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Beard, G. M.
Beard (G. M.; 1839-1883)
Beard, Geo. M.
Beard, Georg M.
Beard, Georg Miller
Beard, George M.
Beard, George Miller
Beard, Georges
Beard, Georges Miller
Beard, M.
Bird, Džorž
Bird, Zh. M.
George Miller Beard (American neurologist)
George Miller Beard (Amerikaans militair arts (1839-1883))
George Miller Beard (französischer Neurologe)
Miller Beard, George
Miller, George Beard-
Берд (Д. М; 1839-1883)
Бирд (Г. М; 1839-1883)
Бирд, Д. М
Бирд (Д. М; 1839-1883)
Бирд, Джордж Миллер
Георг Миллер Бирд
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Foggers, B. A.
Lilienthal, Samuel (1815-1891)
Neisser, Max
Raymond, Fulgence
Rockwell, A. D. (1840-1925)
Rockwell, A.D.
Rockwell, Alphonse David (1840- [from old catalog])
Rockwell, Alphonso David
Rockwell, Alphonso David (1840-1925)
Rodet, Paul
Skłodowski, Józef (1863-1937))
American nervousness its causes and consequences
asylums of Europe, The
Cases of hysteria, neurasthenia, spinal irritation...
Chronic diseases of the larynx
Dictionnaire biographique de la psychiatrie
Eating and drinking; a popular manual of food and diet in health and disease.
Electricty in the treatment of diseases of the skin.
Experiments with living human beings
longevity of brainworkers, The
Nature and phenomena of trance ("hypnotism" or "somnambulism")
Nervenschwäche (Neurasthenia), Die : ihre Symptome, Natur, Folgenzustände und Behandlung
nervosismo americano, Il : le sue cause e le sue conseguenze ; traduzione di Sofia Fortini Santarelli
Neurastenija : jej objawy, istota, skutki i leczenie
neurasthénie sexuelle
new cyclopaedia of family medicine., The
Observations on the physiological and therapeutical effects of galvanization of the sympathetic.
Our home physician: a new and popular guide to the art of preserving health and treating disease; with plain advice for all the medical and surgical emergencies of the family
Polovaâ slabost', kak vid nevrastenii : eâ gigiena, etiologiâ, simptomy i lečenie : s priloženiem glavy o diète dlâ nervnyh bol'nyh
Practical treatise on nervous exhaustion (neurasthenia) its symptoms, nature, sequences, treatment
Practical treatise on the medical and surgical uses of electricity; including localized and general faradization, localized and central galvanization, franklinization, electrolysis and galvano-cautery
Prakticheskoe rukovodstvo ... Zh. M Birda.
Praktische Abhandlung über die medicinische und chirurgische Verwerthung der Elektricität bei der lokalisirten und allgemeinen Anwendungsart derselben
psychology of the Salem witchcraft excitement of 1692, and its practical application to our own time;, The
Recent researches in electro-therapeutics.
Sexual neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion) its hygiene, causes, symptoms and treatment, with a chapter on diet for the nervous
Stimulants and narcotics; medically, philosophically, and morally considered.
study of trance, muscle-reading and allied nervous phenomena in Europe and America, with a letter on the moral character of trance subjects, and a defence of Dr. Charcot., The
Trance and trancoidal States in the lower Animals
trance state in inebriety: its medico-legal relations with an introduction on the nature and character of the trance state, The
Trattato pratico dell'esaurimento nervoso (neurastenia) : sintomi, natura, conseguenze, trattamento ; versione italiana del dott. Gustavo Bonvecchiato
treatment of marasmus whooping cough and debility in children by electricity, The