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Cavalli (, Luigi Luca)
Cavalli-Sforza, L.
Cavalli-Sforza (L. L.)
Cavalli-Sforza, L. Luca
Cavalli-Sforza (, Luca)
Cavalli-Sforza, Luca e Francesco
Cavalli-Sforza, Luca L.
Cavalli--Sforza (, Luigi)
Cavalli-Sforza (, Luigi L.)
Cavalli-Sforza (Luigi Luca)
Ludovicus Lucas Cavalli-Sforza
Luigi Cavalli-Sforza
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (genetista e scienziato italiano)
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (Italiaans klinische genetica)
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (Italian population geneticist)
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (italienischer Biologe, Genetiker)
Sforza, L. Cavalli-
Sforza, L. L.
Sforza, L. L. Cavalli-
Sforza, L. Luca Cavalli-
Sforza, Luca C.-
Sforza, Luca Cavalli-
Sforza, Luigi C.-
Sforza, Luigi Cavalli-
Sforza, Luigi L.
Sforza, Luigi L. C.-
Sforza, Luigi L. Cavalli-
Sforza, Luigi Luca
Sforza, Luigi Luca Cavalli-
Кавалли-Сфорца, Луиджи Лука
カヴァーリ=スフォルツア, ルーカ
カヴァッリ=スフォルツァ, ルーカ
キャヴァリ=スフォルツア, ルイジ・ルカ
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Language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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Baisnée, Jean
Bodmer, W. F. (1936-)
Bodmer, Walter F.
Bodmer, Walter Fred (1936-)
Brun, Françoise (1949-...)
Cavalli-Sforza, Francesco (1950-)
Lorenz, Rolf J.
Menozzi, Paolo (1946-)
Piazza, Alberto (1941-)
Pievani, Telmo (1970-...)
Seielstad, Mark
Zei, Gianna
Zwiesele, Roland
Accelerated evolution of the pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide precursor gene during human origin.
African pygmies
Alcuni problemi della analisi biometrica di popolazioni naturali
Analisi statistica per medici e biologi e Analisi del dosaggio biologico
application of molecular genetic approaches to the study of human evolution., The
Armi, acciaio e malattie : breve storia del mondo negli ultimi tredicimila anni ; introduzione di Luca e Francesco Cavalli-Sforza. - Torino, [2000].
arte e il visuale, L'
Autism and the X chromosome. Multipoint sib-pair analysis.
Biometrie Grundzüge biologisch-med. Statistik; mit 54 Tab.
Bunka infomatikkusu : Idenshi jinshu gengo
Caso e la necessità, Il : ragioni e limiti della diversità genetica
Chi siamo : la storia della diversità umana
Cibo, gioco, festa, moda
Ciencia de la felicidad, La : un enfoque moderno del anhelo más antiguo
Città, casa, paesaggio
Civiltà alpina : ed evoluzione umana
Co-introgression of Y-chromosome haplogroups and the sickle cell gene across Africa's Sahel
Coevolution of genes and languages revisited.
Consanguinity, inbreeding, and genetic drift in Italy
Construction of human Y-chromosomal haplotypes using a new polymorphic A to G transition.
cultura italiana
cultura una vocazione umanistica, La
Cultural and biological evolutionary processes: Gene-culture disequilibrium.
Cultural transmission and evolution : a quantitative approach
Cultural versus biological inheritance: phenotypic transmission from parents to children. (A theory of the effect of parental phenotypes on children's phenotypes).
Darwinian selection and "altruism".
Demic expansions and human evolution.
Demographic history of India and mtDNA-sequence diversity.
Detecting positive darwinian selection in brain-expressed genes during human evolution
Detection of numerous Y chromosome biallelic polymorphisms by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography.
Different genetic components in the Norwegian population revealed by the analysis of mtDNA and Y chromosome polymorphisms
Distribution of haplotypes from a chromosome 21 region distinguishes multiple prehistoric human migrations.
Dizionario della cultura M-Z
DNA revolution in population genetics, The
Drift, admixture, and selection in human evolution: a study with DNA polymorphisms.
Dropped genetics paper lacked scientific merit
Economia e comunicazione
Enhanced (hydrodynamic) transport induced by population growth in reaction-diffusion systems with application to population genetics
Entorn, tecnologia i societat : del passat al futur
ethics of characterizing difference: guiding principles on using racial categories in human genetics, The
Ethiopians and Khoisan share the deepest clades of the human Y-chromosome phylogeny.
Évolution biologique, évolution culturelle
Evolution of continuous variation: direct approach through joint distribution of genotypes and phenotypes.
Evolution of Continuous Variation. III. Joint Transmission of Genotype, Phenotype and Environment., The
Evoluzione della cultura proposte concrete per studi futuri
Excavating Y-chromosome haplotype strata in Anatolia
Fisher's theorems for multivariable, time- and space-dependent systems, with applications in population genetics and chemical kinetics.
Gene, Völker und Sprachen die biologischen Grundlagen unserer Zivilisation
Genes, peoples, and languages.
Gènes, peuples et langues
Genes, pueblos y lenguas
Genetic absolute dating based on microsatellites and the origin of modern humans
Genetic and linguistic evolution.
genetic heritage of the earliest settlers persists both in Indian tribal and caste populations., The
genetic legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in extant Europeans: a Y chromosome perspective., The
Genética de las poblaciones humanas
Genetica e psicologia
Genètica i biologia: present i futur : lliço inaugural del curs acadèmic 1998-99, 28 de setembre de 1998
Genética y biología: pasado y futuro
Genetics and the origin of European languages
Genetics, evolution, and man
Genetics of autism: Characteristics of affected and unaffected children from 37 multiplex families
Genetics of human populations, The
génétique des populations histoire d'une découverte
Gens, pobles i llengües
Geny, kultura i ewolucja człowieka : synteza
Great human diasporas, The : the history of diversity and evolution
Grundbegriffe der Biometrie, insbesondere der statistischen Methoden bei der Wertbemessung biologisch wirksamer Substanzen
Guns, germs, and steel
Himalayas as a Directional Barrier to Gene Flow, The
History and geography of human genes, The
Human evolution and its relevance for genetic epidemiology.
human genome diversity cell line panel., A
Human Genome Diversity Project: past, present and future., The
Identification by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography of numerous polymorphisms in a candidate region for multiple sclerosis susceptibility.
Immunology -- Hepatitis A virus link to atopic disease
Inference of human evolution through cladistic analysis of nuclear DNA restriction polymorphisms.
Lingue e linguaggi
Maori origins, Y-chromosome haplotypes and implications for human history in the Pacific
Mitochondrial DNA variation of modern Tuscans supports the near eastern origin of Etruscans.
Models for cultural inheritance. I. Group mean and within group variation.
Models of spouse influence and their application to smoking behavior.
Molecular Evolution of CXCR1, a G Protein-Coupled Receptor Involved in Signal Transduction of Neutrophils
Molecular genetic studies in schizophrenia.
Musica, spettacolo, fotografia, design
Mutations arising in the wave front of an expanding population
mystery of Etruscan origins: novel clues from Bos taurus mitochondrial DNA, The
Neutrality condition and response law for nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations, with application to population genetics.
Nuclear DNA diversity in a Mandenka sample from Eastern Senegal : poster presentations
On evolutionary anthropology essays in honor of Harry Hoijer, 1983
Paleolithic Y-haplogroup heritage predominates in a Cretan highland plateau
Paradox of the evolution of communication and of social interactivity.
patronyme histoire, anthropologie, société
Peopling of three Mediterranean Islands (Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily) inferred by Y-chromosome biallelic variability
Perché la scienza : l'avventura di un ricercatore
Polarity and temporality of high-resolution y-chromosome distributions in India identify both indigenous and exogenous expansions and reveal minor genetic influence of Central Asian pastoralists.
Population genetic implications from sequence variation in four Y chromosome genes
pre-Columbian Y chromosome-specific transition and its implications for human evolutionary history, A
Predictive testing for Wilson's disease using tightly linked and flanking DNA markers.
Proposed model ethical protocol for collecting DNA samples.
Pygmies, an example of hunters-gatherers, and genetic consequences for man of domestication of plants and animals
Quem somos nós a história da diversidade humana
Qui sommes-nous ? une histoire de la diversité humaine
Quiénes somos
Radici prime dell'Europa, Le : gli intrecci genetici, linguistici, storici
Rapid Evolution, Genetic Variations, and Functional Association of the Human Spermatogenesis-Related Gene NYD-SP12
Razzismo e noismo : le declinazioni del noi e l'esclusione dell'altro
Reconstruction of human evolution: bringing together genetic, archaeological, and linguistic data.
Reconstruction of human evolutionary tree using polymorphic autosomal microsatellites.
role of geography in human adaptation, The
role of selection in the evolution of human mitochondrial genomes., The
science du bonheur les raisons et les valeurs de notre vie
scienza della felicità, La
Scienza della felicità : ragioni e valori della nostra vita
Scienze e tecnologie
Spatial subdivision of populations and estimates of genetic variation.
Specie prepotente
Statistical properties of the variation at linked microsatellite loci: Implications for the history of human Y chromosomes
Storia e geografia dei geni umani
Struttura della società, valori e politica
Support from the relationship of genetic and geographic distance in human populations for a serial founder effect originating in Africa.
Ve Prix International Catalunya
Verschieden und doch gleich ein Genetiker entzieht dem Rassismus die Grundlage
Vom Glück auf Erden Antworten auf die Frage nach dem guten Leben
Watashi wa dare dokokara kitano
Werner Syndrome Gene and Global Sequence Variation, The
Wie zijn wij? : de speurtocht naar het ontstaan van volkeren
Worldwide Human Relationships Inferred from Genome-Wide Patterns of Variation
Y Chromosome Binary Markers to Study the High Prevalence of Males in Sardinian Centenarians and the Genetic Structure of the Sardinian Population
Y-Chromosome distribution within the geo-linguistic landscape of northwestern Russia
Y-chromosome diversity characterizes the Gulf of Oman
Y-Chromosome evidence for a northward migration of modern humans into Eastern Asia during the last Ice Age.
Y chromosome haplotypes reveal prehistorical migrations to the Himalayas
Y chromosome sequence variation and the history of human populations.
Y-chromosome short tandem repeat DYS458.2 non-consensus alleles occur independently in both binary haplogroups J1-M267 and R1b3-M405.
わたしは誰、どこから来たの : 進化にみるヒトの「違い」の物語
文化インフォマティックス : 遺伝子・人種・言語
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