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Stef H. Tijs (Dutch mathematician)
Thijs, Stef
Tijs, S.
Tijs, S. H.
Tijs, Stef
Tijs, Stef H.
Tijs, Stephanus Hendrikus
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Alparslan-Gök, S.Z.
Borm, Peter (1963-)
Borm, Petrus Eduardus Maria (1963-)
Brânzei, Rodica (1949-)
Dimitrov, Dinko
Feltkamp, V. (1967-)
Feltkamp, Vincent (1967-)
Hamers, Herbert (1964-)
Hamers, Hubertus Johannes Maria (1964-)
Muto, Shigeo
Norde, H. (1964-)
Norde, Hendrik Willem (1964-)
Nouweland, Anne van den (1965-)
Nouweland, Catharina Gerardina Anna Maria (1965-)
Patrone, Fioravanta
Patrone, Fioravante
Peters, Hans
Peters, Hans J. M.
Proefschrift Nijmegen
Timmer, Judith (1975-)
Timmer, Judith Berendina (1975-)
Universiteit van Tilburg Affiliation (see also from)
Additivity regions for solutions in cooperative game theory
Approximate fixed point theorems
Axiomatic characterizations of the Walras correspondence for generalized economies
Axiomatizations of Lindahl and ratio equilibria in public good economies
Balancedness of permutation games and envy-free allocations in indivisible good economies
Bargaining set and kernel of big boss games
Bird's tree allocations revisited
Chapters in game theory : in honor of Stef Tijs
Characterization of all individually monotonic bargaining solutions
Characterizing properties of approximate solutions for optimization problems
Collecting information to improve decision-making
Cones of games arising from market entry problems
Consistency and implementation of the Kalai-Smorodinsky bargaining solution
consistency principle for games in strategic form, The
Coöperatieve spelen en markten
Cooperation and communication restrictions : a survey
Cooperation in dividing the cake
Cooperation under interval uncertainty
core and the t-value for cooperative games with coalition structures, The
Cost sharing in a joint project
Determinateness of strategic games with a potential
dual egalitarian solution, A
Egalitarianism in convex fuzzy games
equal split-off set for cooperative games, The
Finite coverings by cones
Game practice contributions from applied game theory
Games arising from infinite production situations
General aggregation of demand and cost sharing methods
Hypercubes and compromise values for cooperative fuzzy games
Incidence matrix games
Information market games with more than one informed player
Inleiding in de speltheorie
Interval game theoretic division rules
Introduction to game theory
Link formation in cooperative situation
Models in cooperative game theory crisp, fuzzy, and multi-choice games
New axiomatizations and an implementation of the shapley value
note on the characterizations of the compromise value, A
nucleolus of a matrix game and other nucleoli, The
Obligation rules for minimum cost spanning tree situations and their monotonicity properties
Oligopoly games with and without transferable technologies
On consistency of reward allocation rules in sequencing situations
On cores and stable sets for fuzzy games
On games corresponding to sequencing situations with ready times
On merge properties of the Shapley value
On the irreducible core and the equal remaining obligations rule of minimum cost spanning extension problems
On three Shapley-like solutions for cooperative games with random payoffs
One-against-many games
perfectness concept for multicriteria games, A
Perturbation theory for games in normal form and stochastic games
Potential maximizers and network formation
Pure equilibrium strategies for stochastic games via potential functions
Risk aversion in n-person bargaining
Semi-infinite and infinite matrix games and bimatrix games
Semi-infinite assignment problems and related games
Serial cost sharing methods for multi-commodity situations
Some characterizations of convex interval games
Some generalizations of Carathéodory's theorem and an application in mathematical programming theory
Standaarddictaat lineaire algebra voor chemici (S1,S2,S3,S4), biologen (B3) en psychologen
Standaarddictaat van het college Analyse II voor chemici (S3,N4)
Strategic claim games corresponding to an NTU-game
Strongly essential coalitions and the nucleolus of peer group games
Supermodular games and potential games
Take-and-guess games
Tree-connected peer group situations and peer group games
Type monotonic allocation schemes for multi-glove games
vertex oriented approach to minimum cost spanning tree problems, A
Vertex weighted Steiner tree games
Weakly cyclic graphs and delivery games
Weighted allocation rules for standard fixed tree games
Weighted average lexicographic values for share sets and balanced cooperative games
Proefschrift Nijmegen