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B, R.
B, Robert Barclay
Barclaius, Robertus
Barclay, Robert
Barklay, Robert
R. B
R. B, Robert Barclay
Robert Barclay (Amerikaans theoloog (1648-1690))
Robert Barclay (schottischer Quäker-Prediger)
Robert Barclay (Scottish Quaker apologist)
Роберт Барклай
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writer of accompanying material
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Claus, Jacob
Claus, Jacob (Amsterdam)
Cunradus, Christoffel (Amsterdam)
Glazemaker, J.H. (1620-1682)
Glazemaker, Jan Hendrik (1620-1682)
Groenwout, Jan Pietersz (Rotterdam)
Liens, Georges
Naeranus, Isaac (Rotterdam)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Sowle, J. (1630 o 1631-1711)
Sowle, Jane (1630 o 1631-1711)
Sowle, Tacy (Londen)
Tract Association of Members of the Society of Friends (Ireland)
Wesley, John (1703-1791))
Anarchy of the ranters and other libertines, the hierarchy of the romanists and other pretended churches, equally refused and refuted, in a two-fold apology for the church and people of god called in derision quakers. wherein they are vindicated from those that accuse them of disorder and confusion on the one hand, and from such as calumniate them with tyranny and imposition on the other
antient testimony of the people called Quakers, reviv'd By the order and approbation of the Yearly Meeting held for the province of Pennsylvania and Jerseys. 1722., The
Apologia de la verdadera teologia christiana como ella es professada, y predicada, por el pueblo, llamado en menos precio los tembladores... ; trasladada... en castellano por Antonio de Alvarado... :
Apologie de la vraie théologie chrétienne, contenant l'explication et la défense des principes et de la doctrine de la société dite des Quakers ecrite en Latin en Anglois par Robert Barclay et traduite depuis en Allemand, en Hollandois et actuellement en Francois, par E.P. Bridel
Apologie : un grand classique du quakerisme
apology for the true Christian divinity, as the same is held forth, and preached, by ... Quakers: ... Written in Latin and English, by Robert Barclay, An
Apology for the true christian divinity: being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called quakers
art of the trumpet-maker, The : the materials, tools, and techniques of the Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Nuremberg
Baptism and the Lord's supper. -
Barclay's apology in modern English
brief van liefde en vriendelyken raad ..., Een
Catechism and confession of faith, approved of and agreed unto by the general assembly of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles, christ himself chief speaker in and among them. : which containeth a true and faithful account of the principles and doctrines which are most surely believed by the churches of christ in great britain and ireland, who are reproachfully called by the name of quakers; yet are found in the one faith with the primitive church and saints, as is most clearly demonstrated by some plain scripture testimonies (without consequences or commentaries) which are here collected and inserted by way of answer to a few weighty, yet easie and familiar questions, fitted as well for the wisest and largest, as for the weakest and lowest capacities. : to which is added, an expostulation with, and appeal to all other professors
Catechismus, et fidei confessio approbata, & confirmata communi consensu & concilio patriarcharum, prophetarum & apostolorum, Christo ipso inter eos præsidente & proloquente. ... Editio secunda, priore multo emendatior. Authore Roberto Barclaio.
Catechismus, et Fidei confessio ..., quae continet veram et fidelem narrationem dogmatum et doctrinarum quae certissime creduntur ab Ecclesiis Christi in Magna Britannia, Hibernia, Hollandia, et quae ireonice Quakeri dicuntur ...
Catechismus und Glaubens Bekäntnis : Welche von der allgemeinen Versamlung der Patriarchen, Propheten und Aposteln, (in und unter welchen, Christus fürnemlich das Wort geführet) gut geheissen ist. Und worinnen auch verfasset ist, eine warhaftige und treue Erklärung der Principien oder Hauptstücken; Als auch der Lehre, die von der Gemeine Christi in Engelandt, [...] angenommen und geglaubet wird ; [...] Wie auch eine kurtze Ansprach, an alle Bekenner der Christenheit
concise view of the chief principles of the Christian religion, as professed by the people called Quakers. By Robert Barclay, A
epistle of love and friendly advice, to the ambassadors of the several princes of Europe, met at Nimeguen, ... By R. Barclay., An
Forsvar for den sande Christelige theologi, som den kundgiôris og prædikis af det folk, som, af foragt, kaldis Quækere: ... Skreven paa Latin og Engelsk ved Robert Barclay, ... oversat ... paa Dansk, af C. Meidel
Forsvarsskrift for den sande kristelige theologi : indeholdende fulstaendig udvikling af samt forsvar for de grundsatnninger og laerdomm, der hyldes og folges af de folk, som kaldes kvaekere.
inner life of the religious societies of the Commonwealth considered principally with reference to the influence of church organization on the spread of christianity, The
little apology (the gist of Barclay's) A condensation, or abstract, of the book, An apology (1676 A. D.), A
lumière intérieure, source de vie apologie de la vraie théologie chrétienne telle qu'elle est professée et prêchée par ce peuple appelé par mépris les Quakers 1675
On the universality and efficacy of divine grace
possibility & necessity of the inward and immediate revelation of the spirit of God, towards the foundation and ground of true faith, proved, in a letter writ in Latin to the Heer Paets; and now also put into English. By Robert Barclay, The
Quakerism confirmed
rational discourse exposing the folly and vanity of sundry fashions and customs Now in vogue, viz. I. Giving slattering titles, and vain complements. II. Bowing the knee, and uncovering the head. III. Superfluity in apparel, and plaiting the hair. IV. Games, sports, plays, comedies, &c. In the words of Robert Barclay's apology. From the beginning of his 15th proposition to the end of the ninth section of the same., A
Roberti Barclaii Theologiæ verè Christianæ apologia
Roberts Barclays Apologie, oder Vertheidigungs - Schrifft der wahren christlichen Gottesgelahrheit, wie solche unter dem Volck, so man aus Spott-QUAKER das ist, Zitterer nennt, vorgetragen und gelehrt wird : oder völlige Erklärung und Rettung ihrer Grundsätze und Lehren, durch viele aus der heil. Schrift, der gesunden Vernunft, und den Zeugnissen sowohl alter als neuer berühmten Sciebenten gezogenen Beweissthümer : nebst einer gründlichen Beantwortung der stärksten Einwürffe, so gemeiniglich wider sie gebraucht werden : anietzo nach der zweyten lateinischen und sechsten englischen Herausgebung gantz von neuen ins Deutsche übersetzt
Serious considerations on absolute predestination Extracted from a late author.
Sermons With a brief memoir
Some things of weighty concernment proposed in meeknes ... 1670:
Theologiae verè Christianae apologia
Theologische stellingen, aen alle (soo genaemde) geestelijcke persoonen ... geaddresseert ...
Theses theologicae
Truth clear'd of calumnies Wherein a book, intituled, A dialogue between a Quaker and a stable Christian, (printed at Aberdeen, and upon good ground judged to be writ by William Mitchell, ... is examined, ... By Robert Barclay.
Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours, and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay.
Universal love considered. -
Verantwoording van de ware christelyke godgeleertheid gelyk dezelve voorgedragen en gepredikt word van het volk, spotsgewyze Quakers genaamd : behelzende een volkomen verklaring en verdediging hunner beginselen en leerstukken ... : Mitsgaders een volkomen beantwoording der krachtigste tegenwerpingen, die hun doorgaans voorkomen
Views of Christian doctrine held by the Religious Society of Friends : being passages taken from Barclay's Apology