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Schofield, C.
Schofield, Clive
Schofield, Clive H.
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Computer file
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Bradley, Rachael
Furness, Shelagh
International Boundaries Research Unit
Klemenčić, Mladen (geograf)
Lee, Seokwoo (1967-)
Prescott, J.R.V. (1931-)
Prescott, John Robert Victor (1931-)
Prescott, Victor
Schofield, Richard N.
Townsend-Gault, Ian (1952-)
Warner, Robin
Yi, Sŏg-u (1967-)
Beijing's power and China's borders twenty neighbors in Asia
Boundaries, borders and peace-building in Southern Africa : the spatial implications of the 'African Renaissance'
Brokering Cooperation amidst Competing Maritime Claims : Preventative Diplomacy in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea
Ceuta and the Spanish sovereign territories : Spanish and Moroccan claims
Choppy Waters ahead in "a Sea of Peace Cooperation and Friendship"? : Slow Progress Towards the Application of Maritime Joint Development to the East China Sea
Climate change and the oceans, 2012:
Cross-border crime and the former Soviet Union
Current Legal Developments : the Arctic
Čvrste ograde --- loši susjedi
Defining Areas for Joint Development in Disputed Waters
Defining EEZ Claims from Islands: a Potential South China Sea Change
Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries, The : a Matter of "Life or Death" for East Timor?
Departures from the Coast : Trends in the Application of Territorial Sea Baselines under the Law of the Sea Convention
Disputed South China Sea Hydrocarbons in Perspective
Ecuador-Peru boundary dispute, The : the road to settlement
El Dorado Effect: Reappraising the "Oil Factor" in Maritime Boundary Disputes, The
Estoppel, acquiescence and recognition in territorial and boundary dispute settlement
Extending Indonesia? : Opportunities and Challenges related to the Definition of Indonesia's Extended Continental Shelf Rights
From disputed waters to seas of opportunity : overcoming barriers to maritime cooperation in East and Southeast Asia
From sundering seas to arenas for cooperation : applying the regime of enclosed and semi-enclosed seas to the Adriatic
geographical description of the Spratly Islands and an account of hydrographic surveys amongst those islands, A
Geographical information in delimitation, demarcation, and management of international land boundaries
Geopolitika je morska stvar
German-Danish border, The : the successful resolution of an age old conflict or its redefinition?
Global boundaries
Grey Clouds or Clearer Skies Ahead? Implications of the Bay of Bengal Case
Guide to dust explosion prevention and protection
Holding Back the Waves? " Sea-level Rise and Maritime Claims
Horn of Troubles : Understanding and Addressing the Somali "Piracy" Phenomenon
How to prove title to territory : a brief, practical introduction to the law and evidence
IBRU boundary and territory briefing, 1999
Ignition prevention, containment, inerting, suppression and isolation
Indonesia's "invisible" border with China
land boundaries of Indochina, The : Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
limits of maritime jurisdiction, The
Marine resources management
Maritime Energy Resources in Asia Legal Regimes and Cooperation
maritime political boundaries of the world, The
Middle East and North Africa
Navigation through Archipelagos : Current State Practice
Nezakopano blago
No Panacea? : Challenges in the Application of Provisional Arrangements of a Practical Nature
Outer Continental Shelf in the Asia-Pacific Region: Progress and Prospects, The
Philippine-China border relations : cautious engagement amid tensions
Plundered Waters : Somalia's Maritime Resource Insecurity
Pushing the Limits of the Law of the Sea Convention : Australian and French Cooperative Surveillance and Enforcement in the Southern Ocean
razor's edge, The : international boundaries and political geography : essays in honour of professor Gerald Blake
Scuppering Somali Piracy: Global Responses and Paths to Justice
Securing Maritime Australia : Developments in Maritime Surveillance and Security
South China Sea Dispute: increasing stakes and rising tensions, The
territorial dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia over Pulau Sipadan and Pulau Ligitan in the Celebes Sea, The : a study in international law
Territorial disputes among Japan, China and Taiwan concerning the Senkaku Islands
Territorial proposals for the settlement of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina
Towards a framework for the resolution of the territorial dispute over the Kurile Islands
Trouble with Islands, The : the Definition and Role of Islands and Rocks in Maritime Boundary Delimitation
Undelimited maritime boundaries of the Asian Rim in the Pacific Ocean
War and peace on the Danube : the evolution of the Croatia-Serbia boundary
What's at Stake in the South China Sea? : Geographical and Geopolitical Considerations
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