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Ekelund, Robert B.
Robert Tollison (American economist)
Tollison, R. D.
Tollison, Robert
Tollison, Robert D.
Толлисон, Роберт
トリソン, ロバート・D
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Computer file
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writer of accompanying material
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Allen, Larry
Amacher, Ryan C
Amacher, Ryan et al
Anderson, G M
Anderson, Gary
Anderson, Gary M
Anderson, Gary M.
Anderson, Gary Michael
Ault, Richard W
Baysinger, Barry
Bercea, Brighita
Brady, Gordon L
Buchanan, James M
Buchanan, James M.
Buchanan, James MacGill (1919-)
Buchanan, James McGill (1919-)
Carlson, Diek M.
Clemson University / John E. Walker Department of Economics
Clemson University Affiliation (see also from)
Coats, R.
Coffey, Bentley
Congleton, Roger D.
Crafton, Steven
Crain, Mark
Crain, W Mark
Crain, W.
Crain, W. Mark
Crain, William Mark
Deaton, Thomas
Deaton, Thomas H
Deaton, Thomas H.
Ekelund, Robert
Ekelund, Robert B Jr
Ekelund, Robert B.
Ekelund, Robert B. (1940-)
Ekelund, Robert B. Jr
Ekelund, Robert Burton (1940-...)
Ekelund, Robert Burton (1940-)
Ekelund, Robert Jr
Faith, Roger
Faith, Roger L
Faith, Roger L.
Fleisher, A. III
Fleisher, Arthur A III
Fleisher, Arthur III
Goff, Brian
Goff, Brian L
Goff, Brian L.
Grier, Kevin B
Grier, Kevin B.
Hebert, Robert F
Hébert, Robert F.
Heyne, Paul
Higgins, Richard S
Higgins, Richard S.
Hiller, John
Hiller, John R
Holcombe, Randall
Holcombe, Randall G.
II, William F. Shughart
Internationales Institut für Management und Verwaltung
Jackson, John D.
Karahan, Gökhan
Karahan, Gokhan R
Kimenyi, Mwangi S.
Laband, David
Laband, David N
Laband, David N.
Leavens, Donald R
Lee, Dwight R.
Leibowitz, Arleen
Levy, David M.
Lipford, Jody
Lipford, Jody W.
Long, William F
Maloney, Michael T
McCormick, Robert
McCormick, Robert E
McCormick, Robert E.
McDonald, Michael
McLaughlin, Patrick
Messenheimer, Harold C
Miller, James C III
Mueller, Dennis C
Ng, Yew-Kwang
Ostrom, Vincent
Pearson, Dennis
Pope, Adam
Razzolini, Laura
Reksulak, Michael
Ressler, Rand W.
Robert B, Jr Ekelund
Robert B. Ekelund, Jr
Rowley, Charles
Rowley, Charles K
Rowley, Charles K.
Rowley, Charles Kershaw
Schneider, Friedrich
Schramm, Richard
Sherman, Roger
Shughart II, William F.
Shughart, Willam II
Shughart, William
Shughart, William F II
Shughart, William F.
Shughart, William II
Stevenson, Taylor P.
Sweeney, Richard James
Tollison, R D
Tollison, Robert
Tollison, Robert D
Tollison, Robert D.
Tullock, Gordon
Tullock, Gordon (1922-....))
University of Virginia
Vanberg, Viktor
Vasilescu, Octavian
Wagner, Richard
Wagner, Richard E
Wagner, Richard E.
Willett, Thomas D
Willett, Thomas D.
William F, II Shughart
Yan, Zhipeng
逸見, 謙三 (1923-)
Adam Smith in the Customhouse.
Adam Smith on Religion and Market Structure
Adam Smith's Analysis of Joint-Stock Companies.
Advertising and Profitability.
Affirmative action and unemployment
Alphabetized coauthorship
Análisis económico de lo político, El : lecturas sobre la teoría de la elección pública
analysis of the taxation and collective choice aspects of the military draft, An
Antitrust in the Reagan administration : A report from the Belly of the beast
Antitrust Pork Barrel.
Apologiae for Chartered Monopolies in Foreign Trade, 1600–1800
Arbitrage in a Basketball Economy.
Attenuated Property Rights and the Market for Governors.
Balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility, and the constitution
Batter Up! Moral Hazard and the Effects of the Designated Hitter Rule on Hit Batsmen.
Behavior of Regulatory Activity over the Business Cycle: An Empirical Test., The
Bequests, sibling rivalry, and rent seeking
bouffée d'air frais
Campaign Expenditures and Political Competition.
Cathedral Building as an Entry-Deterring Device
Celestial marriage and earthly rents: Interests and the prohibition of polygamy
Chaining Leviathan: the Case of Gladstonian Finance
Chicago Political Economy
Chivalry in golf?
Clearing the air perspectives on environmental tobacco smoke
comment on economic analysis and just compensation, A
Congressional Influence and Patterns of New Deal Spending, 1933-1939.
Consumer Choice and the Popular Music Industry: A Test of the Superstar Theory
Consumption Sharing and Non-Exclusion Rules.
Contractual exchange and the timing of payment
convergence of satisficing to marginalism, The : An empirical test
Corporate Chartering: An Exploration in the Economics of Legal Change.
Crime and income distribution in a basketball economy
Crime on the Court, Another Look: Reply to Hutchinson and Yates
Crime or punishment? : Enforcement of the NCAA football cartel
Dead Men Tell no Tales
Defense of the CEA as an Instrument for Giving Economic Policy Advice: Comment., A
Designated Hitter Rule and the Distribution of Pitching Talent Across Leagues, The
Despejando el aire : perspectivas sobre el humo de tabaco en el ambiente
Disinterest in Deregulation: Reply., The
Dry Holes in Economic Research: Reply
Economic Analysis of the Protestant Reformation, An
Economic approach to public policy, The : selected readings
Economic Determinants of Antitrust Activity., The
Economic Model of Performance Contracting in Education, An
Economic Model of the Medieval Church: Usury as a Form of Rent Seeking., An
economic organization of the English East India Company, The
Economic origins of roman christianity
Economic Regulation, Competitive Governments, and Specialized Resources.
Economic Regulation in Mercantile England: Heckscher Revisited.
Economic Theory of Clubs: A Geometric Exposition, The
economic theory of mutually advantageous issue linkages in international negotiations, An
economic theory of rent seeking, The
Economics and English: Language Growth in Economic Perspective
Economics and metrology: Give 'em an inch and they'll take a kilometre
Economics and the architecture of popular music
economics of sin and redemption, The : Purgatory as a market-pull innovation?
Economics of the Counter-Reformation: Incumbent-Firm Reaction to Market Entry, The
Economist and the environment
Economists and the Economy.
Educational achievement and the cost of bureaucracy
Efficacy of shaming penalties: Evidence from SEC football
Electoral Politics and the Executive Veto: A Predictive Theory.
Elinor Ostrom and the commons
Exercise of Market Power in Laboratory Experiments: Comment., The
Explaining U.S. Federal Deficits: 1889--1998
Fed Behavior in Periods of Price and Wage Controls.
Final Voting in Legislatures.
Free Riding, Shirking, and Team Production in Legal Partnerships.
further partial changing of the guard, A
Going for the Gold: Property Rights and Athletic Effort in Transitional Economies.
Good colleagues
Gordon Tullock: Creative Maverick of Public Choice.
Gordon Tullock's Contributions to the Theory of Public Choice.
Government output and national income estimates : A comment
Half-Life of Dead Economists., The
Homogenization of Heterogeneous Inputs: Reply., The
Import Controls on Foreign Oil: Comment.
Incentive versus cost-plus contracts in defense procurement
Inheritance, Equal Division and Rent Seeking
Innovation and the opportunity cost of monopoly
Intellectual Collaboration
Interest-Group Theory of Government: Problems and Prospects., The
International Integration and the Interdependence of Economic Variables
J. S. Mill's New Political Economy: Another View.
Kitsuen to shakai
Legislation and Political Business Cycles.
Legislators as Taxicabs: On the Value of Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Legislatures as Unions.
Logic of Natural Monopoly Regulation, The
Managerial Rents and Outside Recruitment in the Coasian Firm.
Marginal Deterrence and Multiple Murders
Market Failure, the Common-Pool Problem, and Ocean Resource Exploitation.
marketplace of Christianity, The
Mercantilism as a rent-seeking society : economic regulation in historical perspective
Methodenstreit: The economics of competing interests
Monopsony Power of the Median Voter, The
Moral Hazard and the Effects of the Designated Hitter Rule Revisited.
myth of the corporation as a creation of the state, The
Nassau Senior as Economic Consultant: The Factory Acts Reconsidered.
National collegiate athletic association, The : a study in cartel behavior
New Political Economy of J. S. Mill: The Means to Social Justice., The
Next Twenty-Five Years of Public Choice., The
Next twenty-five years or public choice, The
Nicolaus Tideman: Collective decisions and voting rules: The potential for public choice
Note on Consumption Sharing and Non-exclusion Rules., A
Note on the Theory of Black Markets under Price Controls., A
Old wine, new wine
On Equalizing the Distribution of Political Income.
On good government
On neoinstitutional theory and preclassical economies: mercantilism revisited
On the Incentives of Judges to Enforce Legislative Wealth Transfers.
On the Sufficient Conditions for Wealth-Maximizing Conduct.
On the Third Law of Demand
On the trail of homo economicus : essays by Gordon Tullock
Peacock and Wiseman on the Growth of Public Expenditure: Editor's Note.
Policy challenges and political responses public choice perspectives on the post-9/11 world
Political economy of rent-seeking, The
Political Entry Barriers and Tax Incidence: The Political Economy of Sales and Excise Taxes
Political influence and the ratification of the income tax amendment
Politicians, legislation, and the economy : an inquiry into the interest-group theory of government
Politicized economies : monarchy, monopoly, and mercantilism
Pope and the Price of Meat: A Public Choice Perspective., The
positive economics of antitrust policy: A survey article, The
Preaching matters
Predicting politics : essays in empirical public choice
Preliminary Evidence on the Use of Inputs by the Federal Reserve System.
Price leadership with incomplete information
Probability of Being President., The
Proposal for Marginal Cost Financing of Higher Education, A
Public choice in the new century
Public Choice Theory of the Great Contraction: Further Evidence., A
Quality Control in Economics.
Racial Integration as an Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Sports Leagues
Rates of Publication per Faculty Member in Forty-Five "Rated" Economics Departments.
Rational choice and the taxation of sin : Reply
Rational Self-Taxation: Complementary Inputs and Excise Taxation.
Regulators and Redskins
Regulatory finance in alternative models of regulation : General fund financing versus earmarked taxation
Religious participation and income
Rent Seeking: A Survey.
Rent Seeking and the Restriction of Human Exchange.
Rent Seeking into the Income Distribution
Rento shikingu no keizai riron.
Ricardo on the Public Debt: Principle Versus Practice
Rise and (Recent) Decline of Mathematical Economics, The
Romance, Realism, and Economic Reform.
rookie draft and competitive balance: The case of professional football, The
“Rubbin’ is racin''': evidence of the Peltzman effect from NASCAR
Sacred trust the medieval Church as an economic firm
Self-Interest, Public Interest, and Public Health.
Shadow Price of Sunshine: Reply, The
Smoking and society : toward a more balanced assessment
Smoking and the state : social costs, rent seeking, and public policy
Snipe Hunt, A
Spatial aspects of ticket scalping
stability inducing propensities of very unstable coalitions: avoiding the downward spiral of majoritarian rent-seeking, The
Supply of Occupational Regulation., The
Table of Contents of Economics Journals as Forecasts of Scientific Relevance, The
Technology, Profit Risk, and Assessments of Market Performance.
Terrorism and pork-barrel spending
theory of commodity bundling in final product markets: Professor Hirshleifer meets Professor Becker, A
Theory of Legislative Organization: Making the Most of Your Majority., A
Theory of public choice--II, The
theory of rational childhood, A
Theory of Truth in Autobiography., A
Time inconsistency and fiscal policy : Empirical analysis of U.S. States, 1969-89
Toenote to a Footnote.
Toward a theory of the rent-seeking society, 1980:
unfinished business of public choice, The
Unpaid Professionals: Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports, by A. Zimbalist, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1999, xii+252 pp., $24.95 (cloth).
Use of Inputs by the Federal Reserve System: Reply., The
Using (im)perfect markets to catch criminals
welfare costs of monopoly are larger than you think, The
What should economists do ?
Who benefits from WHO ? the decline of the world health organization
Who Integrated Major League Baseball Faster Winning Teams or Losing Teams? A Comment
Why do black basketball players work more for less money?
喫煙と社会 : よりバランスのとれた評価にむけて
Includes abstract
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Virginia, 1969