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Billy Connolly
Connolly, Billy
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
The Big Yin (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Yin, Yin (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Clement, Dick (1937-...)
Cook, Peter (1937-)
Rafferty, Gerry (co-performer)
Studio Canal plus
The Humblebums (isMemberOf)
The Humblebums (see also from)
Vangelis (1943-)
101 Masturbations
Afternoon After, The
Another brick in the wall
Another country
Another time, another place
Are You a Pole Vaulter?
As Usual
Astrological Chart, Part 2
Atlantic Bridge
Audience With Billy Connolly, An
Australian Cities
Australian Talent Show
Awakenings, Part 2
Awakenings Part II
Back to School
Bad Boys Bike
Banjo Reel
Beach, The
Beautiful Joe
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
best way to walk, the
Big Yin: Billy Connolly in Concert, The
big YinBilly Connolly in concert, The
Billy and Albert Billy Connolly at the Royal Albert Hall.
Billy Connolly, bring on the Big Yin
Billy Connolly Live, Dublin 2002
Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand
Billy Connolly's world tour of Australia
Billy Connolly : the authorized version
Billy's Bobby Theme
Billy's Breton
Billy's Fast Waltz
Billy's Jig
Billy's March
Billy's Reel
Billy's Slow Air
Billy's Slow Waltz
Billy's Strathspey
Bit of Profanity, A
blonde en cavale, Une
Bostonians, The
Bourgeois Flatware
Box of Chocolates
C & W Super Song, The
Campbell's Farewell
Carnival of Venice
Casual Vomit, The
Cat, The
Cathay Pacific
chain, The
Chaleur et poussières
champions, The
chariots de feu, Les
Chick Murray
Childhood Songs
Classic Connolly in Words and Music (disc 2)
Closin' Time (Cryin' Time)
Closing Music
Coat of Many Colours
Comedy & Songs
Comfort and Joy
Comic Relief
compagnie des loups, La
Condoms and Sex
Consul honoraire, Le
Cop Yer Whack for This
Country & Western Supersong, The
crime de l'Orient express, Le
Cripple Creek
Crucifixion, The
Cruxifixion, The
Cryin Time
Crying Time
Cuckoo, The
D.I.V.O.R.C.E. / Cuckoo
Dancing Naked
Death of Robin Hood, The
déchirure, La
Dinner Conversation
Doctor... The Optician, The
Donkey, The
Driving the Porcelain Truck
Dunfermalino / Stars on Sunday
Eastern Europe
Edinburgh Festival
End Credits
Everybody Knows That
Filmtracksthe best of British film music
Five Minutes Ago
Flower of Scotland Theme
Flying, Part 1
Folk Singers
Football Violence
Four Letter Word (A Four-Legged Friend), A
Freezin'/A Donkey Boy
Friendliest Place in the World, The
From Here to Claire
Funny Think Religion
Gandhi's Revenge
Gandhis Revenge
Garfield 2
George Martin - In my life
George My Faithful Roadie
Get right intae him
Give Me a Little of Your Time
Glasgow Accents / 9 1/2 Guitars
Glasgow Accents... Nine and a Half Guitars
Glasgow Accents - Stories & Songs
Glasgow Central
Glasgow Olympics, The
Glasgow Theme
Glassgow High Court
Good Love
Graveyard Is Full of People..., The
Great Billy Connolly, The
Great Marvo and the Lovely Doreen, The
Gregory's girl
Gullible's travels
Half Bottle, The
Half Stoned Cowboy
Hand Made Films presents Water [film soundtrack]
Harry Campbell and the Heavies / The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
Have You Ever Thought About Being a Pervert?
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Highlights & Footlights
Hikers/Glasgow Central, The
Hot Time in the Old Town (Tonight)
Hotel Room in Perth
House of Horrors, Evangelists
I’m Asking You Sergeant, Where’s Mine
If it Was'nae for Your Wellies
If It Wasnae for Your Wellies
île au trésor des Muppets, L'
In Appreciation (The Welly Boot March)
Intro - Swearing
Irish Heartbeat (edit)
Islands Theme, The
Isn't It a Shame
Isolation Tank
Itchy Arses
Ivan the Terrible
Janny Song, The
Japanese Doctor
Jet Lag
Jobbie Weecha!!!! / Please Help Me, I'm Falling, The
Jobbie Wheecha; Please Help Me, I'm Falling, The
John Stonehouse Went Swimming
Join the Army and...
Journey to the edge of the world
Know You, I
Late Call
Laughing at Awful Things
Learning the Banjo
Leather Breeches
Leo Maguire’s Song
Leo Mcguire's Song
Leo McGuire's Story
Leo McGuires Song
Life in the Day Of / Glasgow Central, A
Little Blue Lady
Little of Your Time, A
Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London
Live Down Under 1995
Live From the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Live - In Concert!
Live in Dublin, Part 1
Live in Dublin, Part 2
Local hero
Lucky Uncle Freddie
Major Irritant, A
Marie's Wedding (Musical Appreciation): The Music Teacher / Campbell's Fairwell to Redcastle / Soldier's Joy / Marie's Wedding
Marie's Wedding (Musical Appreciation), The Music Teacher / Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle / Soldier's Joy / Marie's Wedding
Maries's Wedding (Musical Appreciation)
Mario Lanza at the Glasgow Empire
Married a Shrink, I
Marvo and the Lovely Doreen
Medical Check Ups/Prostate/Gynaecologist
Michael Barrymore/V.J. Day
More Fulfilling Masterbation
More Fulfilling Masturbation
Mornington Peninsula Story, A
Mort sur le Nil
Music Teacher / Marie's Wedding, The
Musical Ending, A
Musical Tour of Scotland
My Favourite Wally, McDonalds
My Grandfather's Clock
Mysteries of Anatomy
Mystery Two
National Anthem, Captain Cook
Near You
Neck Lumps
Nine and a Half Guitars
No Place Like Home
Nobel Peace Prize/Old Mans Day, The
Nobody’s Child
Nuclear Weapons
Oh, Dear
Oh! No!
On Tour With the Big Yin
One Night Stand Down Under
Optician, The
Orient Express, The
Ouragan sur l'eau plate
Ouragan sur l'eau platebande originale du film
Oz Moz
Pain in My Ass
Pain in the Ass
Pale Blue Scottish Person
Partick Lullabye, A
Penile Numbness
pick of Billy Connolly, The
Pokarekare ana
Politicians $ Media Magnates
Pope, The
portraits, The
Practical Jokes
President of America
Pubic Hair
Queen's Christmas Party, The
Raw meat for the balcony
Religion, Masturbation, Celibacy
Rentalaugh - The Vaseline Salesman
return of the soldier, The
Rock and Roll Saves
Rodney and Cynthia
Rose of Sharon 1, The
Rose of Sharon 2, The
route des Indes, La
Salt Coats at the Fair
Saltcoats at the Fair
Scottish Fighting Man, The
Scottish Highland National Dress / The Welly Boot Song
Scottish Tan
Secret policeman's ball
Sergeant, Where's Mine?
Sexie Sadie and the Lovely Raquel
Sexual Performance
Sexy Sadie and Lovely Raquel
Shaeffer Jig
Shagging Sheep
Sharon's Son
Shitkickers Waltz, The
Short Haired Police Cadet, The
Silk Pyjamas
Smart Bombs
Solo Concert
Something Has to Give
Song for a Small Man
Song for the Small Man
Song of Mor’du
Spiderman & Donkey
Stainless Steel Wellies (Govan "Dunne" Blues)
Stainless Steel Wellies (Govan Dunnie Blues)
Steel Wellies?
Still crazy soundtrack
Still crazyde retour pour mettre le feu
Take Something Back
Talkin’ Blues (What’s in a Name)
Tam the Bam
Tangle of the Isles Theme
Teenage Parties
Tell Laura I Love Her
Telling Lies
Ten Guitars
They'll Never Put This on a Record
This Is for HBO
Three Men From Carntyne
Tobogganist, The
Transatlantic Years
Travel Away
Two Laplanders, The
Two Little Boys in Blue
Two Night Stand
Under Pressure
Variety Theatre
Video Machine - Power Outage
Videotaping the Birth
vie de Brian, La
Visiting Scotland
Vomiting, Continued
Vomiting & Farting
Vomiting Machine
Walker... The Parachutist, The
Waltz of the Waves
Waltzing Fool, The
Wandering Soul
Wee Brown Dogs
Wee Swearie, A
Weekend Soldier
"Wellies" Off
"Wellies" On
Welly Boot Song, The
Wellyboot Song, The
What's in a Name
When in Rome
Why Don’t They Come Back to Dunoon
Why's That Man So Shiny
Will Ye Go Theme
Winchburgh Junction
Words and music
World tour of Australia
Would you dance with a stranger
Wreck on Tour
Wrong Clothes, The
You Take My Photograph (I Break Your Face)
Contributed to or performed: 
♥ Comedy, I
6 Pack of Laughs
Acoustic Routes
Airline Safety
Bed of Mossy Green
Best Comedy Album in the World …Ever!, The
Best of British Folk, The
Brave (Indomable): Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Classic Comedy Box
Comic Release
Country Blues
Everybody Knows That (live)
Folk Box, The
In My Life
ITV Children's Themes
New Humblebums, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 70's, Volume 6, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 70s (Digital Collection), The
Not the Nine O’Clock News
Please Sing a Song for Us (live)
Rick Rack (live)
Saturday Round About Sunday
Saturday Round About Sunday (single version)
Secret Policeman's Ball, The
Secret Policeman's Other Ball, The
Still Crazy
Totally Comedy: The Essential Comedy Album
Transatlantic Folk Box Set