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Jamie Peck
Jamie Peck (britischer Geograph und Hochschullehrer)
Jamie Peck (British geographer)
Jamie Peck (Brits geograaf)
Peck, J.
Peck, Jamie
Peck, Jamie A.
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Barnes, Trevor J. (1956- ))
Dicken, Peter
Doussard, Marc
ebrary, Inc
Hart, Trevor
Haughton, G F
Haughton, Graham
Jones, M
Jones, Martin
Leitner, Helga (19..-....))
Nilsson, Jan-Evert (1947-))
Peck, J
Peck, J A
Peck, Jamie
Sheppard, Eric
Sheppard, Eric S.
Theodore, Nik
Theodore, Nikolas
Tickell, A
University of British Columbia--Department of Geography
Ward, Kevin (1969-...))
Wiley-Blackwell (Firm)
Wiley-Blackwell (firma)
Yeung, Henry Wai-Chung
Accountability and the non-elected local state: calling Training and Enterprise Councils to local account
After Deindustrialization: Uneven Growth and Economic Inequality in "Postindustrial" Chicago
Antipode book series, The
Beyond 'Employability.'.
Business Goes Local: Dissecting the 'Business Agenda' in Manchester
business of contingent work: growth and restructuring in Chicago's temporary employment industry, The
Carceral Chicago: Making the Ex-offender Employability Crisis
City of revolution : restructuring Manchester
Commentary: 'Work First': Workfare and the Regulation of Contingent Labour Markets.
Conceptualizing Neoliberalism, Thinking Thatcherism
Constructing markets for temporary labour: employment liberalization and the internationalization of the staffing industry
Constructions of neoliberal reason
Contesting neoliberalism : urban frontiers
Contingent Chicago: Restructuring the Spaces of Temporary Labor
Creativity and the capitalist city : the struggle for affordable space in Amsterdam
Economic Sociologies in Space
Environment and planning.
Exporting Workfare/Importing Welfare-to-Work: Exploring the Politics of Third Way Policy Transfer
Fast policy : experimental statecraft at the thresholds of neoliberalism
Flexible recession: the temporary staffing industry and mediated work in the United States
Follow the policy: a distended case approach
Fuzzy Old World: A Response to Markusen
Geographies of Labour Market Governance
Geography and Public Policy: Constructions of Neoliberalism
internationalization process, The : European firms in global competition
Labor, zapped/growth, restored? Three moments of neoliberal restructuring in the American labor market
Labour Market Policy as Flexible Welfare: Prototype Employment Zones and the New Workfarism
Letting the market decide (with public money): Training and Enterprise Councils and the future of labour market programmes
Liberating the City: Between New York and New Orleans
Lived Labor Markets
Manchester Plays Games: Exploring the Local Politics of Globalisation
Moving and Shaking: Business Elites, State Localism and Urban Privatism
Neoliberal Hurricane: Who Framed New Orleans?
Neoliberal Urbanism: Models, Moments, Mutations
Neoliberalizing Space
Neoliberalizing states: thin policies/hard outcomes
New institutional spaces training and enterprise councils and the remaking of economic governance
New labourers? Making a New Deal for the 'workless class'
Peck, J. 1996: Work-Place: The Social Regulation of Labor Markets. New York: The Guilford Press
Politics and practice in economic geography
Recombinant workfare, across the Americas: Transnationalizing 'fast' social policy
Recreative City: Amsterdam, Vehicular Ideas and the Adaptive Spaces of Creativity Policy
Remaking laissez-faire
Remaking Regional Economies: Power, Labor and Firm Strategies in the Knowledge Economy - By Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark
Remaking the global economy economic-geographical perspectives
Report: The Summer Institute in Economic Geography
Searching for Best Practice in Welfare-to-Work: The Means, the Method and the Message
Social Regulation after Fordism: Regulation Theory, Neo-Liberalism and the Global-Local Nexus
social regulation of uneven development: 'regulatory deficit', England's South East, and the collapse of Thatcherism, The
Struggling with the Creative Class
Tales of the unexpected: a polemic against employment forecasting
Temped Out? Industry Rhetoric, Labor Regulation and Economic Restructuring in the Temporary Staffing Business
temporary staffing industry: Growth imperatives and limits to contingency, The
Training and Enterprise Councils: Schumpeterian workfare state, or what?
trouble with TECs...a critique of the Training and Enterprise Councils initiative, The
Variegated capitalism
Variegated neoliberalization: geographies, modalities, pathways
Welfare-to-work: national problems, local solutions?
Wiley-Blackwell companion to economic geography, The
Work-place: the social regulation of labor markets
Workfare in the Sun: Politics, Representation, and Method in U.S. Welfare-to-Work Strategies
Workfare states. -
Worlds Apart? Engaging with the "World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography"
Youth training and the local reconstruction of skill: evidence from the engineering industry of North West England, 1981 - 88
youth training scheme: regional policy in reverse?, The
Zombie neoliberalism and the ambidextrous state
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