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Cushing Richardson, Ernest
Ernest Cushing Richardson
Ernest Cushing Richardson (Amerikaans bibliothecaris (1860-1939))
Ernest Cushing Richardson (United States librarian, theologian and scholar)
Richardson, E. C.
Richardson, Ernest C.
Richardson, Ernest Cushing
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Language material
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American library association (isRelatedTo)
American Library Association. Committee on Bibliography
Berthold, Arthur B. (co-author)
Coxe, A. Cleveland (1818-1896)
Coxe, Arthur Cleveland (1818-1896)
Donaldson, James Sir 1831-1915
Eusèbe de Césarée (co-author)
Grubbs, Henry Alexander
Grubbs, Henry Alexander (co-author)
Jérôme (saint ; (0345?-0420))
Jérôme (saint; co-author)
Jeroni, sant ca. 342-420
MacLaughlin, Andrew Cunningham (co-author)
McCombs, Charles Flowers (co-author)
Menzies, Allan (1845-1916)
Morse, Ans. Ely
Morse, Anson Ely (n. 1879)
New York State library (isRelatedTo)
Pick, Bernhard (1842-1917))
Princeton University. Library
Riddle, Matthew B.
Roberts, Alexander (1826-1901)
Schaff, Philip (co-author)
Thayer, Charles S.
Thayer, Charles Snow (1865-1944)
alphabetical subject index and index encyclopaedia to periodical articles on religion, 1890-1899;, An
An Alphabetical subject index and index encyclopaedia to periodical articles on religion, 1890-1899, compiled and edited by Ernest Cushing Richardson,...
An Index directory to special collections in North American libraries, prepared... by Ernest Cushing Richardson...
Ante-Nicene Christian library
ante-Nicene fathers, The : translations of the writings of the fathers down to A.D. 325
Beginnings of librairies, by Ernest Cushing Richardson,..., The
beginnings of libraries, The
Biblical Libraries : A Sketch of Library History from 3400 B.C. to A.D. 150
Bibliographical synopsis
bibliography of the war and the reconstruction of bibliographical methods, The
books of an old librarian, The
catalogo collettivo della Biblioteca del Congresso, Il
Church history
Classification, theoretical and practical ...
College and university libraries ...
Cooperative purchase and other lessons from "Project B,"
curse of bibliographical cataloging, The
Ernest Cushing Richardson collection of French and Italian manuscripts
First one thousand books for a New Jersey library.
future of union catalogs and of co-operative selection and purchase;, The
Hieronymus liber De viris inlustribus. Gennadius liber De viris inlustribus.
Historical writings, etc.
Library of the college of New Jersey. Class of'83. Library of political science and jurisprudence. Finding list. [By Ernest C. Richardson.]
list of printed catalogs of manuscript books., A
list of religious periodicals currently taken by Union, Princeton, Yale and Hartford theological seminaries, A
Lives of illustions men
Manuscript hunting
Materials for a life of Jacopo da Varagine
Materials for a life of Jacopo de Varagine, by Ernest Cushing Richardson...
national library problem today, The
Pomerium sermonu[m] de sanctis, pars estiualis.
Princeton University Library classification system, 1900-1920
problem of American research books and the effort for its solution by library co-operation., The
Project 12A: recataloging 1300 titles in religion
proposal to coordinate committees concerned in the A. L. A. plans for research library service;, The
Reference Department, by E. C. Richardson..., The
restatement:, The
sogenannte Sophronius
Some aspects of cooperative cataloging
Some aspects of international library co-operation, papers and extracts
Some old Egyptian librarians
Subject headings in theology; a synthetic index to some recent systems of theological library classification together with the A. L. A. subject headings in religion
Summary of method
Teoritičeskaâ i praktičeskaâ klasifikaciâ
Theological libraries as a field for cooperation;
Union catalog of the Library of Congress. Extension of the Union catalog of the Library of Congress., The
Union catalogues, a selective bibliography
union list of collections on European history in American libraries., A
Union world catalog of manuscript books, preliminary studies in method... [Preface by Ernest Cushing Richardson.], A
world's collections of manuscript books: a preliminary survey, The
Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America
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Writings on American history