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Krebbs, Charles J.
Krebs, C. J.
Krebs, Charles
Krebs, Charles J.
Krebs, Charles John
Krebs, Charles T.
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Boonstra, Rudy
Boutin, Stan
Boutin, Stanley A. (1955-)
Brown, Jenny (19..-.... spécialiste des technologies de l'information)
CSIRO (Australia)
Egan, Timothy
Gordon, Iain J.
Kozakiewicz, Anna (1951- ))
Kozakiewicz, Michał (1950- ))
Szacki, Jakub (1954- ))
University of British Columbia
Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.
Adjustment of offspring sex ratios in relation to the availability of resources for philopatric offspring in the common brushtail possum.
Aggression, testosterone, and the spring decline in populations of the vole Microtus townsendii.
Arctic ground squirrel predation on collared lemmings.
Assessing stress in animal populations: Do fecal and plasma glucocorticoids tell the same story?
Behavioural responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle
Behavioural responses of lynx to declining snowshoe hare abundance.
Being high is better: effects of elevation and habitat on arctic ground squirrel demography
Biases in the estimation of the demographic parameters of a snowshoe hare population
Biasis in the estimation of the demographic parameters of a snowshoe hare population
Body size, age and paternity in common brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula).
Can changes in female relatedness influence microtine population dynamics?.
Can changes in social behaviour help to explain house mouse plagues in Australia?
Can predation cause the 10-year hare cycle?.
Cats, rabbits, Myxoma virus, and vegetation on Macquarie Island: a comment on Bergstrom et al. (2009)
Climate and nutrient influences on the growth of white spruce trees in the boreal forests of the Yukon
Climatic determinants of berry crops in the boreal forest of the southwestern Yukon
Comparing the genetic population structure of two species of arctic lemmings: More local differentiation in Lemmus trimucronatus than in Dicrostonyx groenlandicus
Comparison of capture-recapture estimators of snowshoe hare populations
Competition between Peromyscus maniculatus and other small rodents in the boreal forest of the southern Yukon Territory.
Complex numerical responses to top-down and bottom-up processes in vertebrate populations.
Constraints to projecting the effects of climate change on mammals
Cycles and synchrony in the Collared Lemming (Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) in Arctic North America
Cyclic dynamics of snowshoe hares on a small island in the Yukon
Demographic consequences of artificial selection at the LAP locus in voles (Microtus townsendii).
Demographic responses of a chipmunk (Eutamias townsendii ) population with supplemental food.
Diet overlap of collared lemmings and tundra voles at Pearce Point, Northwest Territories
Diet quality and food limitation in herbivores: The case of the snowshoe hare.
Dispersal of juvenile collared lemmings (Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) in a high-density population
Dispersal sinks and handling effects: interpreting the role of immigration in common brushtail possum populations
Do changes in berry crops drive population fluctuations in small rodents in the southwestern Yukon?
Do changes in spacing behaviour drive population cycles in small mammals?.
Do Clethrionomys rutilus females suppress maturation of juvenile females?.
Do Exotic Vertebrates Structure the Biota of Australia? An Experimental Test in New South Wales
Ecological methodology
ecological world view, The
Ecology after 100 years: Progress and pseudo-progress
Ecology the experimental analysis of distribution and abundance
Ecosystem dynamics of the boreal forest : the Kluane project
Ecosystem experiments.
Effect of Extra Food and Cover on Declining Populations of Microtus townsendii ., The
Effects of Extra Food on Peromyscus and Clethrionomys Populations in the Southern Yukon.
Effects of food abundance on individuals and populations of the rock mouse (Peromyscus difficilis)
effects of NPK fertilization for nine years on boreal forest vegetation in northwestern Canada., The
Effects of supplemental food on snowshoe hare reproduction and juvenile growth at a cyclic population peak.
Ekologia : eksperymentalna analiza rozmieszczenia i liczebności
Estimating snowshoe hare population density from pellet plots: a further evaluation
Estimating survival rates of snowshoe hares.
Estimation of snowshoe hare population density from turd transects.
Evaluation of aerial surveys of ptarmigan Lagopus species
Evaluation of predator numerical responses
experimental approach to rodent population dynamics., The
Experimental manipulation of predation and food supply of arctic ground squirrels in the boreal forest
experimental paradigm and long-term population studies., The
Finding mammals using far-infrared thermal imaging
Fluctuations in lemming populations in north Yukon, Canada, 2007-2010
From patterns to processes: phase and density dependencies in the Canadian lynx cycle.
From process to pattern: how fluctuating predation risk impacts the stress axis of snowshoe hares during the 10-year cycle.
functional response of a hoarding seed predator to mast seeding, The
Functional responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle
ghosts of predators past: population cycles and the role of maternal programming under fluctuating predation risk, The
Growth studies in the reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) ; with an analysis of population changes in the Mackenzie Delta herd over the period 1938-1958
Habitat use and abundance of deer mice: Interactions with meadow voles and red-backed voles.
Impact of food and predation on the snowshoe hare cycle.
Influence of female relatedness on the demography of Townsend's vole populations in spring.
Influence of relatedness on snowshoe hare spacing behavior
Integrated management to reduce rodent damage to lowland rice crops in Indonesia
interactive effects of food and predators on reproduction and overwinter survival of arctic ground squirrels, The
Invasion biology and ecological theory : insights from a continent in transformation
irruption of deer mice after logging of coastal coniferous forest., An
kinésiologie selon le Dr Charles Krebs une conception révolutionnaire
Lemming Cycle at Baker Lake, Canada, during 1959-62.
lemming cycle at Baker Lake, Northwest Territories, during 1959-62, The
Lernsprünge eine bahnbrechende Methode zur Integration des Gehirns
Limitation of collared lemming population growth at low densities by predation mortality
Limitation of collared lemming populations during a population cycle
Limitations of far infrared thermal imaging in locating birds
Limitations to collared lemming population growth in winter
Line-transect sampling for estimating ptarmigan (Lagopus spp.) density
Male Aggression and the Population Dynamics of the Vole, Microtus townsendii .
Mammal population cycles: Evidence for intrinsic differences during snowshoe hare cycles
Manipulation of Female Behaviour in Field Populations of Microtus townsendii .
Mass-Balance Analyses of Boreal Forest Population Cycles: Merging Demographic and Ecosystem Approaches
Mating systems and sexual dimorphism in mass in microtines.
message of ecology, The
Microhabitat utilisation, home ranges, and movement patterns of the collared lemming (Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) in the central Canadian Arctic
Microtus Population Biology: Demography of M. oregoni in Southwestern British Columbia.
Microtus population densities and soil nutrients in southern Indiana grasslands.
Monitoring vertebrate populations using observational data
Movements of feral house mice in agricultural landscapes
Mushroom crops in relation to weather in the southwestern Yukon
Nährstoffe für ein leistungsfähiges Gehirn alles, was Sie wissen müssen
Natal dispersal of juvenile arctic ground squirrels in the boreal forest
Natal dispersal of snowshoe hares during a cyclic population increase
natural feeding experiment on a declining snowshoe hare population., A
non-invasive technique for analyzing fecal cortisol metabolites in snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus), A
Numerical responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle
Of lemmings and snowshoe hares: the ecology of northern Canada.
Overwinter mass loss of snowshoe hares in the Yukon: starvation, stress, adaptation or artefact?
Owl predation on snowshoe hares: Consequences of antipredator behaviour
Patterns of predation on noncyclic lemmings
Periodic fluctuations in small mammals at Boda, Sweden from 1961 to 1988.
photographic technique for estimating browse growth and use., A
Phylogeography and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) diversity in North American collared lemmings (Dicrostonyx groenlandicus)
Population biology of snowshoe hares. I. Demography of food-supplemented populations in the southern Yukon, 1976-84.
Population biology of snowshoe hares. II. Interactions with winter food plants.
Population biology of snowshoe hares. III. Nutrition, plant secondary compounds and food limitation.
Population cycles in small mammals: The problem of explaining the low phase
Population cycles revisited
Population dynamics of Clethrionomys and Peromyscus in southwestern Yukon 1973-1989.
Population dynamics of large and small mammals: Graeme Caughley's grand vision
Population fluctuations in rodents
Population fluctuations in the small mammals of the Kluane Region, Yukon Territory.
Population genetic structure of the cyclic snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus ) in southwestern Yukon, Canada
Population limitation of the northern red-backed vole in the boreal forests of northern Canada.
Population regulation in deer mice: The role of females.
Population regulation in snowshoe hare and Canadian lynx: asymmetric food web configurations between hare and lynx.
Population responses to sterility imposed on female European rabbits
Predation and population cycles of small mammals
Predation, cover, and food manipulations during a spring decline of Microtus townsendii .
Predator-baiting experiments for the conservation of rock-wallabies in Western Australia: a 25-year review with recent advances
Problems and pitfalls in relating climate variability to population dynamics
Proximate causes of losses in a snowshoe hare population.
Red squirrel population dynamics. I. The effect of supplemental food on demography.
Reproductive changes in a cyclic population of snowshoe hares
Reproductive changes in fluctuating house mouse populations in southeastern Australia
Residual effects of NPK fertilization on shrub growth in a Yukon boreal forest
Response of great horned owls to experimental "hot spots" of snowshoe hare density
review of the Chitty Hypothesis of population regulation., A
revolutionnary way of thinking
Rigorous science: Suggestions on how to raise the bar
Risk of parasite-induced predation: an experimental field study on Townsend's voles (Microtus townsendii)
Robustness of capture-recapture estimators to sample biases in a cyclic snowshoe hare population
role of dispersal in the population dynamics of snowshoe hares., The
Roost site selection of Great Horned Owls in relation to black fly activity: An anti-parasite behavior?
Selection at the transferrin locus in cropped vole populations.
sensitive hare: sublethal effects of predator stress on reproduction in snowshoe hares, The
Snowshoe hare demography during a cyclic population low
Snowshoe hare pellet-decay rates and aging in different habitats
Spacing system of the tundra vole (Microtus oeconomus ) during the breeding season in Canada's western Arctic.
Spatial organization and mating system of Microtus townsendii .
Spatial structure of lemming populations (Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) fluctuating in density.
Summer activity patterns of three rodents in the southwestern Yukon.
Survival of dispersing versus philopatric juvenile snowshoe hares: do dispersers die?
Synchrony in lemming and vole populations in the Canadian Arctic
Terrestrial trophic dynamics in the Canadian Arctic
Testing hypotheses of trophic level interactions: a boreal forest ecosystem
tracking technique to locate small mammals at low densities., A
transmission rate of MCMV in house mice in pens: implications for virally vectored immunocontraception, The
Trappability estimates for mark-recapture data.
Trophic effects of rainfall on Clethrionomys rutilus voles: an experimental test in a xeric boreal forest in the Yukon Territory
Two complementary paradigms for analysing population dynamics.
Vole cycles on Hokkaido: a time-series goldmine.
What Drives the 10-year Cycle of Snowshoe Hares?
Why lemmings have indoor plumbing in summer
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Thesis--University of British Columbia