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M. Mancina
Mancina, Mark
Mancina, Mark Alan
Mark Mancina
Mark Mancina (Amerikaans componist)
Mark Mancina (amerikansk komponist)
Mark Mancina (amerikansk kompositör)
Mark Mancina (compositeur américain)
Mark Mancina (Hollywood soundtrack composer)
Mark Mancina (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Манчина, Марк
مارک مانسینا (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
마크 맨시나
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
20th century-Fox
Bont, Jan de (1943-)
Buena vista home entertainment
Bullock, Sandra (1964-...)
Collins, Phil (1951-)
Fox vidéo
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Rabin, Trevor (1954-...)
Walker, Robert
Warner bros
Warner home video France
Zimmer, Hans
1st Place
6 Years in Prison
à été comme toi, Il
Against My Better Judgement
Against My Better Judgment
Against the Gate
ailes de l'enfer
Air Conditioning Inspection
Alex and Annie / Caribbean Cruise
All New Mayday, An
'All That Heroin - Gone!'
Alonzo (reprise alternate)
Annie's Loaded / Getting on Train
Apollo One: Plugs Out Test / Fire
Apollo One: What Happened?
Apparition de Tala
Appeal, The
Appointment, The
AR Pipe Organ (original demo)
Arpeggio Theme
Arrival at the Club
Arriving at Work
Arriving in Malaysia
Artist: Voyage, The
Artist: We Were One, The
As the World Turned
Assasins: End Title
Assassins: End Credits
Attempted Revenge (alternate)
August Rush: Original Score From the Motion Picture
August Rush Rhapsody (original demo)
August's Rhapsody in C Major
Awakes as a Bear
Bad Boys: Main Title (edited film version)
Bad Boys (main title) / Heist
Bad Boys: Opening
Bait: Theme 1
Bait: Theme 2
Banshee's Lair, The
Bari Improvs (original demo)
Basketball to Organ Loft
Battle in the Boneyard
Battle of Wills
Bedlam Larkin
Behind Enemy Lines
Being Chased
Between Worlds
Big Key Big Door
Big Suck (Alternate), The
Bike Ride
Biltmore, The
Bitter Suite
Blade Is Down
Blazin' Blade Mystery
BLOOD+ Attack
BLOOD+ Countdown
BLOOD+ Grand Theme
BLOOD+ Red Herring
BLOOD+ The Final Battle
Blue Skies Over Ordale
Bob’s Road
Bogey Village
Bogeys Attack Ordale
Bomb Reveal / Payne Watching Football
Boys Find Max, The
Bras de fer, Le
Breaking the Barrier
'Brilliant Design'
Brother bear
Brothers in Arms
Brown's Ultimatum
Buddha Consciousness
Can't Get In
Car Chase
Car Surfing
Carson City
Cavern (score demo)
Charlie Gets Ready / Charlie Grabs the Train
Charlie Steals the Model
Chase on the Roof / Fight With Alonzo (alternate)
Chased By A Marching Band (Without Overlay)
Chasing The Enemy
Chasing Thru Time
Child's Christmas, A
Choppers (1 min)
City Streets
Cobra Chase / Pouchet's Death
Cœur Brille, Le
Con air, anglais
Con Air Convictos en el aire
Con Air Theme
Confiding in Mr. Evers
Confrontation, The
Cons Check Out Lerner
Crack Pipe
Crakin' Nuts
Crop Duster
Crypt, Part 1, The
Crypt, Part 2, The
Dad We Have a Problem
Dangling feet (34 s)
Dante's Peak
Darling pretty
Dash Is Defeated
Dead Guy
Dead People In The Back Yard
Dead People in the Backyard
Death Chase
Death Is Certain (alternate II)
Desperate Lovers
Disassembly Room
Discharge, The
Diva Awakens
Diva (instrumental version)
Do You Remember Club Hell?
dolly (1 min 28 s)
Dolly, The
Domestic disturbance
Don't Honey Me Baby!
Don’t You Remember?
Dorothy IV (Film Version)
Drive-in Twister
Drive to Smiley
Drive to the Mansion
Dusty Crash Lands
Dusty Has to Ditch
Dusty & Ishani
Dusty Saves the Day
Dusty Soars
Dusty Steps Into History
Elevator peril (28 s)
Elevator Stall
Elf Assassin
Emma Tells Kids the Story
En route vers Te Fiti
End Title (Alternate)
End Titles
Endless Stair, The
endroit merveilleux (instrumental), Un
Engine Room
Entering airport (1 min)
Entering the House
Entering the Passage
Er Som En Abe, Ser Ud Som Et Menneske ("Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man" - Score)
Escape From Club Hell / Ether Chase
Escape From Julie's
Et Kærligt Hjem ("One Family" - Score)
Et Vidunderligt Sted ("A Wondrous Place" - Score)
Faerie Forest
Fair Game: Discussion at the Hotel
Fair Game: Electronic Search
Fair Game: End Title
Fair Game: Main Theme
Fair Game: Searching for Kathryn
Familie, Eine
Father & Son
Favor for Mike Lowrey, A
Fear The Change
Fight / Aftermath
Fight on Train
Fight, The
Final Chase
Finn Battles the Nightmare Queen
Finn to the Rescue
Fire by the Lodge
Fire Heroes
Fire, Part 1
Fire, Part 2
Fire Truck Chase
First Twister, The
Flesh and Blood
Flora: Flora's Choice
Flora: Life Begins
Flora: Sparrows
Folle du village, La
Follow Me
Following Ghostball
Forest Guardian
Fox Fanfare / Speed Theme
Frank Flicks Lighter
Frank the Outsider
Freight elevator (2 min 29 s)
Frère des ours
From the Earth to the Moon, Part 2: Apollo I
Funky Brothers to PD
Futility (Film Version)
gap (2 min 49 s)
Gap, The
Gates Open
Get Above the Storm
Get Away From Her
Get Out of My Life
Ghost Ball / Chasing Emma
Gieger Grabs Annie
Gift of 15 Grand / Charlie Loses the Money, A
God's Bathtub
God’s Finger
Godless Place
Going After Sandman
Going Green
Goodbye, Alex
gorilas, Los
Gorilla, I
Gorillaerne ("The Gorillas" - Score)
Gorillas, Die
Gorillas, The
Gorilles (instrumental), Les
grande famille (instrumental), Une
Great Escape
Green Light (alternate)
"Grim Grinning Ghosts" - Singing Busts
Grotte, La
Guitar Lullaby
Guys Sailing
Hail No!
Hailstorm hill
Hand of a God
Hangar 3
Hanger Shootout
Hanging, The
Harbor, The
Harvey & Winnie
Haunted Mansion / Disney Logo / Opening Title, The
He Knew the Girl
He Lives in You (reprise)
He's the Person I'd Call
He Was You
Hearing Ends, The
Helen dies (2 min 19 s)
Hello Lincoln / Sixth Place
Hibble: Hibble's Tale
Higher Appeal
Highway Chase
Homes, Play With Us
Honorary Jolly Wrench
Hook's Promise
Hook, The
House Haunts Me, The
House Visit
Hunt Begins, The
I'll Be There / The Brothers Fight / Money Train Wreck
I'll Miss You
I'm Here for Alonzo
Ice Shaman Battle
If I Were the Ocean
Imagine that
In the Ditch / Where's My Truck
Infiltrating the Cabin
Interrupting a Ditch / Party
Into Lois' Apartment
Island of Lochbarrow, The
It’s Called Wayfinding (score demo)
It's coming
It's Him,Geiger
(It's) Hip to Be Cad
It's Over
Jack Driving Jeep / Bus Enters Freeway
Jack Jumps Onto Bus
Jack Leaves Bus / Jack on Dolly / Payne's Picture
Jack Under Bus / Harry Searches House / Harry Didn't Make It
Jake's Fatigue
January 27, 1967
Jim And Ramsley Fight
Jim Finds Out What Ed Wants (Original)
Jim in the Passageway
Jim Locked Out / Ramsley Threatens Kids, Part 2
Jim's Locked Out Part 1A
Jim's Locked Out Part 1B
Jojo Doesn't Know / Hello, We're Negroes
JoJo, What You Know?
juego de la persecución Chase, El
Julie Asks for Help
Julie at Mike's Place
Julie's Got a Gun
Julliard, Part 2
...Just a Few Days More
Kakamora (score demo)
Kakamoras, Les
Keeping Cool
Keymaster Battle
Killing / Julie Jumps, A
Killing Max
L’Attaque de Te Ka
L’océan t’a choisie
Last Contestant
Last Lifeboat
Lear Crash
Leg 2 / Bulldog Thanks Dusty
Leg 7
Lerner Landing
Life's a Trip
Lightning Storm Fire
Lion King, The
Little Ambush, A
Loin du paradis
Looking at You
Loopin' Lopez
Love affair
Love Hurts
lugar maravilloso, Un
luogo meraviglioso, Un
Madam, The
Magic Doors
Main d’un dieu, La
Main Title From Theme Suite One
Main Title / We're In
Main Titles
maître des lieux
Man of the house
Manipulating the Buyers
manoir hanté et les neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-neuf fantômes
March 27, 1967 / End Of Disassembly
Maui Battles (score demo)
Maui Leaves (score demo)
Maui s’en va
Max Is Dead
Mean Like Funny, I
Meeting Edward Gracey
Meeting in the Mountains
Meeting Leota
Melancholy mechanics
Memphis' Theory
Mensch, der sich wie ein Affe bewegt, Ein
Mentes criminales
Mexe-se como um macaco, mas parece-se com um homem
Mike Gets a Concussion
Mikes's Story
Millennium - Tribal wisdom and the modern world
Miracle of Life
Miss this
Mixed Conversation, A
Mobile Home
Mój brat niedźwiedź
Moll: A New World
Moll Flanders : el coraje de una mujer
Moll: Flesh and Blood
Moll: Moll of Flanders
Moll: Moll Reprise
Moll: Moll's Jig
Moments like this
Money Train: Assault The Train
Money Train: Charly Is Going Dawn
Money Train: I'm There
Money Train: Merry Christmas
Money Train: Money Train Montage
Money Train: Stair Top
Money Train Suite
Money Train: Train Wreck
Monkey Trouble: Closing Titles
Montage / Frank in Action
Mothertree, The
Motorcycle Subway
Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man
Moving Leota
Mrs. Allworthy: Devil Woman
My Bologna Has a First Name?
My Way
Mystery of Blaze-Lightning
Nasty Letter (Used in the Film Shooter)
Navigating Home
Navigation, La
Never Fail
Nightmare Queen, The
No Escape
No Leaving Tonight
No one needs to knows
Nobody Has Your Gear Box
Ocean Chose You, The
Office, The
One Dead Body
One Family
Os gorilas
Out of Production
Outer Limits Theme
Overture From The Haunted Mansion (Score)
Passage to the Dead
Payne Excited
Payne Explodes
Payne Twisted
Payne Watches Awards / Payne Calls Jack
Peacefull Village, A
Penthouse North
Pershing square (3 min 18 s)
Petty Theft
Peuple explorateur, Le
Phone Call
Piano Lullaby
Pin, The
Planes: Fire & Rescue - Main Title
Poe Meets Larkin
Poe Saves Cops
Pop quiz (2 min 23 s)
Porsche Scene, The
Pouchet Calling
Preparation, The
Preserve Life
Prison, The
Prologue (score demo)
Prologue / The Car Jacking
Race, The
Ramsley's Coming!
Ramsley Scare (Alternate)
Recon Report / Motorcade
Red Shield, The
Repaire de Tamatoa, Le
rescue (4 min 01 s)
Rescue Harvey & Winnie
Rescue, The
Respect the wind
Retour, Le
Return to Paradise: Looking at You
Return to Voyaging, The
Rhapsody No. 1 in C Major
Rick Threatens Danny
River Barge Escape
Romantic Chaos
Round Two / Love Betrayed
Run Away!
Runaway Train
Running Away / The Chase
Running on Fumes
Rush hour (6 min 04 s)
Sad Mayday Score
Safe Travels
Sails to Te Fiti (score demo)
Sara Passes Out / Going to Heaven / Vacation at Last
Sarah & Swagger
Sarcaphogus Reveal
Saving Dusty
Saya’s Battle Theme
Saya’s Courage
Saya’s Daily Life
Saya’s Destiny
Saya’s Fear
Saya’s Joy
Saya’s Lonliness
Saya’s Love
Saya’s Victory
Scenario, The
Scoring Session I (12 reprise)
Scoring Session II
Sculptures (Film Version)
Se mueve como un simio, se ve como un humano
Se vuoi (finale)
Sea Monsters (score demo)
Searching / Wind Up
Second Call
Secret Passageway
Setting Things Right
Seven Wanderers
Shadow Stalkers
Shiny Heart
Ship I Coming, A
Shooter Main Titles
Shootout at Julie's
Shootout in Virginia
Show Me What You Got
Si j’étais l’océan
Si Muove Come Una Scimmia, Sembra Un Uomo
Silver Packages
Simba Confronts Scar
singe est un homme comme les autres (instrumental), Le
Skipper's Story
Skipper's Theme (Volo pro veritas)
Skipper to the Rescue
Skipper Tries to Fly
Sky, The
Slumbering Palace
Smiles & Cries
Sniper: End Title
So Many Memories
Somebody's Upstairs
Special Kind of Plane, A
Speed 2: Cruise Control: Original Motion Picture Score
Speed: Closing Credits
Spell Nexus
Spinning Table / Chased by a Marching Band
Squaring Off
Start Your Engines
Stay Cool
StormRider Suite
Storms And Shea
Street Chase
Swagger Contemplates
Swagger Cuts the Power / Memphis in Church
Swagger Finds Sarah
Swagger Visits Target Sites
Sylphs and Spiders
Tagaloa explorateur
Tailing Lab Tech / Blown Cover
Take Off for the Weekend
Take Over / Evacuation / The Cable Don't Hold It, The
Takeover, The
Taking Leota
Tala Returns (score demo)
Tala’s Deathbed
Talk About Marcus
Talk on the Road
Talked to the Boat
Tamatoa’s Lair
Tanker Turn
Tarzan: Suite
Te Fiti Restored
Te Fiti revit
Te Kā Attacks
Thanks for Everything (Mike)
Theme From ''Bad Boys''
Theme Suite 1
Theresa Shows Up
This House Haunts Me
This Is the Game (conclusion alternate)
This Is the Game (fill-in)
Three Brothers
To the Study
Toe Feiloaʻi
Torch Gets Ready / The Torch Is Toast, The
Torch Strikes, The
Tourist Trapped
Traffic Jam (alternate)
Training day
Training Dusty
Tras la sospecha
Trouble Is Brewing
True Victory, A
Trunk Letter / Jim & Ramsley Fight, The
Try Again / Rescue / Sara Runs to Jim
Tunnel, The
Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare / Motorcycle Chase
Twisted Tension
Twister (Expanded Archival Collection)
Twister: Motion Picture Score
Twister: The Big Suck, Oklahoma Wheatfield, Futility
Two Worlds (Finale)
Um mundo de maravilhas
Um só sentir
Una Famiglia
Una sola familia
Undead Soldiers
Underwater Rescue
Vaiana Deutscher Original Film-Soundtrack
Vampire Battle
Vampires’ Conspiracy, The
Vampires’ Threat, The
Village Crazy Lady (score demo)
Violent Vampires
Virtual reality
Voyager Tagaloa
Wakita (Film Version)
Walk in the Woods
Walt Disney Pictures presents Tarzan [deutscher Original-Film-Soundtrack]
Washington Square
Waterspouts (Alternate)
We Don't Want to Lose You
We Got the Gear Box
We Have Trust
We Must Get Julie Back
We Need You
We Not Gonna Stop!
We’re Almost There
Wedding Dress
Wedding Ring, The
Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome To The Seabourn Legend
Went Undercover, I
Whacking a Spider
Wheatfield (Alternate)
Wheatfield (Film Version)
When The Saints Come Marching In
When the Saints Go Marching In
Where’s My Truck?
Where You Are
Why Did You Leave Me?
Wildcat (1 min 04 s)
Wilderness of Danger and Beauty
William Tell Overture / Oklahoma Medley
Wine Glass Suite
Witness the Vampires
Wolf Against Dogs (alternate)
Wolf or Sheep
Wondrous Place, A
wundersamer Ort, Ein
You and Me
You Better Hang'on
You Got the Key?
You Had Us Worried
You Have to Trust Me
You'll Hear From Me Again
You're a Racer
You're Going to Leave Me Alone?
Your Captain Is Death
Zwei Welten (Finale)
Օդային բանտ
Contributed to or performed: 
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
25 ans de films catastrophe
August Rush
August Rush: An Incredible Journey Moving at the Speed of Sound
August Rush: Music From the Motion Picture
Awakes as a Bear
Awakes as a Bear, Part 2
Bad Boys
Bad Boys: Music From the Motion Picture
Battle in the Boneyard
Bear Fight
Bear Party
Bedlam Larkin
Bjørne Brødre
Brother Bear
Brother Bear / Tarzan
Brother Bear: An Original Disney Records Soundtrack
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Original Score
Caribou / Three Brothers
Carson City
Chain of Command
Chase to the Glacier
Chase to the Gorge
Code of Conduct
Con Air
Con Air Theme
Cons Check Out Lerner
Coup de grâce
Deixar brotar
Denahi Finds the Cave
Denahi Mourns
Denahi Sees a Sign
Despierta como un oso (Instrumental)
Discharge, The
Dread and Mourning
drei Brüder (Three Brothers), Die
Entre deux mondes (Final)
Erwachen als Bär (Awakes as a Bear)
Espirit de corps
Extraction Point
Fight, The
Fire Truck Chase
Fremmed Som Mig ("Strangers Like Me")
Frère des ours
Getting Off the Mammoths
Glacier Fight
Guerrilla Tactics
Hans Zimmer / Mark Mancina Collaboration, The
Haunted Mansion: Haunted Hits, The
He Lives in You
Hermano oso
Journey (Suite), The
Kenai Tracks the Bear
Kenai's Ceremony
L’Étendue de danger et de beauté
Lear Crash
Lejren Smadres ("Trashin' The Camp")
Lerner Landing
Main Title
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 1
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 2
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 3
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 7
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 9
Meets Koda
Moana: Deluxe Edition Soundtrack
Moana: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Moana: Um mar de aventuras
Money Train
Money Train / Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
Mooses' Advice
Mountaintop Flight
Naturaleza bella y peligrosa (Instrumental)
Naturens Fare og Skønhed
New Outer Limits - Main Theme, The
Nightmare on the Mammoths
Nightmare Swim
Northern Lights
Oceania: Colonna sonora originale
Poe Meets Larkin
Poe Saves Cops
Retreat and Reveille
Rock Painting
Romantic Chaos
Salmon Run
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Se rèveiller dans la peau d’un ours
Sitka Appears
Sitka's Advice
Spy, I
Takeover, The
Tarzan (Originalt Dansk Soundtrack)
Tarzan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Three Brothers
Tokyo DisneySea Music Album
Training Day
Tre Brødre
Tres hermanos (Instrumental)
Trois frères
Two Worlds (finale)
Vågner Som En Bjørn
Vaiana - La légende du bout du monde
Vaiana Deutscher Original Film-Soundtrack
Vaiana: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Valley of Fire
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Wandering Through the Valley
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie: Damage
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie: Main Theme
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie: Malice
Wilderness of Danger and Beauty
Wildnis voller Schönheit und Gefahr (Wilderness of Danger and Beauty), Eine
モアナと伝説の海 オリジナル・サウンドトラック 英語版