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Honkapohja, S.
Honkapohja, S M S
Honkapohja, Seppo,
Honkapohja, Seppo M. S.
Seppo Honkapohja
Seppo Honkapohja (finnischer Ökonom)
Seppo Honkapohja (Finnish economist, board member of Finnish central bank, Professor of Internationale Macroeconomics at the University of Cambridge)
Seppo Honkapohja (Fins econoom)
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Manuscript language material
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Adam, Klaus
Andersen, Torben M.
Araujo, Carlos Hamilton
Arrow, Kenneth
Atkinston, Anthony B.
Benhabib, Jess
Bullard, J.
Bullard, James
Bullard, James B.
Calmfors, Lars
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Centre for Economic Policy Research London Affiliation (see also from)
Corsetti, Giancarlo
De Grauwe, Paul
Devereux, Michael P.
Dreze, Jacques H.
ebrary, Inc
Evans, G W
Evans, G.W.
Evans, George
Evans, George W
Evans, George W. (1949-)
Evans, Geroge W
Flemming, John
George, Evans W.
Green, Jerry
Green, Jerry R.
Guse, E.
Guse, Eran
Holm, Pasi
Holmström, Bengt
Honkapohja, S
Honkapohja, S.
Honkapohja, Seppo M S
Ito, Takatoshi
Kanniainen, Vesa
Kay, John
Kejserliga Alexanders-Universitetet i Finland Helsinki Affiliation (see also from)
Koskela, Erkki
Koskela, Erkki A.
Leibfritz, Willi
Lempinen, Urho
Marimon, Ramon
Marimon, Ramon (1953-)
Mitra, K.
Mitra, Kaushik
Paunio, Jouko
Pikkarainen, Pentti
Romer, Paul
Sargent, Thomas
Sargent, Thomas J
Sargent, Thomas J.
Sargent, Thomas J. (1943-)
Seppo, Honkapohja
Södersten, Jan
Suomen Akatemia Helsinki Affiliation (see also from)
Suomen Pankki
Suomen Pankki Helsinki Affiliation (see also from)
Turunen-Red, A.
Turunen-Red, Arja
Turunen-Red, Arja H.
Turunen, Arja H
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge / Faculty of Economics
University of Cambridge Affiliation (see also from)
Westermann, Frank (1970-...)
Williams, N.
Williams, Noah
Woodland, Alan D
Woodland, Alan D.
Wyplosz, Charles
1980s financial liberalization in the Nordic countries, The
1990’s financial crises in Nordic countries, The
2004 Enlargement: Key Economic Issues, The
Acceding Countries: The Road to the Euro
Adaptive forecasts, hysteresis, and endogenous fluctuations
Adaptive learning and bounded rationality: An introduction to basic concepts
Adaptive Learning and Expectational Stability: An Introduction - (Now published as Ch.4 in Learning Rationality in Economics, A Kirman and M Salmon (eds), 1995, Basil Blackwell, Oxford), pp.102-126.)
Adaptive learning and monetary policy design
Adaptive learning in stochastic nonlinear models when shocks follow a Markov chain
Adjustment Costs, Optimal Capacity Utilization, and the Corporation Tax.
Anticipated fiscal policy and adaptive learning
Are non-fundamental equilibria learnable in models of monetary policy?
Are non-fundamental equlibria learnable in models of monetary policy?
Are stationary hyperinflation paths learnable?
Authors: The Members of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo 2006
Authors: The Members of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo 2007
Bayesian Model Averaging, Learning and Model Selection
Baysian Model Averaging, Learning and Model Selection
Bilateral contracts
Bounded rationality in macroeconomics A review essay
CAP Reform
Chapter 1: The European Economy: Current Situation and Economic Outlook for 2005
Chapter 1: The European Economy: Macroeconomic Outlook and Policy
Chapter 2: Global Imbalances
Chapter 2: Macroeonomic adjustment in the euro area – the cases of Ireland and Italy
Chapter 2: Outsourcing
Chapter 3: Economic Growth in the European Union
Chapter 3: Longer Working Hours - the Beginning of a new Trend?
Chapter 3: The new EU members
Chapter 4: Pensions and Children
Chapter 4: Prospects for Education Policy in Europe
Chapter 4: Scandinavia today: An economic miracle?
Chapter 5: House Prices in Europe
Chapter 5: Mergers and Competition Policy in Europe
Chapter 5: Tax competition
Chapter 6: Economic nationalism
Comment on E. Dierker and B. Grodal, "Modelling Policy Issues in a World of Imperfect Competition."
Comment on "Monetary Policy Mistakes and the Evolution of Inflation Expectations"
Complementarity, growth, and trade
Complete Characterization of ARMA Solutions to Linear Rational Expectations Models., A
Convergence for difference equations with vanishing time-dependence, with applications to adaptive learning
Convergence in monetary inflation models with heterogeneous learning rules
Convergence of learning algorithms without a projection facility
Convergence of least squares learning to a non-stationary equilibrium
Corrigendum: Monetary Policy, Expectations and Commitment
Country Characteristics and the Choice of the Exchange Rate Regime: Are Mini-skirts Followed by Maxis?
depression of the 1990s in Finland, The : an analytic view
Designing the European model
Discussion of Preston, "Learning about monetary policy rules when long-horizon expectations matter"
Disequilibrium dynamics with monetarist price expectations
Does Ricardian Equivalence hold when expectations are not rational?
E-Correspondence Principle, The
economic crisis of the 1990s in Finland, The
Economic Dynamics with Learning: New Stability Results.
Economic prosperity recaptured ; London, cop. 2009.
Economic prosperity recaptured : the Finnish path from crisis to rapid growth
Economics of Discrimination: Equity, Equality and Diversity in the New European Constitution, The
Employment Multiplier after Disequilibrium Dynamics., The
euro at ten, lessons and challenges, The : fifth ECB Central Banking conference 13-14 November 2008
European Economy: Current Situation and Economic Outlook, The
Executive Summary
Existence of adaptively stable sunspot equilibria near an indeterminate steady state
Expectational stability of resonant frequency sunspot equilibria
Expectational stability of stationary sunspot equilibria in a forward-looking linear model
Expectations and the stability problem for optimal monetary policies
Expectations and the theory of macroeconomic policy: Some recent developments
Expectations, deflation traps and macroeconomic policy
Expectations, Learning and Monetary Policy: An Overview of Recent Rersearch
Expectations, learning and monetary policy: an overview of recent research
Financial Architecture
Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Fiscal policy and learning
Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Stabilisation in the Euro Area: Possible Reforms of the Stability and Growth Pact and National Decision-Making-Processes
Freidman's Money Supply Rule versus Optimal Interest Rate Policy
Friedman's money supply rule versus optimal interest rate policy
Friedman’s money supply rule vs optimal interest rate policy
Frontiers of economics, 1985:
Gains and losses from tax competition with migration
Generalized stochastic gradient learning
Government Deficits and Speculation
Growth and distribution : intergenerational problems
Growth and Productivity
Growth cycles
Growth, expectations and tariffs
Growth, inflation, and economic policy in a stochastic cash-in-advance economy
Incidence effects of proposed reforms for the payroll tax in Finnish manufacturing
Increasing Returns, Learning, and Beneficial Tax Competition
Information and incentives in organizations
Intergenerational Aspects of Public Transfers, Borrowing and Debt: Comment.
Interview with Thomas J. Sargent, An
Introduction: Foreword, Executive Summary
Inventory dynamics in a simple disequilibrium macroeconomic model
Keynesian Issues and Economic Theory: Comment.
Labour Market Reform in Europe
Learning and economic fluctuations: Using fiscal policy to steer expectations
Learning and expectations in macroeconomics
Learning as a rational foundation for macroeconomics and finance
Learning, Convergence, and Stability with Multiple Rational Expectations Equilibria - (Now published in European Economic Review, vol.38 (1994), pp.1071-1098.)
Learning Dynamics: Complete and Incomplete Learning.
Learning stability in economics with heterogenous agents.
Learning Stability in Economies with Heterogeneous Agents
Learning Stability in Economies with Heterogenous Agent
Learning stability in economies with heterogenous agents
Learning with bounded memory in stochastic models
Least squares learning with heterogeneous expectations
Limits and problems of taxation
Liquidity traps and expectation dynamics: Fiscal stimulus or fiscal austerity?
Liquidity traps, learning and stagnation
Local Convergence of Recursive Learning to Steady States and Cycles in Stochastic Nonlinear Models - (Now published in Econometrica, vol.63 (1995), pp.195-206.)
Macroeconomic Tradeoffs of Price and Income Policies: Comment., The
macroeconomy., The
Members of the European Advisory Group at CESifo 2004, The
Members of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo 2002, The
Members of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo 2003, The
Members of the European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo 2005, The
model of near-rational exuberance, A
Monetary non-neutrality with anticipatory price setting and rational expectations
Monetary policy; expectations and commitment.
Monetary policy, judgment and near-rational exuberance
Money and the core in a sequence economy with transaction costs
monopoly-union model of wage determination with capital and taxes: An empirical application to the Finnish manufacturing, A
Monopoly Union Model of Wage Determination with Taxes and Endogenous Capital Stock: An Empirical Application to the Finnish Manufacturing Industry, A
Near-rational exuberance ECB conference on monetary policy and imperfect knowledge
Non-Trivial Equilibrium in an Economy With Stochastic Rationing
Nordic Model. Embracing globalization and sharing risks, The
note on monopolistic quantity rationing, A
Notes on Agents¡¯ Behavioral Rules Under Adaptive Learning and Studies of Monetary Policy
On Continuity of Compensated Demand.
On Government Deficits and Speculation.
On Macroeconomic Equilibrium with Stochastic Rationing.
On the design of bilateral contracts
On the Efficiency of a Competitive Monetary Equilibrium with Transaction Costs.
On the Local Stability of Sunspot Equilibria Under Adaptive Learning Rules - (Now published in Journal of Economic Theory, vol.64 (1994), pp.142-161.)
On the Preservation of Deterministic Cycles when some Agents Perceive them to be Random Fluctuations (Now published in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol.17 (1993), pp.705-721.)
On the Robustness of Bubbles in Linear RE Models (Now published in International Economic Review, vol.33, No.1 (1992), pp.1-14.)
Panel discussion
Pay-setting Systems in Europe: On-going Development and Possible Reforms
Performance of inflation targeting based on constant interest rate projections
Performance of monetary policy with internal central bank forecasting
Performance of monetary policy with nternal Central Bank forecasting.
Policy change and learning in the RBC model
Policy interaction, expectation and the liquidity trap
Policy interaction, expectations, and the liquidity trap
Policy interaction, learning and the fiscal theory of prices
Precautionary Saving, Government Policy and Growth in a Stochastic Cash-in-Advance Economy
Prices, Wages and Inflation after the Euro - What Europeans Shoud or Should not Expect
Pro: The Stability and Growth Pact Should be Reformed
problems of learning and indeterminacy in inflation targeting based on constant interest rate projections, The
reexamination of the store of value in a sequence economy with transaction costs, A
Report of the IEA Committee on a new School of Economics and Economic Development (SEED) in the Third World
Rethinking Subsidiarity in the EU: Economic Principles
Robust learning stability with operational monetary policy rules
Should We Worry about the Brain Drain?
Stability with regime switching
Stable sunspot equilibria in a cash-in-advance economy
state of macroeconomics proceedings of a symposium "Whither macroeconomics ?"
Stochastic Approach to Disequilibrium Macroeconomics, A
Stochastic gradient learning in the cobweb model
Studies in the general equilibrium theory of money and transaction costs
Supply Side Uncertainty and Effects of Government Financing Decisions
Targeting Nominal GDP or Prices : Guidance and Expectation Dynamics
Variance-minimizing monetary policies with lagged price adjustment and rational expectations
Weakness of the Euro: Is it Really a Mystery?, The
Welfare to Work
Whither Macroeconomics? Editor's Introduction.
Bibliogr. p. 19-22
Th.--Econ.--Helsinki, 1979