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Offizieller Name The Replacements
Replacements Musical group (Musical group or band)
Replacements (Musical group or band)
Replacements, The
The Replacements
The Replacements (Musical group or band)
began 1979 until 1991
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Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Dunlap, Slim (hasMember)
Freese, Josh (hasMember)
Mars, Chris (hasMember)
Oasis (Rock group)
Snow Patrol (Musical group)
Stinson, Bob (hasMember)
Stinson, Tommy (hasMember)
Voices of East Harlem
Westerberg, Paul
Westerberg, Paul (hasMember)
Wiebe, Warren
Wonder Stuff (Musical group)
1986-02-04: Maniac: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
2013-08-25: Riot Fest: Fort York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
20Th Century Boy (Let It Be Outtake)
Ace of Spades, The
Achin' to Be (LP version)
Ain't No Crime (outtake)
Alex Chilton (alternate version)
All for nothing Nothing for all
All He Wants to Do Is Fish
All shook down
Another Girl, Another Planet (live)
Answering Machine (live)
Answering Machine (solo home demo)
Anywhere Is Better Than Here
Anywhere's Better Than Here (live)
Asking Me Lies
Attitude (demo)
Baby Strange
Back to Back
Bad Worker (solo home demo)
Basement Jam (rehearsal)
Bastards of Young (860118 - Saturday Night Live)
Bastards of Young (860204 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ - Sound Check)
Bastards of Young (860521 - VPRO Session - The Netherlands)
Bastards Of Young (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)
Beat Girl
Beer for Breakfast
Bent Out of Shape
Best of the Replacements
Birthday Gal (studio demo)
Birthday Girl (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Black Diamond
Boink!! (Bootleg version) (25 track)
Borstal Breakout
Bought a Headache, I
Buck Hill
Bundle Up ("Jungle Rock") (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Bundle Up (studio demo)
Busted Up
Camp music from the motion picture.
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love
Can't Hardly Wait (Acoustic) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
Can't Hardly Wait (alternate version)
Can't Hardly Wait / Cool Water
Can't Hardly Wait (Electric) (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
Can't Hardly Wait (outtake, acoustic)
Can't Hardly Wait (outtake, electric)
Can’t Hardly Wait (the Tim version), I
Careless (Alternate Version)
Color Me Impressed (860204 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ - SoundCheck)
Color me obsessed
complete studio albums 1981-1990, The
Cool Water
[crowd] / [banter]
Cruella De Ville
Cruella DeVille
Customer (alternate take)
Darlin’ One
Date to Church
Don’t Ask Why
Don’t Sell or Buy, It’s Crap.
Don't tell a soul
Don’t Turn Me Down (demo)
Don't you know who I think I was? the best of the Replacements.
Dope Smokin Moron
Dose of Thunder
Early Mats, The
Election Day
Everything's Coming Up Roses
Farewell Gig: Grant Park, Chicago July 4, 1991, The
Favorite Thing
Favourite Thing
For sale : Live at Maxwell's 1986
Fox on the Run
Fuck School [Explicit]
Gary’s Got a Boner
Get Lost (outtake)
Get on the Stick (studio demo)
Gimme Noise
God Damn Job
Goodbye Bozos
Gudbuy T’ Jane
Hangin Downtown (Conclusion)
Happy Town (demo)
Happy Town (edit)
Hate Music (Alternate Version), I
Hayday (860204 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ - Sound Check)
Hear You Been to College
Heartbeat – It’s a Lovebeat (rough mix)
Here Comes a Regular (alternate version)
Here Comes a Regular (live)
Hey, Good Lookin' (Live 1983, B-Side Of "I Will Dare")
Hey, Good Lookin' (outtake)
Hitchin’ a Ride
Hold My Life
I’ll Be There
I'll be you (LP)
I’ll Buy
I’m in Trouble
I'm Not Sayin'
I.O.U. (860521 - VPRO Session - The Netherlands)
If Only You Were Lonely (B-Side Of "I'm In Trouble")
If You Get Married
Inconcerated Live
Inherit the Earth
Interview With Paul Westerberg, An
IOU (May 86 - In Studio Of Dutch Radio Station VPRO)
Iron Man
It Aint Over Til the Fat Roadies Play
Johnny Fast (outtake, rough mix)
Johnny’s Gonna Die
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Jungle Rock
Junior's Got a Gun (outtake, rough mix)
Kick It In (studio demo)
Kick Your Door Down
Kids don't follow plus eleven
Kiss Me on the Bus (860118 - Saturday Night Live)
Kiss Me on the Bus (860500 - Old Grey Whistle Test)
Kiss Me on the Bus (studio demo)
Kissin' in Action (demo)
Kissing Action
Last, The
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Lay It Down Clown
ledge, The
Left Here in the Dark
Left of the Dial
Let It Be (Outtakes)
Like a Rolling Pin
Like You (outtake)
Liking a Rolling Pin
Little Mascara
Live at Lingerie
Live in Dixie
Lookin' for Ya
Lost Highway
Love You Till Friday / Maybellene
Lovelines (alternate vocal)
Man Without Ties
Merry Go Around
Merry Go Round
Message to the Boys
Mirror Go Round
Misty Mountain Hop / Heartbreaker
More Cigarettes (Alternate Version)
More Fun in the New World
Mr. Whirly
My Little Problem (alternate version)
Never Mind
Nightclub Jitters
No More the Moon Shines on Loreena
Nowhere Is My Home (From British "Boink") (Early '85 Alex Chilton Sessions)
Nowhere Man
Oh Baby (studio demo)
One Wink at a Time
Original album series
Otto (Alternate Version)
Ought to Get Love
Perfectly Lethal
Photo (studio demo)
Pleased to meet me
PO Box (A.K.A. Empty as Your Heart)
PO Box (aka Empty As Your Heart) (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Pool & Dive
Radio Free Europe
Radio Hook Word Hit
Raised in the City (demo)
Red Red Wine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Replacements E.P., The
Replacements stink
Rock ’n’ Roll Ghost
'Round and 'Round
Route 66
Run It
Sadly Beautiful (demo)
Saturday Night Special
Seein’ Her
Seen Your Video (Let It Be Outtake)
September Gurls
Shape Up (demo)
Shiftless When Idle
Shit Hits the Fans … and More, The
Shit, Shower & Shave
Shoot Me, Kill Me
Shooting Dirty Pool
Shutup (Alternate Version)
Shutup (demo)
Sire Years, The
Sixteen Blue (alternate vocal)
Sixteen Blue (Let It Be Outtake)
Sleeping Nights of Jesus
Someone Take the Wheel (demo)
Somethin’ to Dü
Songs for Slim
Sonic Reducer
sorry ma forgot to take out the trash sr
Staples in Her Stomach (outtake)
Stink "Kids don't follow" plus eleven
Street Girl (Version 1) (Let It Be Outtake)
Street Girl (Version 2) (Let It Be Outtake)
Stuck in the Middle
Sweet Girl #1
Sweet Girl #2
Swingin' Party
Swinging Party
Take Me Down to the Hospital
Takin a Ride / I'm in Trouble
Takin’ Care of Business
Talent Show (feat., Goodbye Bozos)
Talent Show (live)
Talent Show / Send in the Clowns
Talent Show (studio demo)
Temptation Eyes (Let It Be Outtake)
That'll Be the Day (860204 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ - Sound Check)
They’re Blind
Till We're Nude
Time Is Killing Us (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Tiny Paper Plane (demo)
Toe Needs a Shoe (outtake), A
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out / Third Stone From the Sun
Tossin' and Turnin'
Tossin' n' Turnin'
Treatment Bound (alternate version)
Twin/Tone Years, The
Valentine (Aug 86 - Last Session With Bob Stinson)
Valentine (studio demo)
Waitress in the Sky (alternate version)
Wake Up
Walkin' a Little Closer
We Know the Night
We’ll Inherit the Earth (mix 1)
We’re Comin’ Out
We're Coming Out
(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (outtake)
What’s My Scene (Hoodoo Gurus Cover)
When It Began (demo)
White and Lazy
Who Knows
Who's Gonna Take Us Alive (Let It Be Outtake)
Will Dare / Color Me Impressed, I
Will Follow, I
Within Your Reach
Won’t, I
Yeah Yeah
You Ain’t Gotta Dance (studio demo)
You Lose
You're Getting Married (solo home demo)
Contributed to or performed: 
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Alternative Pop
Another Girl, Another Planet / Stand in Line
Barefoot & Pregnant
Bootlegs, Volume 1: Celebrating 35 Years at First Avenue, The
Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait "Tonight's the Party": Music From the Motion Picture
Can’t Hardly Wait: Music From the Motion Picture
Coolio & Friends
Date to Church
Drink For Sue Ellen, A
Feeling Minnesota
Going the Distance
He's Just Not That Into You
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Hot Tub Time Machine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
House M.D.: Season 3
Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story
Just Say Yes, Volume III: Just Say Mao
Just Say Yes…
Kockout Kings
Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80s Underground
Love Sucks
Medley Four (“All Innocent Children Had Better Beware”): Feed the Birds / Whistle While You Work / I’m Wishing / Cruella Deville / Dumbo and Timothy
Modern Edge: A Modern Rock Collection, The
Modern Rock: 1988–1989
Mojo Presents: Piece of Cake: 20 Years of Ryko
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Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records: The First Fifty Years
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Suburban Home Mix Tape 5: Someone's Gonna Die
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