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Bruns, George
Bruns, George E.
Bruns, George Edward
Bruns, Georges
George Bruns
George Bruns (American composer)
George Bruns (Amerikaans componist (1914-1983))
George Bruns (amerikansk komponist)
George Bruns (amerikansk kompositör)
George Bruns (compositeur américain)
George Bruns (compositore statunitense)
George Bruns & Norman Foster
George Bruns (US-amerikanischer Filmmusik-Komponist und Jazz-Posaunist)
George Burns
The Jungle Book (2)
Джордж Брунс
Ջորջ Բրունս
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ballou, Monte (co-performer)
Bertrand, Claude (1919-1986)
Blackburn, Tom (19..-.... parolier)
Blackburn, Tom (19..-.... scénariste)
Buena vista home entertainment
Carel, Roger (1927-...)
Clemmons, Larry (1906-1988)
Crews, Freddie (co-performer)
Dell, Peggy (1905-1979)
Disney, Walt (1901-1966)
Gilbert, Bob (co-performer)
Kinch, Don (co-performer)
Reitherman, Wolfgang (1909-1985)
Short, Bob (co-performer)
The Famous Castle Jazz Band (isMemberOf)
Walt Disney company
Walt Disney company France
Walt Disney Productions
Welch, Homer (co-performer)
White, T. H. (1906-1964))
Williams, Hank
101 dalmatiens
Accordion Player
adventures of Bullwhip Griffin
After Her / Cat Fight
Aie confiance
All Dog Alert
All's Well That Ends Well
amour de coccinelle
Archer's Processional
Archers, The
Archery Affair, The
Aristochats 'Les Aristocats', Les
Arsenal Scene
Aurora's Return / Maleficent's Evil Spell
Babes in Toyland [SR] p1961:
Ballad of Davy Crockett, The
Ballad of John Coulter
Ballade de Davy Crockett
Barker, The
Battle With the Forces of Evil / Awakening (Love Theme) / Finale (Once Upon a Dream)
Bear Band Serenade, The
Beautiful Spring Day, A
bebé (Baby), El
Bedtime / an Evening Constitutuinal / a Job to do / They're Gone!
Believe This
bella durmiente, La
belle au bois dormant bande originale française du film rematérisée digitalement, La
Belle au bois dormant l'histoire du film racontée par Michèle Morgan
Bird Brain
Blow The Whistle
Bluebird / I Wonder
Blues du cat
Boston Tea Party
Burning of the Spinning Wheels / The Fairies Plan, The
Butler Sneak, The
Can You Leave Tonight? / Arduous Trek / Any News, Colonel? / I Want the Job Done
Castle in Spain
Cats' Love Theme
Chasse des singes (instrumental), La
Ciento un dálmatas
Colonel Hathi's March (The Jungle Book)
Come Again
Cottage in the Woods, A
Cuatro Soles, Los
Dalmation Plantation / Finale (feat. Bill Lee)
Dan Escapes; Pursuit
Despues de ella / lucha de gatos
Deux chiens et un vélo
Dinsford / Cruella / a Roll in the Soot / to the Van / It Can't Be / Crazed / You Fools!
Dis lui (instrumental)
Díselo (Tell Him)
Disney Channel
Disney Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty
Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean
Do You Hear That?
Dobar kauboj
Dognapped! / Anita Darling / What'll We Do?
Don't Worry, Perdy / the Puppies Are Here / Lucky / How Marvelous / Not One / A Bloomin' Hero
Dornröschen: Warum nur?
Dos perros y una bicicleta
Double the Taxes
Drinking Pirate, The
Drunk on Lamppost
Duel, The
Duke of Chutney
Easy Money
eau de ma maison
Edgar le fourbe
Escaping the Castle
Fairies to the Rescue / Bacchanal
Fairy Tale Come True, A
Farewell to the Sioux / End Title
Fight on Wisconsin
Fight Together
fighting prince of Donegal. [from old catalog], The
First Shot
Follow me, boys !
Fooling Ol' Bushel Britches
Fooling the Sheriff
Forbidden Mountain
Forest of No Return, The
Fortune Tellers
Friar Tuck Imprisoned
Gerald McBoing Boing
Ghostly Voices
Gifts of Beauty and Song / Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All, The
Goose Steps High, The
Green Grow the Lilacs
Hail John
Hail to the Princess Aurora
Happy Birthday
Happy Rag
Hear Us Oh Lord
Herbie rides again
Here’s My Hand On It
Hiding From the Pawnee / Dan Captured
Hiss (unplugged)
honorable Griffin
Hoping for a Kiss
Humphrey Hop
I’ll Hang With Them
I'm Hungry / Get Some Rest / Back on the Road / Spotted!
I'm Lonely My Darling (Green Grow the Lilacs)
Island of the lost.
It's Only a Circus
It's Tough to Be a Bird
It Worked
Jail Break
Je voudrais être un homme
John Blows The Whistle
Johnny Tremain Theme
Joyeuse vie des chats
Jungle Beat
jungle book, The
Just a Toy
Kiss, The
Ladies in the Sky
Lady Marian
Legacy Collection: Robin Hood, The
Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty, The
Liberty Tree (Closing Theme)
Liberty Tree Theme #1
Liberty Tree Theme #2
libro de la selva, El
livre de la jungle - il en faut peu pour être heureux, Le
Loser, The
Lost Arrow, A
love bug, The
Love's First Sight
Lower the Bridge
Lucha con el tigre (Tiger Fight)
Lutte avec le tigre (instrumental)
Magical House Cleaning / Blue or Pink
Maid Marian
Main Street USA
Main Title (Once Upon a Dream)
Main Title (Opening Theme)
Maleficent's Evil Spell
Maleficent's Frustration
marche des éléphants
Marching Drums
mayordomo serpiente, El
Meeting Maid Marian
Melodia bonita / My paree
Merlijn de tovenaar
Merlin l'enchanteur
Mickey and the beanstalk
Mickey Mouse Club: Stop, Look, Listen / Jimmy Dodd - I'm No Fool, The
Miecz w kamieniu
mini-mini minimum
molino de viento / El mayordomo habla, El
Mon bébé (instrumental)
monde c'était vous
Monkey Chase
My Darlings / 99 / Better Be Off / Fire One / All Clear
My Paree / Chords in Blue
My paree / cuerdas tristes
Nation on Wheels
Next Case
Nice Melody
Nine Lives
Nombres de la banda sonora, de José María Benítez y Luis Miguel Carmona, 1996
Not in Nottingham
Not Yourself Today
Obertura (Overture)
Ol' Thunder Always Wins
Old Betsy
Old Boston Town
On Guard
One hundred and one dalmatians
Opening Credits
Ouverture (instrumental)
Parade des chats amoureux
Parrot on Bridge
Parrot's Life for Me, A
Paul Revere
pauvre ours lutte (instrumental), Le
persecución de los monos (Monkey Chase), La
Petite mélodie
Pirate Ouverture
Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland), The
Pirates of the Caribbean Overture, The
Pirates of the Caribbean (Walt Disney World), The
Plundering the Treasury
Pobre oso (Poor Bear)
Pongo und Perdita 101 Dalmatiner
Pooped Pirate
Poor Aurora / Sleeping Beauty
Poor Bear
Pray We’re Right
Press Conference
Pretty Melody / My Paree
Prince John Arrives
Prince John in Prison
Prince Phillip Arrives / How to Tell Stefan
Pulling a Snitch / Big Hullabaloo / Battling the Baduns
Puppies Everywhere
Quatre bassets pour un danois
Qué quieres hacer (What Cha Wanna Do)
Radio Commercial 1
Radio Commercial 2
Rainbow Caverns, The
reluctant dragon
Retreat To Boston
Right in Prince John's Back Yard
Rights Of Men
ritmo de la selva (Jungle Beat), El
Robin and Little John in Disguise
Robin des bois
Robin Hood Captured
Robin Hood: Love
Rythme de la jungle (instrumental), Le
Saving Little Thunder
Scales and arpeggios (1 min 43 s)
Scare Me Music
Secret Revealed, A
Seize the Fat One
Sergeant Tibs' Recon / Cat Casserole
Setting Up the Gallows
Sheriff of Nothingham
Siete vidas
Singing Dog, The
Singing Pigs, The
Sir Hiss Suspects
Skippy's Birthday Gift
Skumps (Drinking Song) / The Royal Argument
Sleeping Beauty: I Wonder
Sleeping Beauty. Selections
Sleeping Beauty Song
Something Funny
Son of Flubber.
spada nella roccia
Spâŝaâ krasavica
Stealing From the Rich
Street Scene
Stuffed Pirate
sword in the stone, The
Tearing Down The Bridge
Tell Him
Tema de amor gatuno
tender foot
Thank You, Sir
Their Liberty
Theme from Zorro (Zorro)
There You Are
Through the Snow / Shelter
Tiger Fight
To Arms
To the Winner
toi la beauté, A
tortoise and the hare, The
Tournament Parade, The
Toyland March
Two By Sea
Two Dogs and a Cycle
ugly dachshund, The
Unusual Prince, An
Unwrap It, John
Vive les oies
[voice over 1] (Auction Scene)
[voice over 2] (Paul Frees)
[voice over 3] (Paul Frees)
vuelo del ganso, El
Wagons Ho; Fort Laramie
Waiting for My Prince
Walt Disney Productions' Robin Hood: Story and Song: As Told by Skippy Rabbit, Toby Tortoise, Sister Rabbit and Tagalong Rabbit
Walt Disney's Davy Crockett goes to Congress
Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty
Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland
Well, Well
Westward ho the wagons
What’cha Wanna Do
What's All the Hurry / a Perfect Situation / Stir Things Up
White Children Meet the Sioux Children, The
Windmill / The Butler Speaks
Wonder, I
Wonderful World of Disney (Main Title), The
Woodland Symphony / Once Upon a Dream
Yo, Ho! (A Pirate’s Life for Me)
Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me)
Yo Ho (demo)
Yo Ho, the Pirates Arcade
Yo Ho (Tuba, Harpsichord, and Vocal)
Yüz bir dalmatin
Zorro. Paroles françaises de Guy Bertret. Paroles anglaises de Norman Foster. Musique de Georges Bruns. [Morceau détaché pour chant et piano avec chiffrage pour accompagnement]
Мач у камену
Меч в камне
ראבין הוד
زیبای خفته
Contributed to or performed: 
101 Dalmatians
Absolutely Disney
And the Winner Is… A Collection of Honored Disney Classic Songs
Archer's Processional
Aristocats, The
Aristochats, Les
Aristogatos, Los
Ballad of Davy Crockett, The
Battle With the Forces of Evil / Awakening / Finale
Bear Band Serenade, The
Best of Disney
Breaks & Beats Disney
Classic Disney, Volume IV: 60 Years of Musical Magic
Coleção Princesas da Disney
Cruela Cruel
Cruella de Ville
Dalmatian Plantation
Disney Adventures in Bluegrass
Disney Classics
Disney Collection, Volume 2, The
Disney Collection: Volume 4, The
Disney Film-Hits: Magische Musik Momente
Disney Magic
Disney Princess: The Music of Hopes, Dreams and Happy Endings
Disney Prinzessinnen: Die schönsten Lieder
Disney's 75 Years of Music and Memories
Disney's Greatest, Volume 3
Disney's Jungle Boogie: 14 Favorite Songs From Jungle Book, the Lion King, Jungle Cubs, Timon & Pumbaa
Disney's Princess Collection, Volume 2
Disney’s Happiest Celebration on Earth
Disney’s Theme Park Sing-Along
Disneyland Forever / Club #33
Disneyland: Remember the Moments
Easy Disney Favorites
Fortune Tellers
Frontierland / The Ballad of Davy Crockett
Frontierland en musique
Gifts of Beauty and Song / Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All, The
Greatest Hits of Walt Disney, The
Greatests Hits of Walt Disney, The
Happiest Celebration on Earth: The Official Album of the Walt Disney World Resort, The
It's Only a Circus
Johnny Guitar: Davy Crocket
Jungle Book (Jingle Jungle mix) (album edit version), The
Jungle Book, The
Jungle Book: Original Cast Soundtrack, The
Jungle Book: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Jungle Book: The Original Soundtrack, The
Jungle Book: Walt Disney Presents Songs and Dialog from the Original Soundtrack, The
Kanine Krunchies Kommercial
Legacy Collection: Disneyland, The
Legacy Collection: Robin Hood, The
Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty, The
libro de la selva, El
Life, The
Livre de la jungle, Le
Loser, The
Love - Robin Hood
Magia Disney, Volume 3, La
Main Title / Once Upon a Dream / Prologue
Meeting Maid Marian
Mickey Mouse Club March / The Ballad of Davy Crockett
Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song, The
Now That's What I Call Disney Princess
Now That’s What I Call Disney Princess
O Mickey, Where Art Thou? The Voices of Bluegrass Sing the Best of Disney
Official Album: The Music of Disneyland, Walt Disney World & Epcot, The
Pirates of the Caribbean and Other Villains
Playful Melody
Plus Belles Chansons des grands films de Walt Disney : L'Album Anniversaire, Les
Qu’est ce qu’on peut faire ? (instrumental)
Seize the Fat One
Sir Hiss Suspects
Skippy's Birthday Gift
Sleeping Beauty (Music from the Original Motion Picture)
Super Hits Volume 2
Three Good Fairies (Sing a Smiling Song), The
Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room, The
Ultimate Disney
Ultimate Disney Princess
Unusual Prince / Once Upon a Dream, An
Walt Disney L'Album Anniversaire
Walt Disney Presents the Story and Songs of The Jungle Book
Walt Disney World Official Album: Where Magic Lives
Walt Disney World Resort 2000: The Official Album
Walt Disney World: The Official Album
Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians - The Story and the Songs
Wan'na Be Like You, I
Warum nur?
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) (Disneyland/Walt Disney World)
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)
Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me
Yo Ho! (A Pirate's Life for Me) (Pirates of the Caribbean)