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Gardiner, S. R.
Gardiner, Samuel R.
Gardiner (Samuel Rawson)
Rawson Gardiner, Samuel
Samuel Rawson Gardiner (britischer Historiker)
Samuel Rawson Gardiner (British historian)
Samuel Rawson Gardiner (Brits historicus (1829-1902))
ساموئل راوسون گاردینر (تاریخ‌نگار بریتانیایی)
صموئيل روسون جاردينر
ಸ್ಯಾಮ್ಯುಯೆಲ್ ರಾಸನ್ ಗಾಡರ್ನರ್
ガージナー, エス アール
ガーディナー, サミュエル・ローソン
Creation class: 
Cartographic material
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Atkinson, C. T. (b. 1880.)
Atkinson, Christopher Thomas (b. 1880.)
Edwards, John Goronwy Sir, 1891-1976
Elsynge, Henry (1598-1654)
Elsynge, Henry (1598-1654))
Francisco de Jesús y Jódar, 1568 (1634)
Inghilterra. Parliament. House of Lords
Matheson, Percy Ewing (1859-1946))
Mullinger, J. Bass (1834-1917)
Mullinger, James Bass (1834-1917)
Mullinger, James Bass (1834-1917))
Packer, John (1570?-1649)
Packer, John (1570?-1649))
Packer, John (1572-1649)
Poole, Reginald Lane (1857-1939))
Schoppe, Joseph
Seignobos, Charles (1854-1942)
Shearer, Augustus Hunt (1878-1941)
Wells, Philip P. (1868-1929)
Wells, Philip Patterson (1868-1929)
Winsor, Justin (1831-1897)
江藤, 孝平
Arabella Stuart (DNB00)
Bacon : selections
Camden miscellany volume the Tenth. containing the journal of Sir Roger Wilbraham, solicitor general in Ireland and Master of requestr. for the years 1593-1616, together with notes in Another hand for the years 1642-1649, The
Charles I (DNB00)
Chichester, Arthur (1563-1625) (DNB00)
constitutional documents of the puritan revolution 1625-1660, The
Cromwell's place in history founded on six lectures delivered in the university of Oxford
Debates in the House of Commons in 1625
Debates, proceedings.
Devereux, Robert (1591-1646) (DNB00)
Documents illustrating the impeachment of the duke of Buckingham in 1626
Documents relating to the proceedings against William Prynne in 1634 and 1637
Engl. hist. rev.
English Historical Review, The
fall of the monarchy of Charles I. 1637-1649, The
First two stuarts and the puritan revolution 1603-1660
Fortescue papers, The : consisting chiefly of letters relating to State affairs [1607-1644], collected by John Packer, secretary to George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
Four letters of Lord Wentworth
Hamilton Papers. Addenda. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner,...
Hamilton papers : being selections from original letters in the possession of his grace the duke of Hamilton and Brandon, relating to the years 1638-1650...
hecho de los tratados del matrimonio pretendido por el Principe de Gales con la serenissima Infante de España Maria, El : tomado desde sus principios para maior demostracion de la verdad, y ajustado con los papeles originales desde consta
Henrietta Maria (DNB00)
Historical biographies
History of England from the accession of James I. to the outbreak of the civil war 1603-1642;
History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate : 1649-1656 : in four volumes
Introduction to the study of English history
James VI and I (DNB00)
Letters and other documents illustrating the relations between England and Germany at the commencement of the Thirty Years' War ...
Letters and papers relating to the first Dutch war (1652-1654)
Letters relating to the mission of Sir Thomas Roe to Gustavus Adolphus, 1629-30
Macdonald, Alexander (d.1647) (DNB00)
Manuel d'histoire d'Angleterre (depuis les origines jusqu'à la mort de la reine Victoria)
Memoirs of the Verney family during the Civil War compiled from the letters and illustrated by the portraits at Claydon House
Modern English history from 1837 to the 20th century ...
Narrative of the Spanish marriage treaty
Notes of the judgment delivered by Sir George Croke in the case of ship-money
O'Neill, Owen Roe (DNB00)
Oliver Cromwell. -
Outline of English history b. C. 55-a. D. 1886
Parliamentary debates in 1610.
personal government of Charles I., The : A history of England from the assassination of the Duke of Buckingham to the declaration of the judges on ship-money; 1628-1637.
Pervye Stûarty i puritanskaâ revolûciâ
Prince Charles and the Spanish marriage: 1617-1623. : A chapter of English history, founded principally upon unpublished documents in this country, and in the archives of Simancas, Venice, and Brussels.
Puritanie i Stûarty 1603-1660 gg
Pym, John (DNB00)
Reports of cases in the courts of Star Chamber and High Commission [1631-32]
Stuart period, The
student's history of England, A : from the earliest times to 1885
Student's history of england from the earliest times to the conclusion of the great war
The thirty years' war 1618-1648, ...
Thirty Years' War 1618-1648
Victorian Era mit Anh.
Wentworth, Thomas (1593-1641) (DNB00)
What gunpowder plot was
Yelverton, Henry (DNB00)
千載之一時 : 英国史鑑