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Burgess, J.
Burgess, James
Burgess, James (Scottish art historian, 1832-1916, active in India)
Burgess, Jas
James Burgess
James Burgess (archaeologist) (Brits antropoloog (-1916))
James Burgess (British archaeologist)
James Burgess Esq
Джеймс Бёрджесс
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Bühler, G. (1837-1898)
Bühler, Georg (1837-1898)
Bühler, Georg (co-author)
Bühler, Johann Georg (1837-1898)
Constable, Archibald (co-author)
Cousens, Henry (1854-1934)
Cousens, Henry (co-author)
Fergusson, James (1808-1886)
Fergusson, James (co-author)
Fleet, John Faithful (1847-1917)
Führer, Alois Anton (1853-)
Führer, Aloïs Anton (co-author)
Gibson, Agnes C.
Grünwedel, Albert (1856-1935)
Smith, Edmund W. -1901
Spiers, Richard Phené (1838-1916)
Sykes, David Harold Day (co-author)
Temple, Richard Carnac (co-author)
Antiquities of Kutch & Kathiawar
architectural antiquities of northern Gujarat, more especially of the districts included in the Baroda State, The
Buddhist art in India.
Buddhist Stupas of Amaravati and Jaggayyapeta in the Kṛishṇâ district, Madras presidency, surveyed in 1882, The
Bukkyō bijutsu.
Cave temples of India, by James Fergusson,... and James Burgess,..., The
caves of Elura and other Brahmanical and Jaina caves in Western India
chronology of Indian history; medieval & modern., The
Chronology of modern India, for four hundred years from the close of the fifteenth century, A. D. 1494-1894, The
chronology of modern India for four hundred years, The : from the close of the fifteenth century, A.D. 1494-1894
Constable's Hand-Gazetteer of India, compiled under the direction of J. G. Bartholomew,... Edited with additions by Jas. Burgess,...
Digambara Jaina iconography
Epigraphia indica
Gandhara sculptures, The
Geographical place-names in Europe and the East.
hand-gazetteer of India, 1977:, The
History of Indian and Eastern architecture
India : its epigraphy, antiquities, archaeology, numismatics and architecture
Indian antiquary ..., The
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Jan., 1917:
Mapping and place-names of India
Memorandum on the Buddhist caves at Junnar
Memorandum on the remains at Gumli, Gop, and in Kachh, &c.
Muhammadan architecture of Ahmadabad, The
Notes of a visit to Somnath, Girnar & other places in Kathiawad in May 1869
Notes on the Amaravati stupa
Notes on the antiquities of the Talukas of Parner, Sangamner, Ankole, and Kopargaum, forming the charge of the second assistant collector, Ahmadnagar
Notes on the Bouddha Roch-Temples of Ajanta
on some terms employed in the inscriptions of the Kshatrapas
On the Indian sect of the Jainas
On the Muhammadan architecture of Bharoch, Cambay, Dholka, Champanir, and Mahmudabad in Gujarat.
Photographs of architecture and scenery in Gujarat and Rajputana
Proposal for a classified catalogue of the literature of oriental research
Provisional lists of architectural and other archæological remains in western India including the Bombay Presidency, Sindh, Berar, Central Provinces and Hyderabad
Report of the first season's operations in the Belgâm and Kaladgi districts, January to May 1874
Report on the antiquities in the Bidar and Aurangabad districts, in the territories of His Highness the Nizam of Haidarabad being the result of the third season's operations of the archaeological survey of Western India, 1875-76
Report on the antiquities of Kâthiâwâḍ and Kachh, being the result of the second season's operations of the Archæological survey of Western India. 1874-75.
Report on the Buddhist cave temples and their inscriptions being part of results of the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons' operations of the archaeological survey of Western India, 1876-77, 1877-78, 1878-79
Report on the Elura cave temples and the Brahmanical and Jaina caves in Western India completing the results of the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons' operations of the Archaeological survey, 1877-78, 1878-79, 1879-80 supplementary to the volume on "the Cave temples of India"
Revised lists of antiquarian remains in the Bombay Presidency and the native states of Baroda, Palanpur, Radhanpur, Kathiawad, Kachh, Kolhapur, and the southern Maratha minor states
Revised lists of remains in the Admadnagar, Nasik, Puna, Thana, and Kaladgi Zillas
ritual of the temple of Râmêśvaram in Southern India., The
Rock-Temples of Elephanta or Ghârâpurî, The
Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur, The : with notes on Zafarabad, Sahet-Mahet and other places in the North-Western Provinces and Oudh
Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur with notes on Zafarabad, Sahet-Mahet and other places in the North-Western provinces and Oudh, The
Tamil & Sanskrit inscriptions, with some notes on village antiquities collected chiefly in the South of the Madras Presidency
Târikh-i-Soraṭh, a history of the provinces of Soraṭh and Hâlâr in Kâthiâwâd.
temples of Śatruñjaya, the celebrated Jaina place of pilgrimage, near Pálitaṇá in Káṭhiáwáḍ, with historical and descriptive introduction, The
Translations of three inscriptions from Badami, Pattadkal, and Aiholli
Transliteration of oriental alphabets, The
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Epigraphia indica
Indian antiquary, The