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Gasṭer, M.
Gaster, Moïse
Gaster, Mose
Gasṭer, Mošeh
Gaster, Mošeh ben ʾAvraham Menaḥem
Gaster, Moseo
Gaster, Moses
Gasṭer, Moshe
Gasṭer, Mosheh
Gasṭer, Mozes
Gasṭeyr, Mošeh ben ʾAbraham Mnaḥem
Gasṭir, Mosheh
Gasṭir, Mosheh ben Avraham Menaḥem
Moses Gaster (British-Romanian academic and rabbi)
Moses Gaster (filolog, istoric literar și folclorist român)
Moses Gaster (Rabbiner)
Moses Gaster (taalkundige uit Roemenië (1856-1939))
גאסטער, משה
גאסטר, משה בן אברהם מנחם
גסטיר, משה
גסטיר, משה בן אברהם מנחם
גסטר, משה
משה גסטר
ガスター, モーゼス
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Language material
Manuscript language material
Notated music
Creation role: 
commentator for written text
Related names: 
Adler, Elkan Nathan (co-author)
Anghelescu, Mircea (co-author)
De Sola, David Aaron
Dubourg, Bernard (co-author)
Eisler, Robert
Eisler, Robert (co-author)
Florea, Virgiliu (1941-)
Iwasaki, Chihiro (1918-1974)
Jerahmeel ben Solomon
Meitlis, Jakob
Miskolczy, Ambrus (1947-...)
Miskolczy, Ambrus (1947-..)
Miskolczy, Ambrus (co-author)
Mitsuyoshi, Natsuya (1904-1989)
Ōta, Daihachi (1918-)
Oxford University Press
Poznanski, Samuel (co-author)
Royal Asiatic Society
Sarfati, Maurice (co-author)
Schindler, Bruno (co-author)
Sola, D. A. de (1796-1860)
Sola, David Aaron (1796-1860)
Somadeva (co-author)
Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation (London)
Tachihara, Erika (1937-)
The British academy (London)
Trend, J. B. (1887-1958)
Trend, John Brande (1887-1958)
גסטר, משה (1856-1939)
קבצי, אברהם
קהלה קדושה ספרדים (לונדון)
光吉, 夏弥 (1904-1989)
太田, 大八 (1918-)
岩崎, ちひろ (1918-1974)
立原, えりか (1937-)
Asatir, The : the Samaritan book of the 'Secrets of Moses' : together with the Pitron, or Samaritan commentary, and the Samaritan story of the death of Moses
book of prayer and order of service according to the custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, The : with an English translation based principally on the work of the late D. A. de Sola...
book of prayer and order of service, The : according to the custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews : with an English translation based principally on the work of the late Rev. D.A. de Sola ...
Carte de rugăciuni pentru Israeliţi
Chrestomathie roumaine
Chrestomatie româna : texte tiparite si manuscrise, sec. XVI-XIX, dialectale si populare
chronicles of Jeraḥmeel, or, The Hebrew Bible historiale, The : being a collection of apocryphal and pseudo-epigraphical books dealing with the history of the world from the creation to the death of Judas Maccabeus
Diamond Jubilee service, The : prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty God, for the protection afforded to our most gracious sovereign, Queen Victoria, during a long and prosperous reign, to be used in the Spanish and Portuguese synagogues, on Sunday the 20th of June, 5657 1897
Die Geschichte des Kaisers Skinder, ein rumänisch-byzantinischer Roman
, die Messianische Unabhängigkeitsbewegung vom Auftreten Johannes des Täufers bis zum Untergang Jakob des Gerechten nach der neuerschlossenen Eroberung von Jerusalem, dargestellt von Robert Eisler. Mit Abbildungen einer Auswahl der unveröffentlichten altrussischen Handschriften und anderer Urkunden, einer Erstausgabe der wichtigsten slavischen Stellen nach Abschriften von † Alexander Berendts und Wladimir Istrin, sowie die Ueberresten des rumänischen Josephus herausgegeben und übersetz von Moses Gaster...
Eliezer Crescas and his Bet Zebul, the Bible references in Talmud and Midrash
exempla of the rabbis; being a collection of exempla, apologues and tales culled from Hebrew manuscripts and rare Hebrew books, The
exempla of the rabbis, The : being a collection of exempla, apologues and tales culled from Hebrew manuscripts and rare Hebrew books
Geschichte des Kaisers Skinder ein rumänisch-Byzantinischer roman, Die : beitrag zur Quellengeschichte der altfranzösischen "Ystoire des sept sages de Rome"
growth of Judaism, The : an answer to the question, is Judaism out of date?
Hak-ketūbā behištalšelutā hahistorīt
Ḥarba de-Mosheh.
Hebrew illuminated Bibles of the IXth and Xth centuries : (Codices or. Gaster, nos.150 and 151); and a Samaritan scroll of the law of the XIth century (codex or. Gaster, no.350) : together with eight plates of facsimiles of these manuscripts and of fragments from the Geniza in Egypt
Iēsus basileus u basileusat Die messianische Unabhängigkeitsbewegung vom Auftreten Johannes d. Täufers bis zum Untergang Jakob des Gerechten ; Nach d. neuerschlossenen Eroberung von Jerusalem des Flavius Josephus u. d. christl. Quellen dargest.
Ilchester lectures on Greeko-Slavonic literature ...
Institution for preparing for interment the deceased members of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' congregation, London
Isaac Abravanel : six lectures
Jubilee souvenir, with a report of the address delivered by ... M. Gaster, at the Jewish Centre ... June 30th, 1918 5678.
Judaica & hungarica din istoria interferenţelor culturale şi politice dintre evrei, maghiari şi români
Ketuba und ihre geschichtliche Entwicklung
Ketubah a chapter from the history of the jewish people
La reine aux cheveux d'or
Les Samaritains leur histoire, leurs doctrines, leur littérature
Literatura populară română
M. Gaster în corespondență
Ma'aseh book : book of Jewish tales and legends
Ma'assebuch seine Entstehung und Quellengeschichte ; zugleich ein Beitrag zur Einführung in die altjiddische Agada
Memorii (fragmente) corespondență
On the newly discovered Samaritan book of Joshua
On the Samaritan Book of Joshua [Suivi de : My reply
Parallels to the legends of Candrahasa
Reden gehalten auf dem II. Zionistencongresse zu Basel
Rikōna okisaki
Rumanian bird and beast stories, rendered into English by M. Gaster,...
Samaritan eschatology : the belief of the Samaritans in immortality, resurrection, future punishment and reward, the Taheb and the second kingdom
Samaritan oral law and ancient traditions, The
Samaritans their history, doctrines and literature with six appendices and nineteen illustrations
Sefer gan ha-mešalim weha-ḥidot
Sefer ha-zikhronot.
story of my library, The
Studies and texts in folklore, magic, mediaeval romance, Hebrew apocrypha and Samaritan archaeology... collected and reprinted by Moses Gaster,...
Studies and texts in folklore, magic, medieval romance, Hebrew Apocrypha and Samaritan archæology.
Studii de folclor comparat, 2003:
sword of Moses; an ancient book of magic., The
- Tam ha-kesseph. Eight treatises by R. Joseph ibn Kaspi. Published... by Isaac Last
Tefilot le-kol jeme ha-ḥol u-le-shabbatot ha-shanah.
The Ancient collections of Agadoth, the Sefer ha-Maasiyoth... by M. Gaster
The Asatir the Samaritan book of the "Secrets of Moses" together with the Pitron or Samaritan commentary and the Samaritan story of the death of Moses
The Asia Publishing Co.'s Oriental series, edited by Bruno Schindler...
The Chain of Samaritan high priests, a synchronistic synopsis
The Exempla of the Rabbis, being a collection of exempla, apologues and tales culled from Hebrew manuscripts and rare Hebrew books, by Moses Gaster,...
The Hebrew version of the "Secretum secretorum", a mediaeval treatise ascribed to Aristotle... from the mss. of the British Museum, Oxford and Munich. II. Translation
The Hebrew version of the "Secretum secretorum"... Introduction
The Ketubah, a chapter from the history of the Jewish people, by... M. Gaster...
The Ocean of story, being C. H. Tawney's translation of Somadeva's Kathā Sarit Sāgara, or Ocean of streams of story. New edited with introduction, fresh explanatory notes and terminal essay by N. M. Penzer,...
The Samaritans, their history, doctrines and literature... by Moses Gaster,...
The Samaritans their history, doctrines and litterature
The Sibyl and the dream of one hundred suns, an old apocryphon
The Tittled Bible, a model codex of the Pentateuch, reproduced in facsimile from ms. n° 85 of the Gaster collection, now in the British Museum. With a dissertation on the history of the tittles, their origin, date and significance, by Moses Gaster,...
Three works of ancient Jewish magic
Tittled Bible A modal Codex of the Pentateuch ; A diss. on the history of the tittles, their origin date and significance with one facsimile from MS. ; No 85 of the Gaster Collection now in the British Museum
באור שמות קדש לחל
די כתבה און איר געשיכטלעכער אנטוויקלונג
הכתבה בהשתלשלותה ההיסטורית
מבוא והערות לספר מאירת עינים.
סדור תפלת ישראל.
קול תודה וברכה : ביום הושם נזר מלכות על ראש אדוננו המלך אידוארד והמלכה אליקסאנדרא, לברך במקהלות ק"ק ספרדים במלכות בריטאניא ביום [ש]בת קודש פ' דברים שנת יושב בסת"ר עליון לפ"ק [תרס"ב].
תפלה לעת מצוא.
תרי"ג מצוות של השומרונים : עם מבוא [בגרמנית]