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Piet Rietveld
Piet Rietveld (Dutch economist)
Piet Rietveld (Nederlands econoom (1952-2013))
Rietveld, P.
Rietveld, Piet
Rietveld, Pieter
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(*), Peter Nijkamp
Alderighi, Marco
Amsterdam Global Change Institute Affiliation (see also from)
Andadari, Roos K.
Arnold van Exel, Nicolaas Jacob
Bacao, Fernando
Beekman, . Michiel
Beekman, Michiel
Beinat, E.
Bergh, Jeroen
Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M. van den
Blaeij, Arianne de
Blommestein, H.J.
Bockarjova, Marija
Boonstra, J.
Boonstra, Jaap
Brink, Adri Vanden
Brons, Martijn
Bruinsma, F
Bruinsma, F.
Bruinsma, F. R.
Bruinsma, F.R.
Bruinsma, Frank
Bruinsma, Frank (1960-)
Bruinsma, Frank Reinier
Button, K.J.
Cento, Alessandro
Cracolici, Francesca
Daniel, Vanessa
Daniel, Vanessa E.
Daniel, Vanessa Eve
de Blaeij, Arianne
de Graaff, Thomas
Debrezion, Ghebreegziabiher
Dekkers, Jasper
Dekkers, Jasper E.C.
Delft, H.T. van
Demirel, Erhan
Dimitropoulos, Alexandros
Emmerink, R H M
Emmerink, R.
Emmerink, Richard H. M.
Eppink, Florian V.
Evangelinos, Christos
Exel, N.
Florax, Raymond
Florax, Raymond J.G.M.
Geenhuizen, Marina van (co-author)
Gent, Henk van
Geurs, Karst T
Gheasi, M.
Gheasi, Masood
Givoni, Moshe
Gorter, C.
Gorter, Cees
Gorter, Cees (1961-2001)
Gorter, Cornelis (1961-2001)
Graaf, G.
Graaff, Thomas de
Grazi, Fabio
Groot, Henri L. F. de
Groot, Henri L.F. De
Grotenhuis, Jan-Willem
Gutiérrez-i-Puigarnau, Eva
Hakfoort, Jacco
Hilferink, Maarten
Hilferink, Maarten T.A.
Hinloopen, E.
Hinloopen, Edwin
Hoorn, Toon van den
Janssen, Leon
Janssen, R
Janssen, R.
Jonkeren, Olaf
Jourquin, Bart
Keijer, M.J.N.
Knockaert, Jasper
Kobus, Martijn
Koelemeijer, Jorine
Koetse, Mark
Koetse, Mark J.
Koomen, Eric
Koster, Hans
Koster, Hans R. A.
Koster, Hans R.A.
Koster, Paul
Kremers, Hans
Lakshmanan, T.R.
Lazrak, F.
Lazrak, Faroek
Leeuwen, E.S. van
Leeuwen, Eveline van
Lijesen, Mark G.
Lindeijer, Joke E.
Linders, Gert-Jan
Linders, Gert-Jan M.
Loon, Ruben Van
Medda, F
Medda, F.
Medda, Francesca
Melendez-Hidalgo, Jose
Melendez-Hidalgo, Jose Carlos
Meurs, H.
Munda, G.
Ndoen, Marthen L.
Nierop, J. van
Nijkamp, P
Nijkamp, P.
Nijkamp, P. (1946-)
Nijkamp, Peter
Nijkamp, Peter (1946-)
Ommeren, J.N. van
Ommeren, Johannes Nijs (1966-)
Ommeren, Jos
Ommeren, Jos N. van
Ommeren, Jos van
Ommeren, Jos van (1966-)
Ommern, Jos van
Ommerren, Jos N. van
Oosterhaven, Jan
Oosterhuis, F.H.
Oosterman, A.
Ouwersloot, H
Ouwersloot, H.
Ouwersloot, Hans
Ouwersloot, Johannes
Peeters, Paul
Pels, Antonius Jacobus Henricus (1969-)
Pels, E.
Pels, Eric
Pels, Eric (1969-)
Pepping, G.
Pepping, G. C.
Poot, Tom
Proefschrift Amsterdam, V.U
Puigarnau, Eva Gutierrez
Reggiani, Aura
Reggiani, Aura (1951-)
Ridhwan, M.M.
Ridhwan, Masagus M.
Rienstra, S.A.
Rienstra, Sytze
Rienstra, Sytze A.
Rienstra, Sytze Ate
Rietveld, P
Rietveld, P.
Rima, A.
Rodenburg, Caroline
Roson, Roberto
Rossera, F.
Rouwendal, J
Rouwendal, J.
Rouwendal, Jan
Russo, G
Russo, Giovanni
Sá, Carla
Sabir, Muhammad
Salomon, I.
Salomon, Ilan
Sandee, H.
Sandee, Henry
Schipper, Youdi
Smit, S.
Sneek, J.M.
Snickars, F.
Snickars, Folke
Spierdijk, Laura
Stough, Roger R. (co-author)
Suzuki, Soushi
Tinbergen Instituut
Tseng, Yin-Yen
Ubbels, B.
Ubbels, Barry
van den Bergh, J.C.J.M.
van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M.
Van der Vlist, Arno J
van Exel, N. Job A.
van Exel, N.J.A.
van Goeverden, Cees
van Leeuwen, E.S.
Van Ommeren, Jos
van Vuuren, D. J.
van Vuuren, Daniel
van Woudenberg, Stefan
Verhoef, E
Verhoef, E.T.
Verhoef, Erik
Verhoef, Erik (1966-)
Verhoef, Erik T.
Verhoef, Erik Teodoor (1966-)
Vickerman, Roger
Vleugel, J.
Vlist, A. van der
Vlist, A.J. van der
Vlist, Arno J van der
Vlist, Arno J. van der
Vlist, Arno van der
Vreeker, Ron
Vries, Jacob J De
Vries, Jacob J. de
Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam) Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde Affiliation (see also from)
Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam). Ekonomische Fakulteit
Vrije Universiteit / Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde
Vrije Universiteit / Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde / Afdeling Ruimtelijke Economie
Vuuren, D.J. van
Vuuren, Daniel J. van
Vuuren, Daniël van
Wagetndonk, Alfred
Wagtendonk, Alfred J
Wee, B. van
Wee, Bert van
Westra, Ricardo
Wiegmans, Bart W
Wiegmans, Bart W.
Wintershoven, Patrick
Woudenberg, S. van
Woudenberg, Stefan van
Zhu, Xueqin
Zwart, Bert
30000005264886Barriers to employment : entry and re-entry possibilities of unemployed job seekers in the Netherlands
access journey to the railway station and its role in passengers' satisfaction with rail travel, The
Access to and competition between airports: a case study for the San Francisco Bay area
Access to railway stations and its potential in increasing rail use
Access to Railway Stations in the Netherlands
Accessibility appraisal of integrated land-use – transport strategies: methodology and case study for the Netherlands Randstad area
Accessibility of cities in European infrastructure networks : a comparison of approaches
accessibility of European cities: theoretical framework and comparison of approaches, The
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Transport Sector
Adverse Weather and Commuting Speed
Airline deregulation and external costs: a welfare analysis
Airline's choice of aircraft size - Explanations and implications
Airport and Airline Choice in a Multiple Airport Region: An Empirical Analysis for the San Francisco Bay Area
Airport and Airline Competition for Passengers Departing from a Large Metropolitan Area
Alonso's General Theory of Movement: Advances in Spatial Interaction Modeling
Amsterdam metropolitan housing market: how a prosperous metropolitan area coexists with a central city dominated by social rental housing for the poor, The
articles: Benefits and costs of transport Classification, methodologies and policies
Assessment of New Hub‐and‐Spoke and Point‐to‐Point Airline Network Configurations
Assessment of Tourist Competitiveness by analysing Destination Efficiency
Barriers in spatial interactions and communications : a conceptual exploration
Barriers to sustainable transport institutions, regulation and sustainability
Benefits and Costs of Transport
Biking and Walking: The Position of Non-Motorised Transport Modes in Transport Systems
bivariate duration model for job mobility of two-earner households, A
Block Rate Pricing of Water in Indonesia: An Analysis of Welfare Effects
Bombs, boundaries and buildings
Border effects and spatial autocorrelation in the supply of network infrastructure
can do perfectly well without a car!”, “I
Choice of Aircraft Size - Explanations and Implications
Choice of departure station by railway users
Choice of Frequency and Vehicle Size in Rail Transport: Implications for Marginal External Costs
Classification techniques in quantitative comparative research : a meta-comparison
Climate Change and Inland Waterway Transport: Welfare Effects of Low Water Levels on the river Rhine
Climate change: From global concern to regional challenge
Commuting and Reimbursement of Residential Relocation Costs
Commuting: In Search of Jobs and Residences
Commuting, Spatial Search and Labour Market Bargaining
commuting time paradox, The
Comparative study of hub airports in Europe : ticket prices, travel time and rescheduling costs
Comparison of fuzzy sets : a new semantic distance
Comparitive Performance Analysis of European Airports by Means of Extended Data Envelopment Analysis
Compensation for commuting in imperfect urban markets
Composite Valuation of Immaterial Damage in Flooding: Value of Statistical Life, Value of Statistical Evacuation and Value of Statistical Injury
Conflicting Objectives in Environmental Management, an Introduction.
Congestion caused by Speed Differences
constant travel time budget? In search for explanations for an increase in average travel time, A
Consumer Valuation of Driving Range: A Meta-Analysis
Container terminal handling quality
Container terminal services and quality
Container terminals in Europe : their position in marketing channel flows
Coping with uncertainty in the inland navigation market: the impact of climate change
Coping with unreliability in public transport chains: A case study for Netherlands
Costs of Road Infrastructure for Passenger and Freight Transport in The Netherlands
Could you also have made this trip by another mode? An investigation of perceived travel possibilities of car and train travellers on the main travel corridors to the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cultural heritage and creative cities: an economic evaluation perspective
Cultural heritage: hedonic prices for non-market values
Demand for Land Residential Purposes. A European Comparison and an in Depth Study for the Netherlands
demand for tickets and travel cards of railway Travellers, The
Deregulation and Schedule Competition in Simple Airline Networks
Deregulation and welfare in airline markets: An analysis of frequency equilibria
desired quality of integrated multimodal travel information in public transport: Customer needs for time and effort savings, The
Determinants of bicycle use: do municipal policies matter?
Determinants of the Regional Demand for Higher Education in The Netherlands: A Gravity Model Approach
Differentiated infrastructure charging: a comparison of theory and practise
Direction dependent prices in public transport: A good idea? The back haul pricing problem for a monopolistic public transport firm
Directional Imbalance in Transport Prices: An Application to Inland Shipping in North-West Europe
distance friction minimization approach in data envelopment analysis: A comparative study on airport efficiency, A
Do European Carriers dominate their Hubs?
Does Accessibility to Higher Education matter? Choice Behavior of High School Graduates in the Netherlands
Does Accessibility to Higher Education Matter? Choice Behaviour of High School Graduates in the Netherlands
Does Proximity of Schools Matter? Choice Behavior of High School Leavers Concerning Academic or Professional Training
Drivers' willingness to pay for curb parking (rather than in a garage)
duration of unemployment on the Dutch labour market, The : A proportional hazard model
duration of unemployment, The : a proportional hazard model with non-stationary inflow rates
duration of unemployment, The : stocks and flows on regional labour markets in the Netherlands
Dynamic effects of external and private transport costs on urban shape: a morphogenetic perspective
Economic and environmental effects of airline deregulation
Economic aspects of information and communication : some considerations
Economic evaluation of safety measures for transport companies
Economic impacts of high speed trains. Experiences in Japan and France: expectations in the Netherlands
Economic impacts of the construction of a transport corridor: a multi-level and multi-apprach case study for the construction of the A1 highway in the Netherlands
Economic Impacts of the Construction of a Transport Corridor: A Multi-level and Multiapproach Case Study for the Construction of the A1 Highway in the Netherlands
economics of information in transport, The
economics of regulatory parking policies: The (IM)possibilities of parking policies in traffic regulation, The
Effecten van prijsmaatregelen in het personenverkeer: een vergelijking van uiteenlopende intstrumenten, waaronder rekening rijden en de fiscale behandeling van de zakenauto
Effects and feasibility of a kilometre charge in road transport an investigation for the Netherlands
effects of railway investments in a polycentric city: a comparison of competitive and segmented land markets, The
Efficiency of urban public transit: A meta analysis
Empirical evidence on cruising for parking
Employer's recruitment behaviour and re-employment probabilities of unemployed
Employers' Recruitment Behaviour: An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Personnel Management Attitudes link rid="fn1" /
Employers' recruitment behaviour and re-employment probabilities of unemployed
Employment impacts of infrastructure investments : a case study for the Netherlands
Endogenising demand for information in road transport
Endogenous transport prices and trade imbalances
Entrepreneurial migration and regional opportunities in developing countries
Entry of Low-Cost Airlines: Price Competition in the European Airline Market, The
Environmental Effects of Public Transport: On the Gap between Average and Marginal Costs
Equilibrium Airfares, Frequencies and Airport Taxes in a Multiple Airport Region: An Application of the Nested Logit Demand Model
Erratum to 'A note on the optimality of airline networks': [Economic Letters, 69 (2000) 429-434]
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Estimating Firms' Demand for Agglomeration
Estimating the benefits of improved rail access; geographical range and anticipation effects
Estimating Water Demand in Urban Indonesia: A Maximum Likelihood Approach to block Rate Pricing Data
Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Migration: A Survey from Developing Countries
European Airline Reform: An Empirical Welfare Analysis
Explaining Employment Growth in Small Industrial Enterprises: Does Policy Matter? A Case Study for Central Java
Exploring the land market in the province of Noord-Holland using a spatial explanatory regression model
Exponential or power distance-decay for commuting? : an alternative specification
Files in de Randstad
Flooding risk and housing values: An economic assessment of environmental hazard
Freight Prices, Fuel Prices, and Speed
Frequency competition and environmental costs: An application to European air transport liberalization
Frequency Equilibria in Duopoly Airline Markets
From the expected to the desired future of passenger transport: a stakeholder approach
Fuzzy multigroup conflict resolution for environmental management
Geographic Concentration of Business Services Firms: A Poisson Sorting Model
geography of R&D: tobit analysis and a Bayesian approach to mapping R&D activities in the Netherlands, The
Geography of R&D; Tobit Analysis and Bayesian Approach to Mapping R&D Activities for The Netherlands, The
Hierarchies of Spatial Network Systems
Higher Order Spatial ARMA Models
Historic Amenities, Income and Sorting of Households
How do carriers price connecting flights? Evidence from intercontinental flights from Europe
How do people get to the railway station : a spatial analysis of the first and the last part of multimodal trips
Hub premiums in European civil aviation
ICT and substitution between out-of-home and at-home work: the importance of timing
ICT and the location of call-centres : regional and local patterns
ICT for transport : opportunities and threats
impact of accessibility on the valuation of cities as location for firms, The
Impact of Employers' Recruitment Behaviour on the Allocation of Vacant Jobs to Unemployed Job Seekers., The
impact of investment in cultural heritage, The
Impact of Rail Transport on Real Estate Prices: An Empirical Analysis of the Dutch Housing Market, The
Impact of railway station on Dutch residential housing market
impact of railway stations on residential and commercial property value: a meta analysis, The
Impacts of weather conditions on destination choice of leisure trips
In zee met het maritieme cluster? kwantitatief verkennend vooronderzoek naar de aanwezigheid van een maritiem cluster op basis van input-output relaties
increasing role of water management in the Dutch planning system, The
Indirect benefits of infrastructure improvement in the case of an imperfect labor market
Inefficiencies and scale economies of European airport operations
information content of a stated choice experiment: A new method and its application to the value of a statistical life, The
Information in road networks with multiple origin-destination pairs
Information policy in road transport with elastic demand: Some welfare economic considerations
Information provision, flat and fine congestion tolling and the efficiency of road usage
Information systems for integrated regional planning
Infrastructure and metropolitan development : a European comparison
Infrastructure and metropolitan development in an international perspective : survey and methodological exploration
Infrastructure and Regional Development: A Survey of Multiregional Economic Models.
Infrastructure and urban development : the case of the Amsterdam orbital motorway
Infrastructure construction and entrepreneurial behaviour
Infrastructuur en regionaaleconomische ontwikkeling, theorie en methodologie
Institutional determinants of bilateral trade an analysis according to product type
Institutional Determinants of Bilateral Trade Patterns, The
Institutions, regulations and sustainable transport: a cross‐national perspective
Integration of ordinal and cardinal information in multi-criteria ranking with imperfect compensation
International financial transfer by foreign labour an analysis of remittances from informal migrants
Interregional versus intraregional inequality; are regional policies a proper way of promoting equity?
Intraregional income distribution and poverty: some investigations for the Netherlands, 1960 - 81
Intraregional income distribution and poverty; some investigations for the Netherlands between 1960 and 1981
Investments in Container Terminals: Public Private Partnerships in Europe
Is congestion pricing a first-best strategy in transport policy? A critical review of arguments
Is the Sky the Limit? An Analysis of High-Rise Office Buildings
Is transport infrastructure effective? : transport infrastructure and accessibility : impacts on the space economy
Job mobility, residential mobility and commuting: A theoretical analysis using search theory
Job Moving, Residential Moving, and Commuting: A Search Perspective
Land Use Scanner
Land-use, transportation and urban development
Living Arrangement and University Choice of Dutch Prospective Students
Living-arrangement and university decisions of Dutch young adults
location of new residential areas and the preservation of open space: experiences in the Netherlands, The
Maatschappelijke haalbaarheid van rekeningrijden, De
Mag het ietsje minder snel?.
market of listed heritage: An urban economic application of spatial hedonic pricing, The
matching model for the backhaul problem, A
meta-analysis of price elasticities of transport demand in a general equilibrium framework, A
meta-analysis of the price elasticity of gasoline demand. A SUR approach, A
Meta-analysis of the Price Elasticity of Gasoline Demand. A System of Equations Approach, A
meta-analytic comparison of determinants of public transport use: methodology and application, A
Migrants and International Economic Linkages: A Meta-Overview
Migrants Entrepreneurs in East Nusa Tenggara
Migration and Foreign Direct Investment: Education Matters
Migration and tourist flows
mobiliteitseffecten van congestieheffingen en rekeningrijden in de praktijk, De : een literatuuroverzicht
Modal-split effects of climate change: The effect of low water levels on the competitive position of inland waterway transport in the river Rhine area
Modeling Spatial Sustainability: Spatial Welfare Economics versus Ecological Footprint
Modeling the Demand for Train Kilometers: A Microeconometric Approach
Modelling biodiversity and land use: urban growth, agriculture and nature in a wetland area
Modelling the joint access mode and railway station choice
Multi-objective multi-level policy models : An application to regional and environmental planning
Multi-objective programming models : New ways in regional decision-making
Multicriteria evaluation and fuzzy set theory : applications in planning for sustainability
Multicriteria evaluation of land-reallotment plans: a case study
Multidimensional inequality comparisons : On aggravation and mitigation of inequalities
Multidimensional spatial data and decision analysis, c1979 (a.e.)
Multilevel multiobjective models in a multiregional system : paper presented at the meeting of the European working group on multicriteria analysis, Amsterdam, April 1979
Multimodaliteit, knooppunten en complementariteit grenzen aan de concurrentie
Multiple objective decision analysis in regional economics
Multiple objective decision methods and regional planning
multiregional equilibrium search model for the labour market, A
multivariate analysis of spacial inequalities, A
Myth of Travel Time Saving’: A Comment, ‘The
Network competition - the co-existence of hub-and-spoke and point-to-point
Network infrastructure and regional development : a case study for North-Holland
Networks, commuting and spatial structures: An introduction
New multi objective techniques in physical planning : paper presented at the Nato Advanced Study Institute on Water Resources and Land Use Planning in Louvain-la-Neuve, July, 1978
Non-farm activities in rural areas : the case of Indonesia
note on interregional versus intraregional inequality, A
note on the optimality of airline networks, A
Obstacles to openess of border regions in Europe
Off-peak Demand for Train Kilometres and Train Tickets: A Microeconometric Analysis, The
On multidimensional inequality comparisons
On-Street Parking Premium and Car Drivers' Choice between Street and Garage Parking, The
On the change in surpluses equivalence: measuring benefits from transport infrastructure investments
On the distance dependence of the price elasticity of telecommunications demand : meta-analysis, and alternative theoretical backgrounds
On the distance dependence of the price elasticity of telecommunications demand; review, analysis, and alternative theoretical backgrounds
On the Estimation of the Spatial Moving Average Model
On the interface between surface and underground transport networks
On the relationship between travel time and travel distance of commuters Reported versus network travel data in the Netherlands
On the Supply of Network Infrastructure: Highways and Railways in European Regions.
Optimal distances between metro stations in centre dominated metropolitan areas
Optimising Incident Management on the Road
Ordinal data in multicriteria decision making : a stochastic dominance approach to siting nuclear power plants
Ordinal econometrics in regional and urban modelling
Perceptions of public transport travel time and their effect on choice-sets among car drivers
Policy analysis of transport networks
preference allocation-DFM model in Data Envelopment Analysis -An application to Energy-Environment-Economic efficiency in Japan-, A
Price Discrimination in Aviation: The End of the Loyalty to the National Carrier
Price Elasticities of Demand for Passenger Air Travel
Prices and opening hours in the retail sector: welfare effects of restrictions on opening hours
Pricing in transport; a multimodal perspective. An introduction
primaire welvaartseffecten van twee varianten van kilometerheffingen, De
Principles of Transport Economics by Emile Quinet & Roger Vickerman
Production Externalities in the Wood Furniture Industry in Central Java
Public transport strikes and traveller behaviour
Qualitative data and error measurement in input-output analysis
Qualitative discrete multiple criteria choice models in regional planning
Qualitative multicriteria evaluation for environmental management
Qualitative multicriteria methods for fuzzy evaluation problems : an illustration of economic-ecological evaluation
Rail cost functions and scale elasticities: a meta-analysis
Railway stations and urban dynamics
Recent advances in spatial equilibrium modelling, methodology and applications
Recognition and Classification of Urban Shapes
Recruitment channel use and applicant arrival: An empirical analysis
Regional and multiregional economic models: A survey
Regional development and monetary policy : a review of the role of monetary unions, capital mobility and locational effects
Regional Economic Impact of an Airport: The Case of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The
Regional economic transformation and social overhead investments
Regional efficiency improvement by means of data envelopment analysis through Euclidean distance minimization including fixed input factors: An application to tourist regions in Italy
Regional Impact of Monetary Policy in Indonesia, The
Regional income inequality and economic development : A comment
Regional Interest Rate Variations: Evidence from the Indonesian Credit Markets
Regulatory parking policies at the firm level
Relative efficiency of European airports
Residential mobility and local housing-market differences
Residential Search and Mobility in a Housing Market Equilibrium Model.
Returns to density in operations of the Netherlands railways
review of multiregional economic modeling, A
River flooding and housing values - an economic assessment of environmental risk
role of information in the performance of transport networks, The
Rounding of arrival and departure times in travel surveys an interpretation in terms of scheduled activities
Scale, Scope and Cognition: Context Analysis of Multiple Stated Choice Experiments on the Values of Life and Limb
Schaalsprong Almere : het effect van bereikbaarheidsverbeteringen op de huizenprijzen in Almere
scope of meta-analysis for transport policy impact analysis in environmental economics, The
Search and mobility in a housing market with limited supply
Second-Best Congestion Pricing: The Case of an Untolled Alternative
Second-best Decision Making of Railway Operators: How to Fix Fares, Frequency and Vehicle Size
Second-degree Price Discrimination and Inter-group Effects in Airline Routes between European Cities
Sensitivity analysis in discrete multiple criteria decision problems: on the siting of nuclear power plants
Sensitivity of information for the aggregation level of spatial data
Six reasons why supply‐oriented indicators systematically overestimate service quality in public transport
Snelheid en bereikbaarheid : snelheidsverlaging tussen feit en fictie
Social costs of land use claims for transport infrastructure: a survey for the Netherlands
Social learning by doing in sustainable transport innovations: Ex-post analysis of common factors behind successes and failures
Soft econometrics as a tool for regional discrepancy analysis
Spatial aspects of recruitment behaviour of firms: an empirical investigation
Spatial Consumer Behaviour in Small and Medium-sized Towns
Spatial diffusion patterns of call-centers in the Netherlands
Spatial economic impacts of developing international top office locations: a case study for Amsterdam South
Spatial economic impacts of transport infrastructure supply
Spatial graduation of fuel taxes; consequences for cross-border and domestic fuelling
Spatial variations in inflow rates of unemployment in the Netherlands
Spatial welfare economics versus ecological footprint: modeling agglomeration, externalities and trade
Speed behaviour of car drivers: a statistical analysis of acceptance of changes in speed policies in the Netherlands
Stochastic Model of Congestion caused by Speed Differences, A
strategic position of metropolitan areas in the European network economy, The
strategische positie van de belangrijkste luchthavens in Noordwest Europa, De
structurerende werking van ondergrondse logistieke systemen, De : een verkenning
Studies ten behoeve van het VROM-raadsadvies 'Mobiliteit met beleid'
Subsidies in public transport
Substitution and complementarity in aviation: airports vs airlines
Substitution and complementarity in telecommunication; the case of telex and telephone
Substitution between working at home and out-of-home: The role of ICT and commuting costs
Tariefdifferentiatie naar richting? : prijszetting op onevenwichtige retourmarkten in het vervoer
Technological development and regional labour markets
Telephone Calls and Communication Barriers: The Case of the Netherlands.
Telework, Frequency of Working Out-of-home, and Commuting: A Labor Supply Model and an Application to the Netherlands
third dimension in urban geography: the urban-volume approach, The
toename van de bereikbaarheid in Nederland tussen 1970 en 1990, De
Towards better performing transport networks :
Tradeable permits: their potential in the regulation of road transport externalities
Transitions towards sustainable mobility new solutions and approaches for sustainable transport systems
Transport and regional development
Transport in regional science: The “death of distance” is premature
Transport Infrastructure, Spatial General Equilibrium and Welfare
university workers’ willingness to pay for commuting, The
Unknown diversity: A study on undocumented migrant workers in the Dutch household sector
Unreliability in public transport chains
Unreliable trains and induced rescheduling: implications for cost-benefit analysis
Upgrading traditional technologies in small-scale industrial clusters : producer-driven innovation adoption in Indonesia
Upgrading Traditional Technologies in Small-Scale Industry Clusters: Collaboration and Innovation Adoption in Indonesia.
Urban agglomerations in European infrastructure networks
Urban industrial relocation: the theory of edge cities
Urban transport policies: the Dutch struggle with market failures and policy failures
Using ordinal information in decision-making under uncertainty
utility of travelling when destinations are heterogeneous: How much better is the next destination as one travels further?, The
Vacancies and mobility in the housing market: an exploratory analysis
Vacancies and mobility on the housing market : an exploratory analysis for the Netherlands
Vacancies and residential search in an empirical equilibrium search model
Vacancy duration on regional labour markets in the Netherlands
Vacation Behaviour: Frequency, Destination Choice and Expenditure Level.
Valuation of metropolitan open space - presenting the research framework
Valuation of Travel Time and TravelIer Information
Value functions for environmental pollutants : a technique for enhancing the assessment of export judgements
Value of Statistical Life in Road Safety: A Meta-Analysis, The
van. Herbestemming van landbouwgrond, 1990:
Variable message signs and radio traffic information: An integrated empirical analysis of drivers' route choice behaviour
Verhandelbare rechten voor verkeer en vervoer als instrument van klimaatbeleid
Weather and Travel Time of Public Transport Trips
Welfare Effects of Adverse Weather through Speed Changes in Car Commuting Trips
When strike comes to town... anticipated and actual behavioural reactions to a one-day, pre-announced, complete rail strike in the Netherlands
Why do firms reimburse job applicants' relocation costs?
Why do firms reimburse job applicants´ relocation costs?
Why do OECD-Countries trade more?
Why fuel prices differ
Tevens verschenen in de serie: Studies in regional sciences and urban economics ; vol. 7
Proefschrift Amsterdam, V.U