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Garnham, A.
Garnham, Alan
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Language material
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Johnson-Laird, Philip (1936-)
Johnson-Laird, Philip Nicholas (1936-)
Oakhill, Jane
University of Sussex
University of Sussex Affiliation (see also from)
Aberrant Ellipsis: Advertisers Do, But Why?
Accounting for belief bias in a mental model framework: Comment on Klauer, Musch, and Naumer (2000)
Accounting for belief bias in a mental models framework: Comment on Klauer, Musch, and Naumer (2000).
Anaphoric reference to instances, instantiated and non-instantiated categories: a reading time study
Antecedent focus and conceptual distance effects in category noun-phrase anaphora.
Are Inferences from Stereotyped Role Names to Characters' Gender Made Elaboratively?
Artificial intelligence: an introduction, Introductions to modern psychology series, Routledge and Kegan Paul
Avoiding the Garden Path: Eye Movements in Context
Becoming a skilled reader
Can any ostrich fly?: some new data on belief bias in syllogistic reasoning.
Children's text comprehension and the development of working memory. £10,122 from (with Nicola Yuill and Jane Oakhill).
Compehension of demonstratives (with Marion Fossard)
Compréhension de textes et memoire de travail chez des elèves de première et troisième années du cycle III (with M-F Ehrlich, M. Remond, N. Yuill, and J.V. Oakhill).
Conceptual similarity effects on working memory in sentence contexts: Testing a theory of anaphora
cross-linguistic study of anaphora interpretation (for international collaboration involving Jane Oakhill, Sussex, Marie-France Ehrlich and Daniele Dubois, Paris, Ulrich Glowalla, Marburg, Manuel Carreiras, Tenerife), A
Did two farmers leave or three? Comment on Starkey, Spelke, and Gelman: numerical abstraction by human infants.
Discourse Cues to Ambiguity Resolution: Evidence from "Do It" Comprehension
Discourse Processing and Text Representation from a "Mental Models" Perspective
Discourse Representation and Text Processing
Effects of Antecedent Distance and Intervening Text Structure in the Interpretation of Ellipses.
Effects of anticipated regret in interpersonal decision making (awarded to Marcel Zeelenberg and Jane Beattie. I became the named faculty member on the grant after Jane Beattie's death).
Effects of Context in Human Sentence Parsing: Evidence Against a Discourse-Based Proposal Mechanism
Effects of Syntax in Human Sentence Parsing: Evidence against a Structure-Based Proposal Mechanism
Episode Structure in Memory for Narrative Text
Evidence of Immediate Activation of Gender Information from a Social Role Name
Eye movements and co-ordination: A new tool for investigating analysis and re-analysis during sentence processing (with Gerry Altmann).
How Natural Are Conceptual Anaphors?
Immediate Activation of Stereotypical Gender Information
Implicit Causality, Implicit Consequentiality and Semantic Roles
Indirect anaphora in English and French: A cross-linguistic study of pronoun resolution.
Inferring Characters' Emotional States: Can Readers Infer Specific Emotions?
Interpretation of Anaphoric Noun Phrases: Time Course, and Effects of Overspecificity, The
Interpreting Elliptical Verb Phrases at Different Times of Day: Effects of Plausibility and Antecedent Distance
Late Closure in Context
Linguistic Prescriptions and Anaphoric Reality
Local focus and NP interpretation: Testing the informational load hypothesis.
locus of implicit causality effects in comprehension, The
Locus of Implict Causality Effects in Comprehension, The
Manual de psicología del pensamiento : pensar y razonar
Mental models and gender stereotyping in English and Spanish: A study of the relation between the availability of information and its incorporation into the mental representation of a text (with Jane Oakhill, to cooperate with Manuel Carreiras).
Mental models and the interpretation of anaphora (with Jane Oakhill)
Mental Models as Contexts for Interpreting Texts: Implications from Studies of Anaphora
Mental models as representation of discourse and text
Mental models as representations of discourse and text
Mental models in cognitive science essays in honour of Phil Johnson-Laird
Mental Models in Cognitive Science, Psychology Press
mind in action, The : a personal view of cognitive science
Oct1996-Sept1999 Mental models in text comprehension: Constraints on inference (with Jane Oakhill)
On-Line Construction of Discourse Models, The
On-line construction of representations of the content of texts
On-line resolution of anaphoric pronouns: effects of inference making and verb semantics
On theories of belief bias in syllogistic reasoning.
Parsing in context: computational and psycholinguistic approaches to resolving ambiguity during sentence processing (£117,424 from (with Gerry Altmann)
Psycholinguistics:central topics, Methuen
Referential Continuity and the Coherence of Discourse
Referential Continuity, Transitivity, and the Retention of Relational Descriptions
Representation of Characters' Emotional Responses: Do Readers Infer Specific Emotions?, The
Representations and processes in the interpretation of pronouns: New evidence from Spanish and French
role of conversational hand gestures in a narrative task., The
Role of Implicit Causality and Gender Cue in the Interpretation of Pronouns, The
Selective Retention of Information about the Superficial Form of Text: Ellipses with Antecedents in Main and Subordinate Clauses
Slips of the Tongue in the London-Lund Corpus of Spontaneous Conversation
Switching Modalities in A Sentence Verification Task: ERP Evidence for Embodied Language Processing.
Tangible Graphics in the Education of Visually Impaired Children. (this grant was obtained by Alan Parkin and Frances Aldrich. I became the named faculty member on the grant after Alan Parkin?s death).
Testing psychological theories about inference making.
Thematic roles in parsing: Assigning roles and resolving ambiguities (with Gerry Altmann)
Thinking and reasoning
Unified Theory of the Meaning of Some Spatial Relational Terms, A
Use of Stereotypical Gender Information in Constructing a Mental Model: Evidence from English and Spanish, The
Use of Superficial and Meaning-Based Representations in Interpreting Pronouns: Evidence from Spanish, The
What's in a mental model?
What's Wrong with Story Grammars
Where Does Coherence Come From? A Psycholinguistic Perspective
Why Psycholinguists Don't Care about DTC: A Reply to Berwick and Weinberg
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Thesis (Ph.D.)