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Motörhead Musical group (Musical group or band)
Motörhead (Musical group or band)
began 1975-06 until 2015-12-28
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Black Sabbath
Campbell, Phil (hasMember)
Clarke, Eddie
Clarke, Eddie (hasMember)
Cooper, Alice (1948-)
Dee, Mikkey (hasMember)
Deep Purple
Fox, Lucas (hasMember)
Gill, Pete (hasMember)
Judas Priest
Kilmister, Lemmy (hasMember)
Lemmy (1945-)
Robertson, Brian (hasMember)
Taylor, Phil “Philthy Animal” (hasMember)
Taylor, Phil (1954-)
Uriah Heep
Wallis, Larry (hasMember)
Williams, Wendy O.
Würzel (hasMember)
14 Rock Hard Hits
1916 Live...Everything Louder than Everything Else
1916 / March ör Die
1993-07-03: Roskilde, Denmark
2 Originals of Motörhead
2000-11-29: Luleå, Sweden
2004-08-15: Jolly Joker, Braunschweig, Germany
2005-03-27: "We Are Your Easterbunnies", Ogden Theater, Denver, CO, USA
2014-11-04: O2 Apollo, Manchester, UK
25 & Alive: Boneshaker
5 Original Albums
'92 Tour EP
Ace of Spaces (CCN remix)
Ace of Spades (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Ace of Spades - Cover Art
Ace of Spades / Dogs / Traitor
Ace of Spades (The CCN mix)
Ace of Spades (The CCN remix)
Ace of Spades - Tributes
Aces High
Aces: The Best of Motörhead
Aces Up My Sleeve
Acropolis (Metropolis)
Ain’t My Crime
All for You
All Gone to Hell
All good clean fun a journey through the underground of Liberty, United Artists Records 1967 - 1975
All the aces
Am the Sword, I
America (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Angel City and Other Cities Live 1991-1916
Another Perfect Day (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Another Perfect Day / Overkill
Another Perfect Day - Video EP
Anthology, Volume one
Asylum Choir
Attack In Switzerland - Live 2002
Back at the Funny Farm (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Back on the Chain
Backstage Interviews
Backstage Rider, The
Bad Magic
Bad Religion
Bad Woman
[band introduction]
[band introductions]
Bang to Rights
Basic Idea, The
BBC Live & In-Session
Be My Baby
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Beerdrinkers & Hellraisers - The Best of
Best 20
best of metal, The
best of Motörhead All the aces, The ; the Mugger's tapes.
Best of Motörhead: Deaf Forever, The
Best of Motörhead Live, The
Best of Motörhead, Volume 2, The
Best of & The Rest of - Live, The
Best - The Rest - The Rare, The
Best Tracks
Better Motörhead than dead - live at Hammersmith
Better Off Dead
Better Wear Armor!
Beware the Dog
Bikers paradise
Birthday Party, The
Bite the Bullet (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Bite the Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
Black Leather Jacket
Blitzkreig on Birmingham '77 live
Bomber / Ace of Spades
Bomber (Alternate Version)
Bomber (alternative version)
Bomber (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Bomber deluxe edition
Bomber/Drum Solo
Bomber (Live at Le Mans, 3rd November 1979)
Bonus: Lemmy Feature
Born to kick your ass
Born to Lose, Live to Win: The Bronze Singles 1978-1981
Born to Lose, Live to Win: The Bronze Singles 1978-1983
Born to raise hell
Böx of Magic
Brave New World
Breaking the Law
Britain's Health Resort
Bronze Age: 1979–1982, The
Bronze Records
Brotherhood of Man
Built for Speed
Bunch of stiffs
Buried Alive
Burner - Best of
But This Is Not the Reason to Cover a Man With Cheese
Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye
Capricorn (5.1 mix)
Castle Masters Collection
Cat Scratch Fever
Cat Scratch Fewer
Chase Is Better Than the Catch (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983), The
Chase Is Better Than the Catch: The Singles A's & B's, The
Choking on Your Screams
City Kids
Civil War
Classic Album Selection
Classic Albums: Ace of Spades
Claw (Alternate Version)
Clean your clock
Collection, The
Complete Best of Motörhead, The
Complete Early Years Box, The
Complete Motörhead Kit, The
Coup de Grace
Covers, The
Cradle To The Grave (Eat The Rich 12" B Side)
Crazy Like a Fox
Crew Introducion
Crossing all over
Crying Shame
Damage Case (5.1 mix)
Dancing On Your Grave (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Dead and Gone
Dead Men Tell No Tales (live)
Deadmans Hand
Deaf Forever
Deaf Not Blind
Death Machine
Death or Glory
Desperate for You
Devil I Know
Devil, The
Devils in My Head
Dirty Love
Do You Believe
Doctor Rock, Part 1
Doctor Rock, Part 2
Dog-Face Boy
Dogs of War
Don’t Believe a Word, I
Don't let daddy kiss me
(Don’t Let ’em) Grind Ya Down
Don't Lie to Me
Don't Need Religion, I
(Don't Need) Religion (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Don’t Waste Your Time
Down on Me
Down the Line
Dr. Love
Dr. Rock
drum solo / The One To Sing The Blues
Dust and Glass
Eagle Rock
Early Days
Early Years, The
Eat the Gun
Eat the Rich
Eddie Plays Guitar - Ace of Spades, Jailbait & The Hammer
End of the Wörld
End of Time
England 1978
English Rose
Essential Noize: The Very Best Of
Everything Louder Everything Live!
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else
Evil Eye
Evolution (Line in the Sand)
Extended Versions
F CD 16
Fast and Loose
Fast, Loose & Live!
Festival Impressions W:O:A
Fire Fire
Fire Storm Hotel
First Recording
Fistful of Aces: The Best of Motorhead
From the Archives
From the Vaults
Fun on the Farm
Fun With Philthy
Game (Triple H), The
Get Back In Line / Ace Of Spades (Acoustic Version)
Go to Hell / Iron Fist
Go to Hell (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
God Save the Queen
God Was Never on Your Side
Godzilla Akimbo
Going Down
Going to Brasil
Going to Brazil
Going to Mexico
Golden Years" Live EP, "The
Golden Years: The Alternate Versions
Got Mine (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983), I
Greatest Hits
Grind Ya Down - Live in Canada 1988
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Motörhead Pack
Guitar Hero: World Tour - Motörhead Pack
[guitar solo]
guitar solos
Hammer, The
Hard and heavy thrash metal special ; [music, interviews & more]
Hard 'n' heavy times the legends of rock and metal
Hear 'n Aid
Heart of Stone (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Heart of Stone (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Heartbreaker (video clip)
Heavy metal
Heavy rock 2.
heavy set, The
Hell on Earth
Hellraiser: Best of the Epic Years
Hellraiser - The Best of the W.T.G. Years
Heroes (Wacken Family Choir Mix)
Highs And Lows of Being on the Road
Hit Collection
Hits greatest stiffs
Hoochie Coochie Man (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
How to lose friends & alienate people original motion picture soundtrack.
How to lose friends & alienate people original movie soundtrack
Hump on Your Back
I'll Be Your Sister (5.1 mix)
I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
I’m the Doctor
I'm Your Man
I’m Your Witch Doctor
I’m Your Witchdoctor
In Another Time
In the Black
In the Name of Tragedy
In the Year of the Wolf
In Their Own Words
Inferno - 30th Anniversary Edition
Interview & Making of "Inferno"
Interview with Lemmy Kilmister
Iron fist deluxe edition
Iron Fist & the Hordes From Hell
Iron Horse / Born to Lose
Iron Horse (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
It rocks!
It's Almost...1916
Jack the Ripper
Jimmy Miller
Joy of Labour
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Just 'Cos You Got The Power (Eat The Rich 12" B Side)
Keep us on the road Live 1977
Keep Us on the Road: Live '77
Keep Your Powder Dry
Keys to the Kingdom
Kill the World
Killed By Death (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Killers (Live in Düsseldorf)
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: Motörhead
King of Kings
Kingdom of the Worm
Kiss of Death
Know How to Die, I
Know What You Need, I
L.A. Special
Leavin’ Here
Leaving Here (live)
Leaving Here / White Line Fever
Lemmy Goes to the Pub
Lemmy Leaves Hawkwind - Full Story
Levypiste uutuuksia.
Life’s a Bitch
Like a Nightmare (5.1 mix)
Limb From Limb (5.1 mix)
Listen to Your Heart
Live 1977
Live and Studio
Live and Unreleased
Live at Brixton '87
Live at Brixton Academy
Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983
Live - Blitzkreig on Birmingham ’77
Live in Athens
Live in Manchester 1983
Live in Toronto
Live, Loud and Lewd
Live on Parole
Live rock
Live - The Best & The Rest of Volumes 1 & 2
Live to Win
Living in the Past
Lock Up Your Daughters
Lost in the Ozone
Lost Johnny
Lost Woman Blues
Louie, Louie (alternate version) (5.1 mix)
Love Can’t Buy You Money
Love for Sale / Take the Blame
Love Me Forever
Love Me Like a Reptile
Make ’em Blind
Make My Day
Making of 'Live Show'
Making of Whorehouse Blues
many faces of Motörhead, The
March ör die
Marching Off to War (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Maximum heavy metal
Mean Machine
Meaning of Motörhead, The
Metal attack the cream of hard rock
Metal Classics #3: Play It Loud! The Best of Motörhead
Metal masters
Metropolis (5.1 mix)
Metropolis (Live In England 1981)
Mikkey Dee
Mine All Mine
Motörhead - 25 & alive live at Brixton Academy
Motörhead : 40th anniversary edition
Motorhead Are Formed
Motorhead (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Motörhead - BBC live & in session
Motorhead / Iron Fist
Motörhead - Live in Toronto
Motörhead / Over the Top
Motörhead / The Watcher
Motörheadbangers: The Better Late Than Never Fan Club Flexi
Mugger's tapes
Murder Show
Name in Vain
Night Side
Nightmare/The Dreamtime
Nineteen hundred and sixteen
No Class (5.1 mix)
No Class / Motorhead
No remorse
Nö sleep at all
No sleep 'til Hammersmith.
No Voices in the Sky
Nothing Up My Sleeve (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Of Spades
On parole
On the Road (Live)
On Your Feet or on Your Knees
One More Fucking Time
One Night Stand
One Short Life
One to Sing the Blues, The
One Track Mind (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Order/Fade to Black
Orgasmatron 2000
Orgasmatron / Rock 'n' Roll
Orgasmatron (Spoken Word)
original heavy metal album 18 essential head bangin' hits, The
Out of the Sun
Out to Lunch
Over the Top (7'' Single B-Side)
Over the Top: The Rarities
Over Your Shoulder
Overkill (5.1 mix)
Overkill (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Overkill / Bomber
Overkill / Breaking the Law
Overkill (exclusive version)
Overnight Love
Overnight Sensation
Panosvyö : Motörhead-tuotantoa ensimmäisellä kotimaisella
Performing Songs by: Metallica and Plasmatics
Pete Gill Joins
Pete Gill Leaves
Phil Carson
Phil Plays Drums - Ace of Spades & Jailbait
Philthy Leaves for Good
Piece of Lemmy's Mind at the Rainbow, A
Playlist - rock
Plugged In!
Power & Glory - Greatest Hits
power of Metal Hammer, The
Protect the Innocent
Q & A
Queen of the Damned
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. / Devil I Know
Rare Tracks Volume 2
Recorded live.
Red Raw
Religion (I Don’t Need)
Remember Me, I'm Gone
Ridin' with the Driver
Road Crew
Rock basic
Rock explosion - Metal
Rock Giants
Rock History: The Best of Motörhead, The
Rock inferno
Rock is back!
Rock It (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Rock ’n’ Roll Music
Rock Out
Rock Series, Vol. 1
Rock Series, Vol. 2
Rock triumphs
Rockaway Beach
Roundhouse - February 18th 1978
Royal Flush
Runaround Man
Sacrifice / Drum solo
Sacrifice / Overnight Sensation
Same Old Song, I’m Gone
Schallfolie Mai 82
See Me Burning / God Save the Queen
Serial Killer
Sex and Death
Sex and Outrage
Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll
Shake the World
Sharpshooter (Alternate Version)
Sharpshooter (alternative version)
Shine (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Shoot ’em Down
Shoot Out All of Your Lights
Shoot You in the Back (Live At Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Shoot You in the Back - The Early Years
Shut It Down
Shut You Down
Shut Your Mouth
Silence When You Speak to Me
Silver Machine
Singles Collection: The Bronze Years 1978–1984, The
Slide Show
Slow Dance
Smiling Like a Killer
Snake bite love
Song Writing
Special Edition EP
Speed Not Comfort
SpongeBob SquarePants movie music from the movie and more., The
Stage Fright
Stagefright / Crash & Burn
Stay Clean (5.1 mix)
Stay Clean (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Stay Out of Jail
Steal Your Face (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
Steal Your Face - The Early Years Live
Step Down (Alternate Version)
Step Down (alternative version)
Step Down (live)
Stone Dead Forever (Alternate Version)
Stone Dead Forever (alternative version)
Stone Dead Forever (live)
Stone Deaf Forever Sampler
Stone Deaf in the U.S.A.
Stone Deaf in the USA
Sweet Revenge
Sword of Glory
Sympathy for the Devil
Take No Prisoners
Take the Blame
Tales of Glory (Live at Manchester Apollo 10th June 1983)
Talking Head
Teach Them How to Bleed
Teach You How to Sing the Blues
Tear Ya Down (instrumental version) (5.1 mix)
Tear ya down the rarities
Tell Me Who to Kill
Tender metal
Terminal Show
Them Not Me
Thousand Names of God, The
Three Classic Albums
Thunder & Lightning / Electricity
Till the End
Time Is Right
Too Good to Be True
Too Late, Too Late (5.1 mix)
Too Late Too Late (Live) [Golden Years EP]
Too Loud to Be Proud
Train Kept a Rollin', The
Treat Me Nice
Turn You Round Again
Twisted forever a tribute to the legendary Twisted Sister
Ultimate Metal
Ultimate Reissue Series Sampler, The
Und tschüss! [Pommes, Bier und diese CD ; der Soundtrack zur Ruhrpott-Rock-'n'-Roll-Serie]
Under cöver
Under the Gun
Under the Knife
Unreleased Track
Vault Treasures: 23-December 1996 - Bonn Germany Biskuithalle
Very Best of, The
Victory or Die
Voices From the War
Wacken rocks
Waiting for the Snake
Wake the dead
Walk a Crooked Mile
Waltz of the Vampire
War for War
Watcher, The
We are Motörhead
We Are the Road Crew: Crew
We Are the Road Crew: Introduction
We Are the Road Crew: Showtime
We Are the Road Crew: Sound
We Are the Road Crew: The Cook
We Are the Road Crew: Touring
(We Are) The Roadcrew (BBC Live from Caister Great Yarmouth 13/10/84)
We Bring the Shake
(Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve
Welcome to the bear trap
What's words worth?
When the Eagle Screams
When the Sky Comes Looking for You
White Line Fever
Whorehouse Blues (acoustic)
Wolf, The
Won't) Pay Your Price (5.1 mix), (I
Wörld Is Ours, Volume 1: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else, The
Wörld Is Ours, Volume 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else, The
Wörld Is Yours (Interview with Lemmy, Phil + Mikkey), The
world of rock, The
Wreckless intent
You Ain't Gonna Live Forever
You Bastard, Die
You Better Run
You Better Swim
You'll Get Yours
Young and Crazy
Contributed to or performed: 
+2 Musique Metal
♡ Metal, I
100 Hits Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
100 Hits Metal
100 Hits: Drivetime
100 Hits: Rock
100 Rock Hits
100% Rock Classics, Part Four
100% Rock, Volume 2
100% Rock, Volume 3
101 mejores canciones del Rock, Las
18 Headbangers From the 80's
18 Rock Classics, Volume 4
1977: The Year Punk Broke
20 Years of Solid Rock!
20th Century Masters: The Best of Hard Rock, Vol. 2
40 Greatest Metal Songs
70’s Rock Bands
A to Z of Rock, The
Absolute Rock
Absolute Rock Anthems
Absolute Rock Classics
Absolute Rock Deluxe
Ace of Spades (Raoul Juke and Fred Gruge remix)
Ace of Spades vs. Groundhog
Aerodrome 2004
Ain’t No Nice Guy, I
Air Guitar Anthems
Alan McGee and Danny Watson Present...: Death Disco: The Club Soundtrack
All Good Clean Fun
Alle 40 Goed - Driving Songs
Alle 40 Goed - Gitaarhelden
Alle 40 Goed: Gitaarhelden
American Chopper: The Series
AntyRadio Wybierz Prawdziwy Rock
Armageddon Over Wacken: Live 2004
Artrocker BEAT 53
Ash Wednesday: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Axe Attack
Bang Boom Bang
Bang Boom Bang: Ein todsicherer Soundtrack
Beavis and Butt‐Head: Cool Music
Best Air Guitar Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Heavy Metal Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best of Hard Rock
Best of King Biscuit - Live | CD1, The
Best of King Biscuit - Live | CD2, The
Best of Metal Decade (1980-89), The
Best of Rock
Best of Rock, Volume 3: The Ultimate Collection
Best of the Best Air Guitar Albums in the World… Ever!, The
Best Of Wacken Open - Air (10 Years Louder Than Hell)
Best Pub Album, The
Best Pub Jukebox in the World… Ever!, The
Best Rock Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Rock Anthems ...Ever!, The
Big Hits 1980–2000: Rock
Big Stiff Box Set, The
Biker's Best
Blitzkrieg Over You: A Tribute to the Ramones
Born To Be Wild
Born to Be Wild, Volume 1
Born to Be Wild, Volume 4
Born to Lose – Live to Win: The Best of Lemmy
Born to Lose, Live to Win
Born to Raise Hell
Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Volume 1
Bride of Chucky
Capital Gold Guitar Legends
CD zur SLAM Ausgabe 53 (Jan./Feb. 2011)
Champions of Rock
Chart Boxx: Best of Rock
Chiswick Story: Adventures of an Independent Record Label 1975-1982, The
Christmas Jukebox
Clásicos de la Emisión Pirata, Volumen II
Classic Axe
Classic Road Trip
Classic Rock
Classic Rock #021: A Right Earful
Classic Rock #022: Maximum Volume!
Classic Rock #041: Summer Special!
Classic Rock #047: Live Bootleg
Classic Rock #100: 15 Great Tracks!
Classic Rock #166: The Best of 2011
Classic Rock #192: The Best of 2013
Classic Rock #218: The Best of the Year 2015
Classic Rock 40 Top Hits
Classic Rock Anthems
Classic Rock: 1978-1979
Classic Rock: 1980-1981
Classic Rock: British Steel
Classic Rock: Live Rock
Classic Rock: The Metal Years
Classic Rock: The Ultimate Collection
Classic Rock: Ultimate Guide to Rock Anthems
Classic School of Rock
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 140: June 2006
Cold Feet: The Official Soundtrack to the New Series
Concrete Music Bloc: Free Music Sampler Tape, Volume V, Aug.' 95
Cover It Up, Vol. 1
Cries From the Midnight Circus: Ladbroke Grove 1968-1973
Crossing All Over! Volume 2
Crusty Demons: The Next Level
Crusty Demons: Unleash Hell
Dad Rocks!
Damage Case
Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years, The
DJ Hero Complete Rip
DMC Complete Rock
Doubleshot: Metal
Driven by Rock: 100 Essential Driving Songs
Driven by the 70s: 100 Essential Driving Songs
Drivin' Rock
Drivin’ Metal: Ace of Spades
Driving in My Car - Ultimate Car Hits
Driving Songs: The Ultimate Collection
Easy Rider
Easy Riders: Rock
Eddie Stobart Trucking Songs
Elite Rock Collection
Essential Metal Anthems
Essential Rock Anthems
Even More Power Ballads
Festival Sampler 2004
Fields of Rock Summer 2007
Fighting with My Family (The Original Soundtrack)
Forever Rock 2, Volume 3
Full Metal Garage: The Songs That Drove Metallica
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 1: 1980-81
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 2: 1982-83
Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 4: 1986-87
Godfather of Heavy Metal: Tribute to Lemmy, The
Gods of Guitar
Goe Vur In Den Otto
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
Great Legends of Rock, The
Great Metal Covers, Volume 14
Great Pleasure
Greatest '80s Metal Moments of All Time, The
Greatest Ever Rock Party
Greatest Ever! 70s Rock
Greatest Ever! Classic Rock
Greatest Ever! Dad Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Driving Rock
Greatest Ever! Driving Songs
Greatest Ever! Driving Songs: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Eighties: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Rock Anthems: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! School Days: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Guitar Anthems
Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time
Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time, The
Guitar Anthems
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar Legends
Guitar Rock Heroes
Guitar Rock: The Heavy '80s
Hairy Bikers Road Trip, The
Halloween II
Happy Birthday, Uncle Rotter
Hard 'n' Heavy
Hard ’n’ Heavy Hammer
Hard ’n’ Heavy Rebels
Hard + Heavy
Hard + The Heavy, Volume 1, The
Hard Like Steel
Hard N' Heavy Vol. 67
Hard Nights Day: A History of Stiff Records, A
Hard Rock
Hard Rock Café: 80's Heavy Metal
Hard Rock Collection, The
Hard Rock Gold
Hard’n Heavy
Harder the Better, The
Hardrock Anthems
Haynes Dad: Ultimate Guide to Rock MK II
Haynes Rock: Ultimate Guide to Classic Anthems
Headbanger’s Bible
Hear ’n Aid
Hear ’n Aid: An All-Star Album for Famine Relief
Heavy 100
Heavy Edition
Heavy Hammer Hits II/90
Heavy Metal Anthology, The
Heavy Metal Box, The
Heavy Metal Head-Bangin' Hits
Heavy Metal Masters
Heavy Metal Masters II
Heavy Metal Masters Live
Heavy Metal Palace, Volume 1
Heavy Metal Vol. 1
Heavy Metal, Volume 2
Heavy Metal: The First 20 Years
Heavy Rock
Hell Bent Forever - A Tribute To Judas Priest
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Movie Soundtrack
Heroes of Steel
Heroes of Steel, Chapter 3
High Voltage: 20 Original Power Rock Tracks
Highway Stars - 18 Driving Rock Classics
History of Pop: 1974 to 1982, The
History of Rock: Volume Thirty Seven, The
Hit Z Road, Volume 2
Hits Greatest Stiffs
Hits Total, Vol. 4
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
Hultsfred Rockparty 1981 to 2001
Humo Presenteert: Luchtgitaar!
Hump on Your Back / Snakebite
In Memory of Lemmy - Tribute to Motörhead
Indie City 1
Inferno / Houses of the Molé
Inspired: The World's Greatest Covers
It's Hardrock, Hallelujah!
Juliana's Tokyo, Volume 9: 3rd Anniversary
Kerrang! Headliners
Kerrang! Legends
Kerrang! Metal Klassix
Kerrang! Spirit of Independence
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! Welcome to Planet Rock
Killed by Death
King Biscuit Flower Hour
Kingdom of Metal
Kultakiekko: Kaikkien aikojen lätkähitit 1995–2011
Large Compilation CD #11
Latest & Greatest Guitar Heroes
Legends of Metal
Legends of Rock: Down & Dirty
Legends of Rock: The British Rock Invasion
Let It Rock
Live at Wacken 2011
Live Rock: On Stage
Love Rock!, I
Love to… Rock, I
Making of the Greatest British Rock Albums, The
Many Faces of Motörhead, The
Marquee Metal
Massive Hits! Rock
Mastermix Classic Cuts 6: Rock
Mastermix Classic Cuts 73: Pop/Dance
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 123: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Masters of Rock
Masters of Rock 2007
Maximum Metal, Volume 107
Maximum Power
Media Markt Collection: Rockin’ the Hard Way
Metal Anthems: The Solid Gold Collection
Metal Box, The
Metal CD, Volume 1
Metal Edition
Metal Foundry, Volume 2
Metal Gods
Metal Gods, Volume 2
Metal Hammer: Clash of the Titans
Metal Hammer: Golden Gods 2005
Metal Hammer: June 2006
Metal Hammer: Killing Cuts 5
Metal Hammer: May 2001
Metal Hammer: Noise Inc. Volume 5
Metal Hammer: Off Road Tracks Vol 81
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 18
Metal Hammer: The Horror!
Metal Killers
Metal Killers Kollection
Metal Mania
Metal Masters
Metal Matters
Metal Museum, Volume 7: Heavy Metal, The
Metal on Metal
Metal Rock: Hard & Heavy
Metal Top 50
Metal-Age: The Roots of Metal
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Metallic Attack: The Ultimate Tribute
Metallic-Era Volume II, The
MIX-CD 01 1993
MM - Metal Mayhem
Mojo Presents: All the Young Dudes
Monsters of Rock
Monsters of Rock, Volume 3: Molten Metal
Monsters of the Millennium 2
Monsters of the Millennium 3
Monsters of the Millennium: Rocksongs 1980–2000
Motörhead Goes to Hollywood
Motörhead vs Girlschool
Musikexpress 137: Sounds Live!
Musikexpress 18
Musikexpress 88: Sounds Live!
Mystic Art, Vol. 10
Nice Enough to Eat
Nice Price: Hard ’n’ Heavy
No Class
No Sleep 'til September
No.1 Rock Album, The
NOW 100 Hits: Classic Rock
Now That's What I Call Metal
Now That’s What I Call Classic Rock
Now That’s What I Call Dad Rock
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1980: The Millennium Series
Old Skoöl of Rock
Only Classic Rock Album You’ll Ever Need, The
Original Heavy Metal Album, The
Ozzfest '98, The
Permission to Rock
Phenomena: Original Soundtrack
Planet Rock: The Best Rock Album in the Universe
Please Don’t Touch
Pondus - Flat Fuzzpedal
Power of Love: The Ultimate Collection, The
Protect the Innocent
Punk. 40 Years of Subversive Culture
Pure Rock 1980
Pure Rock 1982
Pure Rock 1984
Pure Rock 1986
Pure… Guitar Heroes
Pure… Guitar Legends
Pure… Hard Rock
Pure… Metal
Pure… Rock
Q Music Rock 100
Radio Caroline Calling: Rock Flashback
Raised on Rock
Ramones Heard Them Here First, The
Rated R (Juke Offering)
Raw Power Sampler
Road Trip: 60 Essential Driving Songs
Rock - Road Trip - The Ultimate Collection
Rock & Folk Monster CD N°33: Janvier 2011
Rock & Folk Monster CD N°5: Janvier 2004
Rock 80.Let
Rock Album, The
Rock and Roll Decades: The Nineties, The
Rock Anthems
Rock Anthems, Volume 2
Rock Anthems: The Solid Gold Collection
Rock Anthems: The Ultimate Collection
Rock Box
Rock Box, The
Rock Classics
Rock Classics (The Heavyweights)
Rock Classics Top 100
Rock Classics, Vol. 4
Rock Classics: Rock the Night
Rock Collection, The
Rock Collection, Volume 3: Coming On Strong, The
Rock Collection: Hard 'n' Heavy, The
Rock Collection: Rock Inferno, The
Rock Collection: Rock Solid, The
Rock Giants (disc 1)
Rock Giganten
Rock Gödz
Rock Hard № 10
Rock Hard Presents: EMP - 20 Years of Rock 'n' Roll - Finest Collection
Rock Hard: Die Dicksten Dinger des Jahres
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 10
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 4
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 42
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 62
Rock Hard: The History Compilation
Rock Heroes 2: Metal Edition
Rock Hit Box
Rock Hits of the 70s
Rock Is Back
Rock Legends
Rock Legends: The Ultimate Collection
Rock Machine
Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters: Unleash the Beast
Rock Out!: 40 Classic Heavy-Rockers
Rock Resurrection
Rock S'Cool: A Spanking Good Song Collection!
Rock S’Cool
Rock School
Rock Solid
Rock Sound: Music with Attitude (Italian Edition), Volume 69
Rock the ’90s With Planet Rock
Rock Triumphs
Rock, Il
Rock: 120 Original Hits
Rocking Through the Eighties
Rockland Radio: Welcome to Classic Rock! Chapter 1
Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life
Roots of Motörhead Collection
Sampler-Rom RockHard N°34, Le
School Summer Holiday
Scream for Rock
Sex, Drugs + Rock'n Roll
Shoot 'em Up: Music From the Motion Picture
Simply Rock
Sing Street
Sir Price
Skate 2
Skate to Hell: The Extreme Skaterock Collection
Skaters Have More Fun, Volume 2
Skydog Poubelles : The Single Story
Slam Jams, Volume 1
Smokin' Aces
Soft Rock Classics
Solid Metal 1
Sony Music Box: Rock
Sounds Waves 1
Speed Metal
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Music From the Movie and More…, The
SPV Summer Slam
St Valentine's Day Massacre
Stand by Your Man
Starter for 10
Stay Clean
Story of Musikladen, No. 3: 1981–1984, The
Strip Jointz Rocks: Rock n’ Roll for Sexy Dancers
Studio Brussel - De Tijdloze, Vol. 2
Studio Brussel – Het jaar van de gitaar
Summer of Rock & Metal 2004
Super Rock Hits
Superhits of the 80’s
Superhits of the 80s
Taken by Storm / In Their Own Words
Tales From Bootleg Oceans, 6th Chapter
Techno & Dance V
Teenage Kicks 2: Going Underground
Teraz Rock: The House of Blue Light
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 59
This Is Mullet Rock
This One's Worth Saving
Thrash the Wall
Tiger Hits
Tijdloze Vol 2, De
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Masterpieces
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
Top Gear Anthems
Top Gear: Anthems (disc 1)
Top Gear: Seriously Rock & Roll
Top Gear: The Best Driving Songs
Total 80s
Total 80s Pop
Totally Heavy Metal
Tribute To Kill 'em All, A
Tromeo & Juliet
Twisted Forever
Ultimate Collection: 80s School Days
Ultimate Collection: Eighties, The
Ultimate Collection: Rock - 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Collection: Running Songs – 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Guitar Legends
Ultimate Rock
Ultimate Rock - Great Rock Music
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.8
Unlawful Waffle
Vaya Con Tioz (disc 3: Support Bands)
Very Best of Rock 1980-83, The
Very Best of School, The
Wayne’s World Hits 2
Welcome to Hell
Wild CD 08
WOA: Full Metal Juke Box, Volume I
World's Greatest Air Guitar Album
World’s Best Dad: 40 Ultimate Rock Classics
Worlds Best Dad: Super Tracks for Super Dads
WWE RAW Greatest Hits - The Music
WWE: SummerSlam – The Music 2013
WWE: The Music, Volume 6: ThemeAddict
WWE: Wreckless Intent
WWE: WrestleMania: The Music, 2014
WWF: The Music, Volume 5
You Will Be Rocked
Youth Gone Wild: Heavy Metal Hits of the '80s, Volume 1
ZaphodBeeblebrox's [working title] Mix CD!