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Al Klink
Al Klink (American musician)
Al Klink (Amerikaans muzikant (1915-1991))
Al Klink (amerikansk musikar)
Al Klink (amerikansk musiker)
Al Klink (US-amerikanischer Jazz-Saxophonist)
Albert Klink
Klink, Al
Klink, Albert
Klink, Albert "Al"
Аль Клинк
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
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Estrin, Harvey (co-performer)
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Fontana, Carl (co-performer)
Freeman, Bud (co-performer)
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Glenn Miller orchestra (1935-....) 1935-.... (see also from)
Haggart, Bob
Haggart, Bob (co-performer)
Hamilton, Scott (co-performer)
Hanson, Jack (co-performer)
Hayes, Clancy (co-performer)
Heller, Benny (co-performer)
Hubble, Eddie (co-performer)
Hucko, Peanuts (co-performer)
Ingham, Keith (co-performer)
Jack Pleiss and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Johnson, Gus (co-performer)
Kellaway, Roger (co-performer)
Kitsis, Bob (co-performer)
Lawson, Yank
Lawson, Yank (co-performer)
Lee, Ted (co-performer)
Leeman, Cliff (co-performer)
Linn, Ray (co-performer)
Lowe, Mundell
Martin, Lowell (co-performer)
Mason, Paul (co-performer)
Masso, George
Masso, George (co-performer)
McGarity, Lou (co-performer)
Miller, Eddie (co-performer)
Mince, Johnny (co-performer)
Muranyi, Joe (co-performer)
Nichols, Bobby (co-performer)
Pettis, Jack (co-performer)
Pleis, Jack (co-performer)
Poole, Carl (co-performer)
Rich, Buddy (co-performer)
Robert Parker digital stereo Pty. Ltd
Robinson, Les (co-performer)
Rosengarden, Bobby
Rosengarden, Bobby (co-performer)
Russin, Irving "Babe" (co-performer)
Russo, Sonny (co-performer)
Sauter, Eddie (co-performer)
Shapiro, Sam (co-performer)
Shertzer, Hymie (co-performer)
Silloway, Ward (co-performer)
Sinatra, Frank (co-performer)
Smith, Carrie (co-performer)
Stewart, Al (co-performer)
Stoneburn, Sid (co-performer)
Stulce, Fred (co-performer)
Sullivan, Maxine (co-performer)
Sutton, Ralph (co-performer)
The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra (isMemberOf)
The Tonight Show Band (isMemberOf)
The World's Greatest Jazzband (isMemberOf)
Thompson, Jimmy (co-performer)
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Traxler, Gene (co-performer)
Valiente, Al (co-performer)
van Eps, John (co-performer)
Venuto, Joe (co-performer)
Weiss, Sam (co-performer)
Wellstood, Dick (co-performer)
Weston, Clift (co-performer)
Wilber, Bob (co-performer)
Wright, Edythe (co-performer)
Zarchy, Rubin "Zeke" (co-performer)
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