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Sprekels, J.
Sprekels, Jürgen
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Computer file
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Colli, Pierluigi
Fiedler, Bernold (1956- ))
Gröger, Konrad
Hoffmann, K.-H.
Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz
Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz (1939-...)
Hoffmann, Karl-Heinz (1939-)
Kenmochi, Nobuyuki
Krejčí, Pavel (fl. 1991)
Niezgódka, Marek
Sokołowski, Jan
Tiba, Dan
Tröltzsch, Fredi (1951- ))
Universität Hamburg
Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik Affiliation (see also from)
Zheng, Songmu
analytic approach to a generalized Naghdi shell model
duality approach in the optimization of beams and plates
duality type method for the design of beams
Dynamical shape control of nonlinear thin rods
Elastoplastic Timoshenko beams
Equadi/dtff 99
Exact bounds for the radially symmetric shape of confined plasma in the unit circle
Extensions of the control variational method dedicated to Prof. Dr. Fredi Tröltzsch on the occasion of his 60th birthday
Fixpunksätze für eine Klasse expandierender operatoren und ihre Anwendung auf nichtlineare integral- und differentialgleichungen
Fixpunktsätze für eine Klasse expandierender Operatoren und ihre Anwendung auf nichtlineare Integral[gleichungen] und Differentialgleichungen
Free boundary problems, c1988:
Free boundary problems : theory and applications.
Free boundary value problems : proceedings of a conference held at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut, Oberwolfach, July 9-15, 1989
Global existence of smooth solutions to the Penrose-Fife model for Ising ferromagnets
Global existence of thermomechanical processes in nonlinear thin rods under velocity feedbacks
Global solutions to a coupled parabolic hyperbolic system with hysteresis in 1-d magnetoelasticity
Hysteresis and phase transitions
hysteresis approach to phase field models
Identification of hysteresis loops
index-k-stabilizing differential equation
International Conference on Differential Equations : Equadiff 99, Berlin, Germany, 1-7 August 1999.
Iterationsverfahren zur Einschliessung positiver Lösungen superlinearer Integralgleichungen und Randwertaufgaben
method of asymptotic regularization and restricted parameter identification problems in variational inequalities
model of a general elastic curved rod
Nonlinear equations in non-reflexive Banach spaces and strongly nonlinear differential equations
nonlocal phase field model with nonconstant specific heat
Nonlocal temperature dependent phase field models for non-isothermal phase transitions
note on a parabolic equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary condition
note on the thermostat control of heating processes in materials with thermal memory
numerical procedure to solve certain identification problems
On an optimal shape design problem connected with the heating of elastic bodies
On the identification of distributed parameters in hyperbolic equations
On the identification of heat conductivity and latent heat in a one-phase Stefan problem
Optimal boundary control problems for shape memory alloys under state contraints for stress and temperature
optimal control approach to curved rods
Optimal control of partial differential equations : theory, methods and applications
Optimal control of thermomechanical phase transitions in shape memory alloys necessary conditions of optimality
Optimal control problems for a thermodynamically consistent model of phase field type for phase transitions
Optimale Steuerung partieller Differentialgleichungen
Optimization of ordinary differential systems with hysteresis
Optimization problems for curved mechanical structures
Phase field systems for multi-dimensional Prandtl-Ishlinskii operators with non-polyhedral characteristics
Phase field systems with vectorial order parameters including diffusional hysteresis effects
Positive solutions to some singular nonlinear boundary value problems
Propriétés de boum-boum généralisée dans l'optimisation des plaques
Real-time control of the free boundary in a two-phase Stefan problem
reduction approximation method for curved rods
Regulatity of the solution to a nonstandard system of phase field equations
Remarks on the existance for the one-dimensional Frémond model of shape memory alloys
Shape memory alloys mathematical models for a class of first order solid solid phase transition in metals
Singular limit in parabolic differential inclusions and the stop operator
Small strain oscillations of an elastoplastic Kirchhoff plate
Stability and optimal control of thermomechanical processes with nonconvex free energies of Ginzburg-Landau type
Steady states of austenitic martensitic domains in the Ginzburg-Landau theory of shape memory alloys
Stefan problems and the Penrose Fife phase field model
Sur les arches lipschitziennes
Temperature dependent hysteresis in one-dimensional thermovisco elastoplasticity
von Mises model for one-dimensional elastoplastic beams and Prandtl-Ishlinskii hysteresis operators
Weak solution to some penrose fife phase field systems with temperature dependent memory
Thesis (doctoral)--Universität Hamburg, 1975