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Nathan, A.
Nathan, Arokia
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Chaji, Reza
Chalamala, Babu R.
Li, Flora M.
Materials Research Society. Meeting (2008 : San Francisco, Calif.). Symposium A.
Pearsall, T. P.
Pham, H.
Servati, Peyman (1976-)
Thangaraj, D. (1958-)
University College London
University of Alberta
University of Waterloo. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
100-nm Channel Length a-Si:H Vertical Thin Film Transistors
a-Si AMOLED Display Backplanes on Flexible Substrates
Above-threshold parameter extraction and modeling for amorphous silicon thin-film transistors
Accelerated stress testing of a-Si:H pixel circuits for AMOLED displays
Accelerated Stress Testing of a-Si:H TFTs for AMOLED Displays
Active pixel sensor architectures for large area medical imaging
Alternate pixel architectures for large area medical imaging
Ambipolar Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated by PECVD Nanocrystalline Silicon
AMOLED Pixel Circuit With Electronic Compensation of Luminance Degradation
Amorphous and polycrystalline thin-film silicon science and technology--2008 symposium A held March 25-28, 2008, San Francisco, California, U.S.A
Amorphous silicon active pixel sensor readout circuit for digital imaging
Amorphous silicon back-plane electronics for OLED displays
Amorphous silicon detector and thin film transistor technology for large-area imaging of X-rays
Amorphous silicon driver circuits for organic light-emitting diode displays
Amorphous silicon nitride deposited at 120°C for OLED-TFT arrays on plastic substrates
Amorphous silicon technology for large area digital X-ray and optical imaging
Amorphous silicon thin film transistor circuit integration for organic LED displays on glass and plastic
Assessment of Matthiessen's rule for calculation of carrier mobility in semiconductors
Backplane Requirements for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays
Bias-induced long-term transient in a-Si:H thin film transistors
Carrier transport in magnetotransistors
CCD image sensors in deep-ultraviolet : degradation behavior and damage mechanisms
Current stress metastability in a-Si:H thin film transistors
Design of multiplexer in amorphous silicon technology
discretization of anisotropic drift-diffusion equations, The
Does TFT mobility impact pixel size in AMOLED backplanes?
Drain-bias dependence of threshold voltage stability of amorphous silicon TFTs
Driving schemes for a-Si and LTPS AMOLED displays
Effects of Post Annealing and Material Stability on Undoped and n+ nc-Si:H Films Deposited at 75 C Using 13.56 MHz PECVD
Electrical Compensation of OLED Luminance Degradation
Enhanced blue sensitivity in ITO/a-SiNx:H/a-Si:H MIS photodetectors.
Experimental characterization and parameter extraction for amorphous silicon thin-film transistors
Exponential expansion for field computation and capacitance extraction
fast settling current driver based on the CCII for AMOLED displays, A
field consistent error minimizing method for coupled problems, A
Flexible electronics technology.
High-dynamic-range pixel architectures for diagnostic medical imaging
High Performance Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon n-i-p Photo-diodes on Glass and Plastic Substrates by Low-Temperature Fabrication Process
Indium oxide thin-film transistor by reactive ion beam assisted deposition
integral equation of the second kind for the charge density problem in homogeneous and multiple dielectric media, An
Low temperature a-Si:H pixel circuits for mechanically flexible AMOLED displays.
Low-Temperature PECVD Silicon Nitride as a Passivation Material for the Fabrication of RR-P3HT-Based TFTs
Mechanical stress and process integration of direct x-ray detector and TFT in a-Si:H technology.
Mechanically strained a-Si:H AMOLED driver circuits
Microtransducer CAD, 1999:
Modeling and Characterization of the Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Metal Insulator Semiconductor Photosensors for Digital Radiography
Nanocrystalline Silicon Films Deposited by RF PECVD for Bottom-gate Thin-film Transistors
Noise Performance of High Fill Factor Pixel Architectures for Robust Large-Area Image Sensors using Amorphous Silicon Technology
novel a-Si:H AMOLED pixel circuit based on short-term stress stability of a-Si:H TFTs, A
Numerical analysis of MOS magnetic field sensors
Optimization of two-element flow microsensors using quasi 3-D numerical electrothermal analysis.
Organic thin film transistor integration a hybrid approach
Panel method for field computation using exponential expansion
Parallel Addressing Scheme for Voltage-Programmed Active-Matrix OLED Displays
Pixel current driver for organic light emitting diode displays
randomized scheme to generate Gauss quadratures for Green's function 1/r in exponential integral form, A
Rapid evaluation of gradient of potential in three dimensions
Readout circuit in active pixel sensors in amorphous silicon technology
Reliability of Silicon Nitride Gate Dielectric in Vertical Thin-Film Transistors
Reset and partition noise in active pixel image sensors
Roughness of TFT gate metallization and its impact on leakage, threshold voltage shift and mobility
Segmented Amorphous Silicon n-i-p Photodiodes on Stainless-Steel Foils for Flexible Imaging Arrays
Single-Technology-Based Statistical Calibration for High-Performance Active-Matrix Organic LED Displays
Solving the charge density problem using exponential expansion
Static characteristics of a-Si:H dual-gate TFTs
System and driving method for active matrix light emitting device display
Temperature Dependence of Leakage Current in Segmented a-Si:H n-i-p Photodiodes
Thin film transistor circuits and systems
Three-TFT image sensor for real-time digital X-ray imaging
Threshold voltage performance of a-Si:H TFTs for analog applications.
Top-gate TFTs using 13.56 MHz PECVD microcrystalline silicon
Two-dimensional a-Si:H n-i-p photodiode array for low-level light detection
Two-dimensional sensor array for low-level light detection
VHDL-AMS modeling and simulation of a passive pixel sensor in a-Si:H technology for medical imaging
X-ray detection using amorphous silicon technology
Submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Electrical Engineering
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Alberta, 1988