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Baker, Ioannes Gilbertus
Baker, J. G.
Baker, Joannes Gilbertus
Baker, John Gilbert
Bèker, D. G.
Con Gilbert Beyker
Ioannes Gilbertus Baker
John Gilbert Baker (botanico britannico)
John Gilbert Baker (botaniste britannique)
John Gilbert Baker (britischer Botaniker, Taxonom und Ökologe)
John Gilbert Baker (British botanist)
John Gilbert Baker (Brits botanicus (1834-1920))
Джон Гилберт Бейкер
Джон Гілберт Бейкер (англійський ботанік)
جان گیلبرت بیکر
جون غيلبرت بيكر
ジョン・ギルバート・ベイカー (イングランドの植物学者)
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Eichler, A. W. (1837-1887))
Hooker, W.J.
Hooker, William Jackson
Maron, Ch
Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von (1794-1868))
Nowell, John
OLivier, Daniel (1830-1916)
Speke, John Hanning (1827-1864)
Spring, Anton Friedrich (1814-1872)
Volkenštejn, Petr Ermolaevič (1820-1888))
alphabetical index of all known ferns, An : a reprint of the index to the second edition of Hooker & Baker's Synopsis filicum : accepted specific names in italics; varieties and synonyms in roman text.
botany of the Speke and Grant expedition, an enumeration of the plants collected during the journey of the late Captain J.H. Speke and Captain (now Lieut.-Col.) J.A. Grant from Zanzibar to Egypt., The
Catalogue of Ceylon ferns
Combretaceae, Crassulaceae, Droseraceae
Compositae : I. Vernoniaceae, II. Eupatoriaceae
Compositae : III. Asteroideae, Inuloideae : IV. Helianthoideae, Helenioideae, Anthemideae, Senecionideae, Cynaroideae, Ligulatae, Mutisiaceae
Connaraceae, Ampelideae
Cyathaceae, Polypodiaceae
Elementary lessons in botanical geography
Escallonieae, Cunoniaceae
Essai d'une classification des rosiers de jardinage
Flora brasiliensis : enumeratio plantarum in Brasilia hactenus detectarum quas suis aliorumque botanicorum studiis descriptas et methodo naturali digestas partim icone illustratas.
Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles: a description of the flowering plants and ferns of those islands
flora of the English Lake District, A
flora of Yorkshire, The
Fougères, organographie et classification, par MM. Hoocker ["sic"], Baker et Smith. Traduit de l'anglais par Ch. Maron,... avec annotations de MM. L. Fournier,... et Ch. Maron,...
Handbook of the Amaryllideae : including the Alstroemerieae and Agaveae
Handbook of the bromeliaceae
Handbook of the fern-allies a synopsis of the genera and species of the natural orders : Equisetaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Selaginellacea, Rhizocarpeae
Handbook of the Irideae
Isoëtaceae, Marsiliaceae, Salviniaceae
Journal of botany British and foreign... Volume VIII(-XIII)
Načal'nyâ osnovaniâ botaničeskoj geografii ; per. s ang. P. E. Volkenštejn. - S. Peterburg, 1876.
narcissus, The : its history and culture : with coloured plates and descriptions of all known species and principal varieties
North Yorkshire: studies of its botany, geology, climate, and physical geography.
On the English mints
Ophioglosseae, Maratthiaceae, Osmundaceae, Schizaeaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Hymenophyllaceae
Phytolaccaceae, Nyctagineae
Refugium botanicum or Figures and descriptions, from living specimens, of little known or new plants of botanical interest
summary of the new ferns which have been discovered or described since 1874, A
Synopsis filicum, or, A synopsis of all known ferns, 1984:
Synopsis filicum, or, A synopsis of all known ferns, including the Osmundaceae, Schizaeaceae, Marattiaceae, and Ophioglossaceae (chiefly derived from the Kew herbarium) : accompanied by figures representing the essential characters of each genus
Synopsis of the genus Tillansieae, by J. G. Baker,...
Topographical botany: being local and personal records towards shewing the distribution of British plants traced through the 112 conties and vice-counties of England, Wales, and Scotland
Tropaeolaceae, Molluginaceae, Alsinaceae, Silenaceae, Portulacaceae, Ficoidaceae, Elatinaceae
vale of Mowbray: a historical and topographical account of Thirsk and its neighbourhood., The
флора Маврикия и Сейшельских островов