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Jonathan D. Ostry (Economist)
Ostry, J.
Ostry, J. D.
Ostry, Jonathan
Ostry, Jonathan D.
Ostry, Jonathan David,
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Abiad, Abdul
Bayoumi, Tamim
Becker, Törbjörn I.
Berg, Andrew
Borensztein, Eduardo
Callen, Tim (1964-....))
Callen, Tim (1964-...)
Celasun, Oya
Chamon, Marcos
Crowe, Christopher W.
Debrun, Xavier
Dell'Ariccia, Giovanni
Demekas, Dimitri G.
ebrary, Inc
Edwards, Sebastian
Eggertsson, Gauti B.
Faria, André
Ghosh, Atish R
Ghosh, Atish R.
Gulde, Anne Marie
Gulde, Anne-Marie
Habermeier, Karl
Habermeier, Karl Friedrich
International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Internationaler Währungsfonds Research Department Affiliation (see also from)
Jeanne, Olivier
Johnson, Simon
Khan, Mohsin S.
Kim, Jun
Kim, Jun I.
Korinek, Anton
Krueger, Thomas H. (1956-))
Levy, Joaquim
Levy, Joaquim Vieira Ferreira
Mauro, Paolo
Mendoza, Enrique G.
MIT Press
Montiel, Peter
Montiel, Peter J.
Ogaki, Masao
Ostry, Jonathan
Ostry, Jonathan D
Ostry, Jonathan D.
Ostry, Jonathan David
Prati, Alessandro
Prati, Alessandro (1961-....))
Qureshi, Mahvash S.
Qureshi, Mahvash Saeed
Reinhart, Carmen
Reinhart, Carmen M.
Rose, Andrew K.
Spilimbergo, Antonio
Subramanian, Arvind
Tsangarides, Charalambos
Tsangarides, Charalambos G.
University of Chicago, Dept. of Economics, August 1988
Yuen, Chi-Wa (1960-....))
Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
Zettelmeyer, Jeronimo
Accounting for China's Growth Performance.
ahorro y 1a tasa de interes real en los paises en desarrollo, El
Anticipated protectionist policies, real exchange rates, and the current account: the case of rigid wages
Balance of Trade, Terms of Trade, and Real Exchange Rate: An Intertemporal Optimizing Framework, The
Capital Controls: When and Why?
Capital Inflows: The Role of Controls
Conseils aux pays émergents sur la crise actuelle : quoi de neuf ? qu’est-ce qui a changé ? pourquoi ?
Coping with the Crisis: Policy Options for Emerging Market Countries
Country Insurance: The Role of Domestic Policies
Current account imbalances in ASEAN countries : Are they a problem?
Current Account in Developing Countries: A Perspective from the Consumption-Smoothing Approach., The
Do capital flows reflect economic fundamentals in developing countries?
Does excess liquidity pose a threat in Japan?
Does the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Matter?
Dos objetivos, dos instrumentos: políticas monetaria y cambiaria en economías de mercados emergentes
Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment in East European Industry
Empirical Analysis of the Output Declines in Three Eastern European Countries, An
empirical evaluation of the macroeconomic effects of tarrifs, An
Entradas de capital: el papel de los controles
Exchange rate regimes and the stability of the international monetary system
Exercises in intertemporal open economy macroeconomics
Export Instability and the External Balance in Developing Countries
External Shocks and Inflation in Developing Countries Under a Real Exchange Rate Rule
Fiscal Fatigue, Fiscal Space and Debt Sustainability in Advanced Economies
Fiscal policies and the world economy
Fiscal space and sovereign risk pricing in a currency union
Gestión de la entrada de capitales: ¿Qué herramientas usar?
Government Purchases and Relative Prices in a Two-Country World.
Household Saving in France: Stochastic Income and Financial Deregulation
Inequality and Unsustainable Growth: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
International evidence on fiscal solvency is fiscal policy "responsible"?
Intertemporal optimizing models of small and large open economies with nontradable goods
Is the Parallel Market Premium a Reliable Indicator of Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Developing Countries
Japan's lost decade policies for economic revival
Japan's lost decade. - Washington, 2003.
Macroeconomic Implications of Real Exchange Rate Targeting in Developing Countries
Macroeconomic shocks and trade flows within sub-Saharan Africa : implications for optimum currency arrangements
Macroeconomic uncertainty, precautionary saving, and the current account
Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Precautionary Savings and the Current Account
Managing Capital Flows: Some Recent Evidence
Managing Capital Flows: What Tools to Use?
Managing Capital Inflows: The Role of Capital Controls and Prudential Policies
Managing Capital Inflows: What Tools to Use?
Multilateral Aspects of Managing the Capital Account
Output Decline in the Aftermath of Reform: The Cases of Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Romania, The
Parallel Market Premium: Is It a Reliable Indicator of Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in Developing Countries?, The
Precautionary demand for foreign assets in sudden stop economies an assessment of the new merchantilism
Primary Surplus Behavior and Risks to Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Market Countries: A "Fan-Chart" Approach
Primary surpluses and sustainable debt levels in emerging market countries
Private saving and terms of trade shocks, c1992:
Private Saving and Terms of Trade Shocks: Evidence from Developing Countries
prospects for sustained growth in Africa: benchmarking the constraints, The
Real Exchange Rate Targeting in Developing Countries
Real exchange rate targeting under capital controls : can money provide a nominal anchor?
Reaping the Benefits of Financial Globalization
Response of the equilibrium real exchange rate to real disturbances in developing countries
Saving and real interest rates in developing countries
Saving and Terms of Trade Shocks: Evidence from Developing Countries
Saving Behavior in Low- and Middle -Income Developing Countries: A Comparison
Selective Government Interventions and Economic Growth - A Survey of the Asian Experience and its Applicability to New Zealand
Shifting Motives: Explaining the Buildup in Official Reserves in Emerging Markets since the 1980s
Strengthening IMF Crisis Prevention
Structural and Macroeconomic Determinants of the Output Decline in Poland: 1990-91
Structural reforms and economic performance in advanced and developing countries
Tariffs and the Current Account: The Role of Initial Distortions.
Tariffs and the macroeconomy: evidence from the USA
Tariffs, real exchange rates, and the trade balance in a two-country world
Terms of Trade Disturbances, Real Exchange Rates, and Welfare: The Role of Capital Controls and Labor Market Distortions.
theory of international crisis lending and IMF conditionality, A
Tools for managing financial-stability risks from capital inflows
Trade liberalization in developing countries : initial trade distortions and imported intermediate inputs
Trade restrictions with imported intermediate inputs : A comment
Two Targets, Two Instruments: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in Emerging Market Economies
What makes growth sustained?
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, Dept. of Economics, August 1988