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Buster, Jimi Hendrix
Cimi Hendriks
Džimijs Hendrikss
Hendorikkusu, Jimi
Hendrix, ..
Hendrix Buster, Jimi
Hendrix, J.
Hendrix, James Marshal
Hendrix, James Marshall
Hendrix, Jimi
Hendrix, Jimmi
Hendrix, Jimmy
Hendrix, Johnny
Hendrix, Johnny Allen
Hendrix, Johny Allen
Iacobus Hendrix
James Marshall Hendrix
Jimi Hendricks
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix (American musician, singer and songwriter)
Jimi Hendrix (americký gitarista a spevák)
Jimi Hendrix (americký kytarista a zpěvák)
Jimi Hendrix (Amerikaans zanger)
Jimi Hendrix (Amerikaanse gitarist)
Jimi Hendrix (amerikanischer Gitarrist und Sänger)
Jimi Hendrix (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, gitarzysta)
Jimi Hendrix (chanteur et guitariste américain)
Jimi Hendrix (chitarrista e cantautore statunitense)
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The
Jimi Hendrix (músico estadounidense)
Jimi Hendrix (US-amerikanischer Gitarrist und Sänger)
Jimi Henriks
Jimmi Hendrix
Jimmie Henderix
Jimmy Hendrix
Jimy Hendrix
Johnny Allen Hendrix
Khendriks, Dzhimi
Τζίμι Χέντριξ
Джими Хендрикс (американский гитарист, певец и композитор)
Джимі Гендрікс
Джімі Гендрікс
Джымі Гэндрыкс
Джымі Хендрыкс
Хендрикс, Дж
Хендрикс (Дж. А; 1942-1970)
Хендрикс (Дж. М; гитарист; 1942-1970)
Хендрикс, Джими
Џими Хендрикс
ჯიმი ჰენდრიქსი
Ջիմի Հենդրիքս
ג'ימי הנדריקס
جيمى هيندريكس
جيمي هندريكس
جیمی هندریکس (خواننده-ترانه‌سرا، موسیقی‌دان، آهنگساز، گیتاریست، و خواننده آمریکایی)
जिमी हेंड्रिक्स
जिमी हेन्ड्रिक्स (अमेरिकी संगीतकार, गायक र गीतकार)
ஜிமி ஹென்றிக்ஸ்
ജിമ്മി ഹെൻഡ്രിക്സ്‌
จิมิ เฮนดริกซ์
ຈິມິ ເຮນດຣິກຊ໌
지미 헨드릭스
ジミ・ヘンドリックス (アメリカ合衆国のギタリスト)
ヘンドリックス, ジミ
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related identities: 
Research, Heaven (pseud)
Related names: 
Aledort, Andy
Arthur, Black (co-performer)
Band of Gypsys (isMemberOf)
Band of Gypsys (see also from)
Cocker, Joe (1944-2014))
Cox, Billy
Cox, Billy (1941-...)
Cox, Billy (co-performer)
Cream (Grupo musical) (see also from)
Curtis Knight and The Squires (isMemberOf)
Dantes, Ed (co-performer)
Dylan, Bob
Edmonds, Nate (co-performer)
Experience Hendrix
Gypsy Sun and Rainbows (isMemberOf)
Hall, Ace (co-performer)
Henderson, Henry (co-performer)
Hendrix, Jimi (1942-1970)
Jimi Hendrix experience
Jimi Hendrix experience (see also from)
Jimi Hendrix Experience (hudební skupina) (see also from)
Jimi Hendrix Experience (Musical group)
Jimi Hendrix Experience (Musical group) (see also from)
Jimi Hendrix Experience Affiliation (see also from)
Knight, Curtis (co-performer)
Little Richard Show (isMemberOf)
Miles, Buddy (co-performer)
Mitchell, Mitch (1947-2008)
Mitchell, Mitch (co-performer)
Oden, Henry (co-performer)
Polydor GmbH
Polydor international GmbH
Polygram international music BV
Polygram, Division Polydor
Redding, Noel (1945-2003)
Redding, Noel (co-performer)
Richard, Little (co-performer)
Schenkman, Eric
Smeaton, Bob
Stempłowski, Michał
The Isley Brothers (Grupo musical) (see also from)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (isMemberOf)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Grupo musical) (see also from)
Vašíček, Robert
Who (mūzikas grupa)
Ysaÿe, Eugène (1858-1931)
Слэш псевдоним (1965-)
広木, 明子
$20 Fine
10 Tracks Performed Live at the Royal Albert Hall
12 Bar With Horns
16 Greatest Classics
19 Great Performances
1964-1966 - The Jimmy James Singles Collection
1967-03-18: Studio 1, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg, Germany
1967-05-24: Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
1967-09-04: Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
1968-03-17: Blues at Midnight: Cafe au Go-Go, New York, NY, USA
1968-03-19: Live From Ottawa: Capitol Theatre, Ottawa, ON, Canada
1968-04-05: The Dusty Springfield Show
1968-10-12: Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, USA
1968 A. D. (disc 2)
1969-01-08: Cat's Squirrel, Lorensbergs Cirkus, Gothenburg, Sweden
1969-02-24: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK (disc 1)
1969-06-29: Denver Pop Festival: Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USA
1969-08-18: Woodstock Nation: Woodstock Festival, Bethel, NY, USA
1970-01-01: Fillmore East, NYC, USA
1970-04-07: Pop Fest, Atlanta, GA, USA
1970-06-13: Civic Center, Baltimore, MD, USA
1970-07-04: 2nd International Pop Festival, Atlanta, GA, USA
1970-08-31: Free Concert: Stora Scenen, Stockholm, Sweden
1983 (A Mermaid I Shall Turn to Be)
1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn to Be)
1983... A Merman I Should Turn to Be #2
1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) I
1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) II
1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) (instrumental)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Jimi Hendrix
20th century Music collection
3 Little Bears / Instrumental Trip to Saturn
3 Little Bears Jam
3 Little Bears (Studio Fun)
32 Great Tracks
3rd Stone From the Sun
51st Anniversary 1-3 (January 11 1967)
51st Anniversary (overdub)
51st Anniversary Take 1 (S1469)
51st Anniversary Take 1 (S1478)
51st Anniversary Take 2 (S1470)
51st Anniversary Take 3 (S1471)
51st Anniversary (takes 2–3)
51st Anniversary (The Story of Life...)
7 Dollars in My Pocket
#7 Man
About the Music
Acoustic Demo
Acoustic Jam (Dance on the Desert, Part 2)
Acoustic Jams
Acoustic Medley
Admirer of Dylan, An
African Instrumental
Ain't Got Nobody
Ain’t No Telling #1
Ain’t No Telling #2
Ain’t No Telling (S025) (Alternate Mix) (Stereo)
Ain’t No Telling (S025) (Safe Stereo Mix)
Ain’t No Telling (S025) (Sotheby Mix)
Ain’t No Telling (S1106)
Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Ain't Taking Care of No Business, I
Ain’t That Peculiar
Ain't Too Proud to Beg
Ain't Too Pround to Beg Jam
Albert Hall Experience
Album, The
All Alone
All along the watch tower
All Along the Watchtower / Drifter's Escape
All Along the Watchtower (Original Tracks)
All Along the Watchtower (Unreleased Different mix)
All God's Children
All I Want
All Natural
All the Hits
All the Stops Wild Thing
Alternate Electric Ladyland, The
Am I Blue
American Dream
And a Happy New Year, ...
And the God Made Love
...and the Gods Made Love
Angel (alternate version complete with vocals)
Angel (complete instrumental)
Angel [Cry Of Love]
Angel (demo version)
Angel (intro instrumental #1)
Angel (intro instrumental #2)
Angel (S1454)
Angel (S1459) (incomplete)
Announcement NDR2 28.11.1992
Anything Is Possible (basic version)
Apt. Tapes 1968
Are You Experienced #3
Are You Experienced? (S017) (Mono)
Are You Experienced / Stone Free
Are You Experienced The Sessions? Vol. 1
Are You Experienced The Sessions? Vol. 2
Army Days
Astro Man (3i)
Astro Man (Astro Man Jam)
Astro Man [Cry Of Love]
Astro Man (instrumental jam)
Astro Man / Valley of Neptune
Astro Man & Valleys of Neptune
Astroman (instrumental)
At His Best 1, ...
At His Best: Mike Ephron Sessions
Atlanta Special; April 7 1970
Attention! Jimi Hendrix!
Audience and Drums Tune-Up
Auld Lang Syne
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 1: Get That Feeling, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 2: Flashing, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 3: Ballad of Jimi, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 4: Live at George's Club, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 5: Something on Your Mind, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volume 6: On the Killing Floor, The
Authentic PPX Studio Recordings, Volumes 5 & 6: Something on Your Mind / On the Killing Floor, The
Away From This Rainy Cloud
Axis: Bold As Love II
Axis: Bold as Love (Original Tracks)
Axis: Bolder Than Love
Axis Outtakes
B.B. King Slow Instrumental Jam
Baby Chicken Strut
Back on the Desert / (acoustic medley)
Back to Back: Voices in the Wind
Backstage Post-Concert Interview
Backstage Pre-Concert Interview
Backward Experiment
Baggy’s Jam
Baggy’s Rehearsal Sessions, The
Ball & Chain
Ballad of Jimi / Live at George's Club
Ballad of Jimi, The
Ballad of Jimi Vol. 3
Band of Gypsys 2
Band of Gypsys Rehearsals
Band of Gypsys, Volume 3
Baroque 1
Baroque 2
Before the Experience
Beginning (1)
Beginning (2)
Beginning of a Jam
Beginnings (2nd Version)
Beginnings (alternate instrumental mix)
Beginnings, If 6 Was 9
Beginnings (Jam Back At The House)
Beginnings (Jam Jack at the House)
Belle Stars
Belly Bottom Windows (alternate take)
Belly button window (3 min 37 s)
Belly Button Window (instrumental)
Berkeley Concert
Berkeley Concerts II, The
Bessie Mae (live)
Best of Jimi Hendrix
Best Of: The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings
Best of the Bootlegs
Best of & the Rest of, The
Better Get to Stepping, I
Better Times Ahead
Bill Graham (In a Bad Mood) Rap
Billy-Mitch Solo
Black Gold
Bleading Heart
Bleedin’ Heart
Bleeding Hart
Bleeding Heart (4)
Bleeding Heart (blues in C‐sharp)
Bleeding Heart (Edited version)
Bleeding Heart (extended version)
Bleeding Heart (People's People)
Bleeding Heart (short version) (live)
Bleeding Heart (with Jim Morrison)
Blue Blues
Blue Suede Shoes [5/30/70 Berkeley Community Center]
Blue wild angel Jimi Hendrix live at the isle of Wight
Blue Window (jam)
Blues at Midnight
Blues in C
Blues Instrumental / We Gonna Live Together
Blues Jam 1
Blues Jam at Olympic
Blues Jam / Villanova Blues
Blues Outtakes
Bluesiana Jam
Bold As Love (Alternate Mix) (Stereo)
Bold as Love / One Rainy Wish / Little Wing
Bold As Love (S033)
Bold As Love (S1543)
Bold As Love (S817)
Bolero (alternate)
Born a Hootchie Kootchie Man
Born Under a Bad Sign
Both Sides of the Sky
Box of Gypsys
Bright Light, Big City
Bright Lights, Big City
Bring Back My Baby
Bring My Baby Back
Burnin’ Soul
Burning Desire
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (S1000) 2
Burning of the Midnight Lamp, The
Burning the Midnight Oil
C# Blues (People, People, People)
C# Jam
Calling All Devil’s Children [alternate-mix]
Calling All Devil’s Children Jam
Calling All Devil's Children (rap mix)
Calling All the Devil's Children
Can You Please Come Crawl Out Your Window [rehearsal]
Can You See Me 1-4 (December 13 1966)
Can You See Me (take 1)
Can You See Me (take 2)
Captain Coconut & Cherokee Mist Jam MLK
Captain Coconut [Crash Landing]
Captain Coconut II / Cherokee Mist
Captain Coconut/New Rising Sun/Cherokee Mist (official test mix done by Alan Douglas)
Captain Coconut (outtake)
Captive in the Sun
Castle Made of Sand
Castles Made of Sand 1
Castles made of sand (2 min 46 s)
Castles Made Of Sand (S029) (Safe Stereo Mix)
Castles Made Of Sand (S1108) (Sotheby Mix)
Cat Talkin' to Me (alternate take)
Cat Talkin' to Me (backing track)
Cat Talkin’ To Me (S1024)
Cat Talkin’ To Me (S935)
Cat Talkin' to to Me
Cat Talking to Me (take 1)
Cat Talking to Me (take 2)
Catfish Blues
Cave Man Bells
Changes (5 min 11 s)
Chekoree Mist
Cherokee Mist / Astro Man
Cherokee Mist / Gypsy Eyes
Cherokee Mist / In From the Storm / Valleys of Neptune
Cherokee Mist Jam
Cherry Red
Classic Singles Collection, Volume 2
Closer to the Truth (Room Full of Mirrors recital)
Closer to the Truth (Roomful of Mirrors)
Clown & Morning Glory, The
Coda and End Credits
Collection, The
Come Along (Slow)
Come Down Hard on Me Baby 1
Come Down Hard on Me Baby 2
Come Down Hard on Me Baby 3
Come Down Hard On Me (instrumental)
Come Down Hard On Me (mix 1 with vocal)
Come Down Hard on Me (One)
Come Down Hard on Me (Two)
Come Down Hard On Me (vocal take)
Come On Baby I
Come On Baby II
Come On Baby, Part 1
Come on Baby, Part 2
Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)
Coming Down Hard on Me Baby
Complete Berkeley 1970
Complete McLaughlin Jam
Complete PPX Studio Recordings, The
Cornerstones 1967-1970
Cosmic Turnaround
Country Blues (Improvisation)
Country Blues, Part One
Country Blues (Part Two)
Country Blues (straight mix) / Astro Man
Country Blues (with harmonica)
Country Blues (with harp)
Crash Landing 2
Crash Landing 3
Crash Landing (instrumental)
Crash Landing: Master Reels & Outtakes
Crash Landing (One)
Crash Landing (take 1)
Crash Landing The Original Mix
Crash Landing (Three)
Crash Landing (Two)
Crash Landing - Unreleased Version
Crash Landing (vocal take)
Crash Landing (with organ track)
Crazy About You Baby
Croosstown Traffic
Cross Town Traffic
Crosstown Traffic (Cloudchord remix)
Crosstown Traffic (S037) (one channel mix)
cry of love, The
Cryin' Blue Rain
Crying Blue Rain Jam (Fade In)
Dance (S267)
Dance, The
Dancing Blues
Danny Boy
Day Tripper
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 4th Sept 1970
Devil's Jam
Diamonds in the Dust
Digitally Remastered
Dodo hraje Hendrixe
Dolly Dagger (2)
Dolly Dagger [Maui, Hawaii, 7/30/70]
Dolly Dagger / Night Bird Flying
Dolly Dagger [Rainbow Bridge]
Dolly Dagger / Star Spangled Banner
Dolly Dagger (Wight 70)
Don’t Accuse Me
Don't Live Today 1-4 (February 20 1967), I
Don't Live Today [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena], I
Don’t Live Today (alternate mix) (Mono), I
Don’t Live Today (live), I
Don't Live Today (outtake), I
Don’t Live Today (S1062), I
Don’t Live Today (S1063), I
Don’t Live Today (S1461), I
Don’t Live Today Take 1 (S1059), I
Don’t Live Today Take 2 (S1060), I
Don’t Live Today Take 3 (S1061), I
Don't Live Today (takes 1-4), I
Dooji Wooji Jam
Doriella du Fontaine
Double Guitars
Down Mean Blues
Down Now
Dream (S1595)
Dream (S266)
Drifter's Escape (2)
Drifters Escape
Drifting (alternate take)
Drifting [Cry Of Love]
Drifting I
Drifting II
Drifting (try out)
Drivin' South (instrumental)
Drivin' South / Sgt. Pepper's
Drivin' South / the Things I Used to Do
Driving South / Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Drone Blues (complete version)
Drugs Sex and Rock 'n' Roll
Dueling Guitars
E.X.P. (S1103)
Early Classics
Early Years Live, The
Earth Blues (1970-01-28)
Earth Blues (5)
Earth Blues (a.k.a. Giraffe)
Earth Blues (B.O.G. 69)
Earth Blues Jam
Earth Versus Space
Earth vs. Space (includes parts of Gypsy Eyes, Keep on Groovin’, Red House, Machine Gun)
Easy Blues (complete version)
Easy Rider
Eazy Rider Jam
Electric Church Jam
Electric Church / Red House
Electric Church, The
Electric Guitarland
Electric Gypsys
Electric Lady Mixing Sessions
Electric Ladyland 1
Electric Ladyland 2
Electric Ladyland 3
Electric Ladyland 4
Electric Ladyland & Beyond
Electric Ladyland Blues
Electric Ladyland Drums
Electric Ladyland Jam
Electric Ladyland Theme
Electrical Ladyland
Enjoy Jimi Hendrix: LA Forum 1970
Essential Jimi Hendrix, Volume Two, The
Essential Jimi Hendrix, Volumes One and Two, The
Everlasting First, The
Everybody Knew but Me
Everything's Gonna Be All Right
Everything's Gonna Be Alright / Jam
Ex-Art Student
Exp (skit)
Experience Collection, The
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix
Experience the Blues (Catfish Blues)
Experiencing The Blues
Eyes and Imagination
Eyes of Inspiration
Ezy Rider (7)
Ezy Rider (Fillmore 69)
Ezy Rider Jam - M.L.K.
Ezy Rider / MLK Jam
Ezy Rider (take 1)
Ezy Rider (take 2)
Ezy Ryder (instrumental)
Ezy Ryder / MLK Jam (Captain Coconut)
Ezy Ryder / Star Spangled Banner
Fast Jam (includes Sunshine of Your Love, Come On, Part 1, Star Spangled Banner)
Feel So Good
Feel That Soul
Film About Jimi Hendrix, A
Fire 1-6 (February 3 1967)
Fire [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena]
Fire (alternate mix) (Stereo)
Fire / Are You Experienced
Fire (live at Clark University)
Fire (outtake)
Fire (S1064)
Fire Take 1 (S1472)
Fire Take 2 (S1473)
Fire Take 3 (S1474)
Fire Take 4 (S1475)
Fire Take 5 (S1476-77)
Fire: The Jimi Hendrix Collection
First Jam
First Rays of the New Rising Sun, The
First Recordings, The
Flamingo Club 02-04-67
Flute instrumental (take 1)
Flute Instrumental (take 2)
Fool for You Baby
Forum 26th April 1969, LA
Foxey Lady (live at Clark University)
Foxy Lady (outtake)
Frankfurt Interview, May 1967
Freak Out Blues
Freak Out Jam
Free Form Jam (JA2)
Free Spirit
Freedom (1)
Freedom (alternate take)
Freedom and You
Freedom Jam... [outtake]
Freedom (rehearsal)
Fried Cola
From the Ukulele to the Strat
From This Day On
Funky Blues Jam (Strato Strut)
Funky Dish Rag
Further On Up The Road (1) (w.Astro Man intro_end)
Future Trip Ahead
Gangster of Love
Georgia Blues
Get DMXperienced
Get Down
Get My Heart Back Together
Get Out of My Life Woman
Get that Feeling
Getting My Head Back Together Again
Getting My Heart Back Together Again (a.k.a. Hear My Train a Comin')
Getting My Heart Back Together Again (Aka Hear My Train A Comin')
Gil Evans Orchestra plays the music of Jimi Hendrix
Gipsy Boy (New Rising Sun)
Girl So Fine
Gloomy Monday
Gloria (take 8)
Go-Go Jam
Go Go Place
Go Go Shoes Part II
God save the queen
Going Home Tomorrow
Gold Collection
Golden Rose (One Rainy Wish)
Gonna Take a Lot
Gonna Take the Lot
Good Feeling
Good Feelings
Good Times
Goodbye Bessi Mae
Goodbye, Bessie Mae
Goodbye, Bessie May
Goodnight Irene
Got to Have It
Grandes éxitos
Greatest Hits (disc 1: His Final Live Performance)
Groove Maker
Grossen Vier, Die
Guitar Hero
Guitar Player, The
Gypsy Blood (Crying Blue Rain)
Gypsy Boy (New Rising Sun with vocals)
Gypsy Eyes #1
Gypsy Eyes #2
Gypsy Eyes (rehearsal)
Gypsy Eyes (riff)
Gypsy Eyes (rough mix)
Gypsy Eyes (take 3)
Gypsy Sunset (Lonely Avenue Jam, Part 2)
Gypsy Woman
Had to Cry Today
Happy Birthday
Happy New Year
Hard Night
Have Mercy
Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)
Have You Ever Heard
Hear My Freedom (Electric Church Jam) [outtake]
Hear My Freedom (Had to Cry Today)
Hear My Music
Hear My Train a Comin’ (acoustic)
Hear My Train A Comin' (Berkeley 70)
Hear My Train a Comin’ (electric)
Hear My Train a Comin' (Get My Heart Back Together)
Hear My Train A Comin (Gettin' My Heart Back Together Again)
Hear My Train A Comin' (Live at Woodstock, Bethel, NY, 8/18/1969)
Hear My Train a Comin’ (take 1)
Hear My Train a Comin’ (take 2)
Hear My Train a Coming
Heartbreak Hotel
Heaven Has No Sorrow (Playback)
Heaven Has No Sorrow (take 1, 2)
Heaven Has No Tomorrow
Heavy Rider Jam
Hej Joe
Hendrix in the West (Johnny B. Goode / Purple Haze)
Hendrix Inédit- Collector Guitar World
Hendrix, McCartney & Ysaye
Hendrix Speaks: The Jimi Hendrix Interviews
Here Comes Your Lover Man (basic version)
Here He Comes (Lover Man)
Here's Your Heart
Hey Baby (C.O.L.B. 70)
Hey Baby Jam (New Rising Sun)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (alternate)
Hey Baby [Rainbow Bridge]
Hey Baby (The Land of the New Rising Sun)
Hey Baby (Wight 70)
Hey Gypsy Boy
Hey Joe 1-4 (October 23 1966)
Hey Joe - 2
Hey Joe #3
Hey Joe #5
Hey Joe #6
Hey Joe #7
Hey Joe #8
Hey Joe (live)
Hey Joe (outtake)
Hey Joe / Purple Haze
Hey Joe / Sunshine of Your Love
Hey Joe (Unreleased vocal Reference)
Hey Le Roy
Hey LeRoy
Highway Chile (S006)
Highway of Broken Dreams
Highway Of Broken Hearts (i) (7$_Desire_Midnight Lightning (3i)
Highway of Desire / $7 in My Pocket
Highway of Desire, Part 2
His Final Live Performance
His Greatest Hits Vol. II
Historia de la musica rock
Historic Hendrix
Hollywood Jam
(Hollywood) Red House
Honey Bed
Honeybed (take four)
Honeybed (take one)
Honeybed (take three)
Honeybed (take two)
Hoochie Coochie Man
Hoochie Koochie Man
Hootchie Kootchie Man
Hornet's Nest
Hornets Nest
Hot Tigger
Hot Trigger
Hound Dog Acoustic
Hound Dog Blues
House Burning Down (rough mix)
House of the Rising Sun
Hova Song (intro)
Hova Song (outro) / Jigga My Nigga / Girl's Best Friend
Hovering in Winterland
How Would You Feel?
Hoy Trigger
Human Heart
Hush Now
I’ll Be Doggone
I'll Be Dogone
I’m a Man (So I’m Trying to Be) (take 1)
I’m a Man (So I’m Trying to Be) (take 2)
I'm a Man (takes 2-5)
(I'm You) Hoochie Coochie Man
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
I've Got a Sweet Little Angel
If 6 Was 9 (S027)
If 6 Was 9 (S1539)
If Six Was Nine
If You Gonna Make a Fool of Somebody
Impromptu No. 2 Baroque I
Impromptu No. 2 Baroque II
Impromptu No. 3 Virtuoso Part 1. Berceuse
Impromptu No. 3 Virtuoso Part 2. Flying
Impromptu No. 3 Virtuoso Part 3. Perpetuum Mobile
Improvisation / Drifting (try out)
In Concert
In Flame
In From the Storm (alternate)
In From The Storm [Maui, Hawaii, 7/30/70]
In the Beginning
In the Morning
In the Studio
Indian Song (Also Known as Cherokee Mist)
Inside Out
Instrumantal Jam
Instrumental Blues Jam (W-Organ+sax)
Instrumental (JA1)
Instrumental Jam I In D
Instrumental Jam II In A
Instrumental Jam: Stepping Stone / Sending My Love to Linda / Freedom / Here Comes the Sun / Cherokee Mist / All Devil's Children
Instrumental Jam With Roy Buchanan
Instrumental Solo
Instrumental Track (Good Jam)
Interview Conducted by Meatball Fulton May 1968
Interview Conducted by Nancy Carter June 1969
Interviews I
Interviews II
Interviews III
Interviews IV
Intro (1970-01-28)
Intro-Are You Experienced
Intro By Jimi
Intro / God Save the Queen
Intro-Jimi Hendrix
Intro Riffs
Intro-The Cry of Love Band
Introduction by Chuck Wein
Introduction by Rosalie Peters
Introduction / Midnight Lightning
Introduction of the Band by B.B. King
Introduction & story bij Jimi Hendrix
Isle of Wight
It Never Takes an End...
It’s Not My Gig
It’s Too Bad
Izabella (2nd Version)
Izabella (earliest home recording)
Izabella (Live at Woodstock, Bethel, NY, 8/18/1969)
Izabella / Machine Gun Jam (JA6)
Izabella [Overdub Session: Take 2]
Izabella (percussion lower)
Izabella (studio version)
Izabella (take 1, 2, 3 reel 3 / take 1, 2, 3 reel 4) (instrumental)
Izabella / The Rumble
Jah H290
Jam #1 (Jazz Jimi Jam)
Jam 1, Part 1: Gypsy Boy > New Rising Sun (a.k.a. Young Jimi)
Jam 1, Part 2: Free Thunder
Jam 1, Part 3: Swift's Wing
Jam 1, Part 4: Down Mean Blues
Jam 2: Feels Good
Jam #2 (Jam Jimi Jazz)
Jam 292
Jam 3: Lift-Off
Jam 4: Madagascar
Jam Back at the House (Beginnings)
Jam H290
Jam I
Jam II
Jam (incl. Stepping Stone / Sending My Love to Linda / Freedom / Here Comes the Sun / Cherokee Mist / All Devil's Children)
Jam IV
Jam V
Jamming Back at the House (Beginnings)
Jamming Live at the Scene Club, NYC
Jazz Jimi Jazz Jam
Jazzy Jamming
Jelly 292
Jimi and Mitch Jam (Lonely Avenue Part 1)
Jimi at the Beeb
Jimi by Himself: The Home Recordings
Jimi Comments
Jimi Hendrix 02/24/69 Royal Albert Hall London Soundboard
Jimi Hendrix : 10 classic tunes
Jimi Hendrix: An Illustrated Experience
Jimi Hendrix Concerts, The
Jimi Hendrix Experience smash hits
Jimi Hendrix Experience, The
Jimi Hendrix Gold Collection, The
Jimi Hendrix Guest Experience
Jimi Hendrix / John McLaughlin Jam
Jimi Hendrix Live!
Jimi Hendrix Story, The
Jimi Hendrix "talking" : Jimi Hendrix in his own words
Jimi Hendrix: The Last 24 Hours Audio Documentary
Jimi Hendrix, Volume 2
Jimi Hendrix (Volume IV)
Jimi in Denmark
Jimi Interview
Jimi / Jimmy Jam
Jimi Plays Monterey
Jimi Raps With The Audience/Tune-Up
Jimi's Blues
Jimi's March (Live Version)
Jimi's Private Reels Vol. 1
Jimi's Private Reels, Vol. 2
Johnny B. Goode [5/30/70 Berkeley Community Center]
Johnny B. Goode (live)
Johnny B. Goode / Lover Man
JS1 Heavy Jam
JS2 Izabella
JS28 Jam
JS29 Jam
JS30 Jam
JS31 Jam Messenger (take 15)
JS4 Jam (Last Thursday Morning)
JS6 Jam 1
Jungle / Beginning
Jungle Jam
Keep a Knockin’
Keep on Groovin' (studio jam)
Keep on Groovin’ (try out)
Keep on Grooving (Midnight Lightning)
Keep on Moving
Key to the Highway (a.k.a. Jimi Is Tender Too)
Killin’ Floor
Killing floor
Kiss the sky
Knock Yourself Out
KPFA Tapes, The
L.A. Forum Concert, The
Land of the New Rising Sun / Drum Solo
Land of the New Rising Sun / Hey Baby
Larry Young Jam
Last American Concert, Volume I
Last American Concert, Volume II
Last British Concert
Last Experience (His Final Live Performance), The
Last Night (instrumental)
Last Thursday Morning
Lawdy Miss Clawdy / I'm a Man / Like a Rolling Stone
Legend Live, The
Let Me Go
Let Me Light Your Fire
Let Me Move You
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #1
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #2
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #3
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #4
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #5
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #6
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #7
(Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire #8
Let Me Stay
Let's Drop Some Ludes and Vomit With Jimi
Let the God Sing
Let the Good Times Roll
Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story
Like a rolling stone
Lil Dog o' Mine / Valleys of Neptune Arising
Lil’ Dog of Mine / Heaven Has No Sorrow (session)
Lime Lime (edited from Tomorrow Never Knows, live)
Lime Time
Little Dog of Mine / Tune Up
Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night / Auld Lang Syne (extended version)
Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night / Taps / Auld Lange Syne
Little Evey
Little Ivey (Little Wing)
Little Miss Lover (S032)
Little Miss Lover (S265)
Little Miss Lover (skit)
Little Miss Strange Instrumental
Little One (S879)
Little One (S880) (mono) (alternate vocals)
Little One (take 1)
Little One (take 2)
Little Wing [10/12/68 Winterland]
Little Wing [Concerts]
Little Wing (live)
Little Wing (outtake)
Little Wing (PA system)
Little Wing (S026) (Safe Stero Mix)
Little Wing (S1540)
Little Wings
Live and Let Live (instrumental)
Live at Berkeley: 1st Show
Live at l'Olympia Paris
Live at Los Angeles Forum 1969
Live at Maple Leaf Gardens '69
Live at the Fillmore East
Live at the Monterey Pop Festival
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Live At The 'Scene' Club, N.Y., N.Y.
Live at the "Scene" Club New York City 1968
Live at Winterland
Live at Woodstock
Live: Birth of Success
Live in Copenhagen
Live Isle of Wight '70
Live @ Randall's Island
Live & Unreleased: The Radio Show
Live USA
Livin' at the Burwood / World Traveler / World Traveler (reprise) / My Brother's Dead
Living Reels, Volume 1
Living Reels, Volume 2
London Fame
London Interview, April 1967
Lonely Avenue Jam
Lonesome Train
Long Hot Summer Night (2 + 3)
Long Hot Summer Night I
Long Hot Summer Night II
Long Hot Summer Night III
Long Hot Summer (take 1)
Long Hot Summer (take 2)
Long, Long Summer
Long Tall Sally
Lonnie Youngblood and The So Called Jimi Hendrix Tapes
Look Behind Collection, The
Look Over Yonder / Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Look Over Yonder / Mister Bad Luck
Look Over Yonder (Mr. Bad Luck/Mr. Lost Soul)
Loose ends
Lord I Can See the Blues (For Me and You)
Lord I Sing the Blues for Me and You
Lord I Sing the Blues for You and Me
Love Jam
Love, Love
Love My Baby, I
Love of Confusion
Love or confusion
Lover Man 2
Lover Man [5/30/70 Berkeley Community Center]
Lover Man (7)
Lover Man (false Start)
Lover Man (Here He Comes) (take 1)
Lower Alcatraz
Lullaby for the Summer
M.L.K. & Cherokee Mist
M.L.K./New Rising Sun (original session)
Machine Gun [alternate-mix]
Machine Gun [Band Of Gypsys]
Machine Gun [Fillmore East, 12/31/69, 2nd Set]
Machine Gun I
Machine Gun / If 6 Was 9
Machine Gun (reprise)
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69
Machine Gun (try out)
Magic Collection, The
Making of Dolly Dagger, The
Man Alone, A
Manic Depression (February 23 1967)
Manic Depression / Machine Gun
Manic Depression (S1480)
Manic Depression (S1492)
Manic Depression (S1493)
Manic Expressions
Manish Boy
Mannish Boy / I’m a Man
Mannish Boy / Izabella / You Make Me Feel
Mannish Boy (Rehersal Session, Take 1-7)
Mannish Boy Session (01)
Mannish Boy Session (02)
Mannish Boy Session (03)
Mannish Boy Session (04)
Mannish Boy Session (05)
Mannish Boy Session (06)
Mannish Boy Session (07)
Mannish Boy Session (08)
Mannish Boy Session (09)
Mannish Boy Session (10)
Mannish Boy Session (11)
Mannish Boy Session (12)
Mannish Boy Session (13)
Mannish Boy Session (14)
Mannish Boy Session (15)
Mannish Boy Session (16)
Mannish Boy Session (17)
Mannish Boy Session (18)
Mannish Boy Session (19)
Mannish Boy Session (20)
Mannish Boy Session (21)
Mannish Boy Session (22)
Mannish Boy Session (23)
Mannish Boy Session (24)
Mannish Boy Session (25)
Mannish Boy Session (26)
Mannish Boy Session (27)
Mannish Boy Session (28)
Mannish Boy Session (29)
Mannish Boy Session (30)
Mannish Boy Session (31)
Mannish Boy Session (32)
Mannish Boy Session (33)
Mannish Boy Session (34)
Mannish Boy Session (35)
Mannish Boy Session (36)
Mannish Boy Session (37)
Mannish Boy Session (38)
Mannish Boy Session (39)
Mannish Boy Session (40)
Mannish Boy Session (41)
Mannish Boy Session (42)
Mannish Boy Session (43)
Mannish Boy Session (44)
Mannish Boy (take 2)
Marshal Man - Ax Slinger
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Jimi Hendrix
Master James & Co.
Master's Masters, The
Maui Sunset
Maximum Experience
May This Be Love #1
May This Be Love #2
May This Be Love #3
May This Be Love (S013)
May This Be Love (S137)
McLaughlin Jam
McLaughlin Sessions Record Plant, NYC 1969, The
Medley: Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze / Instrumental Solo
Mercy Lady Day (instr.)
Mercy Lady Day (instrumental)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Message From 9 to the Universe
Message From Nine to the Universe [Unedited studio-session]
Message from Nine to the Universe, Volume 2
Message of Live
Message of Love 1
Message of Love 2
Message to Live
Message to love (5 min 22 s)
Message To Love (alternate version)
Message To Love (Fillmore 69)
Message To Love (mix 1)
Message to the Universe (Message to Love)
Message to the Universe (studio version)
Midnight (5 min 32 s)
Midnight Lighting
Midnight Lightnin’ (try out)
Midnight Lightning (alternate take)
Midnight Lightning I
Midnight Lightning II
Midnight Lightning Jam (5)
Midnight Lightning Revisited
Midnight, Valleys of Neptune Arising (Takes 1-7)
Midnight [War Heroes]
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Blues Blues
Millenium Edition: The Very Best of Jimi Hendrix, The
Minor Instrumental Jam, A
Miracle Worker
Mixdown Master Tapes
Mocking Bird
Mojo Man
Monday Morning Blues
Money Honey
Money (That's What I Want)
Moon, Turn the Tides... gently gently away
Moonlight Jam
Moons and Rainbows
Morisson's Lament
Morissons Lament
Morning Symphony Ideas
Morrison’s Lament (live)
Morrison's Lament / Tomorrow Never Knows
Morrison's Lament (with Jim Morrison)
Morrisons Lament
Most Famous Hits
Mother, Mother
Mr. Bad Luck (S236)
Mr. Bad Luck (S932)
Mr. Guy Fawkes
Multicolored Blues
Mushy Name
Musical Legacy, A
Musique Originale Du Film Jimi Plays Berkeley
My Babe
My Best Friend (instr.)
My Best Friend (instrumental)
My Diary
Nervous Breakdown
New Rising Sun, The
New Rising Sun Theme (instrumental)
New Rising Sun (uncensored version)
New York Session, The
Newport 1969 Pop Festival
Night Bird Flight
Night bird flying (3 min 50 s)
Night Bird Flying [Cry Of Love]
Night Life
Nije sve to bio samo rock'n'roll, 2003:
Nine to the Universe
No Business
No More a Rolling Stone
No No No No (March 29 1967)
No Such Animal (Part 1)
No Such Animal (Part 2)
Nobody Can Change Me
Not This Time
Not Trigger
NYC '68
Obra selecta.
Octavia and Univibe
Odd Ball
Off to England
Official Bootleg Album, The
Oh Atlanta
Old Times Good Times
Olympic Blues Jam
On the Killing Floor
Once I Had a Woman
Once I Had I Woman
One Rainy Wish 1
One Rainy Wish 2
One Rainy Wish (alternate mix)
One Rainy Wish (S031)
One Rainy Wish (S240) (Sotheby Mix)
One Rainy Wish (Stereo) (Safe Stereo Mix)
Opening Jan
Orange Collection
[Outro – Star Spangled Banner]
Outside Woman Blues (live)
Outtakes & Studio Sessions
Over Yonder
Ower of Soul / Money (That's What I Want) / Tajimi Boogie 8:42
Pali Gap [Rainbow Bridge]
Paper Airplanes
Paris Jan 29th 1968 Experience
Pass It On (Straight Ahead)
Peace in Mississipi
Peace in Mississippi 1
Peace in Mississippi #2
Peace In Mississippi 3
Peace in Mississippi #I
Peace In Mississippi (Instrumental)
Peace In Mississippi (mix with drums)
Peace in Mississippi (One)
Peace in Mississippi (take 15)
Peace in Mississippi (Three)
Peace in Mississippi (Two)
People, Hell and Angels
People Peoples (Bleeding Heart)
People’s People
People’s Peoples
Peoples People
Peoples Peoples a.k.a. Bleeding Heart
Peoples Peoples Aka Bleeding Heart
Peoples Peoples (Bleeding Heart, live)
Peter Gunn / Catastrophe (alternate)
Piano Roll 1
Piano Roll 2
Piano Roll 3
Picture Disc
Play That Riff
Please Come Crawl Out Your Window
Please Love Me
Police Blues
poupée qui fait non (No No No No), La
Pouppee Qui Fait Non (S1058), La
Pouppee Qui Fait Non (S1463), La
Power of Love
Power of Noodling
Power of Soul 2
Power of Soul 3
Power of Soul 4
Power of Soul / Earth Blues
Power of Soul/Lover Man (Different Source)
Power Of Soul (mix 1)
Power of Soul & Money
Power of Soul (no vocal, first part)
Power of Soul (No Voice)
Power of Soul Session
Power of Soul (take five)
Power of Soul (take four)
Power of Soul (take one)
Power of Soul (take six)
Power of Soul (take three)
Power of Soul (take two)
Power of Soul (takes 1–16)
Power to Love / Midnight Lightning / Foxy Lady
Pride of Man (Bolero) (take 1)
Pride of Man (Bolero) (take 2)
Prologue / Fire
Promo Crash Landing Album
Psychedelic Voodoo Child, The
Psycho - She's A Fox - Little Wing - Purple Haze
Purple Haze $5
Purple Haze #4
Purple Haze #6
Purple Haze #7
Purple Haze (alternate mix) (mono)
Purple Haze (alternative studio version)
Purple Haze (false start)
Purple Haze (February 3 1967)
Purple Haze (live version)
Purple Haze (original mix)
Purple Haze (S003)
Purple Haze (S1053)
Purple Haze (S1462)
Purple Haze (take 1)
Purple Haze (take 2)
Queen [8/30/70 Isle of Wight], The
Queen (British National Anthem), The
Radio One Jingle
Radio One Theme
Rain Day
Rainbow Bridge 2
Rainbow Bridge Concert, The
Rainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rainy Day (Backing)
Rainy Day, Dream Away (false start)
Rainy Day, Dream Away (Overdub session: take 1)
Rainy Day, Dream Away (practice session)
Rainy Day Dream Away / Still Raining Still Dreaming (alternate version)
Rainy Day, Dream Away (take 2)
Rainy Day, Dream Away (take 3)
Rainy Day Jam Out-Take #1/#2
Rainy Day Jam (Rainy Day Shuffle)
Rainy Day Shiffle Jam / Still Raining, Still Dreaming
Rainy Day Super Jam
Rainy Day (try out)
Rare as Love
Rare Hendrix
Rarities on Compact Disc
Real Gold
Record Plant ZX
Red House 1-4 (March 29 1967)
Red House [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena]
Red House [Berkeley, CA, 30-5-70]
Red House Blues
Red House (December 13 1966)
Red House / Electric Church Jam)
Red House / Hey Joe
Red House (live at Clark University)
Red House Take 1 (S1054)
Red House Take 2 (S1055)
Red House Take 3 (S1056)
Red House Take 4 (S1057)
Red House (takes 1-4)
Red House - Wild Thing - Good Times - Fire
Remember 1-6 (February 8 1967)
Remember (S1491)
Remember Take 1 (S1486)
Remember Take 2 (S1487)
Remember Take 3 (S1488)
Remember Take 4 (S1489)
Remember Take 5 (S1490)
Rescued From Randall's Island
Rider Blues
Rock Me Baby (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)
Rock ’n’ Roll Band
Rock 'n' Roll Jam
Room Full Of Mirrors (3)
Room Full of Mirrors / Angel
Room Full Of Mirrors (B.O.G. 69)
Room Full of Mirrors (Edited version)
Room Full of Mirrors (extended version)
Room Full of Mirrors / Highway of Desire
Room Full of Mirrors (short version) (live)
S. Francisco Bay Blues
San-Ho-Zay (Jam Part 1)
San-Ho-Zay (Jam Part 2)
Scorpio Woman
Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Second Time Around (instr.)
Second Time Around (instrumental)
Send My Love To Linda (2)
Send My Love to Linda / Live and Let Live
Send My Love to Linda (very rare demo version)
Send My Love, to You (Linda)
Sending My Heart to Linda (Takes 1-2)
Sending My Love to Linda / Live and Let Live (takes 3, 4, 5)
Sending My Love to Linda (take 1, 2, 3)
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Session Thing
Seven Dollars in My Pocket Blues
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [8/30/70 Isle of Wight]
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Shadow of Jimi Hendrix, The
Shake a Tail Feather
Shame, Shame, Shame
She’s a Fox
She’s So Fine (S030)
She’s So Fine (S1004)
Ships Passing in the Night
Ships Passing Through the Night
Shokan Sunrise
Silent Night / Little Drummer Boy
Simeon Says
Simon Says
Singles Album, The
Singles Collection, The
Sitar Song (Little One)
Sleepy Fate
Slight return
Slow Time Blues
Slow Version (Olympic Studios, London, February 14, 1969)
Slow Walkin’ Talk
Smash hits
Smashing of the Amps
So Much
Someone Is Sure (To Want You)
Something You Got
Somewhere 1
Somewhere 2
Somewhere 3
Somewhere (alternate mix)
Somewhere I
Somewhere (One)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow II
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (instrumental)
Somewhere (Two)
Songs. Selections
Sotheby Plus Masters
Sotheby's Auction Tapes
Sotheby's Private Reels
Soul Floor
Soul Food (That's a What I Like)
Soulful Sessions: Outtake Masters
Sound Track Recordings from the Film "Jimi Hendrix"
South Saturn delta
Spanish Castle Magic 1 (instrumental)
Spanish Castle Magic [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena]
Spanish Castle Magic (S023) (Safe Stereo Mix)
Spanish Castle Magic (S1005) (Sotheby Tapes Mix)
Spanish Castle Magic (S1113)
Spanish Castle Magic / Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze
Spanish Castle Magic / Sunshine of Your Love
Spanish Castle Music
Spicy Essence-Apartment Jam 70
Srato Strut
Star Player, A
Star Spangled Banner [alternate-mix], The
Star Spangled Banner and Smashing of the Amps
Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Woodstock, Bethel, NY, 8/18/1969), The
Star Spangled Banner (original mix)
Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze & Instrumental Solo
Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Woodstock Improvisation, The
Star Spangled Banner & Smashing of the Amps (Full Length), The
Star Spangled Banner (video track), The
Star Spangled Banner / Villanova Junction
Star Splangled Banner/Smashing of the Amps
Stardust : Jugoton predstavlja 44 originalna hita iz povijesti rock muzike.
Stars Passing in the Night
Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice [alternate-mix], The
Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (S1120) (4a), The
Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (S1120) (4b), The
Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (S1120) (5), The
Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice (S271), The
Stars That Played With Laughing Sam's Dice, The
started a joke (3 min 04 s), I
Starting at zero
Stepping stone (4 min 07 s)
Stepping Stone (a.k.a. She Went to Bed with My Guitar)
Stepping Stone (B.O.G. 69)
Stepping Stone Band of Gypsies
Stepping Stone (demo version)
Stepping Stone / Villanova Junction Blues
Stepping Tone
Stevie Ray Vaughan 3-5-85 Studio Jams
Still Raining, Still Dreaming
Still Raining, Still Dreamng
Stockholm Concert
Stockholm Interview, May 1967
Stockholm Interview, September 1967
Stone Free Again (mix 1)
Stone Free (live,1969-12-31: The Fillmore East, New York, NY, USA)
Stone Free (original track)
Stone Free, Part 2
Stone Free (uncut)
Stormy Monday Blues
Story of Jimi Hendrix, The
Straight Ahead
Strange Things
Strate Ahead
Strato Strut
Stray Blues
Street Things, The
Studio '67
Studio Catastrophe
Studio Chat
Studio Haze
Studio Out‐Takes… 1966–1970, The
Studio Out-Takes Volume 3 1969-1970
Studio Sessions, Volume 1
Studio Sessions, Volume 2
Suddenly November Morning
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
Sugar Pie, Honey Pie
Summer of Love Sessions, The
Sundance (with echo)
Sunshine of Your Heart
Sunshine of Your Love (short version) (live), The
Super Oldie Sensation
Super Stars Best Collection
Sweet Angel (Angel)
Sweet Thang
Sweet Thing
Taj Mahal Sessions
Takin' Care of No Business
Taking Care of No Business
Talent & Feeling, Volume 2
Tarnia / Doin' Gern / You Wouldn't Understand / Uncommon Ground
Tarot Mistress
Tax free (4 min 56 s)
Tax Free [War Heroes]
Tears of Rage
Them Changes 1
Them Changes 2
There Ain't Nothin' Wrong
There Goes Ezy Rider / 7 Dollars in My Pocket
Thing I Used To Do
Thing Us to Do, The
Things I Used to Do (take 1), The
Things I Used to Do (take 2), The
Things That I Used to Do, The
Third Stone From the Sun #1
Third Stone From the Sun (2)
Third Stone From the Sun #3
Third Stone From the Sun / Wild Thing
This Is America
Three Little Bears, Part 1
Three Little Bears, Part 2
Three Little Bears/South Saturn Delta Instrumental Jam
Three Little Bears (vocal reference)
Tommorow Never Knows
Tomorrow Never Knows (live)
Tomorrow Never Knows / Uranus Rock
Top des Stars, Volume 6: Gangster of Love
Torture Me
Total Experience, The
Traffic Jam
Train Kept A Rollin' / Earth Blues / Hear My Train A Comin' / Voodoo Chile / Baby, Let the Good Times Roll / Express Horns Jam, The
Trash Man (Olmstead Studios, New York, April 3, 1969)
Treasures from the Skies
Tribute to Donna (Lenore)
Trying to Be (A Man)
Trying to Be (In Love)
Trying to Be Jam
Trying to Be (Stepping Stone) / Earth Blues
TTG Electric Church Jam / Hear My Freedom
Tune-Up and Jimi (intro)
Tutti Frutti (instrumental)
Two + One Goes
Two and One Goes
Two Guitars Jam
Two in One Goes
Two Into One Goes
ultimate experience, The
Ultimate Live Collection, The
Ultra Rare Trax
Under the Table, Part 1
Under the Table, Part 2
Univibe Jam (JA7)
Unknown Jam
Unknown (Playing Over James Brown)
Unsurpassed Studio Takes
Untitled Basic Track
[untitled guitar improvisation] (guitar & bass)
Untitled Instrumental N.1.
Untitled Instrumental N.2.
Up From The Skies II
Up From The Skies (S022)
Up From The Skies (S1104)
Uranus Rock
Valley of Neptune Jam
Valley of Neptune (take 2)
Valleys Of Neptune (23)
Valleys of Neptune 3
Valleys of Neptune 4
Valleys of Neptune 5
Valleys of Neptune 6
Valleys of Neptune 7
Valleys of Neptune... Arising
Valleys of Neptune (complete version)
Valleys of Neptune (guitar)
Valleys of Neptune (instrumental blues jam)
Valleys of Neptune (piano)
Valleys of Neptune (session)
Valleys of Neptune / South Saturn Delta
Valleys of Neptune (take 1, 2) (instrumental)
Variation on a Theme / Lonely Avenue, Part 1
Variation on a Theme / Lonely Avenue, Part 2
Variations On A Theme - Red House
Very Best, The
Villanova Jonction
Villanova Junction (a.k.a. Strokin' a Lady on Each Hip)
Villanova Junction (alternate mix)
Villanova Junction Blues (Nov.69 - Jam edit)
Villanova Junction / Drum Solo
Villanova Junction / Ships Passing in the Night
Villanova Junction [Woodstock]
Vitus studio Holland
Vodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Voice in the Mind
Voice in the Wind
Voice of the Wind
Voices in the Wind
Voodoo Child-Midnight Lightning
Voodoo Child-She Wants to Bed With My Guitar
Voodoo Child (slight return) 1
Voodoo Child (slight return) 10
Voodoo Child (slight return) 11
Voodoo Child (slight return) 12
Voodoo Child (slight return) / 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)
Voodoo Child (slight return) 2
Voodoo Child (slight return) 3
Voodoo Child (slight return) 4
Voodoo Child (slight return) [5/25/69 San Diego Sports Arena]
Voodoo Child (slight return) 6
Voodoo Child (slight return) 7
Voodoo Child (slight return) 8
Voodoo Child (slight return) 9
Voodoo Child (slight return) / Keep On Groovin'
Voodoo Child (slight return) (live)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (outtake)
Voodoo Child (slight return) / Stepping Stone
Voodoo Child / Sunshine of Your Love
Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection (disc 1: Studio)
Voodoo Chile #10
Voodoo Chile #11
Voodoo Chile #12
Voodoo Chile #13
Voodoo Chile #14
Voodoo Chile #2
Voodoo Chile #3
Voodoo Chile #4
Voodoo Chile #6
Voodoo Chile #8
Voodoo Chile #9
Voodoo Chile (a slight reprise)
Voodoo Chile / Cherokee Mist
Voodoo Chile / China Mist
Voodoo Chile / Come On, Part 1
Voodoo Chile [Maui, Hawaii, 7/30/70]
Voodoo Chile Sessions, The
Voodoo Chile (slight return) (live)
Voodoo Chile (slight return) (reprise)
Voodoo Chile (slight return, short version)
Voodoo Chile (The Blues session, Takes 1-5)
Voodoo Cile
Voodoo Soup
Voovoo Chile
Wah Wah (Hush Now)
Wah Wah (instr.)
Wah Wah (instrumental)
Wait Till Tomorrow
Wait Until Tomorrow 1
Wait Until Tomorrow 2
Wait Until Tomorrow. (S024) (Safe Stereo Mix)
Wait Until Tomorrow (S024) (Sotheby Mix)
Wake Up This Morning and Found Yourself Dead
Wake Up This Morning and You Find Yourself Dead
War Heroes - The Outtakes
Waterfall (April 3 1967)
Waterfall (May This Be Love)
We Gotta Live Together / I Feel So Good
We Need an Understanding
Welcome Home
Welcome to the Electric Circus Vol. 2
West Coast Seattle Boy (Experience Hendrix/Legacy Sampler)
West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology
What’d I Say?
What Jimi Meant.
White Collection – Voodoo Chile
Who Knows 1
Who Knows (1970-01-28)
Who Knows 2
Who Knows 3
Who Knows 4
Who Knows 5
Who Knows 6
Who Knows 7
Who Knows [Band Of Gypsys]
Who Knows (false Start)
Whoa Ech
Whoa 'Eeh (edited from Tomorrow Never Knows, live)
Whole Lotta Shakin’ On
Why Don’t You Love Me
Why I Sing The Blues
Wild Thing / Bleeding Heart
Wild Thing / Epilogue
Wild Thing (live)
Win Your Love
Wind Cries Mary / Foxey Lady, The
Wind Cries Mary (January 15 1967), The
Wind Cries Mary (live), The
Wind Cries Mary (S1065), The
Wind Cries Mary (S1464), The
Wind schreit Scheiße, Der
Winter Blues
Winterland Night
Wipe That Sweat
Wipe the Street
Wipe the Sweat 1
Wipe the Sweat 3
Wipe the Sweat, Part 2
Wipe The Sweet, Part 1
Wipe The Sweet, Part 2
Wipe The Sweet, Part 3
With the Power 1
With The Power 2
With the Power (Paper Airplanes)
Wizard's Visions
Woah Eeh
Woke Up in the Morning
Woke Up This Morning and Find Myself Dead
Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead
Woke Up This Morning and Found Yourself Dead (live)
Woke Up This Morning and You Find Yourself Dead
Woke Up This Morning and You Found Yourself Dead
Woodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Woodstock 25th Anniversary
Woodstock Improvisation
Woodstock Inst.-Keep On Groovin'
World Traveler
World Traveller
Wow Eeh (Tomorrow Never Knows)
X Y (In a Bad Mood) Rap
Yes I Need Someone
You Don't Want Me (instr.)
You Don't Want Me (instrumental)
You Got It
You Got Me Floatin’ (S028) (Safe Stereo Mix)
You Got Me Floatin’ (S1107)
You & Me Blues / Lover Man
You're So Fine
You Say You Love Me
Young / Hendrix (alternate)
Young Hendrix Jam
Young II (aka Fuzzy Guitar Jam)
Герои гитары [они посвятили свою жизнь музыке и стали богами сцены биографии Би Би Кинга, Джими Хендрикса, Ленни Крэвица, Слэша, Боба Дилана, Эрика Клэптона и других исполнителей]
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’60s Music Revolution
"alte Ami" Rik DeLisle präsentiert: Das 3. große Super-Oldies-Paket, Der
"alte Ami" Rik DeLisle präsentiert: Das große Super-Oldies-Paket, Der
“Still Life” (American Concert 1981)
[Band Introduction by B.B. King]
10 Bricks
100 Hits American Woman
100 Hits Blues Ballads
100 Hits Kings of Beats
100 Rock Hits
12 Bar Jam in D
12 Bar Jam in E #1
12 Bar Jam in E #2
12 Bar Jam in E #3
16 Legendäre Hits
1967: Do You Remember..? The Fabulous Hits and the Headline Sensations of 1967
1968-03-xx: Live At The Scene Club, N.Y., N.Y.: The Scene Club, New York, NY, USA
1995-04-23: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix
20 Tubes de vos 20 ans : 1967, Les
2005-10-31: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2008-11-27: Via Funchal, São Paulo, Brazil
21 Years of Alternative Radio 1
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 14
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 7
25 Rock Hits: The Masters of the Rock Era, Vol. 1
30 Most Slow Blues
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 4
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 7
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 8
50 Chartbusters
50 Disco, Reggae, Soul & Blues Greatest
50 Hits of the Sixties and of Woodstock Generation
50 Years Around the Rock
60 Top Hits: American Dreams
60's Gold
70s: Best of 1970-1971, The
75 All-Time Rock & Pop Hits
75 Hits History of Pop
ACT Jubilee Concert, The
Ain't Nothin' but the Blues
Ain’t That Peculiar
All the Best Of, Volume 2
All-Time Rock
Alltime Greatest Hits of the 60's
Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) - Countdown - Happy New Year
Alternative 60s: From Woodstock to Vietnam
Axemen - The First Cometh
Baby What You Want Me to Do
Band (outro)
Best Blues Album in the World, The
Best Of Flower Power, Volume 1
Best of Rock Legends, The
Best of Rock: The 50 Biggest Songs of History
Best of Woodstock and Flower Power, The
Best of Woodstock, The
beste uit de top 100 aller tijden volume 2, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden, Het
Black Gold
Black Gold 1.1
Bleeding Heart
Blue Thumb Acetate, The
Blues and Rock Ballads Vol.1
Blues Blues
Blues Breakers
Blues Collection, The
Blues Experience, The
Blues Guitar
Blues Guitar Box 2, The
Blues Guitar Heroes
Blues Jam No. 1, Part I
Blues Jam No. 1, Part II
Blues Jam No. 2, Part I
Blues Jam No. 2, Part II
Blues Jam No. 3
Blues Legends
Blues Legends: Live Legends
Blues Power: 50 Blues Artists Who Matter
Borders Rock Essentials, Vol 1
Born to Be Wild
Box of Rock
Breaker Breaker
Breath of Fresh Air
Bring My Baby Back
Bruce Bass Jam
Burbank's Finest - 100% All Meat
Burning the Midnight Lamp
Can't Help Myself, I
Can't Wait, I
Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Outro: Star Spangled Banner, (I
Can’t Wait, I
Canterbury Tales
Carry On
CD‐Festival: Highlights of the Seventies
Change the Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987
Children of the Revolution
Chronicles: 70’s Rock Classics
Classic Rock #014: Classic Cuts No.10
Classic Rock #021: A Right Earful
Classic Rock #182: The Classic Rock Machine Turns You On
Classic Rock Anthems
Classic Rock Superstars
Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 21: May 1995
Cocktail Mol6t8v : La bande son de la révolte
Collector’s Material
Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)
Creative Outlaws - U.S. Underground 1962-1970
Crossroads: La musique du diable
Dancing in the Street
Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar
Dead Cool, Volume 1
Deck Safari, Part Two
Dirty Fox
disco del Mese (disc 5: I grandi cantano i Beatles), Il
Dogtown and Z-Boys: O.G. Motion Picture Soundtrack
Don't Accuse Me
Don’t Live Today, I
Doriella Du Fontaine
Doriella du Fontaine (instrumental)
Doriella du Fontaine (radio edit)
Doriella du Fontaine (single edit)
Drakkar Noir - Best of Rock, Volume 1
Drakkar Noir: Best of Rock, Volume 2
Dreamers, The
Driving Rock
Driving South
Duane Hitchings Jam, Part 1
Duane Hitchings Jam, Part 2
Easy Rider
Easy Rider (take 1)
Easy Rider (take 2)
Edge: Ultimate Rock, The
Elite Rock Collection
Essential 70’s Collection, Volume 1
Everlasting First (take 16), The
Everything's Gonna be Alright
Excavation: Unauthorized Cut-Up Volume 1
Experience, The
F1 Rock
Fab Sixties, The
Fender 50th Anniversary Guitar Legends
First Great Rock Festivals of the Seventies: Isle of Wight / Atlanta Pop Festival, The
First Summer of Love, The
Flashback Of The 70's, The
Flower Power
Flower Power - United We Stand, Disc 2
Flower Power & Woodstock Generation
Flower Power, Volume 2
Flower Power, Volume 3
Flower Power: Happy Hippie Hits
Flower Power: Let's Go to San Francisco
FM Rock Classics
Fool for You Baby
Foxy Stuff
Free Spirit
Friends From the Beginning
Funky Sole, Volume 1: Live in Hollywood, California
Fuzzy Guitar Jam, Part 1
Fuzzy Guitar Jam, Part 2
Fuzzy Guitar Jam, Part 3
G-Building vs. Foxy Lady
Generation Freeway
Geschichte der Pop Musik
Get Out of My Life Woman
Get That Feeling
Giants of Rock: Live
Go Go Shoes
Goin' Home Tomorrow
Gold Nuggets
Golden Oldies, Volume 2
Good Feeling
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Times
Goodbye Bessie Mae
Goodnight Irene
Got You (I Feel Good), I
Gotta Have a New Dress
Great Guitarists Volume 1 (Selected Sound Carrier 1994)
Great Guitarists, Volume 1
Greatest Hits of the 70s
Groove Maker
Guitar Album, The
Guitar Anthems
Guitar Greats
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar Heroes
Guitar Heroes, Volume 1
Guitar Heroes, Volume 2
Guitar Kings
Guitar Kings: Volume 2
Guitar of the Millennium
Guitar Players, The
Guitar Rock
Guitar Thing
Gyllene ögonblick på Gröna Lund
Happy Hippie Hits
Harley-Davidson Road Songs, Volume 2
Harley-Davidson: Ride
Hear ’n Aid
Hear ’n Aid: An All-Star Album for Famine Relief
Heavy Metal, Volume 1
Heavy Metal, Volume 2
Heavy Metal: 24 Electrifying Performances
Heavy Metal: Superstars of the 70’s, Volume 2
Heavy Rock: Cut the Crap
Hey Joe
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 10
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 6
History of Rock, Volume 16, The
Hits der 68er Generation
Hits of the World 1966/1967
Hits of the World 1970/1971
Hood, The
Hornet's Nest
Hornet’s Nest
Hot Trigger
Hot Trigger (live)
Hound Dog
House of Flying Daggers
House of the Rising Sun
How Would You Feel
Humo Presenteert: Luchtgitaar!
Hush Now
I’ll Be Doggone
I’m a Man
In the Name of the Father: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3
Instrumental 4
Instrumental Jam #3
Isle of Wight / Atlanta Pop Festival
Isle of Wight 1970
It Ain't Watcha Do
It Sounds Nicer When It's Nasty!
It's My Own Fault
It's Not a Game
It's Too Bad
It’s My Own Fault
It’s Not a Game
Jam 1
Jam 2
Jam 3
Jam 4
Jam 5
Jam 6
Jam in D
Jam Thing
Jersey Devil
Jimi Hendrix / Jack Bruce Jams
Jimi Hendrix & Carlos Santana
Jimi Hendrix & Larry Young: 1969 Record Plant
Killing Floor
King's Jam, The
Kings’ Jam, The
Kiss the Sky
Knock Yourself Out
Knock Yourself Out: The 1965 Studio Sessions
Land of 1000 Dances
Last Call
Last Night
Last Poets / This Is Madness, The
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Legends Volume 5
Legends: Ultimate Rock Collection: Pluggin' In
Let's Go to San Francisco
Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go
Levi's 501 Hits, Volume 2, The
Like a Rolling Stone
Lime Lime
Live at George’s Club 20: December 1965 / January 1966
Live Forever
Live Today
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
Lords of Dogtown
Lords of Dogtown: Music From the Motion Picture
Make Love - Not War
Many Faces of Jimi Hendrix, The
Marquee Metal
Masterpieces of Rock
Masters of Rock
Media’s affenstarke Oldtimer 2
Memories Are Made of This
Mercy, Mercy
Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Every Day I Have the Blues
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Really Got the Blues
Milestones: 32 Great Rock Classics
Mirrors Tell Lies
Modern Blues: The Gold Collection
Mojo: Experienced!
Money Honey
Monsters of Rock Live
Monsters of Rock Live, Disc 2
Monterey Pop ’67
Morning Vietnam
Morrison's Lament
Morrison's Lament / Tomorrow Never Comes / Uranus Rock / Outside Woman Blues
Morrison’s Lament
Mr. Pitiful
Music Decades: Do You Remember...? 1970
Music Inspired by Woodstock
Music of the Millennium 2
Music of the Millennium 2 (disc 1)
Music of the Millennium II
Music of the Millennium III
música do século, volume 29, A
música do século, volume 35, A
My Brother's Dead
n°1 du Rock, Les
New York City, September 11, 2001
Night Life
Night Life (live)
No Business
No-Name Jam
No. 1 All Time Rock Album, The
No.1 70's Rock Album, The
Number 1's of the 70's & 80's
Ocean of Sound 4: Guitars on Mars
Old Grey Whistle Test: Take Two, The
Oldie Hit-Box
Oldie Juke Box
Oldies - Greatest hits - 10 Pop Classics
Oldies Collection, Volume 2
Oldies, Volume 2
On the Road
On the Road - Rock Hits
Original Artists: Twenty Classic Tracks
Original Music From the 60's, Volume 1 / Part 2, The
Originals 2
Outside Woman Blues
Over The Edge (Original Sound Track)
P.L.O. Style
Past Forward
People Peoples
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 4
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 9
plein de tubes, Le
PLO Style
Power Rock: 35 Rock Classics
Prefontaine: Original Soundtrack
Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar
Psychedelic Generation
Psychedelic Years Revisited, The
Psychedelic Years, The
Psycho (live)
Pure Rock Moods
Radio Saigon
Rare Hendrix
Rarities on Compact Disc: A Holiday Happening, Volume 8
Rattle and Hum
Rattle and Hum: The Collection
RCD: Classic Rock Collection, Volume 9
Really Got the Blues
Record Plant Sessions
Red House
Remember the 60's (Volume 4)
Remember the 60's (Volume 9)
Remember the 60’s, Volume 3
Remember the 60’s, Volume 8
Remember The 70’s (Volume 5)
Remember Woodstock '69, Volume 4
Remember Woodstock, Volume 1
Remixes Vol. 1
Revolution of the 60's, The
Robert Plant's Jukebox
Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock and Pop Hits
Rock Anthems
Rock Anthems, Volume 2
Rock Ballads
Rock Box, The
Rock Classics: Our Love Can Still Be Saved
Rock Collection: Legendary Rock, The
Rock Diamonds
Rock Favourites
Rock Festival, Volume 1
Rock Giants, Volume 2: 1994
Rock Guitar (Purple Haze)
Rock Guitar Collection
Rock Guitar Legends
Rock Guitar Legends Vol2
Rock Legend
Rock Legends I
Rock Line
Rock Line 4
Rock Machine
Rock Martyrs
Rock Messages
Rock Music
Rock Paintings: CD+G Sampler
Rock Phenomenon
Rock Phenomenon: Hip-Hop vs. Rock Mash-Ups
Rock Power
Rock the Night
Rock Therapy
Rockin’ the Blues
Rolling Back the Years: 1966-1967
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 28: Blow Your Mind²: White Punks on Dope
Route 66, Volume II
Running The Voodoo Down: Explorations In Psychrockfunksouljazz 1967-80
Rvng Prsnts Mx7 & Mx7SEVEN
Sacred Sources 1 Live Forever
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
Schmuse Box
Serie Gold: Rock US
Session Thing
Session, A
She's a Fox
She's So Fine
She’s So Fine
Silent Night Holy Night
Simon Says
Simply Blaxploitation
Sixties, Volume 3, The
Slow Walkin’ Talk
Smash Hits
Some of Our Best Friends Are
Something in the Air
Special Delivery
Spirit of Blues, The
Star - Male Artists, The
Star Spangled Banner
Steal This Disc 2
Steal This Disc 3
Stepping Stone
stereoplay, CD 37: Yesterday’s
Stereoplay: The Best of Highlights II
Strange Things
Street Rap
Summer '96
Summer ’69
Summin' Gotz To Give
Summin’ Gotz to Give
Sunday Times Music Collection: Guitar Men, The
Sunshine of Your Love
Sunshine of your Love Riff 1
Sunshine of your Love Riff 2
Super Oldies
Superhits of Rock 1965-79
Superman vs. Purple Haze
Superstar Blues
Superstars of the 70s
Sweet Little Angel
Sweet Thing
Switch Up, The
Tales From Bootleg Oceans: 5th Chapter
Tha Funk Capital of the World
Theme Time Radio - Weather
Token Back By Angels
Tomorrow Never Knows
Tooken Back
Top des Sixties, Le
Tour of Duty 6: The Strongest Popclassics From the 60’s and 70’s
Tour of Duty III
Travelin’ to California
Tribe Vibes
Tribe Vibes Vol. 3
Tribute to the Beatles, A
Two Great Experiences
Ü40 Rock Classics
Ultimate 60s Collection, The
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and Platinum, The
Ultimate Rock, Volume 2
Ultimate Rock, Volume One
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.11
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.4
Uncut 2004.04: The Roots of Tommy
Uncut, 2002.2
Uncut: Dazed and Confused: 13 Guitar Greats Including Jimmy Page
Uranus Rock
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
VH1 Classic Tracks
Vietnam Generation
Voice in the Wind
Voodoo Chile (slight return)
Voodoo Crossing: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Vox Box, The
Watchtower Problem, A
Way Out, A
Welcome Home
What I Say
What's Happenin'
What’s Happenin’
What’s Life
When I Met You
When the Fat Lady Sings
White Boy Black Boy Blues
White Roots 2
Whoa Ehh'
Whole Lotta Shakin Going
Whole Lotta Shakin'
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Wild Thing
Wind Cries Mary, The
Wind Cries, The
Wipe the Sweat - Part One
Wipe the Sweat - Part Segway
Wipe the Sweat - Part Two
Wipe the Sweat, Part 1
Wipe the Sweat, Part 2
Wipe the Sweat, Part 3
Withnail & I
Woke Up This Morning
Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead
Woke Up This Morning and Found Yourself Dead
Wooden Arms / Mix Tape
Woodstock - Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Experience
Woodstock '69
Woodstock 40
Woodstock 40th Anniversary
Woodstock Diary
Woodstock Generation
Woodstock Generation, Volume 2
Woodstock Two
Woodstock: 40 Years On: Back to Yasgur's Farm
Woodstock: 40 Years On: Back to Yasgur’s Farm
Woodstock: Music From the Original Soundtrack and More
Woodstock: The Love and Peace Generation
Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music: The 25th Anniversary Collection
World Traveler
World Traveler (reprise)
You Don't Want Me
You Got It