст, Ричард Мартин (датский астроном)
რიჩარდ მარტინ ვესტი
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European Southern Observatory
Gyldenkerne, Kjeld
Holmberg, E. B.
International Astronomical Union
Lauberts, A.
Lauberts, Andris
Laustsen, Svend
Madsen, Claus
Pfleger, Thomas (1964- ))
Schuster, H.-E. (1934-)
Schuster, Hans-Emil (1934-)
Union astronomique internationale, Assemblée générale 18 1982
United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Astronomie images de l'univers
Astronomy on the personal computer
Atlas der Sternbilder : ein astronomischer Wegweiser in Photographien
Commission 20: positions and motions of minor planets, comets and satellites : report for the period July 1987-June 1990
Det ny verdensrum
Earliest photometry of supernova 1987A
Entdeckungen am Südhimmel e. Bildatlas d. Europ. Südsternwarte (ESO)
ESO coude auxiliary telescope, The
ESO Quick Blue Survey and ESO (B) Atlas, The
ESO/Uppsala survey of the ESO (B) atlas of the southern sky-VI, The
European Shoemaker-Levy nine Jupiter workshop
European SL-9/Jupiter Workshop : February 13-15, 1995, ESO Headquarters, Garching bei München, Germany : proceedings
Explorando el cielo austral
Exploring the Southern sky a pictorial atlas from the European Southern observatory (ESO)
First spectroscopic confirmation of a microlensing event towards the galactic bulge
Halley's comet : (part 1): ground-based observations
Herbig-Haro like object ESO 313-N*1O, The
Imaging of very distant comets : current and future limits
la découverte du ciel austral le ciel vu à travers les clichés de l'Observatoire européen austral (ESO), A
Magnitudes, phases and light-curves of variable stars in the central region of the Ursa Minor dwarf galaxy
Mass loss and evolution in close binaries; International Astronomical Union, Colloquium no. 6 held in Elsinore, Denmark 15-19 September 1969.
Minor bodies in the outer solar system proceedings of the ESO workshop held at Garching, Germany, 2-5 november 1998
Modern techniques in astronomical photography, 1978:
New carbon stars in Cygnus
On the reality of minor planet (330) Adalberta
optical counterpart of the strong southern radio source PKS 1343-601 (13S6A), The
Optical positions of benchmark radio sources south of + 5° declination [aus] Astronomy and astrophysics, suppl. ser. ; 46. (1981)
peculiar Seyfert galaxy ESO 012-G21, The
Photoelectric observations of Nova Herculis 1960 and some critical remarks on Nova photometry.
photometric study of (2060) Chiron and its coma, A
Post-perihelion observations of comet P/Halley IV. r=16.6 and 18.8 AU
Precise optical positions of radio sources in the Southern Hemishere
preliminary investigation of a distant globular cluster in Eridanus (GCL0422-213), A
Preliminary stellar photographic photometry in the Sculptor Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (SDIG)
Proceedings ESO/CERN conference on large telescope design, Geneva ... 1971
Proceedings of the eighteenth general assembly Patras, 1982
Redshifts of southern clusters of galaxies
Reports on astronomy
Search for the nucleus of comet 46P/Wirtanen
Spectroscopic and photometric observations of galaxies from the ESO/Uppsala list
study of suspected planetary nebulae, A
Technical photography at ESO Sky Atlass laboratory
Ten new southern galaxies with broad emission lines
Two southern planetary nebulae : ESO 263-PN02 and SchuWe-3
Understanding the universe : the impact of space astronomy
uvby ß photometry of peculiar B and A stars, discovered at Abastumani
very large interacting galaxy pair IC 5174/75, The