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Dall, W. H.
Dall, William H.
Dall, William Healey
Dall, William Healy
Gulielmus Henricus Dall
Healy Dall, William
William Healey Dall (American naturalist, malacologist, and scientific explorer of interior Alaska)
William Healey Dall (Amerikaans ontdekkingsreiziger (1845-1927))
William Healey Dall (US-amerikanischer Naturforscher, Paläontologe, Malakologe)
Долл, Уильям Хэйли
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Cartographic material
Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Bartsch, Paul
Bartsch, Paul (1871-1960)
Chemnitz, Johann Hieronymus (1730-1800))
Gibbs, George (1815-1873)
Kobelt, Wilhelm (1840-1916))
Küster, H. C. (1807-1876) (Heinrich Carl))
Martini, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm (1729-1778))
Nadaillac, Jean-François-Albert Du Pouget (1818-1904)
Nadaillac, Jean-François-Albert du Pouget marquis de (1818-1904)
Nadaillac, marquis de (1818-1904)
Philippi, Rodolfo Amando (1808-1904))
Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902)
Rehder, Harald Alfred (1907-)
Scammon, Charles Melville (1825-1911)
Stany Zjednoczone. Government Printing Office
Trimmer, F. Mortimer
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
United States National Museum
United states national museum Washington, D.C.
Alaska and its resources
Alaska as it was and is, 1865-1895 annual presidential address delivered before the Philosophical Society of Washington, December 6, 1895
bibliography and short biographical sketch of William Healey Dall, A : (with one plate)
Bibliography of the scientific writings of R. E. C. Stearns
Biographical memoir of Charles Abiathar White, 1826-1910
Carolvs Linnaevs
Catalogue of shells from Bering Strait and the adjacent portions of the Arctic Ocean, with descriptions of three new species
Contributions to the Tertiary fauna of Florida : with especial reference to the Miocene Silex-beds of Tampa and the Pliocene beds of the Caloosahatchie River
critical review of Bering's first expedition, 1725-30, A : together with a translation of his original report upon it
Gattung Crassatella Lam, Die
Gattung Pleurotomaria, Die
Gattung Ricinula, Die
Gattungen Adeorbis, Skenea, Orbis und Fossarus, Die
Gattungen Delphinula, Scissurella und Globulus, Die : in Abbildungen nach der Natur mit Beschreibungen
Gattungen Umbrella und Tylodina, Die
Genera Livinhacia, Psdeudachatina, Perideris, Limicolaria und Homorus, Die
General conclusions from a preliminary examination of the mollusca
Geographisk charta i från Tobolski till Tziokotz[k]ago
Geological results of the study of the tertiary fauna of Florida (1886-1903)
Histoire abrégée des coquillages de mer : de leurs mœurs, et de leurs amours
History, geography, resources
Illustrations of type specimens of Molluscs described by William Healey Dall (north, western pacific castropods)
index to the Museum Boltenianum, An
Index to the names which have been applied to the subdivisions of the class Brachiopoda excluding the Rudistes previous to the year 1877
Instructions for collecting Mollusks, and other useful hints for the conchologist
Insular landshell faunas, especially as illustrated by the data obtained by Dr. G. Baur in the Galapagos islands
Land and fresh water mollusks
Linnaean memorial address
List of a collection of shells from the Gulf of Aden : obtained by the Museum's East African expedition
List of marine mollusca, comprising the quaternary fossils and recent forms from American localities between Cape Hatteras and Cape Roque, including the Bermudas
manual of the recent and fossil marine pelecypod mollusks of the hawaiian islands, A
Map Showing the Distribution of the Tribes of Alaska and Adjoining Territory
marine mammals of the north-western coast of North America described and illustrated together with an account of the American whale-fishery, The
Memorial sketch of Thomas Bridges ...
Mollusca and the Branchiopoda, The
Mollusks from the vicinity of Pernambuco.
Mollusks, recent and pleistocene
monograph of the molluscan fauna of the Orthaulax pugnax zone of the Oligocene of Tampa, Florida, A
monograph of West American pyramidellid mollusks
New Bulimulus from the Galapagos islands and Peru
New mollusks of the family Turritidae
New species of fossil shells from Panama and Costa Rica : collected by D. F. MacDonald
New species of shells collected by Mr. John Macoun at Barkley sound, Vancouver island, British Columbia.
Notes on Gonidea angulata Lea, a fresh-water bivalve, with description of a new variety
Notes on the avi-fauna of the Aleutian Islands, from Unalashka eastward
On some peculiarities of the Eskimo dialect
On the Californian species of Fusus ...
On the remains of later pre-historic man obtained from caves in the Catherina Archipelago, Alaska Territory, and especially from the caves of the Aleutian Islands.
Pacific coast pilot. Coast and islands of Alaska. Second series.
Pliocene and Pleistocene fossils from the Arctic coast of Alaska and the auriferous beaches of Nome, Norton Sound, Alaska
Pre-historic America
Prehistoric America
preliminary catalogue of the shell-bearing marine mollusks and brachiopods of the south-eastern coast of the United States, A : with illustrations of many of the species
Preliminary descriptions of new species of mollusks from the Northwest coast of America ...
Proceedings of the United States National Museum
Report of the International polar expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska, in response to the resolution of the [U.S.] House of representatives of December 11, 1884.
Report on a collection of shells from Peru, with a summary of the littoral marine mollusca of the Peruvian zoological province
Report on landshells collected in Peru in 1911 by the Yale expedition under Professor Hiram Bingham : with descriptions of a new subgenus, a new species, and new varieties
Report on Mt. St. Elias.
Reports on the results of dredging : under the supervision of Alexander Agassiz, in the Gulf of Mexico (1877-78) and in the Caribbean Sea (1879-80)
review of the American Volutidae, A
Review of the classification of the Cyrenacea
Scientific results of the exploration of Alaska, during the years, 1865-1874
song of the Innuit, The
Spencer Fullerton Baird; a biography including selections from his correspondence with Audubon Agassiz, Dana, and others
Summary of the shells of the genus Conus from the Pacific coast of America in the U.S. National museum
Supplementary notes on Martyn's Universal conchologist
Synopsis of the family Veneridæ and of the North American recent species
Synopsis of the genera, subgenera and sections of the family Pyramidellidae
Tribes of the extreme Northwest
Washington (Estados Unidos) (Estado)
Yukon Territory, The : The narrative of W. H. Dall, leader of the expedition to Alaska in 1866-1868. The narrative of an exploration made in 1887 in the Yukon District