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Lachmann, George
Lachmann, George Mosse
Moseh, G'or'g L.
Moseh, Gʾorʾg L.
Mosse, Dzh
Mosse, Dzhordzh
Mosse, George
Mosse, George L.
Mosse, George Lachmann
Mosse, Georges
מוסה, ג׳ורג׳
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Language material
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Related identities: 
Lachmann-Mosse, Georg (other identity, same person)
Lachmann-Mosse, Gerhard (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Mosse, Gerhard Lachmann- (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane
Bowler, G. Q.
Darmon, Claire
Harvard University
Koenigsberger, H. G.
Koenigsberger, Helmut Georg
Koenigsberger, Helmut Georg (1918-...)
Lachmann-Mosse, Hans (1885-1944; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Lachmann-Mosse, Rudolf (1913-1958; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Laqueur, Walter (1921-)
Magyar, Édith
Mosse, Felicia (1888-1972; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Mosse, Hilde L. (1912-1982; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Mosse, Rudolf (1843-1920; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Reinharz, Jehuda (1944-...)
Sené, Jean-François (1946-...)
Weith, Otto
1914: the coming of the First World War.
Aus großem Hause Erinnerungen eines deutsch-jüdischen Historikers
Bild des Mannes zur Konstruktion der modernen Männlichkeit, Das
Calvinism: authoritarian or democratic?
Confronting history : a memoir
Confronting historya memoir
Confronting the nation : Jewish and Western nationalism
Confronting the nationJewish and Western nationalism
Crisis of German ideology Intellectual origins of the 3. Reich, The
Crisis of German ideology, intellectual origins of the Third Reich. George L. Mosse, The
crisis of German ideology, The : intellectual origins of the Third Reich
cultura europea del siglo XX, La
cultura nazi, La : La vida intelectual, cultural y social en el Tercer Reich
culture of western Europe: the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, an introduction., The
culture of Western Europe, The : the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Death, time & history : nationalism and its discontents
Education and social structure in the twentieth century.
Europa del Cinquecento, L'
Europa en el siglo XVI
Europe au XVIe siècle, L'
Europe in review
Europe in the 16th century
Europe in the sixteenth century
Fallen soldiers : reshaping the memory of the world wars
Fallen soldiersreshaping the memory of the World Wars
fascist revolution, The : toward a general theory of fascism
Futurismo, cultura e politica
George Mosse, "Ich bleibe Emigrant" : Gespräche mit George L. Mosse
German-Jewish dialogue reconsidered, The : a symposium in honor of George L. Mosse
German Jews beyond Judaism
Germans and Jews the right, the left, and the search for a "third force" in pre-Nazi Germany
Germans and Jewsthe right, the left, and the search for a third force in pre-Nazi Germany
Geschichte des Rassismus in Europa, Die
Great depression., The
histoire inconnue du peuple hébreu, L'
Historians in politics
History today in USA, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, India, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Holland, Sweden.
Holy pretence, a study in christianity and reason of state from William Perkins to John Winthrop. George L. Mosse,..., The
Homosexuellen NS-Opfer gedenken, Der
idea of sovereignty in England, from Sir Thomas Smith to Sir Edward Coke, The
image de l'hommel'invention de la virilité moderne, L'
image of man, The : the creation of modern masculinity
Impact of Western nationalisms, The : essays dedicated to Walter Z. Laqueur on the occasion of his 70th birthday
impact of Western Nationalismsessays dedicated to Walter Z. Laqueur on the occasion of his 70th birthday, The
International fascism, 1920-1945.
Jews and non-Jews in Eastern Europe 1918-1945
Jews and the German war experience 1914-1918, The
Journal of contemporary history
Jüdische Intellektuelle in Deutschland zwischen Religion und Nationalismus
Kriegsausbruch 1914
la Grande Guerre au totalitarismela brutalisation des sociétés européennes, De
Left wing intellectuals between the wars, 1919-1939., The
li kerat ha pitaron ha sofi
Linksintellektuelle zwischen den beiden Weltkriegen
Literature and Politics in the 20th Century
Literature and politics in the twentieth century.
Literature and society.
Masses and man : nationalist and Fascist perceptions of reality
Middle East., The
Nationalisierung der Massen, Die : Politische Symbolik und Massenbewegungen von den Befreiungskrigen bis zum Dritten Reich
Nationalism and sexuality : middle-class morality and sexual norms in modern Europe
Nationalism and sexuality : respectability and abnormal sexuality in modern Europe
Nationalism and sexualityrespectability and abnormal sexuality in modern Europe
Nationalismus und Sexualität bürgerl. Moral u. sexuelle Normen
nationalization of the masses, The : political symbolism and mass movements in Germany from the Napoleonic wars through the Third Reich
nationalsozialistische Alltag so lebte man unter Hitler, Der
Nationalsozialistische Alltagso lebte man unter Hitler, Der
Nazi Culture intellectual, cultural and social life in the 3. Reich ; [a documentary record]
Nazi culture, intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich, by George L. Mosse. Translations by Salvator Attanasio and others
Nazi cultureintellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich
nazionalizzazione delle masse simbolismo politico e movimenti di massa in Germania (1815 - 1933), La
Nazism : a historical and comparative analysis of National Socialism
New history; trends in historical research and writing since World War II., The
Political symbolism in modern Europe : essays in honor of George L. Mosse
racines intellectuelles du Troisième Reichla crise de l'idéologie allemande, Les
Rassismus ein Krankheitssymptom in d. europ. Geschichte d. 19. u. 20. Jh.
Reappraisals: a new look at history; the social sciences and history.
Reformation., The
révolution fascistevers une théorie générale du fascisme, La
Socialism and war. The dismissal of Jellicoe. Munich: The Czech dilemma. Russians in Germany, 1900-1914.
struggle for sovereignty in England, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the Petition of right, The
Toward the final solution : a history of European racism
Toward the final solution : a history of european rassism
Toward the final solutiona history of European racism
Urbanism: the city in history.
Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer d. völk. Ursprünge d. Nationalsozialismus, Ein
לקראת הפתרון הסופי : היסטוריה של הגזענות האירופית
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1946