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Emilio Moran
Moran, E. F.
Moran, Emilio
Morán, Emilio F.
Moran, Emilio Federico
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Alves, Diógenes Salas
American Association for the Advancement of Science. Section H--Anthropology
Batistella, Mateus (1963-)
Brondízio, Eduardo S. (19..-))
International Workshop on the Harmonization of Land Use and Land Cover Classification (2000 ; Ispra)
Lapillonne, Bruno
Mastrangelo, Stella
McConnell, William J.
Ostrom, Elinor (1933-2012))
University of Florida
805 Settlement Design, Forest Fragmentation, and Landscape Change in Rondonia, Amazonia
Agricultural development in ... 1976:
Amazônia : natureza e sociedade em transformação
Amazonian Deforestation and the Structure of Households
Application of spectral mixture analysis to Amazonian land-use and land-cover classification
Assessment of atmospheric correction methods for Landsat TM data applicable to Amazon basin LBA research
Changing agricultural systems in Latin America
City and countryside in an environmental context
Classification of successional forest stages in the Brazilian Amazon basin
comparative analysis of human societies, The : toward common standards for data collection and reporting
Complexity of Coupled Human and Natural Systems
Cultural Dimension of Development: Indigenous Knowledge Systems, The
Deforestation and cattle ranching in the Brazilian Amazon: external capital and household processes
Deforestation and land use in the Brazilian Amazon.
Developing the Amazon
Developmental Cycle of Domestic Groups and Amazonian Deforestation, The
Dilemma of Amazonian development, The
Dr. Moran Is Author of Over 130 Journal Articles & Chapters, 6 Books, and 10 Edited Volumes
Ecologia humana das populações da amazonia
Ecological, Anthropological, and Agronomic Research in the Amazon Basin
ecosystem approach in anthropology from concept to practice
Effects of soil fertility and land-use on forest succession in Amazonia
Effects of Urbanization on Net Primary Productivity in Southeastern China, The
Embodied Decisions: Reversible and Irreversible Contraceptive Methods among Rural Women in the Brazilian Amazon
Environmental social science human - environment interactions and sustainability
Forest transitions: towards a global understanding of land use change
Geoinformação e monitoramento ambiental na América Latina
Global land project
Human adaptability an introduction to ecological anthropology
Human adaptive strategies in Amazonian blackwater ecosystems
Human and Physical Dimensions of Land Use/Cover Change in Amazonia: Towards a Multiscale Synthesis
Human dimensions of climate change: the vulnerability of small farmers in the Amazon.
Human Strategies for Coping with El Niño Related Drought in Amazônia
Integrating Amazonian vegetation, land-use, and satellite data
Land-cover classification in the Brazilian Amazon with the integration of Landsat ETM+ and Radarsat data
Land cover in the Amazon estuary - Linking of the Thematic Mapper with botanical and historical data
Land use change in the Amazon Estuary: Patterns of Caboclo settlement and landscape management
Legacy of fire slows carbon accumulation in Amazonian forest regrowth
Linear mixture model applied to Amazonian vegetation classification
Manioc deserves more recognition in tropical farming.
Mapping and monitoring land degradation risks in the Western Brazilian Amazon using multitemporal Landsat TM/ETM+ images
Mapping regional land cover with MODIS data for biological conservation: Examples from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA and Para State, Brazil
Meeting in the middle : the challenge of meso-level integration : an international workshop, October 17-20, 2000, Ispra, Italy
Multitemporal spectral mixture analysis for Amazonian land-cover change detection
Pioneer farmers of the Transamazon highway ; adaptation and agricultural production in the lowland tropics
Place against Time: Land and Environment in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, A
Population and Environment in the Amazon Basin
Preliminary study of the possibilities of a large scale alcohol production for fuel in Ecuador
Proposal to support a Center for the Study of Institutions, Population and Environmental Change, A
Relationships between forest stand parameters and Landsat TM spectral responses in the Brazilian Amazon Basin.
Restoration of vegetation cover in the eastern Amazon
Rui e a abolição
Science plan and implementation strategy
Seeing the forest and the trees human-environment interactions in forest ecosystems
Subsidy from Nature: Palm Forests, Peasantry, and Development on an Amazon Frontier, The
Through Amazonian eyes: the human ecology of Amazonian populations
Transforming societies, transforming anthropology
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Photocopy of typescript original
Includes vita
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Florida, 1975