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Miller, P.
Miller, P. W.
Miller, Paul
Miller, Paul W.
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Birch, Elisa Rose (1978-...)
Chan, Grace
Chang, Chia-Ao
Chia, Grace
Chiswick, B.R.
Chiswick, Barry
Chiswick, Barry R
Chiswick, Barry R.
Christie, Virginia
Chua, Jamie
Curtin University of Technology / Curtin Business School / School of Economics and Finance
Eastough, Kristy
Heath, Andrew C.
Hope, Julie
Le, Anh
Le, Anh T
Le, Anh T.
Le, Anh T. (1968-...)
Le, Anh Tram
Lee, Yew
Li, Ian
Li, Ian W.
Martin, Nick
Meng, Xin
Miller, P. W.
Miller, P.W.
Miller, Paul
Miller, Paul M
Miller, Paul W
Miller, Paul W.
Neo, Leanne M.
Norris, Keith
Ren, Weiwei
Rummery, Sarah
Slutske, Wendy S.
Tcha, MoonJoong
Volker, Paul
Volker, Paul A
Volker, Paul A.
Voon, Derby
Win, Rosemary
ABS Survey of Employment and Unemployment Patterns, The
Are Attitudes Towards Economic Risk Heritable? Analyses Using the Australian Twin Study of Gambling
Are immigrants and natives perfect substitutes in production?
Attitudes towards economic risk and the gender pay gap
Attitudes towards unions and union membership
Australia's Unemployment Problem.
Australian evidence on the exit/voice model of the labor market.
Australian Longitudinal Survey and the Australian Youth Survey, The
Birth weight and schooling and earnings: estimates from a sample of twins
Burden of Unemployment on Family Units: An Overview, The
Causes and Consequences of Interruptions to Full-Time Education., The
Census Language Questions in North America
Changes over time in the return to education in urban China: Conventional and ORU estimates
Characteristics of 'Gap-Year' Students and Their Tertiary Academic Outcomes, The
Choice of School in Australia : Determinants and Consequences
Citizenship in the United States: The Roles of Immigrant Characteristics and Country of Origin
Compensating Differentials for Risk of Death in Australia.
complementarity of language and other human capital: immigrant earnings in Canada, The
Computer Skills and Wages.
Computer Skills, Destination Language Proficiency and the Earnings of Natives and Immigrants
Computer usage, destination language proficiency and the earnings of natives and immigrants
critical period hypothesis for language learning what the 2000 US census says, The
Cross-Section Analysis of the Labour Force Participation of Married Women in Australia., A
determinants of post-immigration investments in education, The
Determinants of School Participation Rates: A Cross-Sectional Analysis for New South Wales and Victoria., The
Determinants of Students' Tertiary Academic Success, The
Determinants of the Geographic Concentration among Immigrants: Application to Australia, The
Do Enclaves Matter in Immigrant Adjustment?
Does the choice of reference levels of education matter in the ORU earnings equation?
Early childhood behaviours, schooling and labour market outcomes: estimates from a sample of twins
Earnings and Occupational Attainment among Immigrants
Earnings and Occupational Attainment: Immigrants and the Native Born
Economic Models of Fertility Behaviour in Australia.
Economic Progress in Australia: An Analysis of Occupational Mobility.
Economics of immigration, The : proceedings of a conference at the Australian National University, 22-23 April, 1987
economics of language, The : international analyses
Educational Mismatch: Are High-Skilled Immigrants Really Working at High-Skilled Jobs and the Price They Pay if They Aren’t?
effect of children on specialization and coordination of partners' activities, The
Effects of Educational-Occupational Mismatch on Immigrant Earnings in Australia, with International Comparisons, The
Effects of Individual and School Factors on University Students' Academic Performance, The
Effects of School Quality in the Origin on the Payoff to Schooling for Immigrants, The
Effects on earnings of the removal of direct discrimination in minimum wage rates: A validation of the Blinder decomposition
Endogeneity between Language and Earnings: International Analyses., The
Ethnic Networks and Language Proficiency among Immigrants.
evaluation of inertia models of unemployment, An
Explanation for the Lower Payoff to Schooling for Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market, An
Family Characteristics and the Returns to Schooling: Evidence on Gender Differences from a Sample of Australian Twins.
Family matters: the role of the family in immigrants' destination language acquisition
Female labour supply in Australia : Another example of a backward-bending labour supply curve
Financing Tertiary Education: An Examination of the Issues
Gender Differences in Observed and Offered Wages in Canada, 1980.
Gender Differentials in the Payoff to Schooling in Rural China
Gender Discrimination in the Australian Graduate Labour Market
Gender Inequality in the Provision of Employer-Supported Education
Gender Pay Gap in the US: Does Sector Make a Difference?, The
Gender Wage Gap in Paid- and Self-Employment in Australia, The
Genetic and environmental contributions to educational attainment in Australia
Glass ceiling and double disadvantage effects: women in the US labour market
Government Versus Non-Government Schools: A Nation-Wide Assessment Using fcA/fcustralian Naplan Data
Happiness in University Education
High School Graduation in Australia: Do Schools Matter?
Household divisions of labour teamwork, gender and time
How Does Marriage Affect the Wages of Men in Australia?
How Immigrants Fare across the Earnings Distribution in Australia and the United States
How Immigrants Fare Across the Earnings Distribution: International Analyses
Immigrant Earnings: A Longitudinal Analysis
Immigrant earnings: Language skills, linguistic concentrations and the business cycle
Immigrant Earnings: Languga Skills, Linguistic Concentrations and the Business Cycle.
Immigrant Generation and Income in Australia.
Immigrant Housing Market: Analyses for Australia, The
Immigrant-Native Born Earnings Gap in the US: a Quantile Regression Analysis and International Comparison, The
Immigrant Selection Systems and Immigrant Health
Immigrant Unemployment in the First Year of Australian Labour Market Activity.
Immigrants’ Language Skills and Visa Category
Immigrants' Language Skills and Visa Category1
Immigrants’ Language Skills: The Australian Experience in a Longitudinal Survey
Immigrants' language skills: the immigrant experience in a longitudinal survey
Immigration, Language and Multiculturalism in Australia
Immigration Policy and Immigrant Quality: The Australian Points System
Impact of Age of Children on Decision Making Over Time Use in Couple Families, The
Impact of Immigrant Status on Home Ownership in Australia, The
impact of income-contingent provisions on students' loan-taking behaviour, The
impact of recent immigration on the S. Aust. labour market, 1983:, The
Imputing income using occupational attainment
In the Wake of the Crisis : Leading Economists Reassess Economic Policy, by Olivier Blanchard, David Romer, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz (The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2012), pp. vii +239.
Incentive Effects in the Australian Labour Market: An Application of the Lazear and Moore Model.
Influences of Institution Attended and Field of Study on Graduates' Starting Salaries, The
Inter-Temporal Decompositions of Labour Market and Social Outcomes
international transferability of immigrants' human capital skills, The
Introduction to the Bobfest
Is a risk index approach to unemployment possible?
Labour market flexibility and immigrant adjustment*
Language Choice among Immigrants in a Multi-lingual Destination.
Language skills and earnings among legalized aliens
Language skills and immigrant adjustment what immigration policy can do!
Lessons from My School
Linguistic distance a quantitative measure of the distance between English and other languages
Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Occupational Mobility: A Test of the Immigrant Assimilation Hypothesis, A
Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Occupational Mobility: A Test of the Immigrant Assimilation Hypothesis1, A
Low-Wage Youth Employment: A Permanent or Transitory State?
Male-Female Wage Differentials in Australia: A Reassessment.
Matching language proficiency to occupation the effect on immigrants' earnings
model of destination-language acquisition: Application to male immigrants in Canada, A
Modeling Immigrants’ Language Skills
Multiple Regression Analysis of the Occupational Status of Twins: A Comparison of Economic and Behavioural Genetics Models.
Negative and Positive Assimilation, Skill Transferability, and Linguistic Distance
"Negative" Assimilation of Immigrants: A Special Case, The
Occupational Attainment and Immigrant Economic Progress in Australia
Occupational language requirements and the value of English in the U.S. labor market
Occupational language requirements and the value of English in the US labor market
Occupational Segregation and Its Impact on Gender Wage Discrimination in China's Rural Industrial Sector.
Occupational segregation and wages in Australia
Occupational Segregation on the Basis of Gender: the Role of Entry-level Jobs
Occupational Status: Why Do Some Workers Miss Out?
On the Determination of Occupational Attainment and Mobility
Opportunity and Educational Outcomes in Australia
ORU Analyses of Immigrant Earnings in Australia, with International Comparisons
Overeducation and Undereducation in Australia
“Parents and Children Talk: English Language Proficiency within Immigrant Families”
Parents and children talk the family dynamics of English language proficiency
Participation in Higher Education: Equity and Access?*
Persistence of the Female Wage Disadvantage This article examines the persistence of the female wage disadvantage in the Australian labour market. The results suggest that for many females the wage-disadvantaged state is not temporary, The
Pitfalls in Including Current Earnings in Labour Market Choice Estimating Equations.
Rate of Return to Education: Evidence from the 1976 Census, The
return to schooling: Estimates from a sample of young Australian twins, The
rising education levels of females in Australia, The
Role of Gender among Low-Paid and High-Paid Workers, The
School-leaving decisions in Australia: A cohort analysis
Schooling, Literacy, Numeracy and Labor Market Success
Schooling, Literacy, Numeracy and Labour Market Success
Screening and Human Capital in the Australian Labour Market of the 1990s
Screening Hypothesis: An Application of the Wiles Test., The
Structure of Aboriginal and Non-aboriginal Youth Unemployment., The
Student Outcomes at University in Autsralia: A Quantile Regression Approach
Tertiary Performance, Field of Study and Graduate Starting Salaries
test of the sorting model of education in Australia, A
Trade Unions and Job Satisfaction.
Trade Unions, Collective Voice and Fringe Benefits.
Undereducation and Overeducation in the Australian Labour Market
Unemployment insurance eligibility rights: Evidence from a comparison of Australia and Canada
Unemployment Patterns in the Youth Labour Market.
Union density and the union/non-union wage differential in Australia
Unions and wages, 1997:
Unions, Firm Size and Wages.
Wage Effect of the Occupational Segregation of Women in Britain., The
What Do Australian Unions Do?
What Do Australians Unions Do?
What Do Twins Studies Reveal about the Economic Returns to Education? A Comparison of Australian and U.S. Findings.
Where immigrants settle in the United States
Why is the payoff to schooling smaller for immigrants?
Women's Time Allocation to Child Care: Determinants and Consequences.
Youth Labour Market In Australia., The
Youth Wages, Risk, and Tertiary Finance Arrangements.
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