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Fara'ī, Rīčārd N.
Farāʼī, Rīchārd Nilsūn
Fraĭ, Richard
Frāj, Ričārd N.
Frāj, Ričārd Nelson
Frāy, Rīčārd N.
Frāyī, Rīčārd N.
Frye, R. N.
Frye, Richard
Frye (, Richard N.)
Frye, Richard Nelson,
Nalsun Frāī, Rč̄ārd
Richard N. Frye (American historian)
Richard N. Frye (Amerikaans taalkundige (1920-2014))
Richard N. Frye (historiador estadounidense)
Richard Nelson Frye
Richard Nelson Frye (US-amerikanischer Orientalist und Historiker)
Фрай, Ричард Нельсон
ريتشارد فراي
ریچارد فرای
‏فراى، ريچارد نلسن،‏
فرای, ریچارد نلسون
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writer of accompanying material
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Baudisch, Paul (1899-1977)
Blake, Robert Pierpont
Harvard University
Ibn Faḍlān, Aḥmad (10e E.)
Narshakhī, Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Jaʻfar (899-959)
Nawwābi, Māhjār
Nunes, Carlos Alberto
Schreiner, Stefan (1947-)
Thomas, Lewis V.
Thomas, Lewis V. (1914-1965)
Thomas, Lewis Victor
Thomas, Lewis Victor (1914-1965)
ماهیار نوابی, یحیی
André Godard, The Art of Iran
"Aramaic" inscription on the tomb of Darius
Aspects of Iranian Culture : in honor of Richard Nelson Frye : ed. by Carol Altman Brombert [... et al.]
'Asr-e zarrin-e farhang-e Irān
Bernhard Geiger : 1881-1964
brief note on Avestan and the laryngeal theory, A
Bukhara the medieval achievement
Byzantine and Sasanian trade relations with northeastern Russia
Central Asian textiles and their contexts in the early Middle Ages
Compte rendu de : H. Humbach. Baktrische Sprachdenkmäler
Continuing Iranian influences on Armenian
Corpus inscriptionum Iranicarum...
erfenis der Perzen, De
Fikret Isiltan, Die Seltschuken-geschichte des Akserāyī. Leipzig, O. Harassowitz, 1943, pp. 129
Gestures of deference to royalty in ancient Iran
Golden age of persia the arabs in the east
Greater Iran : a 20. century odyssey
Greater Iran a 20th-century odyssey
Haft rukh-i farrukh-i Īrān
Helmut Humbach, Die Kaniška-Inschrift von Surkh-Kotal
herança persa, A
Heritage of persia
histories of Nishapur., The
History of ancient iran
History of the Nation of the Archers the Mongols
Ibn Fadlan's journey to Russia : a tenth-century traveler from Baghdad to the Volga River
Islam and the west introduction
Islam and the West; proceedings of the Harvard Summer School conference on the Middle East, July 25-27, 1955.
Islamic Iran and Central Asia 7th-12th centuries
Karl H. Menges, Qaragalpaq Grammar, part one : phonology
Kitāb ilá malik al-Ṣaqālibah.
Mağmu'e-je maqālāt.
manuscript of the Andarz Nāme in New Persian, The
Minorities in the history of the Near East
Mithra in Iranian archaeology
Mongolian names
Müsâmeret ül-Ahbar
Narshakhi's Tarikh-i-bukhara ; a study in Central Asian history
Nasledie Irana, 2002:
Near East and the Great Powers., The
Neue Methodologie in der Iranistik
new Persian Renaissance in Western Iran reprinted from Arabic and Islamic Studies in Honor of Hamilton A. R. Gibb, The
Notes on religion in Iran today
Notes on the early coinage of Transoxiana.
Notes on the risala of Ibn-Fadlan
Opera minora ǧild-i awwal
Otto Hellmut Wolfgang Lentz. 1900-1986 Mark Jan Dresden. 1911-1986
Pahlavi inscriptions
Pahlevi heterography in ancient Georgia ?
Parthian and Middle Persian inscriptions of Dura-Europos, The
Patmouthium azgin netołats. - Harvard-Yenching Institute. Reprinted from the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, XII, 3 et 4 [Ech. int. 28335]
Period from the Arab invasion to the Saljuqs, The
Perser d. 1. Imperium d. Antike
Persia preislamica, La
Plates portfolio
Problems in the study of Iranian religions
Reitzenstein and Qumrân revisited by an Iranian
Remarks on an outline of Near Eastern history
Report on a trip to Iran in the summer of 1948
Review on S. Wikander : Feuerpriester in Kleinasien und Iran
Robert Göbl, Die Münzen der Sasaniden im königlichen Münzenkabinett
Roman Empire and its neighbours, 1981:, The
Römische Reich und seine Nachbarn., Das
Sasanian art in Cleveland
Sasanian numbers and silver weights
Sasanian remains from Qasr-i Abu Nasr seals, sealings, and coins
Sasanian seals in the collection of Mohsen Foroughi
Shadows in the desert ancient Persia at war
Some early Iranian titles
Soviet historiography on the Islamic Orient
Taʾrīkh Bukhārā.
Two Iranian notes : The Pahlavi Alexander romance A celestial double
United States and Turkey and Iran, The
Works. Selections.
اپرا مینورا : جلد اول
عصر زرین فرهنگ ایران (کتاب)
‏هفت رخ فرخ ايران
English translation of al-Nersahi's History of Bukhara, pt. 1, p. 65-223
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1946