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Eversley, G. Shaw-Lefevre
Eversley, G. Shaw-Lefevre (Baron)
Eversley, George John Shaw Lefevre
Eversley, George John Shaw-Lefevre (Baron)
Eversley, George John Shaw-Lefevre (Lord)
Eversley, George Shaw-Lefevre (Baron)
Eversley, .. (Lord)
George Shaw-Lefevre
George Shaw-Lefevre, 1st Baron Eversley (aristocrate et politicien britannique)
George Shaw-Lefevre, 1st Baron Eversley (British Liberal Party politician)
George Shaw-Lefevre, 1st Baron Eversley (Brits politicus (1831-1928))
Lefevre, G. S. (Baron Eversley)
Lefevre, George John Shaw-
Lefevre, George John Shaw- (Baron Eversley)
Lefevre, George Shaw- (Baron Eversley)
Shaw-Lefevre, G.
Shaw-Lefevre, G. (Baron Eversley)
Shaw-Lefevre, George (Baron Eversley)
Shaw-Lefevre, George John
Shaw-Lefevre, George John (Baron Eversley)
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Chirol, Valentine (1852-1929))
Cobden Club (London, England)
Grant Duff, Mountstuart E.
Grant Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone
Great Britain. Parliament. House of commons. Select committee on pilotage bill
Howard, James (1821-1889)
Rashid, Sheikh Abdur
Wedderburn, David Sir, bart., 1835-1882
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Agrarian tenures ... 1893.
Agrarian tenures : a survey of the laws and customs relating to the holding of land in England, Ireland, and Scotland, and of the reforms therein during recent years
balance of trade. An explanation of the growing difference between the values of imports and exports., The
British colonial policy
decade of inflation and depression:, A
decade of tariff fooling., A
discipline of the bar, 1863:, The
English and Irish land questions : collected essays.
English commons and forests : the story of the battle during the last thirty years for public rights over the commons and forests of England and Wales.
Foreign policy
Freedom of land.
game laws., The
Gladstone and Ireland; the Irish policy of Parliament from 1850-1894.
Incidents of coercion; a journal of visits to Ireland in 1882 and 1888
Irish members and English goalers; the treatment of political offenders
Letter from George Shaw-Lefevre, Baron Eversley, to Hugh Law, congratulating him on his appointment as Lord Chancellor of Ireland
partitions of Poland., The
personal payment of rates and the Reform act of 1867, The
Practical politics ...
purchase clauses of the Irish land acts. Speech made in the House of Commons, on the 2nd of May, 1879, and papers written on the same subject, The
Reply to [and reprint of] Leaflet No. 17 of the Gold Standard Defence Association. Bimetallism and agricultural depression, by the Right Hon. G. Shaw-Lefevre.
Report and special report from the Select Committee on the Pilotage Bill, together with the proceedings of the Committee, minutes of evidence, and appendix.
Tariff makers, their aims and methods; a sequel to Fact versus fiction, the Cobden club's reply to Mr. Chamberlain.
tenant farmer
Turkish Empire; from 1288 to 1914, The
Turkish empire its growth and decay