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Hans Singer (Duits schrijver)
Hans Singer (German economist)
Hans Wolfgang Singer (deutsch-US-amerikanischer Ökonom)
Singer, H. W.
Singer, Hans
Singer, Hans (econoom)
Singer, Hans W.
Singer, Hans W. (ekonomist)
Singer, Hans Wolfgang
Singer, Hans Wolfgang (econoom)
Singer, Hans Wolfgang (ekonomist)
Singer, Hans Wolfgang (Vollstaendiger Name)
Singgŏ, Hansŭ W.
Зингер, Ханс
シンガー, H. W.
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Language material
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Ansari, Javed A. (1945-...)
Ansari, Javed A. (co-author)
Cairncross, Alec
Cairncross, Alec (co-author)
Hatti, Neelambar
Hatti, Neelambar (co-author)
Institute of Development Studies Brighton Affiliation (see also from)
Jöhr, Walter Adolf (1910-)
Montuschi de Glew, Luisa (co-author)
Pickett, James (co-author)
Prendergast, Renee (1952-)
Puri, Mohinder
Raffer, Kunibert
Raffer, Kunibert (co-author)
Roy, Sumit (co-author)
Sharma, Soumitra
Sharma, Soumitra (co-author)
Shaw, D. John
Svetličič, Marjan
Svetličič, Marjan (co-author)
Tandon, Rameshwar
大和瀬, 達二 (1926-)
African food crisis and the role of food aid, The
Aid and external financing in the 1990s
Aid conditionality
Aspects of the distribution of income and wealth in Kenya
Beurteilung konkreter wirtschaftspolitischer Probleme
Beyond terms of trade: convergence/divergence and creative/uncreative destruction
Brandt: mutual and conflicting interests in relations with the Third World
Bretton Woods and the UN system
Can we afford "Beveridge"?
Challenges of South-South cooperation
Conflict and change in the 1990s : ethics, laws, and institutions
Debt crisis, commodity prices, transfer burden, and debt relief
Demographic factors in subsaharan economic development
Developed country initiatives for forthcoming international economic conferences 1975/76 : report of July 25-26, 1975 conference at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex
Development economics and policy : the conference volume to celebrate the 85th birthday of Professor Sir Hans Singer
Development perspectives for the 1990s
Economic development & [and] world debt [papers presented at the International conference of economists at the University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia on the world debt problem, held in September 1987]
Economic North-South divide, The : six decades of unequal development
Economic progress and prospects in the third world : lessons of development experience since 1945
Economic theory and new world order
Employment, income distribution, and development strategy : problems of the developing countries : essays in honour of H. W. Singer
Estrategia del desarrollo internacional, La : ensayos sobre el atraso económico
Estudo sôbre o desenvolvimento econômico do Nordeste.
Export-led versus balanced growth in the 1990s
Food aid and development : issues and evidence : a survey of the literature since 1977 on the role and impact of food aid in developing countries
Food aid : the challenge and the opportunity
foreign aid business economic assistance and development co-operation, The
Foreign aid business, The : economic assistance and development co-operation
Foreign direct investments
future food aid regime, A : implications of the final act of the GATT Uruguay Round
German war economy
Growth and external debt management
Growth and reforms in Latin America
Growth, development and trade selected essays of Hans W. Singer
Industrialisation and world trade : ten years after the Brandt report
influence of Schumpeter and Keynes on the development of a development economist ; paper presented at the conference "Zur Deutschsprachigen Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Emigration nach 1933", Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart, September 27 - 29, 1991
influence of trends in barter terms of trade and of their volatility on GNP growth, The
International capital movements
International commodity policy
Joint ventures and collaborations
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld mit 109 abbildungen nach gemälden und zeichnungen, darunter 6 farbige kunstbeilagen
Keizai seisaku genri.
Keynesian models of economic development and their limitations: an analysis in the light of Gunnar Myrdal's "Asian drama"
kleinmeister, Die
La Place de l'enfance dans la stratégie du développement
Los problemas del desarrollo en América Latina homenaje a Raúl Prebisch
Manufactured exports and terms of trade movements of less developed countries in recent years (1980-87)
Mécanismes et politiques de développement économique du Big push à l'ajustement structurel
Nationalökonomie im dienste der wirtschaftspolitik [von] w.a. jöhr [und] h.w. singer
New protectionism and restructuring
North-South trade in manufactures
Países ricos y pobres
place de l'enfance dans la stratégie du développement, La
Poverty, development, and food : basic needs revisited : report on the seminar in honour of Professor H.W. Singer on his 75th birthday, held in Brighton on 13-14 December, 1985
Problemas del desarrollo en América Latina: homenaje a Raúl Prebisch, Los
Recent trends in economic thought on underdeveloped countries
Reflections on the Lima (25%) target
relationship between debt pressures, adjustment policies and deterioration of terms of trade for developing countries, The : with special reference to Latin America.
Research of the World Employment Programme future priorities and selective assessment
Resource transfer and debt trap
Rich and poor countries consequences of international economic disorder
rise and fall of industrial productivity in Pakistan, The
Rôle of the economist as official adviser, The
Social change and restructuring Africa
Stabilisation et développement des pays de production primaire : Symposium Kyklos II
Standardized accountancy in Germany
Stellung des deutschen Aussenhandels im Welthandel
strategy of international development essays in the economics of backwardness, The
Technological diffusion in third world
Technologies for basic needs
Technology transfer by multinationals
Tecnologías para satisfacer las necesidades esenciales
Terms of trade controversy and the evolution of soft financing : early years in the UN, 1947-1951
Towards economic recovery in sub-saharan Africa essays in honour of Robert Gardiner
Town and country planning textbook an indispensable book for town planners, architects, and students
Trade in services
Trade liberalization in the 1990's
Trade liberalization in the 1990s
Transformation assistance from developed countries to developing countries : an aid to trade expansion
TRIPS, the Uruguay Round and third world interests
UN World Food Programme and the development of food aid, The
Unemployment and the unemployed
Unemployment in an African setting.
world economy challenges of globalization and regionalization, The
Zeichnungen von Albert Besnard