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Andreasen, N. C.
Andreasen, Nancy
Andreasen, Nancy C.
Nancy C. Andreasen
Nancy C. Andreasen (amerikansk hjerneforsker)
Nancy C. Andreasen (US-amerikanische Anglistin und Psychiaterin)
Nancy Coover Andreasen (American neuroscientist)
Nancy Coover Andreasen (Amerikaans psychiatrice)
Андреасен, Нэнси Кувер
نانسي أندرياسن
アンドリアセン, ナンシー・C
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Black, Donald W.
Black, Donald W. (1956-)
Bomba, Jacek (1941- ))
Gelder, Michael G.
Lopez Ibor, Juan José (1941-.... psychiatre)
López-Ibor, Juan José Jr., 1941-
Marneros, A. (1946-)
Marneros, Andreas (1946-)
Okazaki, Yūji (1943-)
Tsuang, M. T. (1931-)
Tsuang, Ming T. (1931-)
University of Nebraska
岡崎, 祐士 (1943-)
Abnormal brain structure in adults with Van der Woude syndrome
Abnormalities in midline attentional circuitry in schizophrenia: evidence from magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography.
Acute marijuana effects on rCBF and cognition: a PET study.
Age and regional cerebral blood flow in schizophrenia: age effects in anterior cingulate, frontal, and parietal cortex.
Age-related changes in regional cerebral blood flow among young to mid-life adults.
Alogia, attentional impairment, and inappropriate affect: their status in the dimensions of schizophrenia.
American Journal of Psychiatry celebrates 150th anniversary.
American Psychiatric Publishing schizofrenia, The
Anatomic and functional variability: the effects of filter size in group fMRI data analysis.
Anterior cingulate cortex: An MRI-based parcellation method
Antipsychotic dose equivalents and dose-years: a standardized method for comparing exposure to different drugs.
Assessment issues and the cost of schizophrenia.
Assessment of reliability in multicenter collaborative research with a videotape approach.
Association Between Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Val66Met Gene Polymorphism and Progressive Brain Volume Changes in Schizophrenia
Association of the HOPA super(12bp) allele with a large X-chromosome haplotype and positive symptom schizophrenia
Association of the HOPA12bp allele with a large X-chromosome haplotype and positive symptom schizophrenia.
Auditory and visual attention assessed with PET.
Auditory attentional deficits in patients with schizophrenia. A positron emission tomography study.
Automatic atlas-based volume estimation of human brain regions from MR images.
Awareness of illness in schizophrenia and schizoaffective and mood disorders.
Basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor NEUROG1 and schizophrenia: effects on illness susceptibility, MRI brain morphometry and cognitive abilities.
Bipolar affective disorder and high achievement: a familial association.
Bipolar I, bipolar II, and nonbipolar major depression among the relatives of affectively ill probands.
Bipolar II. Combine or keep separate?
Bipolar versus unipolar and primary versus secondary affective disorder: which diagnosis takes precedence?
Birth-cohort trends in rates of major depressive disorder among relatives of patients with affective disorder.
Body and soul
Brain activity assessed with PET during recall of word lists and narratives.
Brain imaging: applications in psychiatry.
Brain morphology in first-episode schizophrenia.
Brain Structure in Preclinical Huntington's Disease
Brain tissue volume segmentation in patients with anorexia nervosa before and after weight normalization.
Brain Volumes and Surface Morphology in Monozygotic Twins
Brave new brain conquering mental illness in the era of the genome
Brave new brain vaincre les maladies mentales à l'ère du génome
broken brain, c1984:, The
Can schizophrenia be localized in the brain?
Cannabinoid receptor 1 gene polymorphisms and marijuana misuse interactions on white matter and cognitive deficits in schizophrenia.
Capacity to provide informed consent for participation in schizophrenia and HIV research.
CASH : 精神病性・感情病性精神疾患の現在症と病歴の包括的面接と評価基準
Caudate size in first-episode neuroleptic-naive schizophrenic patients measured using an artificial neural network.
Cavum septi pellucidi in normals and patients with schizophrenia as detected by magnetic resonance imaging.
Cerebellar dysfunction in neuroleptic naive schizophrenia patients: clinical, cognitive, and neuroanatomic correlates of cerebellar neurologic signs.
Cerebellar functional abnormalities in schizophrenia are suggested by classical eyeblink conditioning.
Cerebellar hypoactivity in frequent marijuana users.
Cerebellar morphology as a predictor of symptom and psychosocial outcome in schizophrenia.
Cerebellar size and cognition: correlations with IQ, verbal memory and motor dexterity.
cerebellum plays a role in conscious episodic memory retrieval., The
Cerebral blood flow and personality: a positron emission tomography study.
Cerebral blood flow changes associated with attribution of emotional valence to pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral visual stimuli in a PET study of normal subjects.
Cerebral blood flow changes associated with Schneiderian first-rank symptoms in schizophrenia
Cerebral cortex: a topographic segmentation method using magnetic resonance imaging.
Change in basal ganglia volume over 2 years in patients with schizophrenia: typical versus atypical neuroleptics.
Changing boundaries in psychiatry.
Changing concepts of schizophrenia and the ahistorical fallacy.
Clients, consumers, providers, and products: where will it all end?
Clinical features characterizing young-onset and intermediate-onset schizophrenia
Clozapine's effect on negative symptoms in treatment-refractory schizophrenics.
Co-Investigator, Brain Structure and Function in Children with Oral Clefts, Peggy Nopoulos, PI
Co-Investigator, Cognitive Enhancers Explored with PET Imaging, Susan Schultz, PI
Co-Investigator, First fBirn Clinical Trial, Daniel O'Leary, PI
Co-Investigator, Informed Consent and Medication Status in Schizophrenia, David Moser, PI
Co-Investigator, Innovative Neuorimaging Technologies Training Program, Richard Hichwa & James Ehrhardt, PIs
Co-Investigator, Interdisciplinary Research Training Program on Aging, Donald Heistand & Robert Wallace, PIs
Co-Investigator, Ongoing Development of the Q-SANS and Q-SAPS: Phase II Reliability Testing, Michael Flaum, PI
[Cognition and emotion in schizophrenia: neuroimaging approach].
Cognitive and magnetic resonance imaging brain morphometric correlates of brain-derived neurotrophic factor Val66Met gene polymorphism in patients with schizophrenia and healthy volunteers.
Cognitive correlates of the negative, disorganized, and psychotic symptom dimensions of schizophrenia.
Cognitive deficits in recent-onset and chronic schizophrenia.
Cognitive dysfunction in adult males with non-syndromic clefts of the lip and/or palate.
Cognitive dysfunction in adults with Van der Woude syndrome
Color enhancement of multispectral MR images: improving the visualization of subcortical structures.
Comorbidity of substance abuse and schizophrenia: the role of pre-morbid adjustment.
comparative effectiveness study of risperidone and olanzapine in the treatment of schizophrenia, A
comparison of approaches to the statistical analysis of [15O]H2O PET cognitive activation studies., A
Comparison of the effects of risperidone and haloperidol on regional cerebral blood flow in schizophrenia.
Comprehensive Assessment of Symptoms and History (CASH). An instrument for assessing diagnosis and psychopathology., The
Correction for head size.
Correlation Between Extraversion and Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Response to Olfactory Stimuli
Correlational studies of the Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms and the Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms: an overview and update.
Creating Brain, The : The Neuroscience of Genius
crisis in clinical research., The
Defining the phenotype of schizophrenia: cognitive dysmetria and its neural mechanisms.
Dependence on public financial support early in the course of schizophrenia.
Depression and panic attacks: the significance of overlap as reflected in follow--up and family study data
Developmental abnormalities of the corpus callosum in schizophrenia.
Developmental Brain Anomalies in Children With Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Diagnosis and classification of schizophrenia.
Diagnosis, methodology and subtypes of schizophrenia.
diagnosis of schizophrenia., The
Diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia and related disorders: options for DSM-IV.
Diesuemu faivu o tsukaikonasu tame no rinsho seishin igaku tekisuto.
Differential outcome of pure manic, mixed/cycling, and pure depressive episodes in patients with bipolar illness.
Direct comparison of the neural substrates of recognition memory for words and faces.
distinction of positive and negative symptoms. The failure of a two-dimensional model., The
Diversity in psychiatry: or, why did we become psychiatrists?
Does function follow form?: Methods to fuse structural and functional brain images show decreased linkage in schizophrenia
Donne and the correlative traditions: the poetry in its Ovidian and Petrarchan contexts
DSM and the Death of Phenomenology in America : An Example of Unintended Consequences
Dual isotope brain SPECT imaging for monitoring cognitive activation: initial studies in humans.
Dual isotope brain SPECT imaging for monitoring cognitive activation: physical considerations.
Dysfunctional cortico-cerebellar circuits cause 'cognitive dysmetria' in schizophrenia.
Dysregulation of working memory and default-mode networks in schizophrenia using independent component analysis, an fBIRN and MCIC study
effect of antipsychotic medication on relative cerebral blood perfusion in schizophrenia: assessment with technetium-99m hexamethyl-propyleneamine oxime single photon emission computed tomography., The
Effect of antipsychotic withdrawal on extrapyramidal symptoms: statistical methods for analyzing single-sample repeated-measures data.
Effect of antipsychotic withdrawal on negative symptoms in schizophrenia.
Effect of antipsychotics on regional cerebral blood flow measured with positron emission tomography.
Effects of atypical and typical neuroleptics on anterior cingulate volume in schizophrenia.
Effects of diagnosis, laterality, and gender on brain morphology in schizophrenia.
Effects of errors in a multicenter medical study: preventing misinterpreted data.
Effects of frequent marijuana use on memory-related regional cerebral blood flow.
effects of neuroleptic medications on basal ganglia blood flow in schizophreniform disorders: a comparison between the neuroleptic-naïve and medicated states., The
Effects of olanzapine on cerebellar functional connectivity in schizophrenia measured by fMRI during a simple motor task
Effects of retroactive and proactive interference on word list recall in schizophrenia
Effects of Smoking Marijuana on Brain Perfusion and Cognition
efficient procedure for permutation tests in imaging research., An
Emil Kraepelin, 1856-1926.
Emotional activation of limbic circuitry in elderly normal subjects in a PET study.
Emotions in unmedicated patients with schizophrenia during evaluation with positron emission tomography
Enlarged cavum septi pellucidi in patients with schizophrenia: Clinical and cognitive correlates
Epidemiological and clinical correlates of familial and sporadic schizophrenia.
Evaluating and validating two methods for estimating brain structure volumes: tessellation and simple pixel counting.
Evaluation of the GTRACT diffusion tensor tractography algorithm: A validation and reliability study
evolving concept of schizophrenia: from Kraepelin to the present and future., The
evolving concept of schizophrenia, The : from Kraepelin to the present and future
Exclusion of close linkage between the synaptic vesicular monoamine transporter locus and schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Exclusion of close linkage of the dopamine transporter gene with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.
Facilitating interdisciplinary research
Factors associated with suicide attempts among patients with schizophrenia.
Factors that influence effect size in 15O PET studies: a meta-analytic review.
Familial rates of affective disorder. A report from the National Institute of Mental Health Collaborative Study.
family study of bipolar II disorder., A
Fascynujący mózg : walka z chorobami psychicznymi w epoce genomu
Festschrift in Honor of Melvin Sabshin, M.D.
Fetal alcohol syndrome: craniofacial and central nervous system manifestations.
Frequency and severity of enlarged cavum septi pellucidi in childhood-onset schizophrenia
From molecule to mind: Genetics, genomics, and psychiatry
Fully automated analysis using BRAINS: AutoWorkup
Functional MRI statistical software packages: A comparative analysis
G72 influences longitudinal change in frontal lobe volume in schizophrenia.
Generalized cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: A study of first-episode patients
Genome scan of schizophrenia.
Global white matter abnormalities in schizophrenia: a multisite diffusion tensor imaging study.
Globus pallidus volume is related to symptom severity in neuroleptic naive patients with schizophrenia.
Gray matter heterotopias in schizophrenia.
Gyrification abnormalities in childhood- and adolescent-onset schizophrenia.
Hippocampal subdivision and amygdalar volumes in patients in an at-risk mental state for schizophrenia.
Hippocampus Volume and Treatment Delays in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Human frontal cortex: an MRI-based parcellation method.
Hypofrontality in neuroleptic-naive patients and in patients with chronic schizophrenia. Assessment with xenon 133 single-photon emission computed tomography and the Tower of London.
Hypofrontality in schizophrenia: distributed dysfunctional circuits in neuroleptic-naïve patients.
I. PET studies of memory: novel and practiced free recall of complex narratives.
II. PET studies of memory: novel versus practiced free recall of word lists.
Image processing for the study of brain structure and function: problems and programs.
Images in neuroscience. Neuroimaging, III. PET and the [15O]H2O Technique, Part 1: Statistical Analysis of Images.
Impaired glucose tolerance and abnormal movements in patients with schizophrenia
Implications of starvation-induced change in right dorsal anterior cingulate volume in anorexia nervosa
Improvement of negative symptoms : concepts, definition and assessment
Improving tissue classification in MRI: a three-dimensional multispectral discriminant analysis method with automated training class selection.
In Search of Memory The Emergence of a New Science of Mind E. R. Kandel
Incidence of ectopic gray matter in patients with schizophrenia and healthy control subjects studied with MRI
Increased Expression of Activity-Dependent Genes in Cerebellar Glutamatergic Neurons of Patients With Schizophrenia
Informed Consent in Medication-Free Schizophrenia Research
Initial magnetic resonance imaging volumetric brain measurements and outcome in schizophrenia: a prospective longitudinal study with 5-year follow-up.
Insomnia as a predictor for symptom worsening following antipsychotic withdrawal in schizophrenia.
Insular cortex abnormalities in schizophrenia: a structural magnetic resonance imaging study of first-episode patients.
Insular cortex abnormalities in schizophrenia: Relationship to symptoms and typical neuroleptic exposure.
Intelligence and brain structure in normal individuals.
Intelligence and regional brain volumes in normal controls
Inter- and intraoperator reliability of brain tissue measures using magnetic resonance imaging
Introductory textbook of psychiatry
Investigating connectivity between the cerebellum and thalamus in schizophrenia using diffusion tensor tractography: a pilot study.
Investigation of relationships between fMRI brain networks in the spectral domain using ICA and Granger causality reveals distinct differences between schizophrenia patients and healthy controls
Iowa Longitudinal Study of Recent Onset Psychosis: one-year follow-up of first episode patients., The
Iowa multiplex family study of schizophrenia: linkage analyses on chromosome 5., The
Iowa prospective longitudinal study of recent-onset psychoses., The
IQ and brain size in schizophrenia.
John Case Nemiah, M.D. 1918-2009.
journey into chaos: creativity and the unconscious., A
Koshoshita no.
Lack of an association between delayed memory and hippocampal and temporal lobe size in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controls.
Lack of linkage to chromosome 5q11-q13 markers in six schizophrenia pedigrees.
Landmark-based registration and measurement of magnetic resonance images: a reliability study.
life course of schizophrenia: age and symptom dimensions., The
lifetime trajectory of schizophrenia and the concept of neurodevelopment., The
linkage study of chromosome 11q in schizophrenia., A
linkage study of schizophrenia to markers within Xp11 near the MAOB gene., A
Linking mind and brain in the study of mental illnesses: A project for a scientific psychopathology
Long delays in seeking treatment for schizophrenia
Long-term Antipsychotic Treatment and Brain Volumes: A Longitudinal Study of First-Episode Schizophrenia
Longitudinal assessment of premorbid cognitive functioning in patients with schizophrenia through examination of standardized scholastic test performance.
Longitudinal study of cognitive function in first-episode and recent-onset schizophrenia
longitudinal study of symptom dimensions in schizophrenia. Prediction and patterns of change., A
Magnetic resonance imaging in familial versus sporadic cases of schizophrenia.
Magnetic resonance imaging of brain anomalies in fetal alcohol syndrome.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in schizophrenia. The pathophysiologic significance of structural abnormalities.
Manual and automated measurement of the whole thalamus and mediodorsal nucleus using magnetic resonance imaging.
Manual and semiautomated measurement of cerebellar subregions on MR images.
Marijuana alters the human cerebellar clock.
Measurement of brain structures with artificial neural networks: two- and three-dimensional applications.
mechanisms of schizophrenia., The
Melvin Sabshin: Integrator, innovator, and master of metaphor
Mental illness awareness and self-awareness: advocacy and action.
method to classify schizophrenia using inter-task spatial correlations of functional brain images., A
method to fuse fMRI tasks through spatial correlations: Applied to schizophrenia, A
Methods for assessing positive and negative symptoms.
More choices for treating voices
Morphology of the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus in Patients With Schizophrenia: Relationship to Typical Neuroleptic Exposure
Morphology of the Cerebral Cortex in Preclinical Huntington's Disease
Morphology of the lateral superior temporal gyrus in neuroleptic nai;ve patients with schizophrenia: relationship to symptoms.
Morphology of the ventral frontal cortex in schizophrenia: relationship with social dysfunction.
Morphometry in schizophrenia revisited: height and its relationship to pre-morbid function.
Morphometry of the superior temporal plane in schizophrenia: relationship to clinical correlates.
MRI abnormalities in tardive dyskinesia.
MRI-based parcellation method for the temporal lobe., An
MRI study of brain size in autism., An
MRI study of cerebellar vermis morphology in patients with schizophrenia: evidence in support of the cognitive dysmetria concept., An
MRI study of midbrain morphology in patients with schizophrenia: relationship to psychosis, neuroleptics, and cerebellar neural circuitry., An
MTHFR 677C --> T genotype disrupts prefrontal function in schizophrenia through an interaction with COMT 158Val --> Met.
MTHFR 677C [rightward arrow] T genotype disrupts prefrontal function in schizophrenia through an interaction with COMT 158Val [rightward arrow] Met.
Multi-site characterization of an fMRI working memory paradigm: Reliability of activation indices
Nanshī andoriasen : Kokoro o saguru nō kagaku
Neural basis of novel and well-learned recognition memory in schizophrenia: a positron emission tomography study.
neural correlates of implicit sequence learning in schizophrenia., The
Neural correlates of mental phenomena.
Neural mechanisms of anhedonia in schizophrenia: a PET study of response to unpleasant and pleasant odors.
Neural substrates of facial recognition.
Neuroimaging assessment of cognitive disorders.
Neurological soft signs in neuroleptic-naive and neuroleptic-treated schizophrenic patients and in normal comparison subjects.
Neuropsychological Performance in First-Episode Adolescents with Schizophrenia: A Comparison with First-Episode Adults and Adolescent Control Subjects
neuropsychology of the prefrontal cortex., The
Neuroradiology and neuropsychiatry: a new alliance.
new method for the in vivo volumetric measurement of the human hippocampus with high neuroanatomical accuracy., A
NIMH collaborative program on the psychobiology of depression: Clinical.
No difference found between winter- and non-winter-born schizophrenic cases.
No evidence of a schizophrenia locus in a second pseudoautosomal region.
Nō kara kokoro no chizu o yomu : Seishin no yamai o kokufukusuru tameni
No support for linkage to the bipolar regions on chromosomes 4p, 18p, or 18q in 43 schizophrenia pedigrees.
Normalizing counts and cerebral blood flow intensity in functional imaging studies of the human brain.
NOTCH4 and the frontal lobe in schizophrenia.
Novel vs. well-learned memory for faces: a positron emission tomography study.
Original Article
Our brave new world : de verkenning van hersenen en geest in gezondheidszorg en bij ziekte
Pattern of brain morphology in patients with schizophrenia and large cavum septi pellucidi.
Perception of socially relevant stimuli in schizophrenia.
Personality of recovered patients with bipolar affective disorder.
PET and the (15O)H2O technique, part 2: Choosing a significance threshold
PET and the [15O]H2O technique, Part 3: Finding the location of significant regions.
Pieces of the schizophrenia puzzle fall into place
Population-based association analyses of the HOPA super(12bp) polymorphism for schizophrenia and hypothyroidism
Population-based association analyses of the HOPA12bp polymorphism for schizophrenia and hypothyroidism.
Positive and negative symptoms: historical and conceptual aspects.
Positive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia. A critical reappraisal.
Positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia: past, present, and future.
Positron Emission Tomography Study of Binaurally and Dichotically Presented Stimuli: Effects of Level of Language and Directed Attention, A
Possible association of a cholecystokinin promoter variant to schizophrenia
Posttraumatic stress disorder: a history and a critique.
Predictive values of neurocognition and negative symptoms on functional outcome in schizophrenia: a longitudinal first-episode study with 7-year follow-up
Premorbid adjustment as a predictor of phenomenological and neurobiological indices in schizophrenia.
Prevalence of depressive symptoms early in the course of schizophrenia
Principal Investigator, Brain Imaging in the Major Psychoses: Functional Imaging Studies
Principal Investigator, Brain Imaging in the Major Psychoses: Testing the Specificity of the Cognitive Dysmetria Model
Principal Investigator, Cerebellar Anatomy in Schizophrenia
Principal Investigator, Directorship of Functional Brain Imaging Center
Principal Investigator, Major Psychoses: Phenomenology, Behavior, Genetics
Principal Investigator, MHCRC: Neurobiology and Phenomenology of Major Psychoses
Principal Investigator, Paranoia and Paranoid Schizophrenia: The Boundaries
Principal Investigator, Phenomenology and Classification of Schizophrenia
Principal Investigator, Research Training: Major Psychoses & Clinical Neurobiology
Principal Investigator, Schizophrenia Research
Prism Adaptation in Schizophrenia
Problems with ratio and proportion measures of imaged cerebral structures.
Progressive structural brain abnormalities and their relationship to clinical outcome: a longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study early in schizophrenia.
Pseudoautosomal locus for schizophrenia excluded in 12 pedigrees.
Psychiatria amerykańska lat dziewięćdziesiątych
Psychiatry: more choices for treating voices.
Psychotic continuum
Quantitative in vivo measurement of gyrification in the human brain: changes associated with aging.
"Cognitive dysmetria" as an integrative theory of schizophrenia: A dysfunction in cortical-subcortical-cerebellar circuitry?
"Cognitive dysmetria" in schizophrenia
Recalling word lists reveals "cognitive dysmetria" in schizophrenia: a positron emission tomography study.
Reduced thalamic volume in first-episode non-affective psychosis: correlations with clinical variables, symptomatology and cognitive functioning.
Regional brain abnormalities in schizophrenia measured with magnetic resonance imaging.
Regional brain enlargement in autism: a magnetic resonance imaging study.
Regional frontal abnormalities in schizophrenia: a quantitative gray matter volume and cortical surface size study.
Regional neural dysfunctions in chronic schizophrenia studied with positron emission tomography.
Registration and machine learning-based automated segmentation of subcortical and cerebellar brain structures.
relationship between creativity and mood disorders., The
relationship of akathisia with suicidality and depersonalization among patients with schizophrenia, The
reliability of distinguishing primary versus secondary negative symptoms., The
Reliability of lifetime diagnosis. A multicenter collaborative perspective.
reliability of "bizarre" delusions., The
Remembering the past: two facets of episodic memory explored with positron emission tomography.
Reversibility of brain tissue loss in anorexia nervosa assessed with a computerized Talairach 3-D proportional grid.
role of gender in studies of ventricle enlargement in schizophrenia: a predominantly male effect., The
role of the cerebellum in schizophrenia., The
role of the thalamus in schizophrenia., The
Sample size and statistical power in [15O]H2O studies of human cognition.
Schitterend nieuw brein : psychiatrie in het tijdperk van het genoom
Schizophrenia and cognitive dysmetria: a positron-emission tomography study of dysfunctional prefrontal-thalamic-cerebellar circuitry.
Schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders.
Schizophrenia : from mind to molecule
Schizophrenia, positive and negative symptoms and syndromes
Schizophrenia: the big questions.
Schizophrenia: the characteristic symptoms.
Schizophrenia: the fundamental questions.
Secondary Prevention of Schizophrenia: Utility of Standardized Scholastic Tests in Early Identification
Segmentation techniques for the classification of brain tissue using magnetic resonance imaging.
Seishin bunretsubyō wa nō ni kyokuzaisuruka
Selective reduction of the posterior superior vermis in men with chronic schizophrenia.
Sesquicentennial anniversary supplement 1844-1994.
Sex differences in brain morphology in schizophrenia.
Sex Differences in Parietal Lobe Morphology: Relationship to Mental Rotation Performance
Sex differences in the absence of massa intermedia in patients with schizophrenia versus healthy controls.
Sex-specific variation of MRI-based cortical morphometry in adult healthy volunteers: The effect on cognitive functioning
Short-term and long-term verbal memory: A positron emission tomography study
significance of past mania or hypomania in the course and outcome of major depression., The
Smaller brain size associated with unawareness of illness in patients with schizophrenia.
Smoking status as a potential confound in the BOLD response of patients with schizophrenia.
Soft signs and neuropsychological performance in schizophrenia.
Stability of cognitive functioning early in the course of schizophrenia.
Structural abnormalities in the frontal system in schizophrenia. A magnetic resonance imaging study.
Structural brain abnormalities in adult males with clefts of the lip and/or palate.
Structural brain abnormalities in bipolar affective disorder. Ventricular enlargement and focal signal hyperintensities.
Structural MR image processing using the BRAINS2 toolbox.
Structure and function of the superior temporal plane in adult males with cleft lip and palate: pathologic enlargement with no relationship to childhood hearing deficits
Subcortical and temporal structures in affective disorder and schizophrenia: a magnetic resonance imaging study.
Subcortical, cerebellar, and magnetic resonance based consistent brain image registration.
Subgenual Prefrontal Cortex Volumes in Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia: Diagnostic Specificity and Prognostic Implications
Symptom dimensions and brain morphology in schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders.
Symptoms and interference from memory in schizophrenia: evaluation of Frith's model of willed action.
Symptoms of schizophrenia. Methods, meanings, and mechanisms.
Symptoms, signs, and diagnosis of schizophrenia
T1 and T2 relaxation times in schizophrenia as measured with magnetic resonance imaging.
Techniques for measuring sulcal/gyral patterns in the brain as visualized through magnetic resonance scanning: BRAINPLOT and BRAINMAP.
Temporal pole morphology and psychopathology in males with schizophrenia.
Tensai no nō kagaku : Sōzōsei wa ikani tsukurareruka
Test-retest reliability of assessing psychiatrically ill patients in a multi-center design.
Tests for comparing images based on randomization and permutation methods.
Thalamic abnormalities in schizophrenia visualized through magnetic resonance image averaging.
Theory of mind and schizophrenia: a positron emission tomography study of medication-free patients.
Thought, language, and communication in schizophrenia: diagnosis and prognosis.
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-II: heritability and effect on brain morphology in schizophrenia
Two-year outcome in first-episode schizophrenia: Predictive value of symptoms for quality of life
Understanding mental illness: a layman's guide
Untreated initial psychosis: its relation to quality of life and symptom remission in first-episode schizophrenia.
Untreated initial psychosis: relation to cognitive deficits and brain morphology in first-episode schizophrenia.
Using a Brief Intervention to Improve Decisional Capacity in Schizophrenia Research
validation of psychiatric diagnosis: new models and approaches., The
validation of the concept of endogenous depression. A family study approach., The
Validity of symptom assessment in psychotic disorders: information variance across different sources of history.
Ventricular abnormalities in affective disorder: clinical and demographic correlates.
Ventricular enlargement in schizophrenia evaluated with computed tomographic scanning. Effects of gender, age, and stage of illness.
Visualization of subthalamic nuclei with cortex attenuated inversion recovery MR imaging.
Visualizing how one brain understands another: a pet study of theory of mind
Volume of the pineal gland in schizophrenia; an MRI study.
Voxel processing techniques for the antemortem study of neuroanatomy and neuropathology using magnetic resonance imaging.
What is psychiatry?
What shape are we in? Gender, Psychopathology, and the brain
[Which phenotype for the psychiatric research?].
White matter degeneration in schizophrenia: a comparative diffusion tensor analysis
Withdrawal-emergent dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia during antipsychotic discontinuation.
ナンシー・アンドリアセン : 心を探る脳科学
分裂病の最新研究 : 精神から分子レベルまで
天才の脳科学 : 創造性はいかに創られるか
故障した脳 : 脳から心の病をみる
脳から心の地図を読む : 精神の病いを克服するために
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Thesis--University of Nebraska