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Schmidt, U.
Schmidt, Ulrich
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Antoniadou, Elena
Birnbaum, Michael
Birnbaum, Michael H.
Birnbaun, Michael H.
Bleichrodt, Han
Brozynski, Torsten
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel / Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre
Cox, James C.
Diecidue, E.
Diecidue, Enrico
Drabinski, Thomas (1973-)
Eschweiler, Jan
Grimm, V.
Grimm, Veronika
Grimm, Veronika (1971-)
Heitmann, Nadine
Hey, John
Hey, John D
Hey, John D.
Institut für Finanzwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik Affiliation (see also from)
Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW)
Institut für Weltwirtschaft Affiliation (see also from)
J.Mirman, Leonard
Kiel, Univ
Koulovatianos, Christos
Lima De Miranda, Katharina
Lohse, Tim
Maffioletti, Anna
Maschke, Mario
Menkhoff, Lukas
Michailova, Julija
Morone, Andrea
Neugebauer, Tibor
Perote, Javier
Rehdanz, Katrin
Robledo, Julio R.
Roos, Michael W. M.
Roos, Michael W.M.
Sadiraj, Vjollca
Schmeling, Maik
Schmidt, U
Schmidt, U.
Schmidt, Ulrich
Schneider, Miriam D.
Schröder, Carsten
Schrder, Carsten
Schröder, Carsten
Schröder, Carsten (1972-)
Seidl, Christian
Starmer, Chris
Stolpe, Michael
Sugden, Robert
Traub, Stefan
Traub, Stefan (1968-...)
Trautmann, Stefan T.
Wakker, P.P.
Wakker, Peter P.
Zank, H
Zank, Horst
Zimper, Alexander
Additive utility in prospect theory
Advances in public economics utility, choice and welfare a festschrift for Christian Seidl
Allais Paradoxes Can be Reversed by Presenting Choices in Canonical Split Form
Arbeitslosengeld II: Arbeitsanreize und Verteilungsgerechtigkeit.
Are all professional investors sophisticated?
Are Preference Reversals Errors? An Experimental Investigation
Asymmetrically Dominated Alternatives and Random Incentive Mechanisms
Asymmetrically Dominated Choice Problems and Random Incentive Mechanisms
Auktionen zu viel oder zu wenig geboten?
axiomatic basis of risk-value models, The
Axiomatic utility theory under risk non-archimedean representations and application to insurance economics
Axiomatization of Linear Cumulative Prospect Theory with Applications to Portfolio Selection and Insurance Demand, An
Beauty Contest of Referee Processes of Economics Journals, A
certainty effect and boundary effects with transformed probabilities, The
Certainty preference in expected utility theory
Common Consequence Effects with Pricing Data
Confronting the Representative Consumer with Household-Size Heterogeneity
Confronting the Robinson Crusoe paradigm with household-size heterogeneity
Context-Dependent Model of the Gambling Effect, A
Determining Optimal Transit Charges: The Kiel Canal in Germany
effect of elicitation methods on ambiguity aversion: an experimental investigation, The
Empirical Tests of Intransitivity Predicted by Models of Risky Choice
Endogenizing Prospect Theory's Reference Point
Endogenous Prospect Theory.
Entscheidungsverhalten unter Risiko ; experimentelle Studien und neue theoretische Ansätze
Equilibrium bidding without the independence axiom a graphical analysis
Expected utility on restricted sets
Experimental Investigation of Alternatives to Expected Utility Using Pricing Data, An
experimental investigation of the disparity between WTA and WTP for lotteries., An
Experimental Investigation of the Role of Errors for Explaining Violations of Expected Utility, An
experimental investigation of violations of transitivity in choice under uncertainty, An
experimental study on individual choice, social welfare, and social preferences, An
Experimental Test of Loss Aversion., An
Explaining preference reversal with third-generation prospect theory
Explaining the harmonic sequence paradox
Family type subsistence incomes
Friedman, Harsanyi, Rawls, Boulding – or somebody else? An experimental investigation of distributive justice
genuine foundation for prospect theory, A
impact of experience on risk taking, overconfidence, and herding of fund managers: Complementary survey evidence, The
importance of time series extrapolation for macroeconomic expectations, The
Insurance Demand and Prospect Theory
Insurance demand and risk sharing with rank dependent utility
Insurance Demand under Prospect Theory:A Graphical Analysis
Knock-out for descriptive utility or experimental-design error?
Linear cumulative prospect theory with applications to portfolio selection and insurance demand
Lorenz, Pareto, Pigou: Who Scores Best? Experimental Evidence on Dominance Relations of Income Distributions
Lottery Dependent Utility: a Reexamination
new axiomatization of rank-dependent expected utility with tradeoff consistency for equally likely outcomes, A
Noise and bias in eliciting preferences
Non-market household time and the cost of children
Non-market time and household well being
Nonmarket household time and the cost of children.
On the income dependence of equivalence scales
Overconfidence and Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets
Overconfidence, Experience, and Professionalism: An Experimental Study
Paradoxes and Mechanisms for Choice under Risk
Parametric weighting functions
Performance of Peer Review and a Beauty Contest of Referee Processes of Economics Journals/, The
Preisbildung von Arzneimitteln im internationalen Vergleich
Pricing risk and ambiguity: The effect of perspective taking
Properties of Equivalence Scales in Different Countries
Regulierung des Glücksspiels in Deutschland: Das Glücksspielgesetz Schleswig-Holsteins und der Glücksspieländerungsstaatsvertrag aus ökonomischer Perspektive.
Risk Aversion in Cumulative Prospect Theory
Security and Potential Level Preferences with Thresholds
Self‐Insurance and Self‐Protection as Public Goods
Selfish-biased conditional cooperation: On the decline of contributions in repeated public goods experiments
simple model of cumulative prospect theory, A
Strategic Exploitation of a Common-Property Resource under Uncertainty
Testing expected utility in the presence of errors
Testing Independence Conditions in the Presence of Errors and Splitting Effects
Testing transitivity in choice under risk
theory of the gambling effect, A
Third-generation prospect theory.
Transitivity in health utility measurement: An experimental analysis
Use of Momentum, Contrarian and Buy-&-Hold Strategies: Survey Evidence from Fund Managers, The
use of trading strategies by fund managers: some first survey evidence, The
Utility of Gambling Reconsidered, The
Welfare dependent household economies of scale further evidence
Wettmonopol in Deutschland: Status Quo und Reformansätze., Das
What is Loss Aversion?
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Kiel, Univ., Diss., 2012