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Reich, Stephen
Reich, Stephen Michael,
Reich, Steve
Reich, Steve Michael
Stephanus Reich
Stephen Michael Reich
Steve Reich
Steve Reich (American composer)
Steve Reich (Amerikaans auteur)
Steve Reich (amerikansk komponist)
Steve Reich (amerikansk kompositör)
Steve Reich (compositeur américain)
Steve Reich (kompozytor amerykański)
Steve Reich (musicista e compositore statunitense)
Steve Reich (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Стив Рајх
Стивен Райх (композитор США)
Стівен Райх
סטיב רייך
استیو رایش (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
ライヒ, スティーヴ
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ambush, Pamela Wood (co-performer)
Armstrong, Rebecca (co-performer)
Beckenstein, Marion (co-performer)
Becker, Bob (co-performer)
Blackwell, Virgil (co-performer)
Burke, Gary (co-performer)
Bush, Phillip (co-performer)
Chambers, Steve (co-performer)
Clayton, Jay (co-performer)
Ferchen, Timothy (co-performer)
Garton, Linda Ann
Gibson, Jon (co-performer)
Guibbory, Shem (co-performer)
Harms, Ben (co-performer)
Hartenberger, Russell (co-performer)
Ishii, Ken
Ishii, Ken (co-performer)
Karush, Larry (co-performer)
Kvistad, Garry (co-performer)
LaBarbara, Joan (co-performer)
LeBlanc, Jeanne (co-performer)
Ligeti, György (1923-2006)
Lim, Elizabeth (co-performer)
Maefsky, Frank (co-performer)
Mills College
Murphy, Art (co-performer)
Naxos Digital Services
Niemann, Edmund (co-performer)
Ogden, James (co-performer)
Preiss, James (co-performer)
Quatuor Bozzini
Rasmussen, Joseph (co-performer)
Rawls, Scott (co-performer)
Reich, Steve (1936-...)
Reich, Steve (1936-)
Reynolds, Todd (co-performer)
Rood, Richard (co-performer)
Rowe, Cheryl Bensman (co-performer)
Schall, Gary (co-performer)
Scott, Leslie (co-performer)
Sherman, Judy (co-performer)
Silver, Mort (co-performer)
Steve Reich and Musicians
Steve Reich and Musicians (isMemberOf)
Steve Reich and Musicians (Conjunt instrumental)
Steve Reich Ensemble
Steve Reich Ensemble (see also from)
The Steve Reich ensemble
The Steve Reich ensemble (see also from)
Thomas, Michael Tilson (1944-...)
Tilles, Nurit (co-performer)
Velez, Glen (co-performer)
Waart, Edo de (1941- ))
Wahlgren, Reinhold
Warner music France
WEA Europe
WEA international inc
Webern, Anton
Wheeler, Thad (co-performer)
Williams, William Carlos (1883-1963)
Ziporyn, Evan (co-performer)
111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon: The Collectors’ Edition 2, 45–46: Reich: Drumming / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ / Six Pianos, Parts 1 & 2
1987-04-21: Palace Center for the Arts, Palace Theater, Stamford, CT, USA
1998-02-25: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1999-09-17: Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht, The Netherlands
2003-01-30: Mozartsaal Konserthaus, Vienna, Austria
2005-11-06: Belfast Festival, Queen's, Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
2006-04-09: 11:30 AM show: Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
2006-04-09: 6:00 PM show: Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
2010-04-29: Koerner Hall, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, ON, Canada
2011-08-10: BBC Proms 2011: Prom 36: Royal Albert Hall, City of Westminster, London, England, UK
2x5: I. Fast
2x5: II. Slow
2x5 III. Fast (David Minnick Version)
2x5 III. Fast (Dominique Leon Version)
2x5 III. Fast (Vakula Version)
2X5 (Movement 3 Fast) (Vakula remix)
2x5 Remixed
Acoustic Counterpoint: I
Acoustic Counterpoint: II
Acoustic Counterpoint: III
African rhythms
America - Before the War
American clarinet
Another Look at Counterpoint
Bikini: Coda
Bikini: In the Air, Part 1
Bikini: In the Air, Part 2
Bikini: In the Air, Part 3
Bikini: On the Ships, Part 1
Bikini: On the Ships, Part 2
Bikini: On the Ships, Part 3
Bikini: The Atoll, Part 1
Bikini: The Atoll, Part 2
Bikini: The Atoll, Part 3
Black & white ballets
Cave, Act 1: I. Typing Music (Genesis XVI), The
Cave, Act 1: II. Who Is Abraham?, The
Cave, Act 1: III. Genesis XII, The
Cave, Act 1: IV. Who Is Sarah?, The
Cave, Act 1: IX. Who Is Isaac?, The
Cave, Act 1: V. Who Is Hagar?, The
Cave, Act 1: VI. Typing Music Repeat, The
Cave, Act 1: VII. Who Is Ishmael?, The
Cave, Act 1: VIII. Genesis XVIII, The
Cave, Act 1: X. Genesis XXI, The
Cave, Act 1: XI. The Casting Out of Ishmael and Hagar, The
Cave, Act 1: XII. Machpelah Commentary, The
Cave, Act 1: XIII. Genesis XXV, The
Cave, Act 1: XIV. Interior of the Cave, The
Cave, Act 2: I. Surah 3, The
Cave, Act 2: II. Who Is Ibrahim?, The
Cave, Act 2: III. Who Is Hajar?, The
Cave, Act 2: IV. The Near Sacrifice, The
Cave, Act 2: V. El Khalil Commentary, The
Cave, Act 2: VI. Interior of the Cave, The
Cave, Act 3: I. Who is Abraham?, The
Cave, Act 3: II. Who is Sarah?, The
Cave, Act 3: III. Who is Hagar?, The
Cave, Act 3: IV. Who is Ishmael?, The
Cave, Act 3: V. The Binding of Isaac, The
Cave, Act 3: VI. The Cave of Machpelah, The
Cello counterpoint
City Life (DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Open Circuit)
City life Ensemble instrumental
City Life, First Movement, "Check it out" 6
City Life: I. "Check it out"
City Life: II. Pile driver / alarms
City Life: III. "It Has Been a Honeymoon - Can't Take No Mo'"
City Life: III. "It's been a honeymoon - Can't take no mo"
City Life: IV. "Heartbeats / Boats & Buoys"
City Life / New York Counterpoint / Eight Lines / Violin Phase (Ensemble Modern)
City Life / Proverb
City Life: V. "Heavy Smoke"
Clapping Music (1972)
Clapping Music / Electric Counterpoint / Music for 18 Musicians
Clapping Music Variations
Come Out (1966)
Come Out (extract)
Come Out (Ken Ishii remix)
Come Out (original mix)
Dance patterns
Daniel Variations: I. I Saw a Dream
Daniel Variations: II. My Name Is Daniel Pearl (I'm a Jewish American From Encino California)
Daniel Variations: III. Let the Dream Fall Back on the Dreaded
Daniel Variations: IV. I Sure Hope Gabriel Likes My Music, When the Day is Done
Desert Music: Fifth Movement (Fast), The
Desert Music: First Movement (Fast), The
Desert Music: Fourth Movement (Moderate), The
Desert Music (FreQ Nasty & B.L.I.M. remix), The
Desert Music: I. Fast, The
Desert Music: II. Moderate, The
Desert Music: III. Part 1: Slow, The
Desert Music: III. Part 2: Moderate, The
Desert Music: III. Part 3: Slow, The
Desert Music: III. Part One: Slow, The
Desert Music: III. Part Three: Slow, The
Desert Music: III. Part Two: Moderate, The
Desert Music: IV. Moderate, The
Desert Music & Mindscape (feat. Ram Trilogy) (Freq Nasty mix), The
Desert Music: Second Movement (Moderate), The
Desert Music: Third Movement, Part One (Slow), The
Desert Music: Third Movement, Part Three (Slow), The
Desert Music: Third Movement, Part Two (Moderate), The
Desert Music: V. Fast, The
Different Trains: I. America - Before the War
Different Trains: II. Europe - During the War
Different Trains: III. After the War
Different trains Violons (2), alto, violoncelle, bande magnétique
Dolly: Cloning
Dolly: Darwin
Dolly: Dolly
Dolly: Human Body Machine
Dolly: Interlude
Dolly: Robots/Cyborgs/Immortality
Double Sextet / 2x5
Double Sextet: I. Fast
Double Sextet: II. Slow
Double Sextet: III. Fast
Drumming, for 8 small tuned drums, 3 marimbas, 3 glockenspiels, male and female voices, whistling, and piccolo
Drumming (Four Tet remix)
Drumming (Ictus)
Drumming (Mantronik Maximum Drum Formula)
Drumming / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ / Six Pianos
Drumming. Part 1
Drumming, Part 4
Drumming, Part Four
Drumming, Part I
Drumming, Part II
Drumming, Part III
Drumming: Part IV (excerpt)
Drumming (Patrice Bäumel remix)
Drumming / Six Pianos / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ
Duet for Two Violins & Strings
Early works
ECM Recordings, The
Écrits et entretiens sur la musique
Eight Lines (Howie B remix)
Eight Lines (Octet): I. Number 1
Eight Lines (Octet): II. Number 16
Eight Lines (Octet): III. Number 31
Eight Lines (Octet): IV. Number 46
Eight Lines (Octet): V. Number 61
Electric Counterpoint: 1. Fast
Electric Counterpoint: 2. Slow
Electric Counterpoint: 3. Fast
Electric Counterpoint Fast Movement 1
Electric Counterpoint (Fast - Movement 3)
Electric Counterpoint, for Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Tape 2001
Electric Counterpoint, for electric guitar, bass guitar & tape: Slow
Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast (RYXP’s Milde Salve)
Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast (RYXP True to Original edit)
Electric Counterpoint (Slutet)
Electric Counterpoint Version for Percussions - Movement I: Fast
Electric Counterpoint Version for Percussions - Movement II: Slow
Electric Counterpoint Version for Percussions - Movement III: Fast
Electric Couterpoint-Slow
Electric guitar phase
Essays. Selections
Expériences de vol
Four Organs • Phase Patterns
Four pieces for trumpet, alto saxophone, piano, bass, and drums
Four Sections (Andrea Parker remix), The
Four Sections: I. Strings (with Winds and Brass), The
Four Sections: II. Percussion, The
Four Sections: III. Winds and Brass (with Strings), The
Four Sections: IV. full orchestra, The
From the Kitchen Archives No. 2: Steve Reich and Musicians, Live 1977
Gamelan gong kebyar : the art of twentieth-century Balinese music
Hindenburg: A Very Impressive Thing to See
Hindenburg: I Couldn't Understand It
Hindenburg: Nibelung Zeppelin
Instrumental music. Selections
It's Gonna Rain (1965)
It's Gonna Rain, Part I
It's Gonna Rain, Part II
It's Gonna Rain, Parts I & II
Know what is above you
Little Fluffy Clouds
Live / Electric Music
Mallet Quartet: I. Fast
Mallet Quartet: II. Slow
Mallet Quartet: III. Fast
Megamix (Tranquility Bass remix)
Minimalist [Dokument dźwwiękowy]
Mouvement I (fast)
Mouvement II (moderate)
Mouvement III (slow-moderate-slow)
Mouvement IV (moderate)
Mouvement V (fast)
Movement II
Music for 18 Musicians (1976)
Music for 18 Musicians (Amadinda & Musicians)
Music for 18 Musicians (Coldcut remix)
Music for 18 Musicians (Ensemble Modern)
Music for 18 Musicians (excerpt)
Music for 18 Musicians (Ruoho Ruotsi's Pulse Section dub remix)
Music for 18 Musicians: Section I.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section II.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section III A
Music for 18 Musicians: Section III B
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IIIA.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IIIB.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IV.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IX.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section V.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VI.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VII.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VIII.
Music for 18 Musicians: Section X / Pulses
Music for 18 Musicians: Section XI
Music for 18 Musicians (Steve Reich and Musicians)
Music for a large ensemble
Music for eighteen musicians
Music for mallet instruments, voices and organ
Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organs
Music for pieces of wood
Música per a piano.
Música, veus femenines, conjunt instrumental (1979)
Nagoya Guitars
Nagoya marimbas
New York Conterpoint / Part 1 Fast (edit)
New York Counterpoint: 1. Fast
New York Counterpoint: 2. Slow
New York Counterpoint: 3. Fast
New York Counterpoint / Eight Lines / Four Organs
New York Counterpoint: I. Fast / II. Slow / III. Fast
New York Counterpoint: IIII. Fast
Octet / Music for a Large Ensemble / Violin Phase
Oh Dem Watermelons
Orchestra music. Selections
Part I
Part II (Beginning)
Part II (Conclusion)
Part III
Part IV
Pendant I
Pendulum music
Phase patterns
Phases: A Nonesuch Retrospective
Piano counterpoint
Piano Phase (1967)
Piano Phase (D*Note's Phased & Konfused mix)
Proverb (Alex Smoke remix)
Proverb (Nobukazu Takemura remix)
Pulse (excerpt)
Pulse / Quartet
Pulse - Sections I - IV
Pulse - Sections I-X - Pulse
Quartet: I. Fast
Quartet: II. Slow
Quartet: III. Fast
Radio Rewrite: I. Fast
Radio Rewrite: II. Slow
Radio Rewrite: III. Fast
Radio Rewrite: IV. Slow
Radio Rewrite: V. Fast
Reed phase
Reich: Remixed 2006
Section I
Section II
Section IIIA
Section IIIB
Section IV
Section IX
Section V
Section VI
Section VII
Section VIII
Section X
Section XI
Sections V - X - Pulse
Sextet: I.
Sextet: II.
Sextet: III.
Sextet: IV.
Sextet, keyboard instruments, percussion
Sextet / Piano Phase / Eight Lines
Sextet / Six Marimbas
Sextet: V.
Shaker loops
Shift Part I (From Drumming)
Shift Part II
Shift Part III (From Violin Phase)
Shift Part IV
Six Marimbas Counterpoint
Six Pianos (Mr Scruff remix)
Six Pianos / Variations / Music for Mallet Instruments
Slow Motion Blackbird
Steve Reich
Tehillim: I. Psalms 19:2-5
Tehillim: II. Psalms 34:13-15
Tehillim: III. Psalms 18:26-27
Tehillim, IV, Part 1
Tehillim, IV, Part 2
Tehillim, IV, Part 3
Tehillim, IV, Part 4
Tehillim, IV, Part 5
Tehillim: IV. Psalms 150:4-6
Tehillim, Part I: Fast
Tehillim, Part II: Fast
Tehillim, Part III: Slow
Tehillim, Part IV: Fast
Tehillim, section 4
Tehillim / The Desert Music (Alarm Will Sound)
Tehillim / Three Movements
Three Movements: Movement I
Three Movements: Movement II
Three Movements: Movement III
Three tales
Triple Quartet: 3. Third Movement
Triple Quartet: I. Fast
Triple Quartet: II. Slow
Triple Quartet: III. Fast
Variations Claviers, bois, cordes
Variations for Vibes, Pianos & Strings: I. Fast
Variations for Vibes, Pianos & Strings: II. Slow
Variations for Vibes, Pianos & Strings: III. Fast
Variations for winds, strings and keyboards
Variations, orchestra
Variations, pianos (2), vibraphones (4), violins (6), violas (3), cellos (3)
Vermont Counterpoint Version for Vibraphone
Violin phase
Works: 1965-1995
Works. Selections
Writings about music
WTC 9/11: I. 9/11/01
WTC 9/11: II. 2010
WTC 9/11: III. WTC
WTC 9/11 / Mallet Quartet / Dance Patterns
You Are (Variations): 1. You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are
You Are (Variations): 2. Shiviti hashem l'negdi (I Place the Eternalbefore Me)
You Are (Variations): 3. Explanations Come to an End Somewhere
You Are (Variations): 4. Ehmore m'ant, v'ahsay harbay (Say Little and Do Much)
You Are (Variations) / Cello Counterpoint
You Are (Variations): I. You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are
You Are (Variations): II. Shiviti hashem l'negdi (I Place the Eternal Before Me)
You Are (Variations): III. Explanations Come to an End Somewhere
You Are (Variations): IV. Ehmor m'aht, v'ahsay harbay (Say Little and Do Much)
Contributed to or performed: 
111 More Classic Tracks
111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon: The Collectors’ Edition 2
2006-04-07: Festspielhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
2x5: Movement 3 Fast
Adagios del siglo XX1
Adams: Grand Pianola / Reich: Vermont Counterpoint / Eight Lines
All Is Loneliness
American Classics: Minimalism
American Music
Angel Artistry: Cage: Three Dances / Reich: Four Organs / Stravinsky: Rite of Spring
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: Fourth A-Chronology 1937–2005, An
BBC Music, Volume 25 Number 1: Steve Reich: The Desert Music / John Adams: Shaker Loops
Be a Hobo
Big Chill Classics, The
Blod, Svett & Tårar. Nya P2.
Came Into This World Alone, I
Clapping Music
Clapping Music / Music for Pieces of Wood / Sextet
Classic CD, Volume 12
Classical Chillout
Desert Music / Shaker Loops, The
Different Trains
Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint
Different Trains / Piano Counterpoint / Triple Quartet
Different Trains / Triple Quartet / The Four Sections
Double Sextet / Radio Rewrite
Electric Counterpoint — Fast (Movement 3)
Electric Counterpoint Fast (Movement 3)
Four Organs
Four Sections / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ, The
History of Classical Music in 24 Hours, The
Home at the End of the World, A
Imaginary Landscapes: Sounds of America
Jazzthing: Nonesuch
John Adams: Grand Pianola / Steve Reich: Eight Lines / Vermont Counterpoint
John Cage: Three Dances, for 2 amplified prepared pianos / Steve Reich: Four Organs, for 4 electric organs & maracas
Kuniko Plays Reich
Late in the 20th Century
Listen: Third Brief Edition (Joseph Kerman, ed.)
Maximum Minimalists
Metamorphosis / Acoustic Counterpoint
Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue
Music 4 Hands
Music for 18 Musicians
Music for a Large Ensemble
Music From Mills
Musik für ein neues Zeitalter, Die
New Music Masters
New Sounds in Electronic Music
Norton Recordings, 8th Edition, Shorter Version, The
OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
Parallel Side of Soundtrack
Phase Patterns / Pendulum Music / Piano Phase / Four Organs
Piano Circus
Pulse — Sections I–X — Pulse
Reich: Different Trains / Piano Phase / Mellits: String Quartet no. 2
Sampler From Cantaloupe Music, A
Shaker Loops / Variations for Winds, Strings & Keyboards
Six Pianos / In C (Piano Circus)
Sonic Rebellion: Alternative Classical Collection
Steve Reich
Tehillim, Parts I & II
Tehillim, Parts III & IV
Three Movements / The Desert Music
Utopia americana
Variations For Winds, Strings And Keyboards / Shaker Loops
Why Spend the Dark Night With You
Wired Magazine Presents: Music Futurists
Thesis (M.A.)--Mills College, 1963